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Environmental impact analysis of Starbucks

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Wordcount: 1002 words Published: 18th May 2017

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Starbucks was a company which offered a choice of regular or decaffeinated coffee beverages to their customer. The product selling by Starbucks such as drip brewed coffee, espresso-based hot drinks, other hot and cold drinks, coffee beans, salads, sandwiches, pastries, snacks, and items such as mugs and tumblers and etc.

The material using by Starbucks to produce their goods all is based on natural resources. The products which Starbucks served to their customers are without any colorants, preservatives and additives, especially for their coffee bean. To make sure Starbucks have the best quality and the best standard of coffee product in the world, Dave Olsen, Starbucks’ senior vice president for coffee, personally spearheaded Starbucks’ efforts to secure top-notch coffee beans to supply the company’s growing needs. He traveled regularly to coffee-producing countries such as Colombia, Sumatra, Yemen, Antigua, Indonesia, Guatemala, New Guinea, Costa Rica, Sulawesi, Papua New Guinea, Kenya, Ethiopia, and Java. He builds relationships with growers and exporters, checking on agricultural conditions and crop yields, and searching out varieties and sources that would meet Starbucks’ exacting standards of quality and flavor. So in case, the product produce by Starbucks is 100% safety to use by the consumer, especially the coffee beans they using are 100% from natural and healthy, it won’t harm the humans healthy.

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In 1999 Starbucks was started take care about the environmental impact. Starbucks started to consider on this problem “is that Starbucks product will impact the environmental”, so with this problem Starbucks decide to make their company more environmentally-friendly. Started from 1999 Starbucks decide to running a ‘Grounds for your Garden” program to make their business more environmentally-friendly. In 1999 Starbucks started gives the leftover coffee grounds to anyone who is requesting it for composting. And In 2004, Starbucks began reducing the size of their napkins and store garbage bags, and lightening their solid waste production by 1.8 million pounds, with this way the Starbuck can reduce to making the waste for environment. In October 2009, in response to concerns over its excessive water consumption, with the response Starbucks try to re-evaluate it’s by used the dipper well system.

Finally, Starbucks store in Canada and the United States successfully implemented a new water saving solution which is requesting by the government health standard. So in this case, the Starbucks is an environmentally-friendly company and it didn’t have any action which can impact the environment when produce their product and they try to reduce the number of waste when they are producing the products or after customer used their product, so the Starbucks product is totally environmentally safety.

After that, The U.S Food and Drug Administration also granted the first-ever approval to use recycled content in food packaging for Starbucks coffee cups. But not all of the cups Starbucks are using is recyclable, there is 10% of the recycled paper cups using by Starbucks are not recyclable, because the plastic coating that prevents the cup from leaking also prevents it from being recycled, especially the plastic cups used by Starbucks for the cold drinks is not recyclable. In this case, Starbucks is considering using the biodegradable material instead of plastic to line the cups and is testing composting of the existing cups. On the other hands, Starbucks also advise their customers using the reusable cup. So Starbucks was come out a go green idea which is gives customers a 10-cent discount when they bring their own reusable cup, and it now uses corrugated cup sleeves made from 60% post-customer recycled fiber.

Lastly, started from November 2008 Starbucks also began to selling Product Red goods, and some of the profit for the goods was selling will be donated and it’s enabling the supply of AIDS medicine for 3800 people for a year.

In conclusion, with the information found that Starbucks Corporation is an environmental-friendly company. The product they produce is 100% from natural resources, their product don’t have any colorants, preservatives and additives which can damage human healthy. Beside the product and packaging for the product is recyclable after using, so it means the product produce by Starbucks will not have any negative impact for the environment. Starbucks also a company which are take care for the social, as they sell the Product Red and donate some from the profit to the AIDS medicine supply and they try to make something to help the social.

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For my recommendation, Starbucks can be greener with serving the vegetarian product in their store. With this way, Starbucks can make their company more environmentally-friendly and it is the new market way for Starbucks to make profit. On the others hands, Starbucks also can produce their new vegetarian product without harmful the animals and it can be help Starbuck to create a more positive image in the market. Beside, the Starbucks also can build their own crop yields and use the leftover coffee grounds to plant out their own high quality coffee beans, with this Starbucks can be produce more natural and healthy coffee beans to their customer. Starbucks also can offered their own recycle bins at any store to their customers, after the customer using their product all the packaging and the paper cups will throw into the Starbucks own recycle bin. With this way, it can help Starbucks easier to running their recycle works. The Starbucks also can come out and idea, which the customer takeaway their product will be have the other charge for the plastic bags and paper cups and recommend their customer using the product at the store. With this way, the Starbucks can be reducing their customer making rubbish after used their product.


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