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Web/Application Based Cultural Awareness Game

Paper Type: Free Essay Subject: Information Technology
Wordcount: 8540 words Published: 8th Feb 2020

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Table of Contents

1.0 Project Background 1

    1.1 Project Goals and Objectives 1

    1.2 Project Scope 2

    1.3 Project Deliverable 2

    1.4 Strategic alignment of the project 2

2.0 Project Schedule 3

2.1 Milestones 3-5

   2.2 Limit and Exclusions 5

   2.3 Work/process Breakdown Schedule 6-7

3.0 Time and Cost Management 8

    3.1 Time Management  8-9

    3.2 Cost Management  10-11

4.0 Risk Management 12-14

5.0 Communication Management Plan 14-18

6.0 Recommendation 18

7.0 References  19

List of Tables

Table 1- List of Milestones, acceptance criteria, stakeholder and completion date                         4

Table 2 – Risk Analysis Table                                                                                                                          12

Table 3 – Risk Response Table                                                                                                                       13-14

Table 4 – Showing communication plan for internal information management plan                      17

Table 5 – Showing external communication activities                                                                             18

List of Figures

Figure 1 -WBS of opportunity Australia for Culture Awareness Game application/website            7

Figure 2 -Opportunity Australia Project Gantts chart                                                                                9

Figure 3 – Opportunity Australia Budget Cost                                                                                             11

1.0           Project Background

Opportunity Australia (OA) is a not profitable based organization who is specialized in transitioning the immigrant and refugee families into Australian life and work after they reached on Australian land. Opportunity Australia wants to be a leading support organization that facilitates opportunities for immigration to transition into Australian life and work. It has started conversation with three retired executives Regina, Bruno and Manuela to come up the project that would provide a bridge for intelligent, innovation and hardworking immigrants and refugee to cross onto fulfilling and very profitable life that Australia had given them.

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As per the project, OA will be using technology for creating a designing and developing a cultural awareness game which could remove misunderstanding for Australians and support immigrants and refugee to understand and communicate with Australians. The game will be website and mobile application based. All the work will be carried out on this project from designing part to developing and testing and delivery of the software by using the external as well as internal resources to fulfill need of the stakeholders and achieve the mission, vision and objectives of Opportunity Australia.

1.1 Project Goals and Objectives

The development of cultural awareness game will fulfill various project goals and objectives of the organization.

The project goal is to make long term pathways for innovative, hardworking and intelligent immigrant and refugee in Australia by opening up a new opportunity for them. By helping the new arrivals to transitioning them into Australian society would help Opportunity Australia to be a leading support organization that facilitates opportunities which would to enhance the organizations reputation and take it to even higher level which is main goal of the project.

This project aims in creating a website and application game which will be mentoring and learning tool for immigrants to learn about Australian culture but also to Australian to know about the immigrant’s culture. The project will develop technological based services for immigrants networking, communication and integration. For success of the project, ”SMART” criteria (Specific, Measurable, Acceptable, Realistic, Time-bound),need to be implemented. The Project Objectives are as follows:

  • Designing and developing a web/application based cultural awareness game for learning and mentoring tools.
  • Mobile application will provide access to users to play game over the internet from various places using their phones.
  • Multiple languages selection options in the game which also serves as a translator for immigrants having different language.
  • Training the users, about how to use the new game software with the aim of making them familiar with the parts of the game.
  • Testing and implementing the project outcome/product within the time frame of 12 months and allocated budget.

1.2 Project Scope

In Scope:

  • Making a cultural awareness game application for immigrants and Australians.
  • Graphic designing for the website and application development.
  • Coding or programming by the programmers.
  • Availability of various software and hardware for the project.
  • Hotline and live chat.
  • Various Interpreters or translators.
  • Recruitments of stakeholders.
  • Testing and debugging prior to making the game available to the user.
  • Various management plans like: risk management, time and schedule, cost and communication management planning.

Out Scope:

  • Culture game promotional and advertisement expenses.
  • Having a Platform service.
  • Upgrading of Game and addition of new features in future.   



  • Project needs to be completed within the 12 months of time period.
  • All the team members need to work on weekdays only. So, actual working day is about 262 days (Excluding holidays) to finish this project.
  • Availability of the resources for project to be carried out successfully.
  • Project needs to be completed within the allocated budget of $80,000.

