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It Careers A World Of Opportunity Information Technology Essay

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Information Technology is a fascinating career field, equally challenging, relatively easy to get into, and for the right individual, it also can be quite lucrative. An overall consensus is, in America, there is a critical shortage of qualified, professional, and skilled talent (UniXL, n.d.) This document will highlight several opportunities available to Information Technology professionals.

In all industries, IT personnel are in demand and employers are willing to pay for top notch professionals. Some positions require some college, others require certifications and still others require a degree. Hiring areas such as the federal, government, academic and corporate positions will illustrate potential employers, preparation and hiring criteria. In addition, an exploration of academic and projected salary information will assist a potential employee desiring to specialize in the Information Technology field. (U.S. Department of Homeland Security, 2010)

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Federal jobs can be found within Homeland Security, Smithsonian Institution, Army, Navy, Air Force and the Department of Defense. IT remains a critical aspect of government work in all industries and sectors, as well as an industry in its own right. However, America continues to suffer from a shortage of qualified IT workers with flexible and portable skills who can readily adapt and respond to ever-changing IT demands and processes. If you do decide to specialize in technology, you should understand the technical qualifications you will have to meet for each job you apply to. (Stone, 2010)

For all IT-related occupations, technical and professional certifications are growing more popular and increasingly important. IT workers must continually update and acquire new skills to remain qualified in this dynamic field. Completion of vocational training also is an asset. According to a May 2000 report by the Urban Institute, community colleges play a critical role in training new workers and in retraining both veteran workers and workers from other fields.

People interested in becoming computer support specialists generally need only an Associate degree in a computer-related field, as well as significant hands-on experience with computers. They also must possess strong problem-solving and analytical skills as well as excellent communication skills because troubleshooting and helping others are such vital aspects of the job. There is constant interaction on the job with other computer personnel, customers, and employees so computer support specialists must be able to communicate effectively on paper, using e-mail, and in person. They also must possess strong writing skills when preparing manuals for employees and customers.

In Demand Occupations

Computer Software Engineers

Projected Salary: $78,000

Employees Needed: 300,000

Projected Growth: 27%

Average Education Level: College or Higher

Who’s Hiring: Army, Navy Systems Command, Department of Defense

Computer Systems Analysts

Projected Salary: $76,000

Employees Needed: 280,000

Projected Growth: 27%

Average Education Level: College or Higher

Who’s Hiring: Army, Navy Systems Command, Department of Defense

Database Administrators

Projected Salary: $72,000

Employees Needed: 47,000

Projected Growth: 18% – 26%

Average Education Level: College or Higher

Who’s Hiring: Department of Veterans Affairs, Smithsonian Institution, Department of Homeland Security

Computer and Information Scientists

Projected Salary: $75,000

Employees Needed: 12,000

Projected Growth: 18% – 26%

Average Education Level: College or Higher

Who’s Hiring: Department of Homeland Security, Director of National Intelligence

Industrial Engineers

Projected Salary: $67,000

Employees Needed: 27,000

Projected Growth: 9% – 17%

Average Education Level: Some College or Higher

Who’s Hiring: Navy, Army, Air Force

Software and Hardware Engineers

Information Technology engineers work on various processes, both hardware and software. They aid in creating the hardware equipment needed for creating the computer systems. The engineers are actively involved in study of business.

Software engineers design and develop software applications that aid businesses to run multiple processes in an automated manner.

Hardware engineers create, test and supervise systems that run the computers and enable processes. They ensure that hardware systems are up and running at all times without interrupting the flow of work.

These jobs may also involve:

· Study client processes to determine their needs for software and hardware.

· Manage a team of developers and engineers .

· Analyze, design and develop software processes.

· Monitor systems, control quality and maintain supplies.

· Evaluation of various flows and processes.

Fresh Graduates can start as junior or support engineers. Candidates with over 3-5 years of experience can be considered for the role of Project Leader/Manager. Project Managers generally play a supervisory role and mange a team of computer engineers and information technology specialists. Most technology firms also offer a comprehensive internship program that serves as a breeding ground for aspiring information technology professionals.

