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Reflection on Distribution Game

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Wordcount: 1142 words Published: 18th May 2020

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INTRODUCTION –The game which was played in the class was Distribution Standard Game. In this game, we made a group to play it. In this game, we sold the different products. This game consisted of number of processes. These are:

  • Forecast Sale (MD61): In this one of group member have to forecast the quantities of the products with product group by keeping in mind the stock available in warehouse.
  • Calculate Requirements (MD01): In this process, second group member have to run the MRP.
  •  Purchasing (ME59N): In this step, one team member creates purchase order. When the order is purchased it is delivered within three days.
  • Marketing (ZADS): In this process, market expenses are planned. On daily basis, the market amount is entered for each product and area.
  • Pricing (VK32): Here, the price list is changed according to the market flow. Team member keep on changing the price of product based on the market value.
  • Financial Statement (F.01): In this process, team members can check the statement that how they are doing the business.

 The first three steps are done one by one.


The distribution game was played in the group. So, the team was created for playing this game. We are five team members and everyone was associated with the one task. Playing game in team gave a great experience because we learnt many things in team. Firstly, every member had a task to do so each person knew his/her responsibility. Secondly, it taught us how to run a business in a team and how to perform in team. Moreover, each team member enjoyed a lot while playing game.

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 Today, I was creating the purchase orders whose code was ME595. The thing today I liked about game was that how I have to purchase orders before they finish and how I have to keep the quantity of products available in the stock so that we cannot get overloaded with the stock or not shortage of the stock. Moreover, I enjoyed doing my job with responsibility and I also kept eye on other processes that how these were being run. Also, fetching the data from dataset and visualizing it in SAP lumira was very interesting and I liked the results shown by graphs, bars, charts that made it look attractive.

 On the other side, there was also some bad thing that I was having issue in purchasing the orders like we all were trying to purchase orders and we were not succeeding in that. So, wastage of time today in detecting the issue was very irritating.

Well, the distribution game gave us many experiences. It taught us how to run a business in market. So, everyone was using his knowledge to play a game. The different thing we could do was investing in market and changing price list according the market fluctuations and minimizing the stock in warehouse because we were overloaded in the warehouse. So, we could firstly sell the product from warehouse instead of purchasing new orders.

Playing Distribution game was good experiences. But, the thing today I liked the most is to keeping eye on every process that where we were not good and learning from that mistake and improving it and also excellent performance by every team member in group.

In distribution game we also add some additional knowledge to play this game like we were full with the stock and we did not need to order new stock so for that reason, we first sold our products at less cost so that we can make space in warehouse. We kept on changing the price lists according to the products sale so that we did not lose money. So, we used some tricks to play our game effectively.

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We learnt new things by playing game such as that how one has to perform actively.  Moreover, performing in team is a good thing to become successful. Also, to be successful in market or business, one have to keep on market trends that what is wanted in the market and what we are giving and what changes we need to perform best in our business. So, it makes us quick learner and problem solver.

CONCLUSION:  The distribution game gave us a good experience. It taught us how to run a business and how to invest in the market and how to get a profit in the market. Furthermore, we learn to play in team so that will help us to work in groups. Overall, the Distribution game was very good and we enjoy a lot while playing it and learn many things.



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