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The Advantages Of Myeg Service Providers Information Technology Essay

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as government service provider, they provides some services to public such as provides e-services from government department an agencies, example, JPJ (Road Transportation Department) on driving licenses and road tax renewal with insurances. They are also provides services for PDRM (Royal Malaysia Police Department) with payment of Summons and inquiry, MyEG also includes with Department of Insolvency where public can notes on liquidation search and bankruptcy. In certain cities, such as Kuala Lumpur City Council (DBKL) on payment, compound inquiry, and assessment and some of government department, state registration office (JPN) for identification card (myKad) replacement services, and Immigration Department of Malaysia on renewal of foreign worker and maids. MyEG service provider also provides services to semi-government department such as Tenaga Nasional and Telekom Malaysia on bill payment and inquiry.

Road Tax Renewal and Auto Insurance

To attract public attentions, MyEG is giving discounts for Insurance and Road Tax of 30%. Besides that, MyEG agents will send the road tax to house, without service of charge, absolute free. Once being chosen as MyEG VIP Customer, you can always call MyEG customer service and will give the customer individual support in customer vehicle (Malaysian registered vehicle with JPJ) ‘problems’. This would include assistance in making any insurance claims, providing assistance to request for discounts in any JPJ or PDRM summons. The customer will also get benefits of VIP member promotions and privileges from time to time. During the renewal process, Road Transportation Department (JPJ) online service will check any outstanding summons and blacklist records at both JPJ and PDRM database systems. In order to proceed with this renewal, it is necessary for you to settle all traffic offences recorded. The advantage of having online road tax renewal through access to the internet; it helps to complete customers renewal comfortably at home or at the office. This service is time saving, hassle free, accessible and cost effective at any time. Many customer still doubt about online tax renewal, MyEG, it is safe and secure. The online Road Tax Renewal through MyEG Services Berhad’s website has been audited, verified and approved by Road Transportation Department (JPJ) and Government. The Government has given the authorization for MyEG Services to provide the online renewal services. Every successful transaction will be issued with e-Services receipt.

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PDRM Summons

PDRM (Royal Malaysia Police Department) has provides us free PDRM Alert service which will alert customer if they had any summons in the future. Normally, you may not receive any notice that you have been issued a summons until after a one month of grace period. Through this free service, we will inform you on any summons you may have via email. Once the transactions complete, the online summons payment will be processed within 48 hours from the time of the payment was made then only the summons is cleared. MyEG also provide the customer to view summons for free of charge even for behalf of other people. Every summons is being updated daily by PDRM.


Payment/ transactions concept

Credit cards

A credit card is a miniature electronic synthetic card issued to customer as a payment system. It allows the customer to buy merchandise and services based on the customer’s usage agreement while purchasing merchandise and services. The credit card concept is to allow the customer to pay or borrow money for transactions to a merchant as advance cash to the customers. When a purchase is made, the credit card user agrees to pay the card issuer. The cardholder indicates consent to pay by entering a. personal identification number (PIN) or by signing a proof of payment with a record of the card details and indicating the amount to be paid.

Financial Process Exchange (FPX)

Financial Process Exchange (FPX) s a payment channel that allows you to make payment via online real-time through your current or savings account. All you need is an Internet banking account with any of FPX participating banks. It is simple, convenient and secure.


MyEG is also allow their user to have e-cash transactions. It is just require the user to load some credit into MyEG account. The reality of E-cash is only slightly more complicated, and these complications make the transactions both secure and private. E-cash truly globalizes the economy, since the user can download money into his cyber-wallet in any currency desired. A merchant can accept any currency and convert it to local currency when the cyber cash is uploaded to the bank account.

To the extent a user wants E-cash off-line all that is necessary is smart card technology. The money is loaded onto the smartcard, and special electronic wallets are used to offload the money onto other smartcards or directly to an on-line system. Smartcards have been used successful in other countries for such transactions as phone calls for a number of years. The money could also be removed from a smartcard and returned to a bank account. Visa is developing a related product, the stored value card. This card comes in a variety of denominations, but functions more like a debit card than E-cash. In essence, E-cash combines the benefits of other transaction mediums. Thus, it is similar to debit/credit cards, but E-cash allows individuals to conduct transactions with each other. It is similar to personal checks, but it is feasible for very small transactions. While it appears superior to other forms, E-cash will not completely replace paper currency. Use of E-cash will require special hardware, and while most people will have access, not all will. However, E-cash presents special challenges for the existing “middlemen” of the current paper currency society. More and more, banks and other financial intermediaries will serve simply as storehouses for money, lenders, and processing/verifying electronic transactions. Personal interaction with a teller or even visits to a bank ATM will become obsolete.


Even there is advantages on MyEG website, there is also has certain disadvantages. For many recent the customer has to call MyEG helpdesk, to get more information on how to solve the problem faced in MyEG website. MyEG website has also provides some solutions for the user to solve problem while doing transaction through online. The following are some of disadvantages.

Payment rejected

According to MyEG website, the customers frequently face the problem when making transactions whereas the payment gets rejected. There are few reasons where the payment gets rejected such as credit card problem or system error. The credit card may not work cause of due to credit card status. If the problems with system error cause by broken or time run out because server cannot be reach. It can also reason as the system is at fault to disruption of network or the entire system.

Connection error

The reason of connection error fault is also occur every time where the user gets blank page or error message “forbidden 404”. When this problem occurs, the customer has to call helpdesk for assistance to continue transactions. Thus is due to system intermittence error. Sometimes the system is at fault due to disruption of network or the entire system

Online fault

Many of customer complaint on MyEG website that it is load slow. The reason is the server system facing heavy loads of traffic on the network or the entire system. Sometimes, the user gets an error message “Connection is closed by server”. This may happen because MyEG server may be down or maintenance works on.


Many of customer use MyEG website to pay their summons with Road Transportation Department (JPJ) and Royal Police Department (PDRM). They prefer to do so because it is ease and not to queue at payment tolls of each department. Because of updating, certain customer facing problem where the summonses taken down, the summonses from JPJ and PDRM will be on website for 2 weeks only from the date of the offence. If the summonses are not paid within this 2-week period, JPJ and PDRM will take down the summonses and you need to go to JPJ and PDRM counters to pay summonses.

Payment concept

Although MyEG provides the electronic payment concept, not all the services allow the same way to make payment. For example, My Card replacement has only one options of payment, credit cards.

MyCard services

MyEG also provides MyCard identification card service such as replacement or damage. This service, the customer still needs to go to the department for thumbprint and identification. The service is not very convenient to public because their still need to go to take at department counter to collect their identification card even after online transaction completed.


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