IT Consultants

Information Technology professionals are increasingly being sought to play the role of consultants to various business. They study the processes like supply chain, inventory management etc and recommend information technology based solutions that will basically make the process error free, simpler and quicker.

Information technology based consultants are required across various industry segments to right up to government organizations. Entrepreneurial information technology consultants can also set up their own consulting firms and advise clients independently on how information technology can help their business and augment profits. Information technology professionals can branch out with their own consultancy after a minimum of 5-10 years of experience in the related areas of information technology.

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Network Administrator

Network Administrator can work from high schools to big corporations. Their role can be very challenging with multitasking components. Their goal is to run a smoothly functioning computer network-free of bugs, glitches, and interruptions. Example of what a network administrator may do during his day can include computer software; get computer/network up and running again after it crashes; set up new devices and solving computer problems on a consistent basis. This job provides hands on experience on working on networks and administration.

Database Specialist

A database specialist creates, customizes and maintains database applications for businesses. They will incorporate not only programming but also planning and design with working with popular database applications such as SQL and Access. Their database programs may range from reporting POS transactions, customer details or web-based applications. Database specialization is a growing area of expertise within IT as well as one very well paid.

DOL has sought to understand and implement industry-identified strategies to confront critical workforce shortages. It has listened to employers, industry association representatives, and others associated with the information technology industry regarding some of their efforts to identify challenges and implement effective workforce strategies. DOL’s Employment and Training Administration is supporting comprehensive business, education, and workforce development partnerships that have developed innovative approaches that address the workforce needs of business while also effectively helping workers find good jobs with good wages and promising career pathways in the information technology industry.

This set of workforce solutions is based on the information technology industry’s priorities that address issues such as:

Over 90% of IT workers are performing jobs outside the IT industry, therefore it is necessary to have both IT training and complementary training in a respective business sector such as health care, manufacturing, and financial services.

Government may serve as an honest broker for specific issues such as promotion and image, forecasting the future of the workforce and their training needs.

Educators should expose kids to the new dynamic, global workplace and teach more about today’s business culture.

Incumbent worker training has helped retain workers.

When recruiting for high-end jobs, the industry sees a need to develop soft skills, as well as transferable “umbrella skills.”

Online Development Solutions

· MeasureUp: It offered a very straightforward set of questions that helped you focus on answers without a great deal of extra fluff in the question. The online engine performed well and allowed me to customize my exam experience by choosing the number of questions I wanted to answer, the type of questions, and more. There was a study mode and a certification mode to choose from as well. One thing I really liked is that it offered an eight-page study guide (like the old cram-session guides) that I could print and carry around.

· Transcender: It had a larger question base (by about 20 questions) and really went for the overkill method of making sure you were overprepared. The questions it had were much more involved and hurt my brain a bit, but it forced me to think about what procedures I need to follow to accomplish certain tasks. It also offered a customizable online test that made it easy to focus on specific subject matter and work in a study mode or certification mode. One thing I really liked is that it has a flash-card offering with tons of questions that you can flip through quickly to help you remember points

Here are four industries in which IT growth is expected to continue in several markets 2010-2014:

Healthcare: An aging population, the need for constant technology upgrades and government funding should result in continuing rapid growth for IT in healthcare and related industries.

Government: U.S. stimulus funding is likely to fuel IT hiring both within government agencies and in firms that rely on government contracts.

Financial services: Technology investments and hiring may increase as firms strive to meet reform and compliance requirements. Continuing uncertainty may encourage organizations to consider contract and project professionals.

Education: Technology investments and hiring should remain strong thanks to stimulus funding, rising student enrollments at all levels and the growth of e-learning.

As firms seek highly skilled IT specialists to design, manage and support their information systems, how can you best position yourself for these jobs? Develop your skills, remain competitive, continue your education and become proactive. Develop professional contacts, become innovative and choose to make the best decision to advance your career to the next level in Information Technology.(O’Leary’s, 2008)


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