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Business Strategy of Emirates Airline

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In 1974, three years after the independence, the rules of the EAU decided to establish to a joint carrier of flag: Air of Gulf. Nevertheless, a tense relation between the air line and the government of Dubai existed after his beginning, as this one re fading to yield before the demands of the Air of Gulf to leave his politics of open skies. In the reaction, the Air of Gulf reduced frequencies and capacities to and of Dubai for more than two thirds between 1984 and 1985 without the notice previous(Wilson 2005). Since the foreign carriers demonstrated incapable or desinclinados to fill the hollow, Dubai then the rule, recepiente of Sheikh Mohammed Rashid To – Maktoum, summoned a team of experts – headline Maurice Flanagan and later affiliated by Tim Clark and the son then 26-year-old of the rule, Sheikh’s Recepiente Ahmed Saeed Al – Maktoum – to design an emergency plan. The recommendation of the group to establish to a carrier of house for Dubai was rapidly accepted by the rule, but heimposed two conditions: the new air line should find the standards of the highest quality and there would be no additional injections of capital of the government in addition to the financing of starter of 10 millions of reconciled USD. On October 25, 1985, the first flight of the Emirates left to Karachi, using an A300 wet – leasehold of Pakistan International air Line. The air Line of Emirates is the carrier of flag of United Arab Emirates and a principal air line of the Middle East. His key bucket is the International Dubai Airport, which joins it with an extensive network of international routes.The air line is a branch of the group of Emirates, an international public corporation that also supports the honor of making work four of the commercial flights the longest continues – from Dubai to Los Angeles, San Paulo, Houston, and San Francisco. This offers extensive trips of air in the EAU and Middle East. The air line also supports a division of separated load, for the name of Emirates SkyCargo. It is between the most rapid air lines of growth of the world, which gained enormous income for 500 million dollars in 1993.


Air Lines of Emirates support 127 aircraft quickly, consisting of Airbus A330-200, Airbus A340-300, Airbus A340-500, Airbus A380-800, Boeing 777-200, Boeing 777-200ER, Boeing 777-200LR, Boeing 777 -300 and Boeing 777-300ER. The airline investigating its fleet frequently, in accordance with its policy to support a young fleet. In 2008 the Emirates for the second air line to demolish the Airbus 380-800, after Air Lines of Singapore. This has also asked for 58 Airbus A380-800, making it the biggest customer of this Airbus. The use of air line of his plane is the highest in the industry, climbing to 13.7 hours in a day.

aviation, value U.S. $ 19 billion, adding 71 new planes. This is now the client as principal cast of two ultra-modern new aircraft – A340-600 HGW and double-decker A380 super-jumbos.


Emirates Airline covers 101 destinations, in 60 countries of the world. It flies to Canada, U.S, Brazil, Australia and New Zealand. In Europe, it serves France, Germany, Greece, Italy, Russia, England, Switzerland, Turkey and Malta. The airline carries passengers to destinations like India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Maldives, Sri Lanka, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand and Philippines in Asia and Egypt, Morocco, Sudan, Libya, Angola, Kenya, Mauritius, Uganda, Nigeria and Ghana in Africa.

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Air Lines of Emirates support 127 aircraft quickly, consisting of Airbus A330-200, Airbus A340-300, Airbus A340-500, Airbus A380-800, Boeing 777-200, Boeing 777-200ER, Boeing 777-200LR, Boeing 777 -300 and Boeing 777-300ER. The airline investigating its fleet frequently, in accordance with its policy to support a young fleet. In 2008 the Emirates for the second air line to demolish the Airbus 380-800, after Air Lines of Singapore. This has also asked for 58 Airbus A380-800, making it the biggest customer of this Airbus. The use of air line of his plane is the highest in the industry, climbing to 13.7 hours in a day.


Air Lines of the Emirates is one of the first 10 airlines in the world, based on revenue, passenger kilometers. This is also the largest air line in the Middle East, in terms of income, fast-size, and passengers walked. The airline is the seventh largest in the world in terms of international passengers is taken. This supports the state of the air lines of the world’s larger quarters, in terms of kilometer international demolished because of the passengers. In 2009, Singapore Airlines, the fifth best air hose was voted the world by signing the agreement with the survey Skytrax, the earliest positions ninth (2008), ninth (2007), called up the (2006) and third (2005).


The Emirates Group

Air Lines of Emirates (including his subsidiaries Load of Sky by Emirates of load) is only one division of the Group for the Emirates, a few globally active national travel and tourism conglomerate, which provide good aviation-related support services. Finally, the group of Emirates 43.6 percent of the Air Line SriLankan.

