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History Of The Accor Hotel Group

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Accor has emerged thanks to Paul Dubrule and Gerard Pelisson in 1967. It was originally the Investment and Operating Hoteliers and created its first year Novotel Lille. The launch of the Ibis brand was materialized in 1974 with a first installation Bordeaux SIEH then becomes the owner of the same year the brand Courtepaille. A year later, the group acquired the Sofitel and Mercure brand in 1980.

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In 1982, SIEH took command of Jacques Borel International Hotel Group and becomes SIEH - Jacques Borel International. In 1983, the group was renamed and became Accor, a name we know today. Accor continued in line with its acquisition policy with Motel6 in 1990, the Compagnie Internationale des Wagons-Lits and Tourism a year later. The group appointed in 1997 Jean-Marc Espalioux head then created his official website: Accorhotels.com in 2001.

In 2005, the group became a shareholder of Club Mediterranee in a proportion of 30%. The following year, Pelisson succeeds Jean-Marc Espalioux in 2007 and sells several group activities. It acquires the same time Kadeos and created new channels including Pullman, MGallery and All Seasons. During the same year, Accor launched in collaboration with the Pierre & Vacances, Adagio City alone then the A-Club program in 2009. Also, there is the separation of Accor Hospitality and Accor Services. The first was renamed Accor and the second is the name of EDENRED.

IBIS - Hotel Report http://www.studymode.com/essays/Ibis-Hotels-Business-Report-285607.html By Jallen057, Feb 2010 | 6 Pages (2010, 02). Ibis Hotels Business Report. StudyMode.com. Retrieved 02, 2010, from http://www.studymode.com/essays/Ibis-Hotels-Business-Report-285607.html


Ibis, is the popular economy hotel chain, opened its first hotel in 1974, in the French town of Bordeaux. Since then, the company has expanded globally, reaching 40 countries worldwide, opening over 800 hotels. The majority of chains have been established in France, while the UK hosts over 50 chains, with further four hotel openings expected in December 2009. Recently, the chain has introduced a strategy to "promote the chain's drive for 'greater and greener customer comfort'".

Accor leads a number of brands, with Ibis falling under its 'Accor Hospitality' sector. As a two star hotel, Ibis is part of Accor's 'economy brands', sharing the stage with 2-3 star 'All Seasons'. Ibis hotels provide simple accommodation features, described on their website as being, "inviting, modern, spacious and cosy, with a comfortable bed and a functional bathroom." (Ibis 2009) As well as this, some of their hotels now offer internet connection, and even climate control. Recently, in January 2009, Ibis announced they were rolling out two new products: "a new bed designed by Simmons Company, and toiletries from Ecolabel.

Ibis are the 5th largest UK 'budget hotel' chain, with the number of hotels and rooms they provide expanding by 0.5% for 2008-09 statistics. Comparatively, the 3rd largest chain, 'Holiday Inn' enjoyed a 9.5% increase. However, the top two chains, Premier Inn and Travelodge dominate the market, with around 68% of the entire market between them. Ibis is only one of 5 UK companies with 50 hotel chains, and they continue to increase this amount. Customers Ibis target market is mainly travellers, evidence being the 24 hour reception service that they provide, and the international travelling suggestion on their website:

Ibis is the first international chain to obtain the ISO 9002 certification; Ibis has come a long way since the launch of its first unit to Bordeaux Lac in 1974. With more than 430 hotels spread around the world today, teaches the little red flower is unquestionably built a solid reputation over the years. So much so in fact that France, for example, the brand has the highest total unaided awareness of the hospitality market. Also an element of ambience and identification required at all institutions in the network, the Ibis now requires all of its affiliate's implementation of a number of standard services: snacks, night reception, contract satisfaction of 15 minutes ... Does not become franchisee who wants Ibis.

I have chosen Ibis Greenwich is managed by Mr Mahmoud Djafer, which is the manager of the ibis London Greenwich. The Ibis London Greenwich hotel is an economy London is very well located in the heart of Greenwich, near the Maritime Museum, Cutty Sark, and Royal Observatory and the train station. The rooms offer satellite TV and internet access. Relax at the bar with a coffee or a glass of wine; let your self be tempted by the snacks and light meals that are offered.


  1. PRODUCT: The ibis standard guarantees its customers around the world offer homogeneous: a modern room connected and soundproofed bedding to innovative comfort, breakfast from 4am to noon and a varied cuisine, Attentive and efficient.
  2. PRICE: According the price of ibis is one of the major determinants of the profitability of the hotel, and the price also depends on which city the hotel is situated, so Ibis Greenwich is little be expensive because of the activity and the advantage that the around him.
  3. PLACE: Ibis Greenwich is located in a very charming and cute town, and is located in the heart of Greenwich, near the Maritime Museum, Cutty Sark, and Royal Observatory and the train station
  4. PROMOTION: regarding the promotion hotel ibis create a new concept where you reserve 2 nights with Ibis styles every Tuesday and you pay for just 1 night, you can book to in last minute.com you will have possibility to get 50% every week end Friday and Saturday.
  5. PEOPLE: The Ibis Greenwich has a very friendly receptionist staff and very harsh reception of this profession the qualification requires is GCSE or LEVEL and is depend for which brand or star are you working if you don't have any qualification but you have a motivation for the trade of the Ibis hotel industry hotel will propose you evaluation of training to evolve a team leader to manager.
  6. PROCESS: all Ibis customer use internet to book or do they are rooms reservation or, send of Email or calling the line reservation for and all our reservation agent will reply to the customer by email, fax, or post
  7. PHYSICAL EVIDENCE: the hotel is clean, the rooms are clean, quiet, well heated hotel, the staff are presentable and pleasant


Political The political scene has an enormous influence on the regulation of businesses, the purchasing power of buyers, as well as related companies for this reason, we had to take a look at many criteria policy so that companies can grow and perspective is rather a healthy atmosphere.

