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Meeting Business Goals through IT Investment

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In AEC and Theme Parks several phases are taking place and the Resorts are a gigantic group that has large employers, staff, etc. As a result of the large number of staff, it creates pressure for reliability and validity. Each organization has its objectives and goals. A major goal of an enterprise is to satisfy a guest’s and customers ‘ demand to meet their expectations, and to accomplish this is the company’s excellence in commission management. Its main aim is to analyze the main business goals by hand-picked method ITIL which explore the main factors of problems.


AEC is a large, completely distinct organisation with the topic parks and resorts as the company’s largest division. The company’s division contributes 25 of the revenues of AEC. The company’s objectives should be supported by strategy, activities and priorities, and numerous other actions. There are totally distinct strategic company objectives and priorities. The main objective of a company is to develop and improve its service into a more proactive IT organization. Service management is that a major part of the company’s status improvement. The divisor is responsible for achieving the goal of a company that simply achieves some of the following objectives with support from IT:

There are few businesses strategic and priorities which will help The Adventure Entertainment Company to being best in their goal achievements.

Improve client service: If any company has problems with excellent customer service, we might want to concentrate on enhancement, such as fast assistance and instant resolution of problems. The AEC company issue is probable in a particular area, so this aim must concentrate on this particular call center or the reactive support provided by AEC.

Improve customer satisfaction: If customer satisfaction is critical in AEC company, this may be a good objective to hone in on. Because it’s generic, the definition for organization needs to be more focused around particular areas of satisfaction where AEC place focus on.

Invest in Total Quality Management: Total Quality Management (TQM) reflects a process around quality improvement, which can mean doing things more efficiently or effectively. This objective is used in AEC organizations that have implemented (or are implementing) TQM.

Improve technical and analytical skills: With the increasing advance of computers and technical innovations affecting all industries, this is a common objective for organizations like AEC. Specific technical skills—or a more specific definition—may be included in the objective name.

Improve employee retention: This objective is common in learning and growth and may focus on skills, culture, pay, and the overall work environment.



All the organisations work according to their own terms and condition. Completely different organization has different strategic goals. After analysing the state of affairs and assessment that future business and client want, there are several business strategic objectives. For the executive agency, technology is that the one in every of the necessary elements of the organization. TP&R is functioning with the various space of the IT. IT service is required to enhance the business of a company. The corporate ought to implement completely different support. Support like twenty four hours support, as an answer IT team can use a facilitate table plan through that they will give continuous customers services. IT service is that the one thing that gives price to the purchasers. IT services is employed in some ways in shaping roles and responsibility of the craft members/ employers as well as workers (Nadir Yurtoğlu, 2018).

Controlling  service quality

 The standard of service is redoubled by introducing a lot of IT services in their mobile application. IT Service management specialise in 4P’s Processes, Partners, product and other people, with specialise in of these necessary aspects, quality is achieved. ITSM offer a justification of the price of the standard. Redesigning the practicality of business into processes for IT service management could be a well-established strategy that reduces prices, shorten the cycle times and improve quality in addition as satisfy customers. It’s key driver of improvement in business method.

Security of Network

Cyber security is usually a priority for businesses and this AEC Company has such a large scale business. So, this can be vital side as they need several applications running and their IT services should be secure. Evaluating the potential threats and risks and so responding to those threats is extremely common IT service needed by AEC. 

24/7  Service Availability

 All businesses should have a facilitate table for patrons, therefore providing the shoppers all services continually attract the customers towards the corporate. All applications ought to be on the market to customers anytime of the day. Creating the applications accessible and simple to use, William prove the corporate turnover and accomplish the goal of the company to possess 100% client satisfaction. This can be a part of company’s mission to make sure that the purchasers are well served. As there are over one thousand servers running within the company, there are a lot of considerations to stay all servers running and useful all time.



ITIL service transition: ITIL service transition is to create and implement IT services. The issues which we found in above discussion about the company, ITIL service sector can manage it in a controlled way as the Service Transition life cycle ensure that the change in services and management should be processes in organized way.

There are four different process which comes into ITIL service transition:

  • Knowledge Management.
  • Change Management.
  • Service Asset & Configuration Management.
  • Release & Deployment Management.

According to the case study there are two process out of four above which can be implemented on it or we can say which can provide the best solution to the company IT services:

  • Change Management.
  • Service Asset and Configuration Management.

