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Issues Affecting Customer Online Experience

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Wordcount: 1409 words Published: 18th May 2020

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      Server problem: This is the most common problem faced by online customers. It arises when an online retailer uses external web hosting which is also accessed by multiple online retailers.This makes the server down and prevents the customer to do online shopping resulting in loss of sales and bad perception (Imani, 2019).

      Bandwidth issues: Bandwidth plays an important role in the slow and fast connection of the website. When a customer uses the online website  and if the website bandwidth is low the load time of web site may be slower because low bandwidth transmits low data to the browser and the loading time of the page would be longer(Poland, 2019).

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      Security issue: Nowadays,the most serious concern of every customer is about online security at the time of making online payment or giving their personal details.This is due to the increasing incidents of cyber crimes such as hacking of credit and debit cards in which hackers easily steal the money or misuse the information of customers.Due to which many people prefer to avoid the online shopping (Are These Common Server Problems Affecting Your Website?, 2018).

Below are the other issues related to the personal security of customers are as follows:

      Sniffing and spoofing are also very common kind of security issues faced by online customers .In this type of security threat a website similar to the existing one is created,so that when people will use that website attackers can steal their log in ids and passwords(What is Spoofing?, n.d).

      In sniffing attackers monitor the customer information over the network and steal information anywhere on the network without the customer authorisation.

      Privacy issue: Privacy of customer’s personal data is another serious issue which has also raised the concern about the privacy.The reason for this can be when a customer surf online websites in cyber cafes or someone laptops or mobile and forget to logout it increases the chances of their identity theft.For instance, credit card fraud in which hacker steal the customer payment information without their authorization.This incidence happened with my husband last year in Newzealand when his Indian credit card was got hacked by someone for online purchase at Harvey norman store.He got to know about this incident when he got an email from the credit card company about the bill.Generally,in India whenever we do any transactions we receive One- time password(OTP)on the registered number which is an authorization from the customer side about that purchase.Without which no one can make the payment but that day without our authorization and OTP  that hacker made the transactions from our account.We even complained about that incident to the credit card company and police but nothing happened because as per the company that transactions was safely done and as per Newzealand police they couldn’t do anything because of an Indian credit card.

      Digital transaction failure: when a customer does online transaction after purchasing some product online through credit or debit card they face transaction failure problem due to technical issues.It occurs on the merchant web page and deducts the money from the customer account without crediting the payment into the retailer’s account (Mittal, 2017).

      Slow speed : website speed is an essential factor in online business because if many users avoid buying the product online because the website checkout page time is slow they switch to another website.

Q2-Reorganisation for some company is very crucial in order to improve their operations by changing and implementing some policies,marketing strategies and structure for increasing their efficiency according to the changing needs of the customers.It has both positive as well as the negative impact for companies ,e-commerce and digital marketing team in regards to productivity,employees, sales and budgets.

Firstly,when a company decides to go for reorganization they have to consider many things such as about the budget which involves buying a new technology or creating their new website or application .This can be very expensive as they have to change their overall structure of the company and for that they have to increase their budget,so that they can attract customers by introducing their new website or applications.

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Secondly,reorganization is not possible without a creative and hardworking team which can help the company in achieving their desired goals.For this company hire new or more digital marketing team who can create new ideas to represent their company brand online.With the help of experienced digital marketing team company they can increase their sales and revenue which in result increase the company efficiency.But hiring new employees who can meet the requirement and expectation of the company can take time.In that case the company website stops working for some time which can affect e-commerce retailers very badly who are associated with that particular company.Their sales and revenue get affected due to reorganization especially when they are earning good profit from their website,so to overcome this challenge they have to look for another website where they can sell their products.

However,unique or creative ideas can take longer time which can be challenging for the online retailers.Due to which they can lose their sales and customers,as generally customers don’t prefer to wait and switch to different online retailers or website.

Thirdly,sometimes due to the high pressure from the website owner much existing digital marketing or other staff member resign or asked to leave.This is due to the fact that the company believes that restructuring its management team or digital marketing team can prove beneficial for them who can add more value to the organization.

Fourthly,while doing reorganization some online retailers decide to change their price by increasing or lowering.But an outcome of price changes can be unpredictable as for some company this can prove beneficial but for some company may be not.This is all because of huge competitors who are competing with each other over the price.So,before going for reorganization companies has to do lots of market research about customers purchasing behaviour along with their needs and expectations.





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