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Selection of System and Application of Systems Thinking

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task 1: Selection of system and application of systems thinking


Task 1

Online Food Ordering System

The system I have chosen for analysis is Online Food Ordering System. It is intended to fill a particular specialty in the market by providing small restaurants with the capacity to offer their clients an online ordering choice without contributing a lot of time and cash in having custom software composed specifically for them. The system which is highly customizable enables the restaurant representatives to effectively deal with the site content, above all the menu, themselves through an extremely natural graphical interface.

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The website, which is the only component seen by the restaurant customers, is then fabricated progressively dependent on the present condition of the system, so any progressions made are reflected continuously. Visitors to the site, once enrolled, are then ready to effectively explore this menu, add food things to their request, and determine conveyance choices with just a couple of snaps, extraordinarily improving the ordering procedure. Back in the eatery, set requests are immediately recovered and shown in an effectively decipherable arrangement for productive preparing.

Fig 1.0. Online Food Ordering System.

Online Food Ordering System Principles:

The working of an Online Ordering System is like e-commerce website. Whenever your clients are occupied with their work, rather than going to your restaurant they can simply open your restaurant’s site, pick the menu they like and can just request food online.

When the order gets set, you will be informed quickly with the goal that you can begin arrange processing and food delivery.

One of the fundamental points of interest of online food ordering is the request subtle elements and the delivery details are precise when contrasted with the telephone ordering system.

Fig 2.0 working of an Online Ordering System




This study spreads out a structure for new system to be produced and conveyed to the market for most extreme utilize and create an avenue  through the web where clients can sign on to our server and make a determination of whatever products or food they like and along these lines pay by means of the web. Coming up next are the goals this would bring:

1.The home  page of this web interfile gives a road where clients will have the capacity to accumulate progressively and dependable data about what the drive-thru food industry really does.

2.The products and administrations offered would furnish the clients with all the distinctive classes of accessible items that they can pick and select from.

3.This will give an easy to understand condition between the client and worker along these lines expanding the effectiveness of the food requesting framework.

4.There will likewise be an online buy shape with which esteemed clients will utilize connect with any of their demand at whatever point the need emerges.

5.It will likewise help for simple recovery of orders made by the clients.

System Performance Measures:


The Online Food Ordering System set up menu on the web and the clients effortlessly submits the request with a straightforward mouse click. Likewise with a food menu online you can without quite a bit of a stretch track the solicitations, keep up customer’s database and upgrade your sustenance food items. This framework enables the client to choose the coveted desired things from the showed menu. The client arranges the food items. The installment can be made on the web or pay-on-conveyance framework. The client’s points of interest are kept up private since it keeps up an alternate record for each customer. An id and secret key is accommodated every client. Hence it gives a more secured ordering.

i.Existing System:

In existing structure for giving any solicitations customers should visit hotels or restaurants to think about food items and them give request and pay advance. In this strategy time and manual work is required. Keeping up basic data in the documents and manuals is loaded with hazard and a repetitive procedure.

          ii. Proposed System:

This online application empowers the end clients to enlist on the web, select the food from the e-menu card, read the E-menu card and demand food on the web. By basically picking the food that the customer need. The results in the wake of picking the food from the E-menu card will direct appear in the screen near the Chef who will cook the food for you. By using this application made by the Waiter is diminished and we can moreover say that the work is discredited. The upside of this is if there is flood in the Restaurant by then there will be chances that the servers will be difficult to reach and the customers can particularly arrange the food to the gourmet specialist online by utilizing this application. The client will be given a username and a secret word to login.

System Environment:

Technology has been making new dining background and it has a noteworthy job in changing the manners in which clients eat. There is a promising developing potential in the foodservice business, openings are emerging alongside difficulties came about because of the aggressive business condition. It is fundamental for eatery organizations to be continually mindful of the progressions happening in buyer pattern and inclination as there would be new consumerism surfacing came about because of the progressions of age.

Restaurants would likewise be given new contestants and contributions, prompting higher desires on the quality and advantages of the conveyance benefit. It is likewise a driving variable for organizations to continue hunting down new courses in adjusting to the adjustments in the foodservice business. New contestants and contenders would discover courses in satisfying the requests or needs that may have been disregarded.

