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Different Marketing Plane Of Cadbury

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Wordcount: 4139 words Published: 9th May 2017

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The main aim of this assignment is to analyse, describe, & introduce Cadbury company in Indian and international market as a leading chocolate brand but main focus on Indian market. This summary elaborate all about Cadbury’s marketing plans that how they design successful marketing. marketing strategy that they describe how maximize product manufacturing efficiency with minimization malfunctioning and what ideas behind developing market, media & technology that describe why & how important role in advertising, manufacturing process & goods delivery, product promotion this impact regard with current and future marketing objective to create customer vale in the market.


























(microenvironment and macro environment)
























Q.1). Using academic learning briefly outlines a marketing plan for an organisation of your choice.

Situation of current market

Cadbury company is second more demanding company of chocolate in the market. It has largest share price in Indian market that is near about 75 percent of total market share, which indicate customers attraction in its product which easily available in the market. The idea behind this situation is its affordable price of product with more customer satisfaction as compare with other competitor like ‘AMUL, NESTLE’ etc., (kotler, 34 & cadbury)

Analyse of opportunity and issue

In the Indian market Cadbury company has following SWOT (strength, weakness, opportunity, and threats) that analysis opportunity;


High market share value due to large business in Indian market as well as international market.

Strong brand reputation in the Indian market, so company has good position in the market.

Cadbury’s target market is large which is very wide in its same field market.


Fears about product demand fulfil or satisfy because it has large target market population.

Less growth rate due to less production capacity that means not able to match rate of demand of product in the market.

Delay in new quality product launch in the market due to this sometime get negative impact in the market.


Cadbury company is well stabilised company, so it has opportunity to develop its product with less competitiveness whereas, other new company can face more difficulty with more competitive for brand and product establishment.

Cadbury company has tremendous marketing strategy in Indian market so by which it can use for develop new product with accreting growth rate.


Threat during new brand launch with same product, in the market.

Threat with increasing market competition within same field.

Threat with change in government rules and regulation for the company.

Objective of plan

Cadbury company has main objective to launch successful product in the market with specified time period. It apply effective marketing strategy to perform target objective plan, apart from this, it also apply ecommerce strategy for analyzing product performance growth or financial condition of the market. Cadbury company aware about marketing condition regarding their product and always try to give more quality product in the market and get more financial budget.

Marketing strategy

Marketing strategy is very much related with marketing objective. Marketing strategy is basically describe logic (thinking) of manager by which company create and achieve customer and relationships respectively. This is very useful for achieving accomplish target market. Below are some marketing strategy points which is use by the Cadbury company;

Customer satisfaction

Cadbury Company has first motive of customer satisfaction by their product that are related with best quality, design of product and cost (high or low) of product depend upon consumer.

Market categories (segmentation) and targeting

Cadbury is confectionaries company so its market segment basically realize on children, adult and on female population due to wide consumption source of chocolate. It has also target to expand market in rural areas. There are different types of customer and their different need. So Cadbury Company classified the customers need or requirement on the basis of different chocolate category like geographic ( moulded milk, wafer category) and demographic that is given below.


classify on the basis of domestic (Indian city) as well as international.

Platinum – Tier I cities such as Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore and also in International market.

Gold – Tier II cities such as Pune, Coimbatore also in international market.

Silver – Tier III cities

Rest of urban India

Market position

The position based on customer need and expectations. Cadbury prefer ladder theory for determine position in the market and identify customer need and then they will target. The customer need is divided into three parts.

The Base – Focus on the product attributes.

The Middle – Focus on the functional benefits of the product.

The Upper – Focus on the emotional benefit obtained from using the product.

Fig 1. STP implementation for a produc

Fig.1. STP implementation for a product

Fig 1 shows the steps of Cadbury Company that need to adopt the target, segments and position to take the market. Based on this Cadbury has positioned itself to capture the Indian market.

Financial condition

Before start the new project, every organisation keep focus on budget. Now, this time Cadbury market is very strong (market share value & customer support) as compare with any other which has same field competitor. In order to improve sales Cadbury is currently focusing its marketing efforts mainly on the Titanium and Gold cities where they hold a market share of 60%-70 %.

