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Reebok Company Introduction

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REEBOK was founded in 1890 and its U.K based company and it was founded JOSEPH WILLIAM FOSTER, it started to make the running shoes and it was started as family business and then 1958 it came to U.S and today it is running successful throughout the world and making the shoes ad mostly now it enter in the sport area and most of the sport man wear this shoes especially most of cricket player use their shoes especially most of cricket player use their shoes and their shoes are open every where in world and its international brand and in 1981 REEBOK is $1.5 million and the next increase dramatic and it available near about 170 countries.

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REEBOK also make the shoes of NBA (National Basketball Association) and in 2022 it entered into the music industry and planning to make shoes of music industry and in 2003 it successful hited its target it started to make shoes for G-Unit Rap Star 50 Cents, because he makes his shoes like G-Unit. At present mostly it make sport shoes and it market rate I great and mostly young people and sports men wear Reebok shoes and people get best value of their money and now walking shoes is more popular and people buy because we know people do walking and exercise and they have their logo I AM WHAT I AM. And the most popular because music like JAY- Z, Daddy Yankee and 50 Cent and sport athletes Allan Iverson, Bonovan Mavabb, Cort Shilling, Icelly Holmes and through it international Value it got most popular as famous Reebok is great and worldwide brand and people used it widely.


I have chosen the following ways to collect required data for my report.

2.1 Interviews: I collect the lot information through interviews that was a small session of questions and answers. I personally went to many marketing managers of different outlet stores like addidas, puma, nike and other related people and gain more knowledge about my project.

2.2 Surveys: I did many surveys for collecting required data related to my project. In surveys I met many group of persons and they provide enough amount of information.

2.3 Observations: I involved many observations and learned more about my project. Observations provide me insight about specific people or events which is useful for my project.


Business Demographics

Demographics are very important aspect of sports planning in matching the sports with the market. Advertisers often define their target market in terms of demographics. Each demographic category is broken down by the various research companies according to its characteristics. There are many networks for effective communication:

Reebok is using star topology for effective communication where every computer is connected to one server. They are sharing a same network for effective communication. By using this technology, they can send Emails, faxes; files etc, Apart from this they can make calls as well to other person. It is very effective and reliable service to use. They can also do video conferencing with their clients and their own departments.

Organizational goals

They are using advance technology to achieve their set goals and to gain the customer’s satisfaction. They also know that what the customer need and how to give the customer what they want. It means that Organization seeks to achieve by its existence and operation. Goals are predetermined and describe future results toward which present efforts are directed. Their few important goals are explained below:

3.2.1 Official Goal: Their purpose is to give the organization a favourable public image, provide legitimacy, and justify its activities.

3.2.2 Operative Goal is to reflect the actual intention of an organization. They describe the concrete steps to be taken to achieve the organization’s purpose.

3.2.3 Connection: One of the goals is make genuine connection with customers and give them best and comfortable service.

3.2.4 Physical and financial resources: Renovating and maintaining equipment is important in the long run for an organization. Increasing cash flow is often important for new ventures.

3.2.5 Profitability: This is usually expressed as a percentage and should always be positive.

Organizational culture and ethics:

Reebok have their stores in different countries and in different region they have got daily so many people to commutate with them and they have trained staff to talkie with them. Because they did not want any language barrier in the sales

Reebok have their regular customer which is buy their thing’s from the reebok store and they have lot of trust on brand and quality and they buy there thing with any word’s

If we talk about the how the managed the communication they have there trained staff like one store in south Africa and any person come to buy it they will talk with them in African language and try to improve their sales make the costumer happy and if on some store any English man come and they have the staff who can speak English and deal with costumer.

Reebok itself have the great culture it is one of the great brand of the world .it back ground from the English country but now it is in every country of the world and look forward it expand its business that they can create their name on worldwide.

In whole word they also deal with costumer very greatly with any communication barrier and give them best deal’s as it can possible .they have a net work through which they communicate with their own and try to solve the problem of the people .because the have there own factories and through this they gain the trust of the people and they have some costumer which have blind trust upon their product and they will buy only the REEBOK product this show how much trustful ground Reebok have and how people are coming to buy it is people are crazy for their brand and push them to make new product and REEBOK also try to make their costumer happy and give them best deal’s


it mean the practices and experiences which they have done in the organization and most important thing is they give the training and give them regular experiences because they promote their work’s from one post to another and give them chances to learn the new thing and they did not put the pressure on the worker. That he or she not able to show their skill’s and at different level they will gain the experiences from there senior which help them a lot .

