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Consumer Decision Making Process Purchasing A Car Marketing Essay

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Part of: Consumer Behaviour

According to Kotler et al (2008) mention that understanding consumer behaviour is important for marketing management. Consumer is the most important character in marketing management. Robert Bittlestone (2010) Therefore, consumer behaviours will indirectly affect the production, financial outcome and shareholder return of the company. Kotler (2004) On the other hand, marketers do not understand consumer behaviour may cause the sales of the company drop. Therefore, the company will face on the increase of complaints and stock returns from the consumers. This shows the important of consumer behaviour when purchasing a car. Consequently, car marketers are being recommended to understand consumer behaviour. Therefore, this report describes about the characteristics that affect consumer behaviour and some discussions about the category of consumer buying decision. This report is mentioning about a middle-income man who works as an accountant. This man decided to buy a new car in his early 30s after having two children. This family is living in United Kingdom. The planning in this report is including the decision making process for this man when this man is going to purchase a brand new car, named Volvo. Some recommendations are being provided to the car marketers so that the company of Volvo can target the group of targeted.

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Section2: The characteristics that affect consumer behaviour

Kotler et al (2008) mentioned that social factor is one of the characteristics that will influence consumer behaviour. Family is considered as one of the social factors. In a family, parents become the most influence character that will affect children mind in purchasing decision. The reason is because parents live together with children in a long period. Therefore, the religion, politics, economic views, personal attitude, self respect and love from parents will indirectly influence children behaviour. This shows the great influence of family in consumer behaviour. So, the accountant who had married will take family decision into consideration when buying a car. Plus this man is a person who very concern about family members. Therefore, this man will prefer to purchase a safer and comfortable car. Volvo (2010) In this situation, Volvo car will suit the requirement of this man. The Volvo car company has a slogan which is “You are not just driving a car but a promise”. This slogan is promoting the car which has higher level of safety. Gregory Smyth (2010) Volvo S80 is five of the safest car in the world. For the road ahead (2009) Volvo company categorised Volvo S80 as an excellent family car and suitable for the family who has children. Next is the roles and status which is also including in the social factors. The man who is an accountant, impression is a very important issue because accountant is considered as a professional job. Therefore, this man needs a better car to match his status as an accountant. Auto Express (2010) The price range of the car is around £21,745 – £37,745. BuyYourCar.co.uk (2010) Volvo S80 suits this man because Volvo S80 has been classified as one of the luxurious car which has a cheaper price compared to the other same class car. Therefore, this car is more economical compared to the other same level car. Another characteristic that affect consumer behaviour will be personal. The factor of personal is age and life cycle stage. This man who is early 30s is categorised as a mature adult. Kottler et al (2008) Therefore, ages will be one of the factors that influence the buying decision of this man. Refer to the ages of this man, Volvo S80 suits this man the most because this car is being targeted for elder group of people. In the current life-cycle stage, this man has a family. Every of the decision making must involve family. The next personal factor is occupation. This man is working as an accountant and needs to drive a car to work daily. For the road ahead (2009) Volvo S80 is not only suitable for the family who has children but also suitable for the man who have to go working in a business hour daily Office for national statistics (2009) From the research, the number of accidents are decreasing. This shows the people in United Kingdom cares about personal safety very much. In this situation, Volvo is one of the cars which have the good impression for everyone in the safety side. Therefore, Volvo is the best choices for this man to purchase.

Section 3: The types of consumer buying decision

In this section is written about types of consumer buying decisions. Kotler et al (2008) Complex buying behaviour is a high consumer involvement and significant perceived differences among brands. The product of purchasing is expensive, high risk and seldom purchased by consumer. In this behaviour, consumer will expect to know more information about the products before consume. Complex buying behaviour needs slow decision making due to the high risk and the high price of the products. Therefore, car is considered as complex buying behaviour. Evans et al (2006) The level of products is depending on consumer interest. Different people have different involvement in purchasing products. In high involvement, consumer will use longer period and effort to do research for the information of the products. Therefore, for high involvement decision-making, consumer buying decision will normally based on the personal life-style. This man will use the car daily for working and bringing family to go out in the weekends. Consequently, the security and safety of the car must be in a good condition. So that the family members will feel comfortable when sit inside the car. Accountant salaries – International Comparison (2008) Besides, the median monthly income for an accountant in United Kingdom is approximately £2,990. Auto Express (2010) However, the price range of the car is £21,745 – £37,745. In this condition, this man has to use at least 9 months of the salary to purchase the car. Articlesbase (2009) In addition, the life expectancy for a car is more than thirteen years. Therefore, this man will make a decision slowly when purchasing a car. This is the reason that complex buying behaviour is the most suitable behaviour in purchasing a car. Kolb (2006) Other than car, vacation is another of the complex buying behaviour. Consumer needs longer period to decide the destination of vacation. Therefore, vacation is similar to the car, categorised as high consumer involvement. Kolb (2006) The first time for consumer going to the places for vacation is a high involvement because this products or services are unfamiliar to consumer. Vacation is one of the expensive services and needs to decide for a period of time. Normally, consumer will not go for vacation without planning. Consequently, vacation and car are complex buying behaviour because both need slow decision and higher price to purchase.

