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Strategic Comparison between Barcelona FC & Manchester City FC

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The project is basically about the two football teams from different football clubs. The idea is to make a strategic comparison between the two teams. The names of the football teams that have been taken for comparison include the Manchester City Football club and Barcelona Football club. The team Manchester city is basically from the English premier league whereas the team Barcelona is from the Spanish Division (Barcelona Soccer Institute, 2012). Both the teams have a good reputation in the Football industry around the Globe. The aim of the project is to analyze the mission and vision statements of both these clubs and compare them to analyze the comparative effectiveness of the two. This w ill provide more information as to who is the better side of the two of them. On the other hand SWOT analysis of both teams will also be conducted and compared to see which team has the most strengths and opportunities available.

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Manchester City Football club is basically an English premier league football club located and based in Manchester. It was founded in 1880 and was initially called West Gorton. Then in 1887 they became Ardwick Association Football club and then they became Manchester City in 1894. Thisclub has played at the City of Manchester stadium since the period of 2003, and have also played for Maine Road from 1923 as well (Wikipedia, Manchester City F.C., 2013). the most cherishing and successful period for the club was in the late 1960’s and the early part of 1970’s when they managed to win the league championship, League Cup, FA Cup and the European Cup Winners’ Cup under the management of Malcolm Allison and Joe Mercer. After being [3] defeated in the FA cup final of 1981, the cup actually went into the phase of decline, totally culminating in relegation towards the third tier of English football in 1998. This was the only time in their history that they went so down. After having regained the status of premier league, the club was eventually purchased by the Abu Dhabi United Group and the club became one of the wealthiest in the world. In the year 2011 the Manchester city club managed to qualify for the champion’s league and was able to win the FA cup. In the year 2012 the club managed to win the premier league, which is also referred to as their first league title in the past forty years.

On the other hand Futsal Club Barcelona is there from the emergence of their football club in 1899. FC Barcelona, which is also known as merely Barcelona or ‘Barca’ is actually based in Barcelona Catalonia in Spain (Wikipedia, History of FC Barcelona, 2011). The team was actually founded by a group of English, Spanish and Swiss footballers, and this group was actually led by Joan Gamper. The club has been known to play amateur football in the early years until 1910 in various competitions that were regional. It was also in 1910 that the club participated in the first of their European competitions, and since that time the club has been able to win 10 UEFA trophies and a sextuple. By the year 1928 Barcelona co-founded La liga which is the top tier in Spanish football, and they also found some small string of football clubs as well. Barcelona has never been relegated from La liga and share the same record as one of their competitors known as the real Madrid. [4] VISION STATEMENTS


“Manchester City Football Club aims to become the most popular football club in the world”


“Mes que un club”, which in English means “More than a Club”


Mission statement of Manchester city Football Club

“Manchester City Football Club is the sole heart of the city. During its proud history, our football club has a built bottomless, lasting association with communities in Manchester and in cities further afield. All the fans portray it in their steadfast passion for the Club; we show it through our devotion to building, for them, the successful and supportable football club for the future. It is an obligation that the Club is privileged to shoulder. Therefore We at Manchester City Football Club are enormously proud of the unwavering support of our fans and we remain dedicated to working closely with them in order to further our footballing goals”

Barcelona’s Mission statement

“Our task is to treat Sports as the principal point, to Endorse Catalonia via Barça, to emphasis on Children and young people as main recipients, and to stimulate education and values”


5The following are the core values of Barcelona football club:

  • “We Are What We Eat; reassures the Mediterranean diet and healthy traditions
  • We Are What We Respect; battles against racism and endorses tolerance.
  • We Are What We Achieve; emboldens sport for disabled people.

The following are the core values of Manchester City Football Club

  • “The fundamental values of our club are to challenge the way the modern game is run, aiming on disputes such as, policing , pricing, safe standing , financial just play and to increase fan participation and ownership of their football clubs”


Corporate governance is basically a system of rules, processes and practices by which the company is controlled and directed. The concept actually involves balancing the interests of the various stakeholders in the company.