1.3 Project Deliverables

  • Delivery of the Cultural awareness game on website and mobile platforms.
  • User document, training for users and help features.
  • Functional website game allowing 24/7 access to the user at their convenience.
  • Documentation and Presentation about the whole project.
  • Introduction of the culture awareness game which will help in transitioning immigrants into Australian life.

1.4 Strategic Alignment of the Project

The strategy involved in this project will ensure that the company achieves its organisational goals. The project should be aligned with not only goals but also scope of the organisation so that Opportunity Australia can achieve higher target success building the reputation of the organisation. By developing the culture awareness game, Opportunity Australia can develop a technological based service for immigrant communication, integration and networking. This could facilitate the opportunity for immigrants to transition into Australian lifestyle. Providing the best services would help OA to be a leading support organisation that helps immigrants and thus make it more renowned and reputed organisation.

2.0           Project Schedule

According to (Meredith & Mantel 2009, p333), A project schedule is “the conversion of a project action plan into an operating timetable and as such, it serves as the basis for monitoring and controlling project activity and, taken together with the plan budget, is probably the major tool for the management of projects”.  It includes milestones, project requirements, limits and exclusions and the work and process breakdown schedule that will build the project plan and schedule for Opportunity Australia.

2.1 Milestones

I have added some of the milestones to this report considering my previous Project charter so, that it would meet the requirements for this project. I have listed the milestone in more detail along with completion date, stakeholder judge and the acceptance criteria:


Table1- List of Milestones, acceptance criteria, stakeholder and completion date


Completion Date

Stakeholder Judge

Acceptance Criteria

Current state

Project Management

Determine project scope


Project Manager

All project scope is listed

Define preliminary budget and resources


Project Manager/IT Manager

Resources and budget has been documented.

Define stakeholders


Project Manager/IT Manager

Creation of list of stakeholders with their contact details

Review stakeholders


Project Manager

Stakeholder working in this project along with their contact details.

Quality Assurance plan


Project Team

All plans listed and ready to be reviewed.

Prepare project plan


Project Manager

Report completion which is going to be used for project.

Secure project sponsorship and obtain approval


Project Manager/Sponsor

Project being approved by the sponsor.

Project status meeting


Project Team

Project being started.

Analysis Website/Application

Draft preliminary specifications


IT department

Design is approved by sponsor

Develop application/website content


Software/Website designer

Selection of the content as mentioned in the document and ready to use.

Review specification/budget with team


IT department /project manager

After specification is reviewed and budget is compared with it as mentioned in document 

Analysis complete


Website/Application Design

Develop functional specifications


Web/Software developer

Acceptance of drafted preliminary specifications

Develop security requirements


IT security specialist

Listing security measures and uses.

Prototype review


IT Manager

Prototype completed and listed

Validate security and functional specifications


IT security specialist

Acceptance of security requirements

Design complete


Website/Application Development

Review functional design


IT Manager

Approval of functional design and is complete

Identify external interfaces


Software/Web developer

List out interface needed to run application.

Develop database and interfaces


Software/Web developer

Completion of data structured for storage purposes.

Security test plan


IT Manager/IT Security specialist

Website and application development is completed.

Interface test plan


IT Manager/IT Security specialist

Website and application development is completed.

Development complete



Security and Interface testing


IT manager /IT security specialist

All the security and interface testing is listed and application is created.

Modifications if needed


Software Developer

Reviewing the app/website after creation.

Unit test plan using web/app specifications


IT Manager /Project Manager

Completion of unit test plan.

Re-test modifications


Software Developer/IT Manager 

New Modifications has been made.

Review test


Project Manager

All tests are completed.

All testing complete


Training and Documentation

Develop program and online help document


Documentation/Project Manager

Completion and Testing of application/website.

Develop training requirements



Successful testing completion

Train users and support staffs



Completion of training requirements document and availability of materials.

Training and Documentation complete



Develop deployment plan


IT Manager /Project Manager

Deployment plan documented and created with services and date for the use.

Install and deploy app and website


IT Manager/IT Department

All the deployment phase are complete.

Deployment complete


Project Manager

Completion of whole project and program running without any interruption.

Future State

Cultural awareness game is completed for OA and is running successfully as web/app game after deployment and providing learning tools to users.

