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Role of a Software Developer

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Some people spend years of time knuckled down to study at the university campus, and hope to be able to find an ideal satisfactory work after graduation. However, when truly enter into society after they found difficult to get a good job, a large gap between the ideal and the reality. If you are seeking employment could not find a good job on the road, good attitude then adjust, modify their expectations, expand their circle of communication, so that you can get more information.

We must first understand our strengths; know what is doing better, so we need from the grassroots level, step-by-step learning, progress, let our work be your career!

The Merriam-Webster dictionary is defined as a sharp conflict of interests or perspectives of different views or objections. Whenever people work together, conflict is a part of “doing business”. The conflict is a normal and natural part of any workplace. When it occurs, there is a tendency to reduce the impact on morale and the increase of the rate of absenteeism and reduced productivity. It is estimated that managers spend at least 25% of the time to resolve work conflicts – leading to lower office performance.

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1. Jobs of the dreams

Everyone is worth having a fun, and be able to bring a sense of accomplishment and rewards work; a use of the talent and ability to work a let us look forward to the work, a challenge themselves to reach higher achievement job. If you work now without enthusiasm, it is likely you do not know that they really want, or you have not found the inner courage and motivation to pursue your dreams.

Personal Qualities

Personal qualities are personal characteristics of an individual. They are what make up one’s personality. They help a person get along in a new situation. For example, dependability and patience are qualities that employers would like a good worker to have. Other qualities employers value are: honesty, assertiveness, flexibility, problem solving, friendliness, intelligence, leadership, enthusiasm, and a good sense of humor.

Software Engineering

My dream job is Software Engineering, Software engineering (SE) is concerned with developing and maintaining software systems that behave reliably and efficiently, are affordable to develop and maintain, and satisfy all the requirements that customers have defined for them. It is important because of the impact of large, expensive software systems and the role of software in safety-critical applications. It integrates significant mathematics, computer science and practices whose origins are in engineering. Focus on usability and maintainability of the code: the software is always better, is a well-designed, user-centered work. Excellent engineers work hard to make the system simple and practical. They believe that the customers all the time do not try to create something puzzling, can only be understood and appreciated by lovers. A discipline engineers that from the first line of code maintainability and evolution. Expression method and variable names allows the code is not self-evident.

1.1.1 Qualities Every Software Engineer Should Have

Foundation of knowledge: Basic knowledge refers to knowledge of programming language syntax, relies entirely on the theory of memory and understanding of the book.

Discipline: Although you may work on your passion, this love does not mean your work and for the next project, you can be sloppy. The attention to detail is important, but the ability to stay organized. So much bad code belongs to the developers, who do not do what they know should be done.

Logical thinking ability: Half from the books, half from programming practice.

Work experience: Is the accumulation of work experience

Certifications: The IEEE (The world’s largest professional association of the advancement of technology), offers two of certifications which is Certified Software Development Professional and which is Certified Software Development Associate, and this type of certified must get from NCEES Professional Engineer Exam start from 2013.

Math skills: Take advanced math courses, such as calculus, as well as any computer courses your high school may offer.

Curiosity: The best software engineers are curious why these things are done one way or another, but the ability of the objective solution. Many engineers, we know that got him into trouble, things for the children to consider, in addition to see how they work. Put together software is a creative, artistic hobby many software engineers. Need to think outside the box design, this creativity and curiosity. What made you go to your pleasure make some of the work.

Attention to detail: If you’re angry misspelled database columns, annotated code items are not checked in to the source code control software unit testing, unrealized functions, and so on, then you might try to avoid these problems, you. Faulty installation package, deployment of sloppy or misspelled column name, can reduce overall system. Obsessed with the details, you will become a software star in his own way.

Development of high quality: In previous times, the engineers that the test is beneath them. Today, experienced engineers know and understand the value of the test, because their goal is to create a working system. Is the best way to expose the error code and the elimination of the stellar. But a good engineer knows not waste time writing trivial or redundant tests, rather than to focus on the important part of the test each component.

1.1.2) People can help us to acquire the information

Customers Services: We can get the information from the Software Engineering Company.

Online Searching: We can surf the web and find what we want to search for

College Lecture: As we study in college, we can ask the information from the college lecture to get the information.

List of questions of asking the people

How to become a Software Engineer?

What is the personal qualities that to be a Software Engineer?

How can I get the course for this subject?

How long I can be a Software Engineer?

Where can I get this job?

How do you think of this job? (Software Engineer)

What is my play role on company

How long I can be a Software Engineer?

2.0) Conflict

The `source’ of an interpersonal conflict is the underlying reason for the emergence of conflict. Understanding and conceptually organizing the sources of conflict can greatly help improve the chances of resolving the conflict. Understanding human behavior can help reveal the motivations of individuals involved in the conflict. While interest analysis illuminates the motivations of individual conflict participants, the process of identifying the sources of conflict illuminates the features of the relationship among conflict participants that foster conflict.

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2.1) Identify the primary source of the conflict.

Poor Communicate

When the party believes it is missing some important information, according to the management of the library website, conflicts may arise. When employees change, they have not been told, or whether some of the decisions taken, the staff feel should be involved, which can make the conflicts between employees and managers. Different communication styles can lead to misunderstandings between employees or between employee and manager.

2.2) Do you think the other party would agree about the primary source of the conflict? Why or why not?