We can follow step which ensure the communication of the knowledge to each individual. There following steps.

1 gathering of the data- main function is the gathering the data from various resources. This can be gathered from the records of the industry or the company or from the survey.

2 organizing – after that we have to arrange the data in the proper form. So that each individual who access the data can do easily. There are many ways to do that cataloging, indexing, and linking the systems in the organizations.

3 refining – after that a organization have to refine the data and update the data, with in a specific time frame. To remove all the faults and vagueness from the data. Mining, projecting are some of the ways to do that.

4 disseminating- after the database has been prepare it has to share throughout the organization. It can be follow from top to bottom or reverse of that. Induction program, training are main ways.


Group dynamics is relevantly new studies in the field of management. The ways group interact in the organization directly affect their work. These group can be formulate from regions’ believe, sociology believes. T

his is very important for a company to understand that why these groups formulate and how they work. By knowing that a company can encourage those people to work more affective and give better rumination.

If there good communications in those groups management can take the advantage the situation and communicate to the top leader the message follow through the group with any objections.

If there is any conflict between the organization and the group, these can be easily shorted out. No doubt group can be complicates as well, but if they are managed well they can be very helpful.

Internal dynamics conflicts- in the group if there conflict between two group members. These conflicts can easily seen address very fast. Group leader can call them and ask them individual. Internal dynamic, and make a sure that group must work by helping each other.

External dynamics conflicts- problem with the organization and some problem with top level management problem with is the group’s and not looking work properly and did not have a idea what to do with is the organization.

Meeting management –

Meeting management can be little complex some for a normal employee. A proper structure and method all ways help employee to approach the management.

There should be popper level of communication and it must be in popper flow from top to bottom. It must be in popper channel goes to each and every one.

It can be done written from or verbal from it must go in different level’s and till reaching the bottom level it must remain same it would not be change and it must be clear that each and every can understand easily.

If employee wants to meet his manager he must tell his supervisor and then he can meet. If supervisor did not listen the them then they can go directly go to manger and meet.

There should be management by walking around because if anybody have problem they can directly tell the manager. By regular meeting can improve the better level of communication and improve the skills of the organization and every remain touch with each other and can improve organization with meeting we can make control on the organization.

meeting also solve the conflict’s and problem which may cause by the miss understanding within each other meeting help a lot to solve this type of problem.

Meeting are great way to solve all the problem. Meeting must be done at regular and in effect way. in meeting every one person should be present there and take full part in meeting and make use of it .


Stakeholders are those people who have invested there money in the organization. These people have their trust in the management so it’s very important to communicate to them and tell them all the necessary things. Communication should be done in professional way, organizing the meeting. Written communication can be a long experience but which is very important to be done. Phone is another way of communication

identify the all stakeholder- first before anything identify all the main stakeholder like customers, suppliers, local communities

Priorities the stakeholder- we have to make sure the company invite all the main effective persons. Not only those people who can make loud demands.

Identify communication requirement for each stakeholder groups-

If is there any requirement by the local government and local trust should be considered


any decision taken by the trust or government should be implemented by the management and it not be only in the paper’s and it should me take serious and management must be make it sure and it must be done at all the levels and it must be done by every man the organization .because stake holder are the main part of the company because they have invest the money in that company. And they look for good out come of there money and company also support them.


Networking is one of the important part of business because with networking people remain touch with each other and make good use of the business and most of business work is done by networking .

Networking can be done in many in many way’s like through phone’s and email’s ,video calls, voice calls and letters and repot’s and so many other ways .By this way we can keep our business at high and remain touch with every one with the help of net working we take the ideas of so many people and make use for the company and look forward to grow the company.

half of business is done by networking and it can be done world widely. because through video conference company manger can do the meeting he may sitting in the any part of world and make the good use of networking.

This is also show that how IT is used in business and how effectively make the use IT .because with the help of IT networking business are growing day by day. Through networking we can save or time traveling cost and we can also save man power which is more important .

Without networking business cannot be possible and networking is just like backbone of the business without networking we cannot able to run a smooth and effective business. so networking is most important for a business .

Conclusions : In the end we can say that with help of all these things we can run business successfully and can gain the profit in the business. So that we have to look after all this things and make good use of all the things. At the end, in my report, I saves money and time using a sample strategy. I got the knowledge from various sources like interviews, surveys and personal meetings with managers of company and explained all business communication of company in my report.

References: www.google.com



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