2.2 Limits and exclusions

Every project needs to identify its limit and exclusions during project planning. Project limits are constraints imposed upon project team and project exclusions are the project boundaries which exist out of scope. The limits and exclusion of this project is listed below:


  • $80,000 has been allocated for the entire project.
  • Additional features beyond the scope cannot be added without increasing the budget.
  • Project completion time depends upon the allocation of required resources on regular basis whenever needed.
  • Success of the project is dependent upon project team member availability and skills.
  • Working days is from Monday to Friday a week (261 days a year), excluding holidays and all member needs to be available for this project.


  • In house development of website and applications.
  • Promotional and advertisements expenses without increasing the budget.
  • Any upgrading in future unless, new budget is assigned.

2.3 Work/process Breakdown Schedule (WBS)

A work/process Breakdown Schedule (WBS) is the foundation of successful project arranging, execution, reporting and controlling. It coordinates and integrates overall project activities like scope, cost and time. The WBS for the project scope below will be classified into six primary stages and outline the aggregate extent of work to be finished on the project to achieve the project destinations and achieve the required deliverables.

Figure 1 -The Work/Breakdown schedule (WDS) of opportunity Australia for Culture Awareness Game application and website is shown below:

3.0 Time and Cost Management

Time and Cost Management are the integral part of Project Management which are fundamental in directing any project toward its achievement and goals.

3.1 Time Management

Time management includes the process which is necessary to complete the different parts of the project in the given timeframe (A Guide to the project management body of knowledge, 1996). Time management is one of the vital part in the implementation of any project as “time is the variable that has the least amount of flexibility” (Schwalbe 2014, p226). It is very important to complete all the listed milestones in the given time so that desired project outcome can be used in time. To complete this project under sensible amount of time pressure, suitable time management procedures should be used in motivating the project team workers with financial as well as emotional support. Here is the Gantt Chart which shows the time management for this project.

Figure 2 -Opportunity Australia Project Gantts chart

3.2 Cost Management

Cost Management includes the processes required to ensure that the project is completed within the approved budget and also provides an overview of the major processes like: resource planning, cost estimating, cost budgeting and cost control (Rose, 2001).

OA is willing to spend a large sum of money for the implementation of the Australian social culture game and has allocated the total budget of $80,000 for this project’s completion. There is contingency reserve amount which might be useful in this project as we can see in the project budget below.

Figure 3 – Opportunity Australia Budget Cost

4.0 Risk Management

The Risk management in a project includes the identification and assessment of any undesirable risks and in addition arranging reactions to guarantee that remedial move is made if the risks appear. The project of implementing the social awareness game website and application can have various risk factor that cause problem for the success of this project.

However, management team plays an important role in solving these risks as the time and resources constraints will need to be re-allocated once there is any extension in the scope of the project. To make the new game user friendly and attract the users toward new game, it should be transitional. To make sure that the project is within the budget, the applications required for the system can be outsourced.

However, all these risk factors are well described in the table below:

Table 2 – Risk Analysis Table

Project Management

Analysis and Design




Unclear project scope

Unclear and unrealistic drafting of specifications requirements

Developing wrong user interface

Unqualified testing teams

Delivering the web/apps in a rush

Unrealistic budget

In complete and inaccurate requirements

Identification of unrealistic interface

Unusual and unrealistic modifications

Problems while software and lunching website

Inadequate estimation of project time, cost, scope and resources

Ignoring non-functional requirement and specific security requirements

Less experience software developer

Testing cannot cope with new modifications

Change in the environment while installing

Insufficient resources

Incorrect design and difficulties in verifying design to requirements

Incomplete security and interface test plan

Informal and ill-understood testing process

Emergence of new requirements and difficulty in using the game applications

External security threats

Incomplete unit testing

Unable to fulfill the objectives and get desired outcome from the product.

Too many software and website faults

Difficulty in understanding and using new system for some users.

Some of the other  risk associated with this project can be as follows

  • Political and social conflict about refugees.
  • Natural disaster may impact on delivery date of the project.
  • Lack of communication with all the individuals involved in this project.

Table 3 – Risk Response Table




Control Recommendations

Unclear project scope


 Leads to scope creep and project failure.

Clearly defining the scope of project

Unclear budgeting and insufficient resources


Increase in expenses and can also threaten project from being implemented.

Establishment of budget control system and checklist of all the resources, along with resource management.