The Dubai Government’s aviation-

Related Activities

dress of an even higher level of aggregation, the Emirates Group, for his {your} part, it is only one element of a complete bundle related to aviation, full as it is about responsibility Sheikh receiver Ahmed Saeed Al – Maktoum (1) (1) World of Dubai Central Consortium (activity: the construction of Jebel Ali Airport City is also the new mega-airport in Dubai).

(2) Department of Dubai Civil Aviation (activity: that all statutory tasks related to aviation, which operates the airport DXB, Dubai Libre of taxes and the people of the Load in Dubai)

(3) Business of the airspace in Dubai (activities: leasing of planes, airport planning and direction, consultation, maintenance and related to aviation


SWOT Analysis


Many of the forces in the Emirates they come from the ruling which the Court has taken in his foundation, and from his single organizational structure. Not only carrier benefits of having failed to be created from scratch just 22 years ago, leading to flat hierarchies and essentially all of the costs of heredity, but which is more important is the central role of aviation in the strategy for the development of Dubai, Emirates also by ensuring a very favorable political environment. Emirates extract profit well below costs in its airport in the house. Obtaining the fees are generally the same as that of the main airports, has no air line flying into DXB to pay any additional cost (as cost of noise, the cost of ATC, security expenses, etc.), the Emirates – just like any other company doing business in Dubai or, indeed, in most states, the Gulf of Mexico – to take advantage of the low tax rate from Dubai diet, which only holds branches of foreign banks and companies of energy to the corporation. Obviously this is an advantage, while the company is profitable. The laws of immigration of Dubai is quite generous by international standards. Only it does not support this one for foreign experts who can be easily recruited by the local signatures.

This also applies to passengers in transit who do not have to clean the immigration of DBX changing planes. second of the fort in the Emirates is his service awarded in all classes, which are connected or surpassed only by a few other airlines such as Air Lines, Singapore.


It is almost impossible for foreigners to discern any great weakness. But although apparently not reliable as a source, some cartels on the Internet related to travel blogs complaining about the quality of services as sanding (as he stabilizes himself) in general and the lack of consistency that service in particular. In fact, the Emirates was less affected in the recent profit Syntax and other awards for the quality of exceptional service.


Clearly the factor of the main contributions to the success of the Emirates, and a huge opportunity for future growth, is very favorable position in Dubai. Approximately 3.5 billion people live within eight hours of flying. Moreover, Dubai is placed directly in the intersection of some basic flows of passengers and cargo, p.ej. Asia (Small Stone / India) – Africa, Asia in the southeastern part of Europe, Europe-Australia/New Zealand, India – North America, sits on the economic importance of which grows in parallel with an increase in the emerging economies in the vicinity. In addition, DXB has become a master – and often saves time – go point for passengers (and it loads) travel from smaller towns, especially in Western Europe, the road to Australasia and up to Africa. In fact, for passengers flying, let’s say, Hamburg to Sydney, Emirates offer a universal one union instead of at least two stops in almost all of Oneworld, Skyteam or encaminamientos of Estrella’s Alliance. And for flights to Asia, Emirates offer the same universal service as his European competitors, but to a greater number of destinations). What is more, not only has EAU government has been very hit in the negotiation of agreements on free trade in all major economies in the U.S. to the emerging markets of Asia (but not with a European reluctance Union), who very likely will increase demand for air travel to and from the EAU. What is more, has the Arabic entire peninsula has been one of the faster growth regions worldwide. From the many nearby countries, including the most populous, Saudi Arabia, they have dealt with the gradual liberalization of his markets for air transport, the new opportunities for growth are also the Emirates in his region in the house. Finally, for the decision of the Emirates to work a huge fleet of A380 allows the air line to continue to grow by no means airports are forced to groove it serves, though – even their European competitors primary buckets.


A much more likely threat is the increase that lobbies for some of his competitors in key markets such as Australia, France and Germany, and largely without the benefit of Canada, for the legal protection from the extension of the Emirates in his “to house the cover with lawn “. For example, Lufthansa campaign vigorously against the project by Singapore Airlines to serve the Berlin and Stuttgart, although the operators of these two airports have tried a lot of time to attract more intercontinental services that Lufthansa has not prone to, or, in the case of Berlin, it has not provide a profitable way.




