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Elements Of The Extended Marketing Mix Marketing Essay

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The elements of the extended marketing mix (the 7ps) which are Price, Product, Place, Promotion, People, Processes, Physical evidence will be developed, how they helps to examine the stages and steps in planning, also understand how those different stages of the marketing planning fit together and related to the overall organizational planning framework.

In this report one will understand what strategies and techniques should be used to successfully run a business. It shows buyer behavior and what it’s all about, what motivates consumers to buy and why the buy, and how pricing can be a key on consumers reactions to the club’s services, without forget that customer service and promotion as necessity too as they help in the awareness, audience’s image of the business, satisfy them and create that strong relationship with the consumers.

2.0 Buyer behavior

Buyer behavior is the behavior that consumers display in seeking, purchasing, using, evaluating and disposing of product or services that they expect will satisfy their personal needs.

Buyer behavior has environmental influences such as:

Social-cultural, the for people to conform to norm and social groups.

Economical and competitive influences, during a recession consumers might be more reticent about purchasing expensive things.

Technological influences, where technology allow company to create a personal relationship with consumers.

Political and regulatory, a backing of regulatory body can give reassurance to consumers.

Seeking for information about what people want and what can influence them, see how people response to your services and performance is very important.

In the buyer behavior, problem solving take a big part, it tend to day to day purchase and services, how to reduced risk, set a low price. And also giving consumers consumer services the way they expected or impress them more.

The limited problem solving buying situations is necessary like buying situations that happened less frequently as a TV, ect… where it can make more deliberate decision, always remember that The impact of a satisfied customer is that he/she can tell up to other people about their experience, and make them take their way to the company.


Fig1. What affect the consumer buying behavior.

2.1 Application of the buyer behavior on the fitness club

In your new business, success could be archived if it’s focused upon customer’s orientation, needs and satisfaction, but in order to investigate customers information to help the club track consumers it is advantageous to break down the purchase process to a framework so as to simplify the factor and process influencing purchase behavior. Identify the different types of customers and consider the need for customers to conform with norms of social groups.

Segmentation will be useful for your business, the most importance there is to know and alert the needs of different buyer groups, therefore the fitness club could segment its customers as in social economics buyers group of age, culture, sex, income level, occupation, family size,…

I would recommend the club to go with differentiated marketing strategy of segmentation, where varieties of services are given and differentiated by prices, quality, and so the club can give different tariff to suit different groups of people in the South East London.

You will need to have a strong problem recognition to identify problems from and immediately look for a solution. Your challenge will be to understand how customers might respond to your different element of marketing mix.

Watch your service availability and all the service dealing with suppliers to ensure the services will be given to customers at the right time and how they wish in order to maintain that strong customer relationships and make them have total assurance and trust with you.

3.0 Promotion

Is the a range of tactical marketing techniques designed within a strategic marketing framework to add value to product and service in order to achieve specific sales and marketing objectives. Frances Branssington.F&Pettitt.S (2006)

The promotion influences the consumers, build long term awareness and market share, generate quick sales bursts, and gain increased purchase and better in store display, to generate new and

renewed interest in product and service, as well as increase sales. Consumer attitudes and buying patterns.

For an effective promotion the understand a target audience is necessity, indentify resource constraints, establish objectives, select method and evaluate the program after successful. Promotion increases sales so that advertising and other costs are spread over a larger output. Though increased promotional activity is a sign of a response to a problem such as competition, it enables an organization to develop and build up a succession of messages and can be cost-effective.

In development of a sale promotion the following points should be kept in mind:

The brand strategies.

The competitive strategies.

The advertising strategies.

The pricing. www.marketingdonut.co.uk/marketing strategy.

Promotion are designed to motivate consumers to an immediate action. Therefore Gaining new customers, retaining current ones, increasing consumption, increasing brand awareness using refund and premium offers, group promotion, loyalty incentives, temporary price discounting, using point of purchase(posters), increasing attention from broadening distribution channels and intermediaries is extremely important.

3.1 How to promote the fitness club

After understanding who you need to reach and what you are trying to achieve. Ensure that customers are aware of you, what you can offer and how you differ from competitors and create opportunities to generate repeat and high purchases. Once that, find yourself promoting individual services differently to different groups of customers and to add value to the fitness club

You could also promote you business in person by pitching directly to target consumers, or get introduction and creating relationship through networking, or using a range of different promotional techniques to reach large audiences such as direct mail, advertising, exhibiting your business or online marketing.

Timing is also an important element when promoting, you should also make sure your marketing message reach to your target consumers when they are most receptive.

Crucially your promotional strategy should include the way to measure the effectiveness of what you have been doing.