Economical Marketers need to consider the state of a trading economy in the short and long terms. This is especially true when planning for international marketing

Social and cultural the social and cultural influences on businesses vary from one country to another. It is very important that such factors be considered. What is the dominant religion, what are the place of men and women within the society, what are the reactions when coming to foreign products and services? In the hotel industry the sociological aspects of UK have not really affected the business; UK is a rather open minded country and therefore is easy going for the hotel business.

Technological Technology is vital for our competitive advantage, and is a major driver of globalization technology offers companies a new way to communicate with their consumers. With development of internet, most of the bookings are made via internet. Finally technology allows for products and services to be made more cheaply and to a better standard of quality



  • Located in the heart of Greenwich
  • Near the Maritime Museum, Cutty Sark,
  • And Royal Observatory
  • And train station.
  • The rooms offer satellite TV and internet access.
  • Relax at the bar with a coffee or a glass of wine
  • Let your self be tempted by the snacks and light meals that are offered.
  • Increase the twin rooms


  • The hotel charged me for twice for the same room on the same night, claiming I did not show up for the second of the...
  • I could not park at the hotel, the two extremely miserable receptionists offered me the £10 parking permit which would enable me to park...
  • Tiny rooms uncomfortable beds


There is strong competition in the market, opening of smaller hotel, and client requests a very high qualification


Development of skills, career opportunity Evolution of poste to another like (the manager at reception), possibility to travel around the world



According to Porter (2001) the internet is an enabling technology that can be used within the context of a good business strategy in any industry. The five forces that impact competitiveness which are outlined in Porter's 1980 work are: barriers to entry, threat of substitutes, bargaining power of buyers and sellers, and the rivalry among existing competitors. The most important determinant of a marketplace's profit potential is the intrinsic power of buyers and sellers.

Threat of Substitute Goods

In the hotel industry there is usually another hotel just around the corner. They appear in all price ranges, with varying levels of service and amenities.

The constant challenge will always be to get the guest to choose your hotel over the competitor. The internet makes the overall market more efficient while expanding the size of the potential market and creating new substitution threats. Given the potency of this threat a superb internet presence is vital. Another ongoing threat is that another hotel chain may erode your customer base with a newly formulated internet approach or marketing campaign.

"Bargaining Power of Buyers Business persons choosing a hotel for business travel are savvy consumers and they are comfortable with computer technology, It has become very simple for them to go online and book a hotel. They no longer need travel agents, corporate travel consultants or middle men of any kind to determine where they will stay. Porter's model predicts this elimination of intermediaries. Tourists are more and more capable of using the internet in the same way but in another fulfilment of Porter's model, they are more often bonding together in a novel way.

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Rivalry among existing competitors

The rivalry among competitors in the hotel industry is fierce. When potential customers can learn about a hotel on line, the internet reduces the differences among competitors. People tend to seek the best price for the best experience and the tendency is to reduce price to be competitive. The internet covers wide geographical areas so the market is widened increasing the number of competitors.

Barriers to Entry

The initial investment in the hotel industry creates quite a barrier to entry but certain barriers to entering the hotel market are reduced by the internet. A presence on the internet reduces upstart marketing costs somewhat, and gives the new competitor access to potential suppliers and resources. Even a bed and breakfast can use the websites of large chains to understand the key marketing concepts and the lures for customers. Switching costs are usually nil for a consumer.

Bargaining power of suppliers

While this is not a substantial threat in the hotel industry it can have impact especially in the area of labour. With an aging population, there are fewer people to fill service industry jobs and hotels which can attract excellent staff have a greater chance of providing excellent and exceptional experiences to their clientele. As part of their internet strategy all hotel chains should have a section on recruitment for employment.


Segmentation and positioning

According to the Ibis website the SEGMENT AND DESIGN is International standardized brand.

  • ROOM SIZE: 16/17sqm - Can be customized according to market requirements.
  • BEDDING: the bed comfort is one of our utmost priorities. We will be launching a new 'Ultimate Comfort Bed'.
  • QUALITY: Most of the hotels have been ISO 9001 certi¬ed.
  • ENVIRONMENTAL FRIENDLY: Over 400 hotels in 17 countries have obtained ISO 14001 Environmental Certi¬cation. Since its creation in 1974, ibis has expanded continuously and has a network of 957 hotels, 117,171 rooms in 55 countries***. This strong global positioning is the result of an ambitious expansion plan launched in 2007.The main goal of the program is to consolidate the brand's status as market leader in Europe.



An ultimate comfort offer the ibis room: modern, comfortable and well-equipped in every hotel of the network, the ibis room is designed to offer to its guests a happy sleep and the possibility to work calmly: soundproof, connected to the hotel Wi-Fi, with a flat screen LCD TV, a spacious bathroom and a desk.

Brand new bed, brand new comfort Ibis, the good-night's-sleep specialist, has developed an innovative and revolutionary bedding concept. Pillows are fluffy, the duvet is super-soft and the high-tech mattress aligns with the density points which provide your body, so your sleep will be deep and refreshing. And the ibis secret weapon is a 7cm topper of extra comfort for a soft and welcoming feel. Unique in the economy hotel segment, the new ibis bed will transform your nights!*



Ibis hotel must focus more on business segment and individual travelled, must change they are design room, also enlarge the lobby space.


The success in the tourism sector is not within the reach of everyone, the trade of the hotel industry and catering require certain qualities very Particular. First of all, and contrary to what we tend to believe that carriers are not easy, they are certainly travel, leisure, pleasure, but the majority of jobs are sedentary serious or stressful.

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