Change Management: The Company is facing issues in term of the quality of the service, so the changes are required to improve the services for the customers. Changes can be done as per the customer’s requests to improve the services, resolves the errors, for reducing the cost and increasing the support in terms of effective services (Mary K., 2017). For evaluate and maintaining the record of a change IT team need to follow the diagram steps which is given below. First of all, they need to ensure that the changes are recorded and then evaluating, prioritizing, assigning, tested, approving, implementing and at the last, all of the documents should review to the controlled manager These all are the steps to maintaining any change record.

Types of changes: Normally, there are three different types of changes which can be implement at different situation and those are:

Normal Change: Which follows all the steps of change process.

Standard Change: A pre-approved change with low risk and follow a procedure or work instructions.

Emergency Change: A change which must be done as soon as possible.

Change Management has a very strong relationship with Asset and Configuration Management Service Asset and Configuration Management: No firm can be effective and efficient unless it will manage its assets well. As per the case study the IT services are not managed appropriately the services are not covering up the business needs. On this stage the Service Asset and Configuration Management works in order to provide and support the service management processes. Goals The Goal of Service Asset and Configuration Management is to store, control, manage and provide information about configuration items. Supply quality of information to Configuration items and Service Assets will increase the efficiency of other Service Management Processes Change management and the Service Asset and Configuration Management plays a very important role in term of the quality of the services. If the changes have done randomly then there will be no record of changes weather it was a normal, standard and the emergency change. If the changes are not recorded than they can never provide a better service to their customers and when they do not provide better services than quality will not be there. Similarly, Service Asset Management and Configuration Management whatever they are running absently like (server, router, switches, databases and operating system) they need to store their configuration in configuration data base and if they are recording the configuration in somewhere later on if there will be previous change require than they can just copy the configuration and apply the change.

For example, if any issue happens with router on customer end the guy who is providing support, he knows the previous configure[lltion so he can easily locate the issues. So, change management and the asset and configuration management are the two processes of ITIL service transection which has the organization to improve the quality of services.


For IT service delivery ITIL is that the systematic approach to prime quality. It’s a sensible, one in every of the approaches to the identification, planning, delivery and support of IT services to the business. Task three had already embrace business problems and repair failure. For the advance to the known problems and repair failure ITIL processes would be wont to improve the standard of the delivered IT services and eliminate the matter identified in task three. ITIL processes round the five stages they’re service strategy, Service style, Service Transition, Service Operation, and Continual Service Improvement.
KPI (key performance indicators) is concerning the way to live the performance of any company that weather it’s vital or not. 


 Variety of major modifications: KPI is to blame for number of major change which is able to observation by change consultant board. 


Time to vary rejection / Approval


Variety of modification consultant board


Modification acceptance rate


Variety of emergency modification

Other solutions are given below:

Service Strategy processes
Topics lined in ITIL Service Strategy include:
1. the event of market areas.
2. Characteristics of internal and external supplier varieties.
3. Service assets.
4. The service portfolio and implementation of strategy through the service lifecycle.
5. Relationship management.
6. Demand management.
7. Monetary Management.
8. Structure development and strategic risks.

Service style processes
1. Other topics in ITIL Service style embrace:
2.Design coordination
3.Service catalogue management
4.Service level Management
5.Availability management
6.Capacity management,.

Service Transition processes

ITIL Service Transition provides steerage for the event and improvement of capabilities for introducing new and adjusted services into supported environments. It ensures that the values known within the service strategy and encoded in commission style are effectively transitioned in order that they will be complete in service operation.

Service Operation processes

ITIL Service Operation describes best apply for managing services in supported environments. It includes steerage on achieving effectiveness and potency within the delivery and support of services to confirm worth for the client, the users, and also the service supplier. Strategic objectives are ultimately complete through service operation, so creating it an important capability. ITIL Service Operation provides steerage on the way to maintain stability in a very service operation, allowing changes in style, scale, scope and repair levels.

The Continual Service Improvement (CSI) method

ITIL Continual Service Improvement provides steerage on making and maintaining worth for purchasers through higher strategy, design, transition and operation of services.
It combines principles, practices, and ways from quality management, modification management, and capability improvement.

KPI for Service Assets and configuration management:
1. Verification frequency.
2. Variety of incidents happens to CMS info.
3. CMS coverage.
4. Variety of detected unauthorized changes automatically: this can be understood by the assistance of automatic configuration software package.
5. Numbers of errors in CMS (greycampus, n.d.).