Inadequate estimation of project time, cost, scope and resources


Delay in work process and increase in cost along with undesirable outcome.

Effective and efficient planning

Unclear and unrealistic drafting of specifications requirements


Escalation or rework can lead to lots of money expenses.

Proper understanding of the requirements.

Ignoring non-functional requirement and specific security requirements


Increase the vulnerability for system and website attacks.

Consideration of security and non-functional requirements.

Incorrect design and difficulties in verifying design to requirements


Makes the requirements unclear an unrealistic.

Hiring experienced expert and knowledge of all requirements.

Developing wrong user interface and Identification of unrealistic interface.


Failure to fulfill the interface goals.

Prototyping, task analysis and user participation

Less experience software developer


System error and time as well as money consuming, along with unable to get necessary product.

Hire an experienced software developer

Incomplete security and interface test plan


Lead to several attacks from hacker on website and software system failure in soon future.

Testing all the interface of system and providing high security.

Unqualified testing teams


Failure in testing

Hiring qualified testing teams.

Testing cannot cope with new modifications and incomplete unit testing


Reduce the reliability and increase the errors.

Efficient and effective testing.

Lack of communication with all the individuals involved in this project.


Failure to get the desired output from the project.

Providing the  communication channels for the success of the project.

Too many software and website faults


Crashing of software and website.

Proper testing before deployment.

Delivering the web/apps in a rush


Missing some important requirements and unable to get desired outcome of product.

Proper scheduling of works when making web/apps.

Problems while software and lunching website


Delay in the delivery of apps/website

Proper testing before delivering

Emergence of new requirements and difficulty in using the game applications


Increase in budget cost and time frame.

Proper drafting of requirements and testing.

Difficulty in understanding and using new system for some users.


Unable to use the system and get benefit for the users.

Providing training to users and manual guidance.

Political and social conflict about refugees


Failure in communication and increase the social cultural barriers.

Effective communication with refugees and taking government permission for starting the project for refugees.

Natural disaster may impact on delivery date of the project.


Loss of the useful data, reports for doing the project.

Proper backup and restoration plan using technology.

5.0 Communication Management Plan

Communication between the stakeholders can be one of the biggest threats to the achievement of a project goal. A communication management plan is a record that aides extend correspondences by tending to correspondence necessities, data to be communicated, recipient and maker of the data and recurrence of correspondence (Schwalbe 2014).

Opportunity Australia Project Information

The Opportunity Australia Project is a 12 months project designed to establish / deliver a culture awareness game which is website and application based.

Communications Strategy Version Control




Change Description



S Shah


Purpose of Communication Strategy.

Communicate progress of the Opportunity Australia Culture Awareness Game

To external stakeholders

•          Game/Software Developer

•          Website Designer

•          Web and software service providers

•          Competitors

•          Governmental Organizations

•          Trainer

To internal stakeholders

•          Project Manager

•          IT Department

•          IT Manager

•          IT Security Specialist

•          Documentation Manager

•          Reference group

•          Opportunity Australia Sponsor

Communications Strategy

1.  Internal Information Management

Stakeholders: All of Opportunity Australia sponsor including internal and external stakeholders.

1. Emails

  • Opportunity Australia need to make sure that all the important documents are forwarded to the Project Manager and other people stakeholders working on this project.
  • Can be used for sending the message to the respective team members in the project as needed.

2. Intranet

  • IT department to share the computing resources to their team members.
  • Project Manager to share the company information and requirements of the projects.
  • Project team member to know the Opportunity Australia and use its resources.

3. Meetings

  • Project manager to conduct project meeting about the status for the project.
  • Important for Opportunity Australia to know updates about the project.
  • Necessary for all other project team members.

5. Newsletter

  • Opportunity Australia need newsletter to give up to date information about development of Culture Awareness Game to Refugees and their respective team members.

6. Phone calls

  • Used for calling to the respective stakeholders working in their respective parts as a mode for effective communications.

7. Website and social media

  • Opportunity Australia website showing the progress of project to internal stakeholders and social media for conveying important message to competitors.
  • Detail project aims and objectives available. 

8. Events and Conferences

  • To give the information about the upcoming project outcome and its benefits to users (especially to refugees and Australian).
  • Project manager need to describe about the outcome of project and its values to all.

10. News Release

  • Conveying start and finish of the project for cause of transition of refugee lifestyle by the Opportunity Australia.