And you should monitor your website traffic and use surveys to tell you how your promotional activities have influenced consumer attitudes and awareness like it’s helps you understand which part of your promotional strategy is working or not and how you can improve.

4.0 Customer Service

Customer Service is the commitment to providing value added services to external and internal customers, including attitude knowledge, technical support and quality of service in a timely manner, it’s also about treating others the way you would like to be treated yourself. http//www. Costomerservicemanager.com/definition

4.1 Roles of Customer Service in the Fitness Club

For a good customer service you should first know that without good customer service, a business could not survive.

A satisfied customer would be more hopeful to take part in activities that help to generate customer preference data. This data will do back to the marketing function and could help the organization to better attract and target it potential customers.

It is clear that a customer who has been provided with a service that he desired in the ideal way, would build a relationship with the seller and can support continued purchases and revenue or giving new ideas for new services .

Additionally, The customers will have a good experience and will feel that the club treated him well and as a happy and satisfied customer is more likely to send more customers your way, hence the club will have good reputation and will get new customer where more purchase. In fact customers who had bad experiences are double as likely to tell others about it as customer involved but perhaps another twenty too.

To establish a good customer care and service you will also need to indentify customer needs and perception, you should establish with precision what are customers satisfaction and what are their expectation, and must consider their perceptions and standard of customer care to know how you could improve. Lancaster G, Massingham L, Ashford.R (2002)

Before you can improve your customer service, you have to find out what it’s like at this point in time for customers to do business with you. The best way to do it is to interview your customers. To provides suggestions for feedback from your customers. When you’re seeking your customers’ views of your customer service, remember that customers measure customer service in specifics, a customer doesn’t rate your customer service as “good”, “fair” or “poor”; he or she pays attention to how you answer the phone or how he or she was treated when asking for help

So when you’re adapting the customer service survey form I provide to suit your own needs or talking to customers in person, be sure to ask specific questions about specific customer service situations. Not “How was our customer service today?” but “Did the person who was helping you answer all your questions? http//sbinfocanada.about.com

For example you can focus on a customer wanting help, answering the phone, and a customer making a return or complaint in this Customer Service Makeover because these three are most common customer contact points.

5.0 Pricing procedures.

Price is the odd-one -out of the marketing mix, because it is revenue earner.

The price of a product is what a company gets back in return for all the effort that is put into manufacturing and marketing the product. As we shall see, price is an important part of positioning strategy since it often sends quality cues to customer. Jobber D(2001)

External situation, where it focus on customers and competitors, how the demand and price elasticity are, how to attract customers and make them response positively to a product or service.

Internal where the organization need to set a price that generate profit, where marketing objectives, costs, finance , production, distribution.

In determining price there is 5 main steps: To have pricing objectives.

The demand assessment.

The pricing strategies and policies.

The pricing tactics and adjustment s.

Setting the price.

The price have to be set properly as it can be difficult to change later, and low to attract new customers and push competitors but can establish perception and attitude of the quality and standard of the brand. knowing that the level of innovation can influence the price of a new product or service.The price can be a key competitive in securing market as customer can have a posit responsiveness to product and service due to the price levels, because when it linked to completion pricing provides a powerful market orientation perspective.

One can set a price above the market but providing something that other competitors don’t have. And can also make people ready about any change in price.




Pricing methods

Fig2. Pricing methods.

5.1 Pricing in The Fitness Club

For a better club’s pricing strategy you should first have pricing objectives link with organizational and marketing objectives where some may be financially or related to sales, your pricing objectives will implicate also production, finance and distribution.

Here are general sequence of steps to follow for developing the pricing of your services:

Develop marketing strategy.

Make marketing mix decision.

Estimate the demand curve.

Calculate cost.

Understand environmental factors.

Set pricing objectives.

Determine pricing. http/www. Netmba.com/marketing/pricing.

It is very important for you to get set up your price right and surely because it could be difficult for you to change them after as it could push consumers. Only the level of introduction later could influence the price of new services to the club.

Set up low prices to attract new customers and let them compare with competitors and make their way to you, but without forgetting the business profits too.

Buy referring on the consumers responsiveness to different price level it will give you a powerful market oriented perspective on pricing your services..because we can’t ignore that the demand can increase basing on the cost of services.

Occasional promotion price could be necessary to motivate consumers to purchase more and to create a good relationship with them. That can favorite awareness and give a good image of your club to t outside audience.

6.0 Conclusion

Discussing all the related factors and terms you should now get an ideas over the fitness’s business in marketing term, and that could be useful in the planning process, by applying them in proper ways you should improve without complication and quickly get used to the routine of day to day activities in your business.


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