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Impact Of Mobile Technology For Students Information Technology Essay

Paper Type: Free Essay Subject: Information Technology
Wordcount: 2451 words Published: 1st Jan 2015

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In today’s world mobile devices are used as not only for communication tool but also it is used as other purposes like instant mail, uploading photos, SMS and digital library. In 19th century mobile are introduced only for voice call but now there are many features are implemented in the mobile devices so they can communicate and gets entertainment with new mobile technology like games, internet, mp3 player and videos. People can use mobile devices with new technology and they can use their mobiles in this way.

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According to Hosny, Mobile devices are of many types such as cellular phone, ipods, PDAs, wireless data networks and Bluetooth devices which are presently in the market. There are many mobile technologies which are used in the mobile education which are very helpful to the university students. The technologies are Global System for Mobile communication (GSM), SMS, Wireless Application Protocol (WAP), 3G technologies, Bluetooth technologies and XML these are technologies which are used in the Mobile education. WAP, this technology is used in the mobile to connect the internet and access the internet. 3G technology provides high range of bandwidth so user can access the data very fast and efficiently. 3G phones provides in such way that mobile can be used as computer as we can see TV and read newspapers and digital books. XML language is a Meta language that communicates the data. It is used mainly to develop mobile applications.

Introducing mobile technology like smart phones and e book readers in mobile devices helps the students a lot. Students can use their laptops in a particular environment like universities and classrooms but they can use their mobiles where ever they can. E books are those which are in digital form they can download and access the e books through their mobile devices. As these devices are portable and now a day’s most of the mobiles have Wi-Fi technology students can use their mobiles for personal use no one cannot use their mobiles without their permission. Students can’t take laptops from one place to other every time. Students can use their mobiles for on-line bank transactions. Video streaming can also be accessed by using separate software in mobiles. Now implementation of new technology like Bluetooth they can share files from one mobile to other mobiles (Ling et al, 2002).

With the new technologies that are implemented in the mobiles devices (blackberry and i-phone) are very useful for the university students. With Smartphone students can access e books that are very useful for education purpose and its time consuming. All the time students can’t go the university library and access their computers. Students can store the course content information in their mobiles and retrieve the information about their course. When students are travelling in public transport if they want any information regarding student support services they can’t open their laptops conveniently and can’t access the internet but they can use their mobiles conveniently. As mobiles are light weight they can take with them anywhere. The main advantages of mobiles are they are not hyperlinked and they are network shared so people can access the data very easily. Students can’t talk chat or video conference in flexibly because its private for them but students can chat with their mobiles more flexibly with their mobiles. Mobile learning is very useful to the university students because if students fail to attend a particular reason he can directly access the lecture in their mobiles but university must implement this technology so that students can benefit. Mobile learning helps the students to be flexibly in their learning. There is also disadvantage of mobile learning because university students can’t to some practicals such as labs related to the electronics, VLSI labs, networking related labs. So students can start learning in mobile but not able to electronics and network related practical’s. if they can’t attend the university this shows negative impact on their studies and also people can’t access more e books in mobile because of less memory (nor et al, 2006).

Students who are using mobiles in high school stage can have negative impact on their studies and can’t concentrate on their studies. High school students can misuse the mobile technology because they are very crazy about new technology mobiles. School students can easily addict to the games that are implemented with new technology (animated, bike racing etc) that will show a great negative impact on school students. School administrators should take care of not using mobile phone in their school because they can’t concentrate on studies in the class room. Parents should take care of their children by not using mobile phones in nights if they addicted to mobile games they will not sleep in time and fell full stress when they get up in the morning. Mobile technology helps business people more compared to other category of people because business people travel more from one place to other place of business purposes. If there is no wireless networks in which they are travelling it is very difficult to access internet if they is also having laptops with them but there is no problem with the mobiles to access internet as mobiles are network share connectivity. Business people, if he is higher official in the organization if he can’t give correct information related to business issues when is travelling this will lead to many problems in the organization but he can solve problems by new trend of mobile technology. According to the hosny and pagani all of them are mentioned about the positive impact of the mobile technology but there are many negative impacts of mobile technology. But people who are not aware of new technology can’t use of mobile technology. If mobile phones are stolen all the sensitive information that can be taken that leads to many problems especially to business people. They mainly focused on advantages of mobile technology and they should have also focused on the disadvantages of the mobile technology (Hosny , 2007).

1.1 Draw Backs With the Mobile Technology for Students

By using this, mobile phones emit microwave radiations to communicate with each other.

By accessing internet in the mobiles there is scope virus threat which can affect the mobile devices and can lose the important data.

Students can addict in using this technology which shows negative impact on their studies.

While driving their vehicles people who are using mobile phones must be kept aside if they use those leads to accident sometimes.