Looking at the structure of both the football clubs, both are very similar and follow a business format of a public limited company. Manchester city Football club has been having a good time with the management and all the stakeholders of the company are satisfied (Corporate Info, 2012). The main reason behind this is that the management of the football club aims to motivate the football players and fans for the company, on the other hand the players believe in continuous and quality. The main aim of this football club is to fulfill the expectations of their fans and people.

On the other hand Barcelona is one of the most successful clubs of the world. The club believes in total quality and promotes many core values like healthy diet, tolerance, and sports for the disabled. On the other hand the club also speaks against racism (Pont, 2011). The management of the company and the players has been facing some problems; therefore Barcelona fails to balance the interests of various stakeholders of the company.




Barcelona has a strong local Brand name and the best club in Europe and Spain.

The Camp Now stadium of Barcelona has a seating capacity in excess of 100000

Barcelona has the best players in the world that are playing for their Team.

The brands known as the UNICEF, Qatar Foundation and Nike are associated Brands with the Barcelona Football Club. This means that the team has one of the best brand endorsements in the world.


The team is known to have a lot of controversies in the football matches.

It is basically from the lesser popular and famous clubs as compared to the clubs that are English


The club has the opportunity to increase their fan bases from the countries like china, USA and India.

If the Barcelona football club is able to focus on more advertising and promotions then this will help the club a lot in building brand equity.


The other clubs that are prevalent in Europe are buying out the good players out of Barcelona. This can be fatal for the club if they do not stop this from happening

The club has reported a lot of internal problems between the players and management which can also pose a threat to the wellbeing of the club in the future.

The club has been known to have a lot of financial debt because it has been involved in the player transfers of expensive players. This can cause liquidity problems to the club in the future.



The Manchester city football club has a local positioning within Manchester

The club has a lot of openness and innovation in the department of culture. They allow players from all cultures to prove their worth and join the club.

The club has some of the richest sponsors as compared to other clubs.


The club has a weak presence in the city of Manchester because many other competitors are also popular over here.

The name of this club is not very well established as compared to other clubs.

7Most of the players playing in this club are average players.


The club should higher better players and make use of the rich sponsors that they have. This will improve of the performance of the club in the future.

The club should get more brand endorsements to improve the brand image of the club.

The club can higher some of the best coaches around the world given the fact that the club is rich.


Manchester United Football club is better than Manchester City and is more popular in Manchester than any other football club.

As the case with other clubs internal problems are prevalent in this club between the management and the Coach. The club should ensure that the problems do not get worse in the future.


The iceberg is basically a model that not only considers the visible logical level of the subject, but also explains the invisible emotional level of the subject (GmbH). The logic level of the subject which includes the strategy, structure, functions and processes usually accounts for 10% of the overall human capacity whereas the cultural level amounts to 90% of the human capacity.

Following is the sketch for a typical Iceberg Theory.

The structure of the iceberg principle and its 5 process levels


At the strategic level Manchester city FC aims for delivering the best quality football to its fans. They are basically concerned for high performance and value for the shareholders of the company. On the other hand the Barcelona football club claims to be one of the best in the world and they claim that they are not just a club; they are more than a club.


The management performance for Barcelona has been poor at the structural level because the company has incurred many losses because of expensive player contracts. On the other hand [8] Manchester city has one of the richest management team. The management team rewards its players very well and their goal is quality performance for the fans.


Manchester city claims that its core values include serving the fans of the football club by portraying excellent performance. Their main aim is to create continuous value for its fans and the shareholders of the company. On the other hand Barcelona aims to work about by following the core values including the treatment of sports as the focal point, supporting the strategic plans of the club and exploring the new areas of financing for the club. The club also aims at bringing the members closer to the club in terms of activity and communication.