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Implementation control of Cadbury market

During implementation of project Cadbury company recommend some control to achieve successful market and keep company more demanding. It take 4 to 5 months time duration for monitoring performance of its product in the market. It always keep focus on profits and effective solution of it. Cadbury company has wide range of distribution centre so it is able to increase its efficiency during new product launch or any other occasions. It modified and control its product and product manufacturing process as per demand by market and end customers.

(reference by book kotler & www.cadburyindia.com)


Q.2). Critically evaluates your chosen organisation’s marketing plan, in particular relation to its marketing environment.

Environment Analysis or Marketing Environment of the CADBURY

Factor or Elements that affect the environment of Cadbury industry.

Internal customer play essential role in developing company market with full potential and satisfy end customer by its product.

The marketing environment is changing at the fast rate. Generally, there are two types of Environment Analysis recommend by Cadbury company. Following are two types,

This analysis based on,

Cadbury’s Microenvironment (customers, competitors, distributors, and suppliers) that affect its ability to earn profits. and

Cadbury’s Macro environment forces (demographic, economic, technological, political-legal, and social-cultural).

Customer /Vendor

Cadbury marketing and customer around the world i.e. Domestic market (India) as well as International market or customer/ vendor;

AFRICA:- Kenya, Nigeria, South Africa

ASIA :- India, Sri Lanka, Vietnam, Mongolia, Malaysia, Yemen, Cambodia & Myanmar

AMERICA:- Peru & Chile, Brazil, USA

EUROSIA / EUROPE:- CIS-Russia, UK (England and Wales). And other.

Distribution / Logistics

Cadbury also has one of the largest logistic networks distribution set up in India covering each and every state. Cadbury distributes its products through 20 depots and 4 C & F agents and a network of 5500 stockists. Cadbury covers almost 40% of retail chocolate in India. One of the largest chocolate distribution setup in India. Covering the entire geography of the country.

Competition/ competitors

In India Cadbury has many comparator like Nestle, Amul, Parle etc. they are also good in the market and give fight competition in the market. Cadbury industry has advantage in brand vale, valuable market share and well developed products. Cadbury competition can happen at different “levels.” At the brand level, two firms compete in providing a very similar product or service.

Cadbury Brand Image;

Cadbury name is enough for its popularity. Comparison based on various parameters like branding, awareness, performance, presence, etc. with an international market.


Fig2. Brand Image: Cadbury v/s International Brands

This fig2. shows that CDM (Cadbury dairy milk) has been successful in capturing the hearts of their customers with their marketing campaign so far.

Demographic environment (explosive population growth)

In the demographic environment, Cadbury organisation always keep attention on his market position and also aware of worldwide population growth, related with different cities, region, nation and try to fulfil all requirement by ethical source.

Economic Cycles and Inflation

Cadbury economic forces strongly affect firms and their customers; Cadbury’s enjoys a market share of 72% in Indian market and up to 82%of annual saving from current market. Cadbury invest up to Rs 15 crore (Rs 150 million) on imported machinery to achieve quality product so that get more benefit form market.

“Cadbury’s innovate new packaging style of Dairy Milk with economical acceptance without any compromise in its product, so that Cadbury market get inflate. In the economic arena, Cadbury keep to focus on income distribution and levels of savings, debt, and credit availability.”

Political & Legal support

Cadbury industry have vital link with leaders and politician to get more advantage in business market environment, they have a strong economic rate in domestic market due to government reorganisation. for this sometime get more benefits that the industry get more enhance profits.

Cadbury firm always follow the rules of government and maintain, all requirement like plantation in campus and many more and implement new law by the courts.


This part is very much familiar with Cadbury organisation because its main root in India, As we know India is festival country where many religious festivals celebrate every year and such type of occasion, verities of sweets and chocolates are sell, in also many other function like birthday, social party.