Artificial intelligence (AI): AI technologies such as machine learning, processing in natural languages, computer vision and robotics redefine people’s way of life and work. And finally they will enter IT service desks. Chatbots and virtual services providers will make AI’s first and most noticeable contribution to IT services, who could one day be the first point of contact of an IT service desk to replace people. Machine learning, on the other side, is a form of AI, which gives IT service stations instruments that can learn without having to be specifically programmed. IT help desks can proactively predict issues and problems by using Machine Learning, enhance search and knowledge management, categorize issues and routing problems.

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Ascension of the Social IT approach: Incidents or requests are more and more submitted through social media than standard techniques like e-mail by current generations of IT customers. On that basis, engineers from IT desks can use social media as a strong ITSM facilitator. In order for help desk engineers to obtain and respond to tickets, talk about end customers and fix problems, please examine integration of social media platforms with your help desk tools.


 Emphasis on enterprise service management (ESM): ESM is anticipated to succeed ITSM naturally. ESM is about the implementation in each functional area of an enterprise of principles, procedures and best practices for IT service delivery. ESM enables integrate departments efficiently and allows quicker transfers across departments. Although many suppliers have already begun to talk about the ESM capabilities of their tools, a comprehensive ESM solution is currently only a vision for the industry.

Compulsion to automate: One reason for the push to automate is that some security standards are based on ITIL many organizations are well aware that automating ITIL processes can help them sail through compliance audits. Extending automation to other workflows and processes can help decrease inconsistencies and increase efficiency in help desk operations as well. With the automation of help desk tasks, end users benefit from improved resolution times.




Step 1

 ITIL Preparation: We often ask what is crucial when ITIL execution projects are established and executed. In our opinion, organisations that are interested in implementing ITIL should set some preconditions straight away at the start to guarantee long-term implementation of the ITIL principles (Wiki.en, 2015).

Step 2 

Defining the IT service structure: Any ITIL initiative should start by looking at services. After all, the whole idea behind introducing ITIL is to achieve a stronger focus on services. The best way to get a clear picture on IT services is to develop a service structure, comprising both business and supporting services.

Step 3 

Selecting ITIL roles and roles: it is important to nominate thosea who are responsible for the operation of the new ITIL processes at the start of any ITIL or ISO 20000 initiative. This implies determining which ITIL roles are required and to whom they are allocated those roles.

Step 4 

Analyzing the as-is processes (ITIL-Assessment): An analysis of the current situation should precede any process reorganization; this will make it possiblea to decide which current processes may be left unchanged and where, on the other hand, there is an especially urgent need for action.

Step 5 

Define the structure of the to-be method: Following the assessment of the original scenario, the focus of the ITIL Initiative can be decided in more detail. In practice this implies determining which ITIL procedures are to be implemented,a leading to a structured process breakdown.

Step 6 

Defining the process interfaces: Just how great the importance of process interfaces is for the design of optimal work procedures frequently abecomes apparent during the analysis of as-is processes: weaknesses in processes often occur at those points where one process ends and another one begins …

Step 7 

Establishing process control: Process owners use objective quality criteria (quality measurements, also known as key performance indicators or KPIs) to assess whether their processes are running “well”. This puts them in a aposition to decide upon the need for process improvements.

Step 8

Designing the processes in detail: Determining the sequences of activities within each ITIL process (defining the “ITIL process flows”) is bound ato require considerable effort. This makes it important to concentrate on the areas which really matter to your organization.

Step 9

Selecting and implementing ITSM application systems: If new or changed application systems are needed in order ato support the ITIL processes, these must first be procured or developed and implemented. It is important to take into account functional as well as non-functional aspects when specifying the IT service management system requirements (Joetheitguy, 2017)…

Step 10

Implementing the ITIL processes and training: Finally, IT staff receives thorough training in order toa be able to apply the new processes in practice. There might be additional training measures at different levels:

Conclusion: After analyzing every part of the case study that how company will get best ITIL framework in terms of IT services. The ITIL services processes which will be use as per the case study to improve the IT services are Change Management and Service Asset and Configuration Management. These two ITIL processes will play an important role to get information assets. The Change Management will help the company to get better changes with the feedback of the customers and the process of maintain the change record will improve the accessibility of the company. Besides, the idea of 24/7 customer service helpdesk can escalate the customer attraction. Apart from that, the two ITIL service operational (Problem Management and Incident Management) will help the company to no loss the market image because of customer satisfaction and delays in services. In a nutshell, the company really need the ITIL framework to improve the IT services to get a good business objective.


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