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Business plan for Chinese and Korean food restaurant

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Our shop name Secret Restaurant, we try to mix the Korean food and Chinese food to serve public. The Korean mix Chinese cuisine restaurant is a new idea and concept in Ipoh and not many of these similar kinds has appeared in around Ipoh. So it is new idea and choices that we entrepreneur create and invent so that the public’s in Ipoh could enjoyed more choices of food rather than sticking to the old and boring cuisine each and every day.

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Our mission for this restaurant is to serve better food and cuisine for consumer so that they could enjoy more delicious food. In addition, the consumer could absorb and understand more on the Korean life and cuisine more closely rather than sticking in front of television watching for advertisement. We could know their lifestyle and daily cuisine as well by consuming their favorite’s food that could be found in our restaurant. So for the vision for our restaurant would be becoming the most successful restaurant inside Ipoh Parade and hopefully, in Ipoh area as well. To wins publics heart in food industry and established as a well known and popular restaurant. Targeting to widen our area by creating our restaurant branches in around Ipoh, as well as Malaysia in the future.

2.0 Body


SME 1. 222 Restaurants

No.222, Restaurant Triple Two, Jalan Pasir Puteh, 31650 Ipoh, Perak.

Entrepreneur: Lee Chee Keong

There are many difficulties in running a business and there are some of them mentioned by Mr. Lee.


Mr. Lee tell us, location are a important element for his business, good location can attractive more customer and bring more profit therefore, if choosing a wrong location can make company losing profit and facing failure. Location Mr. Lee choosing is a flourishing place, there have a lot office and factory nearly by shop Mr. Lee. Main customers of Mr. Lee are workers and citizen pasir puteh. Location of Mr. Lee also bring some disadvantage for him too, because the place did not have enough parking place to the customer, sometime because customer cant parking will chose other coffee shop, this element make Mr. Lee lose a lot profit and still cant solve this problem.


Mr. Lee tell us, timing element also can make u earn a lot profit, coffee shop Mr. Lee open shop time is morning 6am and closing shop is night 5pm. But he tell us not all the time have customer visit he shop. Just at morning 6am till 8am and afternoon 1pm till 3pm can let him earn more profit, but in the less time he even has the several customer visit he shop. He told us if want open the coffee shop must research the environment in there place first. Timing plays an important role in the business.

Tea maker skills and service

Tea maker plays an important role in the coffee shop, if tea maker can’t make good drink or coffee to the customer, coffee shop Mr. Lee will cant attract the customer coming consume in his coffee shop. Mr. Lee tells us recruitment the good tea maker, salary will higher too. Some time Mr. Lee he no able to recruit more good tea maker again, because this will increase the cost of coffee shop. And he tell us, customer like a good service in the coffee shop, customer don’t like employees coffee shop no manner and speak rude. Especially is banker official and female customer. Coffee shop has to keep cleaning, this can let customer feel more comfortable and satisfy.

Employees’ problem / Turn Over

Employees problem make Mr. Lee difficult to running his business, because he shop just got 4 part timer waiter and 1 tea maker. Reason Mr. Lee recruitment part timer waiter because can save cost and flexibility control by Mr. Lee. But also of this reason, turnover of coffee shop is higher, part timers of coffee shop always change and Mr. Lee also more difficult to control part timer attitude. And because the higher salary of tea maker, Mr. Lee just can recruit 1 tea maker only, if the tea maker takes sick leave or emergency leave, Mr. Lee will be tea maker by own self.


Mr. Lee have to facing many competitor in the place, in area of jalan pasir puteh except Mr. Lee coffee shop still have 3 coffee shop over there, so Mr. Lee has to provide more good service and delicious food or drink to customer. Competitor of Mr. Lee can let Mr. Lee pressure at all time.

SME 2,Onix Jun Sdn.Bhd (Korean restaurant in Ipoh Garden East)

31, Jalan Medan Ipoh 4, Bandar Baru Medan Ipoh, 31400 Ipoh Perak.

Manager: Kang Sang Jun

There are many difficulties in running a business and there are some of them mentioned by Mr. Kang.

High season and Low season

Over the year, there are high seasons as well as low seasons since there are many festivals or celebrations to be celebrated such as Chinese New Year, Christmas and etc. And in Malaysia, there are more of celebrations as, Malaysia is a multi-national country. Therefore, not only in Onix Jun but in other restaurants, it would be crowded with customers during the high seasons, which would bring double of the profits compared to normal days. However, during the low season, which the days like ghost festival and etc could be included, people would rather stay at home and cook for themselves instead of coming out to dine. Therefore, proper preparation is required everyday, either during high seasons or low seasons.

