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Online Event Management System

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Wordcount: 1279 words Published: 1st Jan 2015

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Online Event Management System is based on MJR Tom UK Ltd. MJR Tom UK is the leading Portable Catering and Promotions company in the UK. MJR Tom UK provides a comprehensive and specialized service with mobile dispensing backpacks. MJR Tom works in various events in UK like: concerts, rugby match, football match, horse race etc and sale beer, wine, coffee, cold drinks, Smirnoff ice etc in backpacks. MJR Tom UK has offices in Earlsfield, South-West London, as well as in Manchester, and the company employs over 300 part-timers working at events nationwide. Currently MJR Tom is using MS Access to store the event information. They also have a static web page which displays some information regarding company, upcoming events, payment dates, payment that paid to employees etc. Every Wednesday the MJR Tommers (Runners) called the staff manager and book for events that”„¢s going to be in the next week. The staff manager assigns manager for the event and produces the event details. When a particular event commence the staff manager send sms to all the runners who booked the event to confirm the date, time, meeting point and the manager. The number of manager needed for an event is based on number of runners. At the end of the event the manager sends all the papers including the information regarding the working hours, payments, commissions, total money collected etc. to the office. All of these works are being done manually.

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The Online Event Management System will replace the current web page and will manage the event information online. The system will have the facility to book events online. Add, update and delete events. Selecting the best runner, manager for an particular events. Will provides the report on probable expectation (number of big beer barrel will be sold) for the particular event. Salary calculation for runners. After event add event information.

Statement of Problem:

There are several problem associated with current manual system. Problem includes:

1. Booking Problem: Currently booking is one of the main problems being faced by MJR Tom staff. Only the staff manager is assigned to book event. Only the Wednesday is allocated to book events. All the runners have call the staff manager to book an event. Sometimes the staff manager is not in the office or her phone is not connecting, that time runners can not book event on that day and they miss several events. There is also problem with the confirmation of the event, sometime it is seen that some runners don”„¢t get the confirmation, so it creates a big problem and the runner miss the event and have to pay fine for not being on time.

2. Communication problem: MJR Tom has office in Manchester. But the payment is done in the main office at Wimbledon. So all the papers of an event must be send via post from Manchester to London to pay staff of the event.

3. Record keeping problem: Sometimes MJR Tom management need to see the old record to arrive at decision about big events. There are some big events which occurs once in a year. So they need to know how many staff they need, how many barrels they can sale, the duration of the event (tour). They have to find the old documents which sometimes take longer than expected, sometimes some documents miss out, and still need an human to make the decision seeing the papers.

4. Management problem: There are some problems with decision making, like: number of staff needed for a particular event, the runners who are better for an particular event, the probable number of barrels may be sold for a particular event.

5. Salary calculation problem: The runners are paid By 5 * number of hour (Basic) + 1 * number of bag pack sold (commission) + bonus+travel hour * 3.5+waiting hour * 3.5. It calculation of salary is still being done manually and only the total amount is being displayed in the web page. If any one sell 1.3 times then others then he will get extra bonus depending on the profit.

6. Payment problem: The runners can only see their total payment for a particular event in the web. Sometimes the runners want to know their details of payment calculation which not possible by the current system. Even a staff can only see their payment information which is displayed by the web page, if he/she wants to know information about an old payment, need to mail accountant, then he replay which takes about a week to respond.

Proposed solution for the problems identified:

1. The main objective of the system will be to develop a web page for MJR Tom. The title of the system will be -“Online Event Management System”.

2. The web page will be developed for both the Staff and the Management. The system will have the security LOG IN procedure to prevent any unauthorized access. Every types of user (Managing Director, Staff Manager, Event Manager, Runners) will have different privileges according to their need to know.

3. The system will have the event booking facility. The runners will be able to book for event online. The staff manager will add (upload) all the upcoming events and the runners will be able to book those events from the web page by log in using their user name and password. The staff manager will also be able to book for events for the runners.

4. The staff manager will be able to add event, update event and delete events. Add client information, update client information. Add new staff to the system.

5. The staff would be able to change to their address, account details, phone numbers etc. Also the staff manager will have the privileges to do these operations.

6. The system will send confirmation to all the runners and the manager to their email before one day of the event. Once the staff manager confirms an event using her username and password the system will send the confirmation automatically.

7. After the event the manager will be able to enter all the event information into the web site. Details of event information includes: How many back pack sold by particular runner, the working hour, travel hour(if any), waiting hour (if any), number of barrel sold.

8. System will produce the event list which will contain all the runners list, refiler, managers, event information and the contact person. The event report for the Managing Director.

9. The system will also produce several types of reports relating to the events and staff. Such reports includes: the best runners list for a month, best runners for a particular event, expected number of barrel sold, monthly profit analysis, monthly earnings, Weekly, monthly and Yearly payment reports. Amount to be paid to the runners for in every two weeks (payment date is after every two weeks), Individual runners report for date range.

Scope and System Boundaries

The system will be developed for MJR Tom within the following scope and boundaries:

Event Booking

Event Management (Add, Update, Delete events)

Staff Management (Add, Update staff information)

Staff Payment for events.

Management report relating to the event, payment, staff etc.


The system (web page) will be developed using HTML as front end user interface, Oracle 10g as back end database server, JSP to connect the client pages with the database server. Java Script as Script Language for the validation of front end data. Dynamic Systems Development Method (DSDM) framework will be used as a development framework. UML diagrams will be used to Analyze and Design of the system.


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