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Roles of Windows Server 2012

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Margaret Webb


Idea for

High level feature-comparison

Licensing Model

Memory Limits


Costs-efficient all around server

Essential server functionality without virtualization rights

Server (Limited to 15 users)

32 GB Ram


Environments in small companies

Essential server functionality without virtualization rights

Server (Limited to 25 users)

64 GB ram


Non-virtualized or lightly virtualized environments

All features, with two virtual instances

Processor + CAL*

4 TB Ram


Highly-virtualized private cloud management

All features are unlimited virtual instances

Processor + CAL*

4 TB Ram


A private cloud facilitating arrangement, otherwise called an interior or undertaking cloud, lives on organization’s intranet or facilitated server farm where the greater part of your information is secured behind a firewall.

Public cloud facilitating arrangement. Your information is put away in the supplier’s server farm and the supplier is in charge of the administration and upkeep of the server farm. This kind of cloud condition is speaking to many organizations since it decreases lead times in testing and sending new items. Nonetheless, the downside is that many organizations feel security could need with an open cloud. Despite the fact that you don’t control the security of an open cloud, the greater part of your information stays isolate from others and security breaks of open mists are uncommon.

VDI stands for Virtual desktop infrastructure which has a desktop working framework on a concentrated server in a server farm. VDI is a minor departure from the customer server registering model, some of the time alluded to as server-based processing.

1) Pooled assets: This implies we manage assets at a total level as opposed to at the level of individual servers. The cloud uncovered a pool of limit with regards to use by administrations that require the limit, and this deliberation decouples the virtualized workloads from the physical framework, permitting dynamic workload arrangement and autonomous foundation administration.

2) Self-Service: In the cloud demonstrate, benefit purchasers can utilize a self-benefit involvement, regularly an electronic entrance, to get to the limit they have been assigned, self-arrangement workloads from standing up a solitary VM to sending a perplexing administration, and deal with the life cycle of those workloads.

3) Elasticity: Cloud Elasticity implies that the framework can bolster the changing needs of the association, sending new administrations as required, distributing more assets to administrations that experience overwhelming burden or de-allotting assets to spare power when the heap is light. With cross-cloud administration, workloads can likewise move amongst private and open mists, giving additional limit, geo-scale reach, or different qualities as required.

4) Usage Based: In the cloud show, clients are charged or if nothing else get educated on their cloud asset utilization in light of their genuine asset utilization


Resilient File System (ReFS), codenamed “Protogon”, is a Microsoft exclusive record framework presented with Windows Server 2012 with the goal of turning into the “people to come” document framework after NTFS. The reason you would utilize it is helps you store and ensure information, paying little mind to the dependability of the basic equipment and programming stack. This limits the cost of capacity and lessens capital uses for organizations. You can convey a Windows Server 2012 R2 document server connected to an only a cluster of plates (JBOD) stockpiling setup with Serial ATA (SATA) or Serially Attached SCSI (SAS) drives. Also, the arrangement could incorporate failover grouping where the client sends a scale-out, two-hub record server bunch with Storage Spaces, where the group utilizes a mutual JBOD stockpiling design with SAS drives


Server Roles:

!) Active Directory Certificate Services

2) Active Directory Domain Services

The primary Windows Server 2012/R2 part that I would introduce on a server for a small assembling organization is the Active Directory Domain Services (AD DS) part. The reason I would introduce this part on small assembling organization’s server is because it permits the Windows Server 2012/R2 go about as a space controller. This is valuable for the assembling organization since it handles confirmation and approval for every one of the workers that are in a Windows area condition.

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The second Windows Server 2012/R2 part Active Directory Certificate Services (AD CS) gives adjustable administrations to issuing and overseeing endorsements in programming security frameworks that utilization open key advances. For foundation data about open key cryptography and the advantages of having an open key framework (PKI), You can utilize AD CS to make at least one affirmation specialists (CA) to get testament demands, check the data in the solicitations and the character of the requester, issue endorsements, renounce declarations, and distribute authentication denial information.


Server Core establishments require around 4 GB less space than a Server with a GUI establishment. By utilizing Server Core establishments on virtual machines, you can accomplish a huge space funds by not storing the GUI records on the virtual machine’s plate. Servers frequently have nearly a lot of memory and complex plate clusters, both of which can set aside a lot of opportunity to instate at startup. Since Server Core establishments limit the quantity of restarts required for updates, the recurrence at which plate clusters and memory must be re-introduced is lessened.

Certain server applications have conditions on specific Windows administrations, libraries, applications, and records that are not accessible in Server Core establishments, but rather the manager needs to exploit the decreased requirement for refreshing commonplace of Server Core establishments. The Minimal Server Interface offers extra similarity while as yet keeping up a diminished framework impression (however to a lesser degree than a Server Core establishment).

Highlights on Demand can be utilized to diminish the impression for your virtual machine organizations by evacuating parts and components that will never be sent in your virtual machines. Contingent upon the parts and elements utilized as a part of your virtual machines, it is conceivable to lessen the size by more than 1 GB.

Diminished adjusting, Since Server Core introduces just what is required for a reasonable DHCP, File, DNS, Media Services, and Active Directory server, less adjusting is required.

Decreased administration, since less is introduced on a Server Core-based server, less administration is required. Decreased assault surface Since there is less running on the server, there is less assault surface. Less plate space required Server Core requires around 3.4GB to introduce.

More noteworthy solidness. Since a Server Core establishment has less running procedures and administrations than a Full establishment, the general dependability of Server Core is more noteworthy. Less things can turn out badly, and less settings can be designed mistakenly.

Disentangled administration. Since there are less things to oversee on a Server Core establishment, it’s less demanding to arrange and bolster a Server Core establishment than a Full one-once you get the hang of it.


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