High turnover of workers

Workers are one of the major resources required in running a restaurant. They are basically the face of the restaurant since they are the ones who actually serve, not the chef. However, there are difficulties in this point as well. As the workers are not permanent, there are quite a number of high turnover. I mean, if there are permanent workers in the restaurant, there wouldn’t be a problem and no worries about the turnover however, before to have a permanent worker, there are non-permanent workers, as the owner of the restaurant can choose from the non-permanent workers to be one of the permanent workers once the workers desire to stay and work. Such cases as the non-permanent workers like part-timers, they work hard for a month and once they are quite used to working in the restaurant they choose not to work any longer. This is one of the common cases that Onix Jun faces. And to overcome this kind of turnover problem, they came out with an early informing system for the part-timers, to inform the owner before 10 days of quitting so that the owner would still have 10 days to look for someone to replace the worker or to take any action.

Customer Complaint

Customers are the most important people playing a role in a restaurant of course, there are chefs and waiters and etc playing important roles however, customers bring profit. Sometimes customers do complaint since everyone cannot have the same taste buds or perceptions. In Onix Jun, there are complaints such as comparing. According to Mr. Kang, there are some customers comparing the Korean food with others, such as local, Chinese or even Japanese food. It is quite awkward to compare the food from other country with the others. However to overcome this problem, it is best to convince the customers in a polite way so that they can accept the fact and understand the food and the culture. And also there are complaints such as the taste is different and etc. Some customers who went to Korea for vacation, they seek for the same taste as they tasted in Korea, as mentioned, convincing is the best choice here as well. To tell them that the taste cannot be the same as everyone since people do have different ways to cook even if the final result would be the same. Or to make it as similar as possible as the customer want.


As the last point of the difficulties in running a restaurant, relationships with the suppliers either they supply ingredients or maintenance work or what so ever, the relationship with them is very important as the restaurant need them. It is a problem and there is the delays of any arrival of goods from the supplier, since the work cannot be proceed with the specific good. In order to prevent this, the restaurant should order or tell the supplier what they want earlier like a week before, so that they have enough time to prepare and deliver it in time. When it comes to stocks for the supplier, stocks don’t last for good, therefore there are times when the suppliers do run out of goods that the restaurant wants. In case of this, the supplier could tell the restaurant earlier so that the restaurant can take action for that, either to buy it from somewhere else or to replace it with another one.


Stall No.25, Medan Selera Dato’ Sagor, Jln Dato Sagor 30000 Ipoh Perak

I have made an interview to an entrepreneur and owner of a hawker stall, her name is Ng Yoke Ying, she is 53 years old. Her stall is located right behind the City Hall of Ipoh where it also in the middle of the town area. It’s a food court that also consist many other stalls and the competition there is strictly tough. She traded is foods and drinks where there is few other stall that trade the same elements. She has the experience of working for the past 10 years. I had used the political, economical, sociological, technological, legal and environmental interview method to interview her and in those methods above I found out that not all the forms could be linked directly to her business. So I would just add in some other elements in the interview.


In this overview, it is an individual ownership. It just that would be her major boasts that wherever there is to be political meetings and gatherings that would attract many publics to that area. Peoples would have their breakfast and lunch at her premise because it would be the nearest the public could obtain foods. Most of the people there enjoyed consuming their meal at the Medan Selera there as there could find variety of foods from different races and specialty.


So in economic view, she runs her business regularly from 5am in the morning till 4pm in the afternoon. She would only off for once a month where the MBI (Majlis Bandaraya Ipoh) the IPOH municipal would have their cleaning process. Her business there faces a tough competition from the other premises as it is a free seating food court where the public’s are free to look for their seating.


She had a very good relationship with the customers who consume her food and drinks there so that she could remain the long term relations that would attract the public to attend continuously. Discount would be offered to the regular customers because it will create close and caring relations in between. This is important for her to maintain great competitive advantages against the other premises.


The tool and appliances that requires at her stall are all small and simple. It does not require any big and large and highly technological appliances. It is different with any other large and big premises that requires more appliances as their business area whose wider. She requires a fridge, baked and toast baker, juice maker and an ice blender machine. It’s all needed for the serving of juices drinks and to serve toast bread for breakfast from the baker. It all she needed to runs her business there and it simple and easy to handle.