Other than that, online food conveyance benefit is additionally regarded to be all the more speaking to littler eatery organizations that might not have the ability to fuse conveyance administration to their business capacities. The discoveries in this examination has recommended that the driving variable that has the most critical effect on eatery business owner’s’ choice to redistribute their conveyance benefit is the expansion of income. Other than that, food related variables are obstructing them from re-appropriating their conveyance administration to outsider online conveyance benefits as it is considered influence the freshness of the suppers.

System Resources:

i.Technical feasibility:


This assessment is centered around picking up a comprehension of the present specialized assets of the association and their pertinence to the normal needs of the proposed framework. It is an assessment of the equipment and programming and how it addresses the issues of the proposed framework. The frameworks venture is considered in fact achievable if the inward specialized ability is adequate to help the undertaking prerequisites. The basic inquiries that assistance in testing the specialized attainability of a framework incorporate the accompanying:

      Is the undertaking attainable inside the breaking points of current innovation?

      Does the innovation exist by any stretch of the imagination?

      Is it a down to earth recommendation?

      Is there enough labor software engineers, analyzers and debuggers?

      Do the required programming and equipment exist?

      Are the present specialized assets adequate for the new framework?

      Can they be moved up to give the level of innovation vital for the new framework?

ii.Operational feasibility:

Operational feasibility is the proportion of how well the task will bolster the client and the specialist co-op amid the operational stage. It is reliant on HR accessible for the undertaking and includes anticipating whether the framework will be utilized on the off chance that it is created and actualized. The fundamental inquiries that assistance in testing the specialized attainability of a framework incorporate the accompanying:

      Is the task practical to work or not?

      Does current method of activity give sufficient throughput and reaction time?

      Could there be a decrease in expense as well as an expansion in advantages?

      Does current method of task offer viable controls to ensure against misrepresentation and to ensure precision and security of information and data?

      Does current method of activity make greatest utilization of accessible assets, including individuals, time, and stream of structures?

     Are the present work practices and methodology satisfactory to help the new framework?


System Control and/or Management:

Advancement of electronic frameworks requires investigation of the procedure to be digitized with the end goal to empower a right framework, a framework that capacities as required and to help the potential clients of the framework comprehend the general usefulness of the framework. The examination indicates the framework’s targets and imperatives to which originators need to agree. The motivation behind doing examination is to change the framework’s significant contributions to organized detail.

1.Context diagram:

This is a brief structure which depicts the environment in which a software system exists and helps in communicating about what lies outside the system boundary.  




Fig 3.0 Context diagram


2.Data flow diagram:

It is a two-dimensional graph that clarifies how information is prepared and moved in a framework. The graphical delineation distinguishes each wellspring of information and how it connects with other information sources to achieve a typical yield.

Administrator module:

Functionalities provided:

      Create usernames and passwords

      View/ edit / delete user accounts

Fig 4.0. Data flow diagram

3.Customer module:

Functionalities provided:

      View product’s list

      Register

      Place orders

Fig 5.0. Customer module

4.Manager module:

Functionalities provided:

      Create product categories and functionalities

      Edit / delete product categories and descriptions

      View and manage orders and sales report

Fig 6.0 Manager module

5.Meal deliver module:

Functionalities provided:

      View pending orders and delivery details

      Confirm order deliveries

   Fig 7.0. Meal deliver module

6.User requirements:

The framework will be intended to be easy to understand. The easy to understand and intelligent interfaces configuration accomplishes this by empowering clients to effectively peruse through the menus put orders with only a couple of snaps and furthermore enables eatery workers to rapidly experience the requests as they are put and deliver the important things with insignificant deferral and perplexity. The framework will be easy to utilize.

System Components and Structure:

System requirements

These consist of the hardware and software components of a computer system that are required to install in order to use the software efficiently.

  1. Software requirements

      Operating system: Windows XP / windows 7

      Technology         : PHP

      Database             : MySQL 

      Tool                    : Dreamweaver

      Antivirus software

      Backup & Data Recovery software

              2.Hardware requirements

      Processor: Intel dual core or above

      Processor Speed:1.0GHZ or above

      RAM: 1 GB RAM or above

      Hard Disk: 20 GB hard disk or above

      Printer  for printing reports

      Uninterruptible power supply to ensure a constant access of data.

      USB flash disk( At least 2GB)

















50,000 per year





Table: Budget


Process model:

The waterfall model is a successive outline process, regularly utilized in software development  forms, in which advance is viewed as streaming consistently downwards (like a waterfall) through the phases of Conception, Initiation, Analysis, Design, Construction, Testing and Maintenance.

Fig.8.0. Process Model






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