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Marketing Mix And Promotion Mix

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Ethics have been an important aspect of business activities across the world for a long time. Ethical considerations are always in inseparable elements of business activities, thus advertising cannot be ignored. So we can say that ethics play quite an important role in advertising. Some of the ethics in advertising are:

There should be no offence to the generally accepted norms of decency.

Claims and representations should be true and honest.

There should not be careless use of advertising products which are harmful either to individuals or society.

The principle of fair competition should be respected in case of comparative advertising.

The dignity of the human person should be maintained.

Manipulative techniques should not be used, that means those techniques that play on a customer emotions etc.

Ethical considerations are different from legal considerations. Legal considerations are enforced by law, but in case of ethical considerations they can or cannot be enforced by law. Ethical consideration have more to do with responsibility of a person towards the society, while legal considerations are something that has been written, approved and then enforced by the Government. Different companies have different ethical considerations towards a particular product or services, but legal considerations will always remain same as the opposite will be against the law. If we take the case of cigarette advertisement, the writing which says that cigarette is injurious to health is legal consideration; they cannot sell it without that phrase. The non use of vulgarity or obscenity can be seen as an ethical consideration more than a legal consideration.

Communication is quite important in business. Ineffective communication causes a huge amount of damage to the company. There are a lot of barriers to communication, which stops the message being transferred. So to ensure that the messages are not impeded barriers to communication should be taken to consideration. So barriers to marketing communication campaign are:

Variation in tone or style: If the marketing communication being informal or friendly or if the letters written in the message is threatening, can be a barrier to marketing communication.

Noise: Noise can be a barrier as it can cause disturbance and may lead to confusion. For example when talking to a customer faults in telephone line causing some noises could cause disturbances.

Differing perceptions: We know that each person is different, so people can take things differently, so a message should always be loud and clear. For example let us consider the advertisement of green tea, if the message that it is green tea is not mentioned loud and clear people could think it as normal tea.

Language: Most misunderstandings can happen due to the difference in spoken interpretation. As we know language is most important for communication. For example the usage of jargon can often distort a message, it is not necessary everyone understands it.

Lengthy message: If the messages are long people may tend to not to read or hear it fully and the message may not be conveyed in the right way. For example the TV advertisements are mostly about 30 seconds to 45 seconds, if it is more than that most people tend to get annoyed and would not listen to carefully.

Prejudices: Some people tend to hear what they tend to hear but not what is said, so it may create false assumptions.

Overload: Too much information in the messages can cause problems and the targeted audience may get confused. For example the TV ads regarding toothpastes in which it says the ingredients of the toothpaste, if the names of all ingredients are said people would get confused.

Inconsistency: If the messages received are conflicting or inconsistent people tends to ignore them. For example the ad regarding soap, in the ad the company claims some effects of the soap and if anyone who had used it before never got the result would tend to believe the message is false.

Channel barrier: If the channel used to send the message is not proper the message may not be received. For example the advertisement have video scenes can only be communicated via TV or internet but not through newspaper.

Physical distractions: For example if the message is communicated through E-mail and there are spelling or grammar mistakes, the person who receives it won’t be able to concentrate on the message.

Electronic Medias have always played an important role in communication. The evolutions of technology have made communication far easier. The electronic media includes Television, Radio, Telephone, Computers, Internet, Fax, DVD, CD-ROMs etc. As we know there are advantages and disadvantages for everything.

The advantages of electronic media in today’s communication campaign are:

Messages can be communicated quickly. For example an E-mail can be sent quickly to people.

Messages can be communicated at a time to a large number of people. For example an ad on television is seen by a lot of people at the same time.

Distance is no longer a problem. For example a message can be communicated to a person at a far distance through telephone, e-mail etc.

Audio, video and text can be used in the same medium. For example take the case of advertisements on television, in an ad there is video, audio and also text.

It can be recorded and can be stored for future use. For example a message can be stored DVD’s and can be used for future use.

Powerful impact on people. For example an advertisement on television can have a lasting and powerful impact on people.

The disadvantages of electronic media in today’s communication campaign are:

They are less intimate. For example an e-mail message is not as close as communicating directly.

The mechanism of feedback is slow. For example the response to a television advertisement cannot be known quickly.

The medium is expensive. For example a computer is expensive to buy.

To make programmes special trainings are required. For example trained people are required for the making of an advertisement which is aired on television.

In rural areas the access is limited. For example in many rural areas in many countries the internet is not available so e-mails cannot be used as a medium of communication.

They are not permanent. For example and advertisement cannot be aired permanently, they will be taken off air after a considerable time.

6. Marketing Communication objectives are derived from marketing objectives. The main objectives of marketing and marketing communication objectives are to increase brand awareness, increase sales, encourage action from the targeted audience, improve customer relations, establish themselves in the industry etc.


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