Air Line of Emirates has been protected by regulation or the rules and policies formulated by the Government of Dubai and other countries where they work. Bosom of the government of Dubai is the only holder of the industry the company has been able to join

to the policy of all governments to ensure him that the company will lead commercial activities successfully and with power. In addition, the company also formulates its own policies for protection against possible government restrictions and limitations.


It is said to be one of the largest and most competitive industry in the world in terms of air management and air transport, Air Line of Emirates, to be economically stable and guessed stability. Despite the many dangers that they find in different parts of the world, trying way air line of the Emirates that they could overcome such struggles and the strain of having a better economic conditions.


The airline of the Emirates is affected by the situation in the society in which they work. Along with this, try the air line of Emirates harder to see him that they give to each community an equal opportunity to utilize the resources provided by the organization. The company follows the high reputation and relationships in the community to which they belong (2004).


The appearance of the technology of information and the Internet have a power line of Emirates has worked in recent years. Different Ello / ES adopt the company’s systems and Internet are used to reach his client over the world and to know the latest trends in global business. Apart from these, the company uses including facilities that help to improve his productions and activities.


An Emerging Global Brand

Emirates is a brand that actually occur as a global icon with its logo represented in the Arabic writing as a symbol of his origin. The air line at the Emirates construct an operational strategy and approach to the service of a truly global purveyor, supplying high quality service and boasting of one of the youngest and more advanced fleet of industry who will win the loyalty of its customers worldwide. Today, the Emirates flies to 78 destinations in 55 countries with more than 12 million passengers annually. Meanwhile, most of the air lines of the world has in the past year stabbing costs and slashing services, Emirates started eight new major lines only in 2004. Last summer it began his first U.S. flight, JFK airport of New York City and that he has already said that no fewer than nine U.S. destinations.

Emirates Branding

Emirates brand positions all traditional and new instruments for the marketing major, but the way that has helped him to walk with their customers and increase their knowledge of the brand the fastest sound sports patronage of the event owner. As Simon said: “When we launch a new route, we do not just go there with an advertising campaign to promote our products and services.We together a complete campaign that builds up our reference letters as a corporate citizen and really he promotes social, cultural space and Community events. by hand with our publicity and campaigns of public relations, Emirates decide to sponsor events, groups or businesses that attract coverage of world television. Our study shows that choosing the right protection, we have been able to spectacular jumps in the promotion of our knowledge about the brand in new markets. “



Using Jay Barney’s VRIO Frame work, we can better understand the competitive advantage of Emirates Airlines and the reasons behind its success.


Air Lines of Emirates has valuable human resources and a personal good experience. Vice Chairman of the power line has more than 50 years experience in the business of aviation. The airline provides excellent information to his staff and it is pervasive in order to improve their skills without considering expenses. Also, air lines of the Emirates is the international carrier in Dubai that is politically stable area and having to its strategic location, especially for passengers in transit. Cardinal humans and the location of the airport to resolve an important role in the help of potential prowess of the power line and avoid threats.

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I would consider to be the strategic location of Dubai, a scarce resource that provides the power line a great demand for their services. Human capital is a scarce resource as well. For example, the Sheikh Ahmed, an object of value and a scarce resource, and his image has a large contribution to the success of the airline. This is similar to Richard Branson and Virgin Atlantic Ocean.


The position of Dubai is a resource that cannot be imitated easily since Dubai is the commercial capital of the Middle East.


The cooperation between all divisions of Emirates Airlines has been very cost cutting and increased efficiency. His leadership and policies of the compensation they are worth mentioning too.

In conclusion, the air lines of the Emirates has a competitive advantage that supports the benefit is based on the work of the framework VRIO.



The competitive advantage is a position that a signature occupies against its competitors. A company that had the advantage among competitors can overcome the expected revenues and it was a possibility that the main signature in the commercial sector or industry. Many forms of competitive advantage can not be supported indefinitely because of the promise of economic rents invites competitors to duplicate the competitive advantage that is supported by a signature. Therefore possesses a signature of a competitive sustainable advantage when his processes that create value and status could not be a duplicated or imitated by other signatures.


In analyzing the competitive advantage, numerous theories and models are presented including the Five Forces Model

Bargaining power of suppliers

Suppliers of materials keys that arranges an end product can have a significant influence in the competitive spirit in an industry – mainly the timing of the lead-availability of the product as well as his ultimate prize.

Bargaining power of customers

When customers are the source of revenue in an industry, they are obviously important in determining its attractiveness. The information is available, their price sensitivity, geographic concentration, and switching costs affect the revenue side, a competitor in the market can expect to receive. Customers will always seek to optimize their purchasing position, and will therefore use all available information to them so that they get the optimal price for the product that suits their needs.