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The performance level of the employees or the players of Manchester city has been very high in the present. This is because they have recently won the premier league for the first time in the past forty years. Therefore, the performance level of the players has been excellent. On the other hand Barcelona has been struggling recently because of some clashes between the management and players of the club. On the other hand there have been many player transfers from this team in the recent years which has affected the team chemistry to some extent. However the team has the potential to bounce back from such problems because it is one of the best clubs of the Spanish league.


At the cultural level Barcelona football club has been committed to promote the society as much as possible. They see children and young people as their main beneficiaries and are also known to promote values and education. The club has also organized many sporting activities for the civilians of the country. On the other hand Manchester city is known to play for the fans. They have highly praised the fans of the football club for their never ending support. On the other hand Manchester city has Donated 500000 pounds to the Royal Manchester Children’s hospital recently and has also been known to perform charity work for the people. Therefore both the clubs have a good relationship with the fans and the society at the cultural level.



The following is the porter’s five forces Analysis for Barcelona


The threat of entry in this league is not very high. This is because Barcelona is already a very established team, except for some teams like Real Madrid the threat of new good entrants in this football are not very high.


The bargaining power of customers for this club is high. This is because they can switch between different clubs however they wish. Customers are the key for any football club and as many teams are available in the football league, so the customers can easily switch between various different teams.


The suppliers in the case of Barcelona are the sponsors and affiliations of the team. They have their own role to play in this whole process. The brand affiliations of the team are very strong as Barcelona has one of the best brand endorsements in the football league. However the bargaining power of the suppliers or the sponsors is high because they can switch between various clubs in the overall leagues very easily. If the team does not perform well then they can lose their brand endorsements.


The threats of the substitutes are always high because it is a football league and any team can easily outperform the other and increase their worth as a team. However the threat of the substitute for Barcelona is not very high because it is currently in the top 3 clubs of their league.


The competitive rivalry in the league is high because there are many good teams available. in their own league, Barcelona has the competitive rivalry with Real Madrid, and their match is very interesting most of the time.

Following is the porter’s analysis for Manchester City.

Threat of Entry

The threat of entry in the football league of Manchester city is not very high, because there are already many god teams available in their team like Manchester united and Arsenal.


The bargaining power of the buyers or the customers who buy the tickets and membership is usually very high in this league. This is because there are many good teams available in the English premier league and the customers have the choice to switch from one club to another very easily


The bargaining power of the suppliers is also very high. The suppliers in the case of the football club can be the brand endorsements and sponsors. The sponsors of the team usually provide them with funds. However for Manchester city the bargaining power of suppliers is very high [10] because teams like Manchester united, Arsenal and Liverpool are very big names in the English premier league, and they usually get all the good endorsements.


The competitive rivalry in the English premier league is very high for Manchester city. It has many good rivals and the level of the rivalry is usually very high. Teams like Manchester united are the local rival of Manchester city and also better in terms of records and performances over the years.


There are many substitute teams available in the English premier league for Manchester city. This is due to the fact that there are very strong teams available in the league and any team can show up and make a brand image for itself. The performance of Manchester city as a team has been mediocre until recently, so the threat for a good substitute team always exists at a higher level.


After all the analysis that has been conducted for both Manchester city and Barcelona, it is true to say that there are some considerable differences in the results. Considering the SWOT analysis of both the clubs, it is evident that Barcelona is no doubt a better side than Manchester City by all means. This is because they have the best players from around the world, and some excellent brand endorsements as compared to Manchester City who are usually ranked as an average side overall. However Barcelona has been facing a lot of internal problems such as the problems between players and management, the frequent transfer of expensive players, and their recent financial crises. Manchester city does not have any such problems and are a more stable side because they have one of the richest clubs in the world.

On the other hand the Vision and mission statements of both the football leagues are good. The mission statement of Manchester city is more thorough than that of Barcelona. The corporate governance of Manchester city is better than that of Barcelona, and the Iceberg principle also looks more favorable for Manchester City overall.

Therefore Manchester City is surprisingly a more stable side as compared to Barcelona despite the fact that Barcelona has a better football club.


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