She obtain her license from the MBI (Majlis Bandaraya Ipoh) which the Ipoh municipal council to own the premises at the Dato Sagor food court. She has to pay rent for the premises once a month in which it only cost for RM100 per month. She is to obtain her SSM license which is the license for the entrepreneur to run business. She did obtain the HALAL license mark because the Medan Selera Dato Sagor is a place which requires non pork and HALAL food only because the popularity for publics there dominated by 90% of Malays and 5% for Chinese and the other 5% for Indians. It is important to gain trust and confidence from the Malays community because it is the community who often visited and it is their main place to enjoyed their meal.


The environment for the Medan Selera Dato Sagor there is an excellent and attracting spot for business because it is located in the middle of the town, and it is surrounded by Offices Company, police station, Pos station, railway station, high court, banks, government building and schools. The hottest hour for the active area is from 8am till to the 2pm where breakfast and lunch time takes place. The environment there is absolutely healthy which it is free from any pollutions and disturbance. It is a comfortable area for meals and resting. The garbage side there is being cleaned up each and every day to create a good looking and build confidence and comfortable environment among publics.


There is other premises that trade in the same elements in which is the same with Mrs. Ng stall. There is a free trade area in which others premises are free to trade in any food variety as long as it is HALAL. Alertness and good relations are needed and it would be the compulsory element in order to survive in the food court area. Regular customer in which always turns up to Mrs. Ng stall would be treated more please in order to kept them keep turns up to her stall frequently. New customer who turns up would find it difficult to choose whether which stall to turns up so for early steps Mrs. Ng would herself introduces her stall and lead them towards to gain business.

2.2 Overcome

We will open a restaurant in location shopping centre Ipoh Parade. The total of the capital is RM 150,000 then RM 100,000 has given by family and RM 50,000 has given by own. We will serve the Korean and Chinese food. And reason we open the restaurant in shopping centre because it is the place where people frequently visit in Ipoh area, which we could find the hyper mall would be Kinta City/Aeon, Ipoh Parade, Tesco and Tesco Extra. We obtain license from the MBI (Majlis Bandaraya Ipoh) the municipal council of Ipoh and also from the SSM (Suruhanjaya Syarikat Malaysia). This 2 main license must be obtained for newly register entrepreneur before starting their business.

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In addition, in Ipoh Parade there is no Korean Restaurant yet to be found and it would be a great market to invest in. The reason we do not pick Jaya Jusco is because the rent there is much higher and expensive than Ipoh Parade. The competitor that we could find in Ipoh Parade would be only Sushi King as it’s would be nearest and more related to Korean Food. So the opening of our Korean Restaurant would attract more and provide more choices to the publics and it will become as attraction to the Ipoh Parade itself. For market itself, we target teenagers and adults because they got the ability to spend on the elements they like and enjoy especially food.

For employees, we would hire a chef from Korean and also few chefs from our local who master in Korean food as well as Chinese food. For normal employee like waiter and waitress, we manage those by our ownself for the few starting period until it become population among peoples and financially strong and stable, then only we recruit more employees.

In order to attract more customers, we will held some promotions and advertisements so that public could know about our grand opening. On the opening day, we will be giving our voucher and coupon to the customers, offering memberships, and introducing our restaurant packages.

We will seek supplier from the local area as it would be more easy and sufficient to our premises and the choice would be Tesco Extra. It is a large industry and trusted among any others in Malaysia. Our vegetables would be delivered straight from the Cameron Highlands because the freshness of the vegetables from there would be guaranteed fresh. For the tools, equipments and furniture, we seek supplier from the local area as well because it well obtain and gain. We will seek opinions from others about the supplier in which is trusted and popular among new entrepreneur.

We will seek for materials shop, furniture shop and as well as recruiting designer to decorate and furnish our restaurant so that it is comfortable to attended.

Expected Balance Sheet

Fixed Assert

Furniture & Fittings 6000.00

Tools and Equipments 4000.00

Electrical Equipment 3000.00

Computer 1500.00



Current Assert

Bank 5000.00

Cash in Hand 1000.00

Deposit 1750.00




Current Liabilities

Trade Creditor 9000.00




Net Current Asserts ( 1250.00 )




Financed By


Capital 150,000.00

Profit & Loss Account ( 136,750.00 )





For our expected balance sheet, we can know we can earn profit more than RM 10,000 per month, we will planning again and try extend our business in future. If the profit mention by us is correct, in future we can recruitment more employees and upgrade the shop. We also trying achieve our mission and vision, and create more creative idea and attractive promotion. So for an entrepreneur like us, we tend to create with more ideas and outcome so that our premises could established tough and strongly. We be targeting in the future to opens up more branches all around our country. Our motto is Serve Well and Enjoyed Well.


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