Threat of substitute products

When a replacement product is available in the market had the advantage of being first can be significantly reduced – especially if it is comparable price and features. These substitutes can simply increase competition in an industry – such as the impact of the introduction of the iPod in the MP3 player market.

Potential entrants

The ideal situation for any competitor is to participate in a market that is closed to others. Barriers to entry – when you’re on the right side of the fence – can be an effective source of competitive advantage and thus increase the overall attractiveness of an industry.

Industry rivals

The player who arranges industry making the competition for the ratio of the market. The factors that determine the degree of the attractions include the grade of rivalry between the players, the category of implicit complexity had economies of scale as existing players, and the level of investment to become a viable competitor.


In the Additional Study of Five Forces In The Competitive Advantage, the Air Line of Emirates Are The use as the subject. The Air Line of Emirates, in a brief definition, is a principal air line in the Middle East. This is the National Air Line of Dubai, United Arab Emirates (EAU). The lines of Air Line Between the first 10 carriers all over the world in terms of Income, Passengers’ miles, & the biggest air line speed donated in the Middle East in terms of Income, fixed size, & the Passengers went; andnow the seventh biggest air line. In the business of air line, There Is note doubt thats the Establishment of A Few very Enormous commercial facilities and Organization is risky.And the care of stable it is undoubtedly risked also “also”, into effect. But These thoughts Were Already eliminated in the minds of the person’s work behind the WHO Air Lines of Emirates. They did Strategies Using Five Forces Of The Competitive Advantage to analyze the ambience of the business.

The strategy

The strategies of the emirates are a function of the ambience where this works and the product of the strategic intrinsic thought from within the carrier.

Threat of New Entrants.

It seems apparently that the airline industry is a low entry barrier industries. Finance, the main barriers to entry are readily available in the Middle East and the technology and expertise available for purchase. The threat – lucrative markets that offer high returns will attract business. This results in many new players who will in practice

profitability decreases. Unless the entry of new signatures could be blocked by new entrants, the price for profits drop down to a competitive level (perfect competition).This will prove to the dam is at the line (clear, right, etc.), the economies of the differences in product, capital of the brand, etc.

Power of Suppliers

Boeing and Airbus are the two main suppliers and the struggle between them is likely, observable, but not horrible. Moreover, the probability of a provider that integrates vertically pretty remote. Negotiating Position – also described as the market outcome.Suppliers of major issues, components, labor and services (such as domination) to the signature can be a source of power on the signature. Suppliers can shoot back to work with the signature, or p.ej to receive prices that exceed the high places of the only resources.

Power of Buyers

Bargaining power of buyers of industrial air management in the Middle East is quite low. Negotiating Position – also described as market outcomes. The customer’s suitability to put your signature under the pressure and this also affects the sensitivity of the client contrary to the changes in prices.

Availability of Substitutes

The threat is really limited, because the distances in the Middle East and the quick steps to make himself a symbol of the area. The threat – the existence of closely related products of alternative increases customers’ propensity to switch to alternatives in response to increases in the price (the high elasticity of demand) the buyer’s willingness to pay. In an ordinary business that sells retail, substitutes are always present clients that the common motive in the choice of options is: the interpretation of the relative prices of substitute products, buyers who change costs, and perceived level of product differentiation.

Competitive Rivalry

The industry of air line are generally very competitive and highly competitive industries in general, once again, winning the returns because the cost of competition is high. East could mean disaster in the low times of the cycle. Middle East, gives a different story thanks to the preparation of the governments in the suppression of shock. Rate – for most industries, this is the most important factor that competitive spirit in the industry. Sometimes rivals compete aggressively and sometimes competing competing in dimensions not prices as innovation, marketing, etc.



The role discovers that the success of the brand of Emirates Air Lines has not happened for a typical kind of happiness, but rather for the planning of good strategy and appropriateness of direction to act quickly and with the decision, which has contributed to the wave of the company over its competitors as much on regional markets and the global

The role of passing it discovers that what started as an air hose with aircraft that is given has made for herself now an air hose with the largest and the youngest fleet of Airbus and Boeing in the industry of the entire airline. The role of talking to the customer’s first service and services, has helped to make the Emirates a top position in the classification of the Award of Excellency Skytrax. This role identifies some issues and benefits of the planning of the brand’s image and strategy, and the effect on markets, customers and economies that affect the success of an organization.



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