So, in social culture occasion (arena), Cadbury Company understands customer’s special need and provide (launch) effective quality product in the market. (kotler 95, & Cadbury)

Natural environment

“In the natural environment, Cadbury industry aware about raw-materials shortages, increased energy costs and pollution levels, and the changing role of governments in environmental protection”. (kotler 95, 102 , Cadbury )

Technological environment

Cadbury Company recommends innovative technologies in business to get enhance profit as an accelerating rate. They have automation based manufacturing unit to get more production in less time with higher quality. Cadbury prefer ISI and ISO satisfied machinery. All area having Wi-Fi facilities to share or distribute information to each other. Cadbury IT sector is one of the best in his field. (kotler 95, cadbury)


Eclairs is one of the famous product of Cadbury Company, the reason of this product famous is it’s quality that very much acceptable with cost and cannot be comparable with some other brand, test that cannot be forgettable, attractive packaging with attractive designing wrapper, acceptable quantity size with reasonable price. Eclairs’s publicity is very attractive way, which is by personal relation, sale promotion and TV advertisement which is in any place like home, street, local bus, train, etc. that is not more expensive so cost of Eclairs is not high as comparable with other company. Cadbury chocolate should be in every pocket is a main target of Cadbury company. (Marketing management, by Philip kotler, page no 12, 13)


Q.3). Identify and evaluate how technology and new media could impact the firm’s future marketing plans.

Technology impact for the Cadbury company

Cadbury Company adopts innovative technology by customers, markets, and suppliers demand to unify and modified business and business strategy (it is planning by manager that can reduce complexity and make planning for future development) respectively. Technology implementations provide productivity increases during manufacturing with the help of innovative or modified instrumentation and machinery and also provide against malfunctioning. protect data against unsecure threat which can never accepted by Cadbury company, and more benefits to the Cadbury organisation in different area like create new product by customer demand and take more than acceptable benefits, Cadbury use reposition method to protect market share against competition. They use technology to provide cost reduction production by automation process with high accuracy and more perfection in quality product, and also use for innovative delivery that related with fast and time management delivery as per consumer demand. Cadbury accept wide range of technology like PLC (programmable logic control), SCADA (supervisory control and data acquisition), and DCS (distributed control system) for minimization in malfunctioning during manufacturing of product this control system also provide successful and perfection rapper of the product. They also prefer technology that enable time to time information sharing with employee, improve communication between members, and all process should be easy to execute without taking any risk. Cadbury Company has wide range of information technology system by that they are able to keep all information about all loyal/ existing customers and all new customers.

Media impact for the Cadbury Company

In Cadbury company media & technology play very vital role for marketing communication by which they attempt to inform and persuade customer or consumers directly as well as indirectly about their products and brand with the help of media. In an indirect marketing Cadbury prefer “word of mouth” system “in this way, people to people or customer to customer oral and written communication”. In a direct marketing Cadbury prefer “Personal selling” system “in this way, Cadbury representative make face to face interaction with one or more purchasers for the purpose of making presentation and procuring orders”. Innovative Technological market system, Cadbury give first preference of this media technique for marketing advertisement that this direct marketing system to improve their marketing by use of electronic shopping, TV shopping, telephone, fax, e-mail or internet to communicate directly with solicit to his customer. “Public relations and publicity” system, Cadbury recommend this system to promote his particular products by the arrange of seminars, speeches, and banners decoration in famous stores or shops (super markets) and famous street etc. Cadbury company promote his particular brand product with the help of sponsors during special occasion or events like sports (cricket, football, etc.), entertainment (TV shows), festivals, etc. They also recommend promotion of his product by sales promotion like fair & trade, demonstration, etc. So advertisement is main tools for Cadbury Company to promote his brand image to all over the world.

Media is source by that company can reach to the customer and customer can get all information about selected company, so media provide strong relationship between company and customer.

Media play an effective role for developing Cadbury market.

Cadbury Company advertises their product promotion by cartoon picture and famous celebrities like film actor or sports player, these advertisements categorise between children to adult respectively.

In different segment they are use emotional line based on major themes, during media advertisement. For examples;

“Chocolates for all, children to adult” and theme is “Cadbury as a perfect expression of love”.

“Chocolates for all events” and theme is “real test of life”.

“Chocolate for special occasion” and themes is “I will do anything for Cadbury dairy milk”.

“Chocolate for any time” and theme (in Hindi) is “kuch meetha ho jaye”

The main strategy behind these above themes is to replace sweets as a chocolate and create brand image to get the strong position in the market by the media advertisement depicting.

