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Impact of ICT on recruitment and selection

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Wordcount: 1132 words Published: 13th Apr 2017

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The aim of this report is to identify traditional methods of recruitment and how they have been revolutionized by the emergence of the Internet. In the past few years, the Internet has dramatically changed the face of HR recruitment and the ways organizations think about the recruiting function. Presently, Information Communication Technologies (ICT), which provide enabling technologies to assist Human Resources (Hers) professionals in the delivery of services, have also simultaneously increased the expectations that employees, managers, customers, and regulators have for the HR functions.

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The feedback I received from essay one is that Internet recruitment is viewed as an important additional tool and traditional methods are continued to be used in recruiting process. The pros of e-recruitment were to identify and reach large of qualified candidates advertise with dispersed location, provide cost effective method, save the recruiting process time and increase image of organizations. The cons of e-recruitment were the discrimination issue forward to Internet non-user, difficult to recruit executive-level talents on the Internet, the digital divide gap between computer literate and illiterate and the risk of overload of resumes.

Analysis of Viva process:

The viva process went very well and that was after I submitted my both essays to my supervisor. When it came to the Viva (oral defense), I really wanted to do it well. I spent quite more than enough time preparing the viva in the way that I have seen others make similar preparations. After having been informed that I will be required to defend my second essay, I decided that a good presentation comes from good planning and having at hand all the information that anyone might request, so I spent a long time in the preparation and I went feeling confident. As soon as I arrived at the conference where the presentation was taking place, I became nervous when I realized they were all waiting for me to speak and my nerves made me tremble. I did not know how to stop it. later on, I noticed that panelists seemed not to understand what I was saying despite all the preparations I had made. I suddenly calmed myself down, and in no minutes’ time I found myself flowing and everybody in the room understood I had gained momentum. I did it so well and this happened when I decided talking more slowly without trembling. It was interesting because everyone saw a change in my attitude after a very short time, and from there, I personally started seeing things differently. I regained sufficient confidence and was able to discuss matters in greater depth, thus, I felt more positive until the end of the Viva.

The title of essay and aim:

The title of essay two is ‘Impact of ICT on recruitment and selection’, and the main question is whether E-recruitment is an efficient tool for recruitment, and analyzing how beneficial e-recruitment is to organizations implementing it.

  • The aim of this paper was to:
  • Identify what e-recruitment methods are being used, and what are experiences of organizations trying to implement e-recruitment.
  • Establish how organizations are evaluating the success of their e-recruitment initiatives, and establish the level of success being experienced

This paper will help to establish a baseline on the use of e-recruitment by organizations, thereby enabling the on-going monitoring of progress and developments in this area.

How essay 2 builds on essay 1

Essay two builds on essay one by analyzing the benefits of e-recruitment to organizations implementing it. However, e-recruitment is an efficient method of recruitment due to a number of reasons, most notably for cost reduction, increases the efficiency of the process, reduce time to hire and provide access to a larger and more diverse candidate pool. The most notable benefits reported by organizations having introduced e-recruitment are the cost savings, which have mainly been due to reduced advertising cost, a reduction in the resources required to process applications and a reduction in recruitment agency costs.

Other benefits include more efficient management of communication with candidates and the ability to easily report on key performance metrics as a result of internet based tracking systems.

It also shows that online recruitment is an improvement but cannot totally replace the traditional recruitment. Thus, increased use of e-recruitment methods and systems is helping to facilitate this trend by removing much of the routine administration involved in recruiting allowing HR to more easily monitor and track recruitment related activities.

What I did well or could have done better:

What I did well was planning and researching. I came up with really good research based on what I had planned. The communication and listening skills I acquired during the course made me to respond to questions very well and with full confidence. I gathered all the materials and data that I wanted, compiled it before coming up with the final report. Though during report writing, I was not sure whether I was going the right direction as far as the flow was concerned. I kept doing what I thought was right from my own perspective.

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What I learned:

I have learned that planning and preparing for a Viva does not guarantee someone from trembling, but makes you have the information you need at hand. I also noticed how important it is to go back over things I have written about before presenting, for this could make me familiar with what I had written down. There were things I did not know at the time of questions and answer session, and I recognized there were some areas in which I went wrong. This made me realize that the panelists did not understand what I was saying. I have learned that I was not confident enough to present what I had prepared for. I need to think from the beginning about the process of giving a good Viva, as well as being sure about my reliance on what I have prepared/planned in order to have the best Viva.


In order to prepare a good Viva or any presentation, good planning is required as well as doing enough research (have enough information at hand). On top of planning, being confident is another important aspect that can lead a person to present a good Viva. If I was confident enough, I am sure I would not have trembled and my oral defense would have been perfectly done from the time I entered the room. I, therefore, would like to encourage students to make sure they have full confidence in mind before attempting any presentation, which for my case was an oral defense (Viva).


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