Section 4: The components of the decision making process

Cultural, social, individual and psychological are the factors that will affect the decision making process. The stages of decision making processes are the need of recognition, information research, evaluation of alternatives, purchase and postpurchase behaviour. All this stages will be in a consideration for the man who wants to purchase a new car. The weekly bripe (2010) First is to find out the reason for this man to purchase a new car. First stage is the need of recognition. This man is going to purchase a new car because of the convenient for this man to go for work. With a car, this man does not have to wake up early in the morning to wait for the public transport. This man also does not have to worry about the waiting time for public transport will cause the man arrive late to work. Therefore, this man starts to decide to purchase a new car. Next is the information search. This man has to do research and decide which type of car is suitable. This man is a mature man who concern about the safety of family. Volvo (2010) Therefore, this man found that Volvo is the car that well known in safety after seeing the advertisement “You are not just driving a car but a promise” advertise Volvo is focusing on safety. Specialists in performance management (2002) This man saw the advertisement of Volvo S80 as a family car is promoting safety and reliability. This meets the requirement of the man. On the other hand, most of the Volvo salespeople are young. Therefore, the salespeople lack of experience in convincing customer to buy the products. Volvo determines to have sales training for the salespeople. The salespeople who are more experience will explain the products to this man clearly. BuyYourCar.co.uk (2010) The third stage of the decision-making process is evaluation of alternatives. This man will compare Volvo with other brands and find out more details about this car. The man will decide to purchase this car due to the high ranking in safety and security. Consequently, this shows that the product meets consumer need. The fourth stage is purchasing decision. After making comparison by other products, this man confirms to buy Volvo because Volvo S80 is economical price and the ranking of safety is high. Volvo car corporation global newsroom (2010) In 19 years time, which is from 1991 to 2010, Volvo got 111 awarded in safety. This shows the high reliability of the car in the part of safety. Consequently, this car will completely meet the man satisfaction. The last stage of decision-making process is the most important part, which is postpurchase behaviour. Kotler et al (2008) Consumer satisfaction will reap the large profit for the company because consumer will buy the products on next time if the product meets the consumer satisfaction. Customer satisfaction (2009) After selling the products, company normally will ask consumer about how is the satisfaction of consumer, will consumer buy the products again and will consumer suggest the products to other people. Consumer satisfaction will increase the sales of the company.

Section 5: Marketing recommendations

Marketers are being recommended to use marketing mix. Marketing mix is known as 4Ps which is products, places, price and promotion. Car is a specialty product which needs longer time to decide because car price is high. Consumer needs to decide which brand of car should purchase. Therefore, Volvo marketer should concern about consumer satisfaction. Office for national statistics (2009) In recent years, the number of car accidents is decreasing in United Kingdom. This shows that safety in a country has being concerned by everyone. Therefore, marketer can target to promote safety car to attract consumer. Beside of safety product, price is also one of the factors that will affect consumer. Due to the economic crisis in the recent years, marketer should concern whether is the price of the car is affordable by consumer. Loyd Rawls (2010) The demand of the consumer will directly affect the supply and the sales of company. So, marketer should do research in middle-class group people. Promotion is one of the marketing strategies as well. Marketer can do promotion that if consumer purchase the car within the promotion date, consumer can bring along family to participate a family event which host by Volvo. In this event, consumer will have a chance to win a price. Therefore, this event will help the company to boost up sales, increase the company image and popularity. On the other hand, consumer will have a chance to improve the relationship with family members. Marketers can take advantage to do some research in this event to understand the level of satisfaction of consumer.

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Section 6: Conclusion

In conclusion, this man will choose Volvo after making decision in a period of time. Volvo S80 is a safety and affordable car for this man. This man will prefer a safety car because of the influence of family members. However, status and ages make the man choose the car because Volvo is one of the famous luxury cars especially in safety side. Before this man purchase the car, this man needs some time to make decision because car is a complex buying product. This man must make sure that the car is affordable and satisfies the requirement. In this reason, this man will need some recognition about the car. After recognition, this man will search for the information of how well is the performance of the car. Then, this man will evaluate the alternatives of the car which is compared the performance of the car with other cars. After compared, this man will make a decision to buy the car. Lastly, the man will rate the car performance and the level of satisfaction of the car after using. The marketer of the company has been recommended to do some marketing management such as marketing mix to increase the sales and to build up the image of the company. Consequently, company should understand consumer buying decision and satisfy consumer needs.


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