Cadbury industry has specified cities categories for a media advertisement like, Tier 1 & Tier 2 (domestic cities), Tier 3 & Tier 4 (international cities).

So, media & technology both are primary need to the development of Cadbury industry in future market because time to time continuously change in customer demand is major problems and this problem only resolved by adopt changing technology at time to time in the future market due to customer satisfaction is main motto of Cadbury industry.

Indeed; media tools is superior power tools with technology support by that Cadbury market can get positive impact and more benefits in future marketing.

Fig.3 Advertisement area of Cadbury company

(reference by book kotler & www.cadburyindia.com)


Q.4). Discuss sustainability with regard to the firm’s marketing strategy, in particular how it might affect the firm’s reputation in the future.

Cadbury company change their strategy at time to time depend on customer demand and market condition. It always developing decision to create new product with grantable profits together with company. Following are the some market strategies which are recommended by Cadbury Company;

Increase in international market setup to expand marketing business globally & get more sales of the product and brand publicity.

Plan to expand business as in marketspace (digital i.e. shopping by internet) and also in marketplace (physical i.e. shopping in store). Generally their more concentration on e-commerce business regarding future marketing. E-commerce business is nothing but it is on-line market which are prefer by more urban area customers and sometime rural area customer also take advantage in this innovative marketing strategy, this is time saving strategy, this is more valuable because today’s customer has no time for shopping, so this modern era is very effective. In this type of marketing there is no requiring more space and big office, only need for computers and internet connection. The main goal of this strategy is to provide enhance business marketing with customer’s valuable feedback. This marketing always cheaper than store market price.

It always intend to care about customer satisfaction and there value of the money so they always keep focus and provide cost effective and benefit considerable product in the market. Cadbury company also offering exchange marketing strategy by that customer can get benefits with new product by exchange with old product, example old or expiry date chocolate replace with new & fresh chocolate.

Price reduction strategy without affecting quality is the main concern factor and that can be happen by the new offers, discount and implement nearest logistics and distribution centre. They has modified distribution centre with technological effect by that customer or logistics can communicate information about product go to the market easily without any barrier. The idea behind this communication is to provide chocolate more social & cultural product in the market.

Cadbury organisation has special team for market inspection that they always try to find weakness (linkage in packaging, numbers of bytes are broken, not able to stay long in outer environments) in the product and their remedies. So that customers get much more quality product from Cadbury company. The new ideas come through customer suggestion response in that they describe problems regarding product so that Cadbury Company gives first customer priority. Apart from customer suggestion Cadbury also follow opinion from scientist, media agencies, etc.

New product (develop variety of different flavour chocolate) creation is one of the best strategy parts of Cadbury organisation as in the developing edge because new products create new market that allow to Cadbury company enter & established strong market and provide cost reduction on new product. They have separate team work, which is only consider and search children demand and test because children like most chocolate.

The future strategy against competitor is main aim of Cadbury company, to improve their performance better than other organisation by their perfection in quality product, reasonable price of the product, promotion as high as possible with technological & innovative media, services that should never down in the future, response speed more higher than other company or organisation during goods delivery, high level of duties during any complain from customers. They strategy also aware about market share value that depend on separate area and they wish to increase market share value in future that are depend on urban and rural area where crowd, child & young youth population is high. Generally these people recommend brand position with quality so Cadbury Company intend to expand brand position & quality in the market with some offers & gifting process.

The above descriptions illustrate the future strategy and how effect improvement in future marketing operation & profit of the Cadbury Company. The same time management also perform their role that check inner firm environment condition i.e. relation between employee or staff & his working performance, focus on business strength, focus on product weakness, financial, share price and manufacturing condition and outer firm environment i.e. market condition, customer attraction, etc. indeed Cadbury’s management department duly concerned there place about chocolate in globally market place. They aim is to find opportunity in international market with above strategy & through ” higher quality, better service, lower price, higher market share, continuous product variation & improvement, regular product innovation, entering high growth markets and more customer expectation ” to make brand more demanded.

(reference by book kotler & www.cadburyindia.com)


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