11. Project Blogs

  • Project progress description in details available.

2.  Internal Stakeholders

The internal stakeholders are;

•          Project Manager

•          IT Department

•          IT Manager

•          IT Security Specialist

•          Documentation Manager

•          Reference group

•          Opportunity Australia Sponsor

3.  External Communications

The External Stakeholders are;

1. Conferences

  • To make aware about the project aims and objectives.

2. News Release

  • To make all know the start and finish of project.
  • For public to get some details about the project

3. Speaking

  • To discuss about project requirements among project teams.
  • Easy way of negotiation to all stakeholders through oral way.

4. Engagements

  • Single or group engagements among working Project Teams and Project Manager.
  • Collaborative process of doing coding, designing and other parts for game by software/game developer, website designer and so on.

5. Project Blogs

  • Available of link through Opportunity Australia web page about the project.

6. Social Media

  • Convey important information and message to competitors.

Communication Plan

Table 4 – Showing communication plan for internal information management plan

1. Internal Information Management Plan






1. SharePoint




Project Manager /Documentation Manager 

After creation, updating as required

For project team working on project.

2.  Emails

 Communication tools

All the Opportunity Australia stakeholders

 As per the need

 Every individual can use emails as needed and it is their responsibility to store it safely.

3.  Intranet

 Communication medium

 Internal stakeholders

 As required

 Made available to all internal stakeholder to use as needed.

4.  Meeting

 Communication tools

All the Opportunity Australia stakeholders

 Weekly or monthly basis when needed.

 Weekly or monthly meetings as per the need.

5.  Phone calls

Communication tools

All the Opportunity Australia stakeholders

 Whenever its required.

 Individual responsibility as appropriate.

6.  Website

Education and Communication

 Project manager

 When appropriate and as relevant

 Essential in up to date updates to latest as an internal or external medium.

7.  Formal meetings


Project Manager

 As per the scheduled

 Meeting as per the requirement.

8.  Blog


 Project Manager

 Every fortnight

 Post blog as desired.

Conference and seminar

Communication and project capability tool

Project Manager and Opportunity Australia sponsor

As per the need

Managing of data for educational purpose.

Table 5 – Showing external communication activities

2.  External Communications Plan






1.  Conferences

 Data management events attendance

 Opportunity Australia sponsor and Project Manager

 As appropriate and relevant

 Building external links and for management of the data education

2.  News release

 Communication tools

 Project Manager and Opportunity Australia

 Whenever need and relevant

 With help of broadcaster and approval of Opportunity Australia

3.  Speaking


 All the stakeholder of Opportunity Australia

 As required

Individual needs as way of communication 

4.  Emails-external

 Communication tools 

 All the Opportunity Australia producing common stakeholders

 As per the requirements

 Individual responsibility to use and store communication as needed

5.  Blog

Link from website

 Project Officer and Opportunity Australia

 As relevant and appropriate

 Accessing through the links provided in the website

6.  Engagements


 To all stakeholders of Opportunity Australia

 As per the requirements

 Collaborative way of communication among teams.

7.  Website


 Opportunity Australia

 As appropriate and need

 Necessary to update when needed.

6.0 Recommendations

For the Opportunity Australia Culture Awareness Game application and website, it recommended that:

  • The development plan (Milestones and Work Breakdown Schedule) for this project is to be utilized to guide the project over every phase of its lifecycle.
  • It is recommended that to use cost and time management sections of this plan to complete the project in given time with the wise use of available resources and budget.
  • It is recommended that Opportunity Australia will provide all the necessary things to do this project.
  • It is recommended to manage the communication among the stakeholders by using communication management plan.
  • On the basis of this report, Opportunity Australia project can achieve their goals and objectives and therefore, it is recommended to use this Project plan report.

7.0 References

  • A Guide to the project management body of knowledge. (1996). Choice Reviews Online, 34(03), pp.34-1636-34-1636.
  • Schwalbe, K 2014, Information Technology Project Management, 7th edition, Cengage Learning, Boston, MA, USA.
  • Rose, K. (2001). Book Review: A Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK® Guide) – 2000 Edition. Project Management Journal, 32(3), pp.58-59.
  • Meredith, J & Mantel, S 2009, Project Management: A Managerial Approach, 7th edition, John Wiley & Sons, Inc., NJ, USA.


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