1.2 Project Outline

Research approach I follow to do my research is deductive approach. Qualitative method is used to study this research by conducting group of interviews to the people like university students, high school students and business people. I will collect the data by conducting In-depth interviews to university students and focused group interviews to high school students, common people and business people. I will select the university students because they can use the mobile technology more for education and entertainment purposes and high schools students because they are very crazy for use of mobile phones and business people because they use mobile phones for their business needs. I will collect the data from the different people how the mobile technology is used in their daily life.

Qualitative method: I will conduct In-depth interviews to the university students and prepared some set of questionnaires which are yet be asked in the interview and I will use tape recorder as data collection instrument to collect the data from the university students. Data that I collected from the different people is answer to what is the impact of mobile technology on the students. Many university students have so many benefits of mobile technology and many students have some problems in using mobile technology. Implementation of mobile learning in the universities is a good idea to implement m-learning in the universities. Through m-learning, university students can listen to lecture class or tutor sessions through mobiles by using m-learning technology but students can’t get the practical knowledge. With the introduction of GPS system in the mobile devices they can track any information about the university but it needs permission from the university but information can be accessed for the particular student who is studying in that university. Many students use their mobiles only for entertainment and social networking websites and they could not be used as mobile education purposes. Students can lose their mobiles very easily and the important information can be lost with mobile it leads to many problems for the university students. Some students use their mobiles only for their daily life use but not for other purposes because they are not aware of new technology (Hosny, 2007).

School students can use their mobile only for chatting, SMS and playing games with mobiles. Mobile technology can’t be used for the education purpose because they can’t concentrate on studies with the mobiles and they are diverted to entertainment purpose with those mobiles. I think school students use their mobiles only for playing games when they are free and not for any other purposes. Most of the students are not aware of the new technology and what software used in their mobiles.

Common people who are using mobiles can’t spend their day without the use of mobiles. Some common people who are working can listen to songs and play games in their mobiles when they are bored when they are travelling in public transport and some applications in their mobiles benefit a lot. Some of the old people can spend their day without the use of mobiles and by using mobiles they can have some impact on their health because of radiations from the mobile phones.

There are many problems with this newly invented mobile technology because people are not aware of these new technologies and sometimes they can misuse these mobile technologies. Mobile battery should be manufactured in such way that battery should be charged so that users can use enjoy the applications in the mobile devices. Low effective battery can’t give much life to the mobile devices. Security is main concern for every technology. If they don’t provide more security, users can’t buy mobiles which provide less security (Sattler et al, 2010).

1.2.1 Aim and Objectives


The main aim of this paper is to do a proper research on the impact of mobile technology on the student’s daily life.


One of the objectives of this paper is to analyze the usage of mobile technology on the students.

To find how mobile technology had impact on the people in the present world.

To do a proper research on the mobile technology on all types of age people.

Main concentration is how students are using the mobile technology whether they are having the good impact or bad impact on the students.

1.3 Research Questions

Is mobile devices has the technology that supports mobile learning?

How often do you use regularly students use mobile device (like using internet, MMS, SMS etc) for your course activities in class room in a day?

1.4 Deliverables:

How Mobile technology has impact on the students

Information which is gathered from the students need to be arranged in the structured format. Later on concentrating on each review proposed to do a research based on the opinions which matched mostly.

Different types of method are concentrated on doing the research on the students.

Suggestions are noted from the students on the impact of mobile technology.

Previous researchers data related to the impact of mobile technology on the people need to be concentrated.


The new generation people are very much attracted to the web based resources, social networking and digital media. As the people are grown with the web especially students must be encouraged to use of mobile technology in their university campuses so that they can again diverse range of experience. Only some of the students are using new mobile technologies and other students are using only for making phone calls. Students who are not following the traditional process of learning mobile learning are very useful to those students. The main advantage of the mobile learning is students can access anywhere and at any time. Mobile technology is less cost effective compared to other technologies. Students can use SMS to answer there Quiz questions online with new SMS server is implemented in mobile devices this helps the students so that they can answer all the questions at any time instead of sitting at one place. But there are some problems with this as mobile devices have small keypad it is difficult to type and they can enter wrong characters it leads to problems. People who are living in the rural areas can again many benefits by using mobile technology because in rural areas they can’t have the broadband connection. People who earning less income and people who wants to save money they can use mobile technology as it is very cheap compared to other broadband technology. Compared to computers and laptops, mobiles have disadvantage because they have small screen resolution, less memory and battery life is low. This will show impact on mobile educational application which in turn affects the students. Mobile learning helps the students to be focused for long time, can raise their self confidence and can experience more learning on individual modules.

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1.6 Research Methodology

The procedure in which the information is collected and handled in the process of designing the desired system is the research methodology. The information set for the purpose of research can be generally categorized as: Qualitative research and Quantitative research. Qualitative research is defined as the – research which aims to develop the understanding of how and why individuals and group of persons (social world) operate in a particular approach. Whereas the Quantitative research is defined as – the research implicated or interested with the examining entities where the prevailed observations and measurements can make without prejudice and repeated by investigators. .


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