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Consumer Behavior For Samsung Ltd

Paper Type: Free Essay Subject: Marketing
Wordcount: 1498 words Published: 25th Apr 2017

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Practical implications – It is felt that the approach utilised and the simulations developed can be applied in other geographic and cultural contexts and have implications for marketing strategies for branded consumer durable typologies.

Originality/value – The paper identifies and evaluates strategies for more effective competition in the Chinese laptop market. The use of conjoint analysis and market simulation provides a basis for competitive advantage in a tightly focused market sector.

To study the relative importance of product attributes for decision making on laptop as well as attribute preferences under a multi-cue situation, conjoint analysis was used to develop product profiles that respondents evaluated in a survey. Conjoint analysis was favoured because it overcomes the problems associated with single cue and self report studies by representing consumer choice as a multi-attribute judgement environment (Okechuku, 1994, p. 6). The conjoint profile was based on some attributes that represent both extrinsic and intrinsic cues. The extrinsic cues included were country of manufacture, brand name, price, and warranty, whereas intrinsic cues were quality and technological advancement.

CDMS…The literature of consumer decision-making styles has a long

history in marketing and consumer behavior research. The

literature suggests that consumer decision-making styles in

shopping can be characterized in a three-dimensional pattern

(Sproles and Kendall, 1986): the lifestyle approach (Gehrt

and Carter, 1992); the psychological (attribute) approach

(Sproles and Kendall, 1986); and the typology (general

consumer types) approach (Westbrook and Black, 1985).

While these studies are successful in generating knowledge of

the shopping orientations of consumers, distinctions between

three approaches appear to have brought diverse findings

because of different bases for conceptualizing and operationalizing shopping orientations.

Key words: consumer behavior, selection,

Background & Aim Findings – The findings indicate the importance of capitalising upon consumer durables’ intrinsic qualities, and the need to carefully consider the relationship between price and quality. For instance, communicating quality and price information.

Design/methodology/approach – This study first assesses the impact of a prioriperceived differences between brand names, country of manufacture, price, quality, technological advancement, and warranty on product evaluation. Second, the relative importance of the attributes as evaluative criteria is determined by performing part worth analysis. Six pertinent hypotheses are developed and tested. Conjoint analysis is used to develop product profiles that respondents could evaluate via a survey. Product involvement as a variable in consumer behavior, the consumer behaviour field has become both multinational and multidisciplinary nowadays. Marketing with its consumer behaviour, has become the most significant to realize combination of features should Samsung offer, the most critical features, and those are less important.

Problem definition/Objectives

The aim or business problem is to identify approaches on consumer behavior to select a laptop producer. As cell banking is relatively new, the problem is hard to address directly. The research or surrogate problem is thus to identify correlates for, hoping these correlates to apply for as well. The objectives are:

Obtain added information on the customer demographics, life-style, and expectations for using Samsung laptops

Link with sales records to find out product possessing, contribution and use

Relate product use and customer characteristics

Pick out customers for promoting deeper or more profitable services like warranty

Obtain added information on the customer demographics, life-style, buying behavior and expectations for

Collect the information about respondents’ buying behavior and opinions of Samsung laptops

Analyze the information and find out whether is suitable for Samsung China or not.

Academic and Trade Literature

Segmentation is widely used in

Segmentation data can be mined repeatedly. Once your market is segmented, we can design future research studies that hone in on our specific target audiences. time and resources saving for studying the whole electronics market.


Research Design, Fieldwork/Data collection

The number of factors involved can probably be reduced to 9 according to journals previously referred to. In light of this, a sample size of about 500(students in cityU hk) is considered ample.

H0: variables set fail to predict behavior

H1: varibles set successfully predict bahavior

Questionnaire and Data Entry Form

We typically recommend qualitative research-either focus groups and/or in-depth interviews-as an initial step in this type of segmentation so we can capture the full breadth and depth of market attitudes towards a particular product category.

The dependent variable are Samsung laptop use.

Control variable will be laptop user of Samsung only, The independent variables are factors to selecting a laptop producer, CDMS, etc. Instructions of laptop models will be used as reference. Sales report data will provide the type of consumer, amounts of sales and retention with the retailers which would also provide information on the dependent variables of the research (surrogate) problem: Who are our laptop users? What do they think of laptop? Are they technologically required? A data entry, extraction or transform form will thus be developed accordingly.

Correlates include age, education, technology knowledge and customer perceived values. Data on these will be obtained through a mail questionnaire.

The questionnaire will have 3 parts.

Administrative questions — Customer Name, sex, age, education, income

Topical questions — When did you start using? How often do you use? Size and frequency of usage How would be useful? How would. What are the reasons you select Samsung laptop? Function, model, outlook design, applications, speed, innovations, warranty and technical support, user-friendliness, etc.

Screening questions:

Which brand is your laptop ? (Samsung user or other brand user.)we ask screening to except those non-samsumg user, non-laptop users.

Correlates– Computing literacy, technical ability, language ability, eligible

The questionnaire will be test-run before final adoption.

Data Analysis

Upon data editing and univariate analysis, a cluster analysis will be performed to get a feel of groupings possible, and to guide categorical expansion. Finally, a discriminant function model will be established to segment the e-banking adopters from the non-adopters.


The project if completed successfully will be reported first in class and then to Xpres Bank.


The proposer is University Student of PROGRAMME – {103-19530} BA (Hons) Business Administration & Management, De Montfort University (Full-time) at SCOPE City University of Hong Kong. Please refer to e-mail: chuikmak3@cityu.student.edu.hk

Fon Sim Ong, Philip J. Kitchen, Shih Shiuan Chew, (2010) “Marketing a consumer durable brand in Malaysia: a conjoint analysis and market simulation”, Journal of Consumer Marketing, Vol. 27 Iss: 6, pp.507 – 515


Tali Te’eni-Harari, Jacob Hornik, (2010) “Factors influencing product involvement among young consumers”, Journal of Consumer Marketing, Vol. 27 Iss: 6, pp.499 – 506


Research limitations/implications – The study does place in a University in Hong Kong only, and moreover used a convenience sampling approach. The need is demonstrable for more representative probabilistic sampling. While country of origin effects are understood, other criteria (i.e. design, assembly, and source) need to be considered in future studies in order to make it universal for cross-cultural markets.

To know: How does price impact demand for the product or service? Or may also help a new product innovation or service to compete in the market. To know Which strategies will maximize market preference across our product portfolio. will minimize cannibalization of existing offerings, especially premium or higher margin products .vulnerable to competitive response?


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