Agree, The lack of a large scale, such as between management and staff, as well as smaller individual employees can communicate in the workplace. If you communicate effectively often leads to conflict, which may damage the organization. Poor communication may be created in a variety of ways in conflict. Rumors and gossip

Miscommunication led to the spread of rumors and gossip, this will lead to tensions between the employees. If management failed to resolve the speculation that the company might lay off, for example, rumors may spread to certain employees or departments will be eliminated. Morale may deteriorate speculation continues, employees fear that they will lose their jobs may be disgusted with what they think is a more solid foundation.

2.3) Identify any secondary sources of the conflict

Personal relationships

Good working environment can be a stressful place, which can worsen, began to develop the personal differences between employees. Workplace conflicts, the main reason of interpersonal relationships, especially counterproductive, because whether it is at home or in the office, which may cause problems. The professional employment mediator website Mediate.com some employees bring pressure from their family life, work, and this may lead to a conflict between the workers and management personnel. Some personal conflicts of the University of Colorado in the United States, when an employee is unable to accept individual differences, which may involve things such as race, color, gender, religion or ethnic background. All work environments are made up of differing personalities. Unless colleagues understand and accept each other’s approach to work and problem-solving, conflict will occur.

No two people are exactly the same. Therefore, the personality conflicts in the workplace are inevitable. An employee may have a reserved personality, while another may be more outgoing and forward-looking. Problems, the two do not understand or do not respect each person’s inner essence. For example, employees may feel more outgoing personality is more introverted workers contempt, if not more with him. He might think it is a very small, not only is the personality of the staff. In addition, his practice handling the project may be analytical, and she is intuitive. When the two do not understand and respect each other’s way, and conflict.

2.4) How did each dimension affect the way the participants approached the conflict?

Poor teamwork

Companies tend to rely on the team to complete special projects, and even conventional functions into one department. If the team members do not communicate with each other, it may not be very clear what the roles and responsibilities of each member must bear. Some tasks may overlap, while others may be completely ignored, leading to confusion and conflict between team members, and ultimately failed to achieve the target


There are many organizations, the source of the conflict. In most workplace hierarchy and the inability to resolve the conflict of interest is quite major. Power difference of heightened tensions in the labor / management supervisor / employees. Style differences between the regulatory authorities may lead to conflict. May work style clashed qualification / young and pay equity conflict. Conflict may arise distribution of the allocation of resources, responsibilities, workload and interests, different levels of risk tolerance, and different views of the accountability system. In addition, the differences in treatment between the potential or actual departments or groups of employees, conflict may arise.

Suggested that such a source of conflict for a thorough review of the workplace. Similarly, surveys, interviews and focus groups can help to reveal the root causes of these conflicts. In addition, the root causes of organizational conflict can be predicted based on the best practices of similar organizations. All organizations have encountered this conflict. Can learn a lot of lessons, and similar organizations to study the root causes of this conflict.

Different values

Workplace by individuals who have their own point of view to see the world. Some employees have a strong belief; they are not willing to compromise. These beliefs can conflict with colleagues, resulting in conflict. For example, if a person is strongly opposed to diversity in the workplace, may be difficult to accept his other workers. In order to avoid conflict with these workers, he must try to accept or initiate more tolerant of those different values.

Poor performance

When one or more individuals in the work of the unit does not perform – potential – this is not a solution does not work, conflict is inevitable.

External conflict

Sources outside the organization can be a reason for conflict between the employees. Company to successfully carryout business, staff must always be with external entities. Must be engaged in third-party vendors to buy goods or services. In addition, the interaction between the client and the client to generate revenue. This transaction is unusual communication failure. If a cool head does not prevail when these things happen, misunderstandings can be upgraded into a major conflict. A business owner must identify and correct these challenges, the financial implications of the deterioration in relations with suppliers and customers can be great.

Interpersonal conflict

Most people spend more time at work than any other place. Therefore, she no doubt with her ​​colleagues. However, this close relationship may lead to conflict. Language or personality disorders, caused by poor communication between the between groups of employees may lead to malicious. In addition, the office politics, gossip and durable other forms of non-work-related interaction may lead to a serious quarrel. Harassment or discrimination allegations have serious legal consequences, in addition, public enterprise financial risk. Therefore, it is important that a business owner is aware of the conflict between the people as soon as possible, so it can be in a friendly way to solve.


The above definition of a good software developer will not apply a few years ago. If we are not agile, probably any good encoder can be considered to be a good development. But we. Today the IT world needs good agile software developers to analyze problems and look at them from a broader perspective, commercialization, and a desire to work in a team. If not their IT projects agile development methods can cannot handle.

In addition, the social conflict, actively seeking alternative response to reward, rather than negotiating their needs, rather than competition and cooperation are often the satisfaction of people who are willing to accommodate the trend. Managers and leaders often return to their aggression, control method, rather than taking a more compassionate to the public or their staff may seem less decisive. In other cases, who raised questions and concerns, even respectful soon be considered a “problem” customers or staff, they tend to avoid and reduce. In these methods, to resolve the conflict through negotiations held analog and highest respect.

Finally, we should remember that the negotiating parties require profound courage: It takes courage to honestly and clearly explain your needs; it takes courage to sit down and listen to your opponent. It takes courage to look at their own role in the dispute with the thinking of other transposition awareness, openness, and respect their point of view, it takes courage. Collaborative approach, conflict management, the requirements of the moment we are engaged in dialogue, a deep and meaningful way, so it can be understood, if we tend to avoid such cases until negotiations conducive to balanced wisdom prompted.


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