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Html Stands For Hypertext Markup Language Information Technology Essay

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Create a form as display below. The form should be able to have the input tag as together with the option to be chosen from and radio buttons as an option as well. Finally the email should be able to send an email to any respective mail address

Design the following diagram with the needed element include in it. It should consist frames and shadow as per display.


Before I start my assignment which is based on the subject that has been listed in the assignment, I would give a brief introduction about the subject that I learn know. The subject that I want to introduce is web programming. Many developers and programmers face the dilemma of how to start a web development project. While many developers can create large desktop applications easily, they are not proficient in creating web applications. Most of the developers have some level of familiarity with HTML and the deployment of static pages on the web server.

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HTML stands for hypertext markup language, and it is the language in which, until recently, virtually all web pages were written. Now, don’t break out in hives when u hear the word “languange”.You don’t need complex logical or mathematical formulas to work with HTML, and you don’t need to think like a programmer to use it. Computer programming must think through the tasks that they want their programs to perform, and then develop an elaborate.

Hypertext refers to the way in which web page HTML documents are linked together. When you click a link in a web page, you are using hypertext. It is the system of linking documents that has made the World Wide Web the global phenomenon it has become.

The first step toward understanding and working with HTML is learning the basic term that describes most of the function of this language. You will come across these terms repeatedly as you use HTML and if you understand them, you will have progressed a long way towards comprehending HTML.

The question 1 is about HTML form is section of a document containing normal content, markup, special elements called controls as checkboxes, radio buttons and menus. Also labels on those controls. Users generally “complete” a form by modifying its controls like entering text and selecting menu items. Then it will before submitting the form to an agent for processing. Example like to a Web server and to a mail server.

The question 2 is about the HTML Tables with the

tag. A table is divided into rows as tag. The each row is divided into data cells are with the element stands a table row. The
tag. The stands for “table data” and holds the content of a data cell. A tag can contain text, links, images, lists, forms and other tables. If do not specify a border attribute, the table will be displayed without borders. Sometimes this can be useful, but most of the time the borders to show. The HTML Frames can divide the screen into separate windows. The each of these windows can contain into an HTML document. A file can that specifies how to screen it is divided into frames. The frames also can call a frameset. If want to make a homepage that will uses in frames should it make an HTML document with the frameset. Also it makes the normal HTML documents that should be loaded into each of these frames. When the frameset page is loaded and it also browser automatically loads each of the pages associated with the frames.


Read phonetically

Define question 1

Next, in my first question I get know how to create a form as display below. The form should be able to have the input tag as together with the option to be chosen from and radio buttons as an option as well. Finally the email should be able to send an email to any respective mail address so from this question i should learn more about the html system to create this answer and display it out. A form can contain input elements like text fields, checkboxes, radio buttons, submit buttons and more. A form can also contain select menus, textarea, fieldset, legend, and label elements. Forms are used to pass data to a server. Also in question 1 used HTML Select as

Last Name:




From the question 1, i get know about how to create the first and last name text box, option box, radio box and email. From this answer I would like to explain about the codes. From the first line of the answer I add first name that means can add space between first and last name of the text box.

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Next, in the question that also about the option button so in my answer I wrote

elements. The
element stands a table header. The< td> element stands table cell. A more complex HTML table may also include caption, col, colgroup, thead, tfoot, and tbody elements. The text in a element is bold and centered. The text in a td element is regular and left-aligned.

The HTML frames is authors to present documents in multiple views. It can may be independent windows or sub windows. The multiple views offer designers a way to keep certain information visible and while other views are scrolled or replaced. The example for HTML frames is within the same window. The one frame might display and static banner. The second is a navigation menu. The third is the main document that can be scrolled through or replaced by navigating in the second frame.

Figure 2:Output of question 2

Answer question 2


In my second question of assignment that ask how design the following diagram with the needed element include in it and it and should consist frames and shadow as per diagram. Than on the diagram that show Olympia college centres in on big rectangle box and the side with small rectangle boxes of the campus such as Kuala lumpur, Penang, Kuantan and other, following with the shadow boarder.Next,the codes I create for this diagram is start with

.Cell spacing is the pixel width between the individual of the data cell in the table. The thickness of the lines making in the table grid and the default is zero, even if the boarder is set at zero, the cell spacing lines will be invisibles.

Than, cellpadding is the pixal space between the cell of the contents and the cell boarder. The defaults of these properties also zero, furthermore, this feature is not used often, but sometimes comes in hardly when you have your boarders bit for make easy viewing. In additional,cellpadding is invisible, even with the boarder properties turned on. The width is make sure how size of the width that we can adjust the diagram.Moreover,the second codes line i create is

,row span is set how many rows a cell span can get a little confusing because its requires our to think through how the cell affect the rows after the row it start in and its particular useful in this situation to add boarders to the table during the design process, even if the table wont early use boarder.

HTML frames allow authors to show the documents in a variety of views, which may be independent windows or sub windows. Some views offer designers a way to keep certain information visible, while others display a scrolled or replaced. For example, in the same window, one frame might display a static banner, a second a navigation menu, and the third the main document that can be scrolled through or replaced by navigating in the second frame. One other hand In HTML, frames allow you to present some of the HTML document in the same window. For example, you may have left frame for navigation and the right to the main content. In additional

frame all by making the networking sites and defining each frame of the page. Site is in fact the network does not contain any content just a reference for each frame. HTML frames are used to determine each frame in the frameset, all tagged frames with tags nested frameset.

moreover, if you want to create a web page with 2 frames, you will need to create three files one file for each frame, and a file to determine how they fit together.Finaly,the following codes will be the campus central.


After completing my assignment, I have finally come into a conclusion in the end. I now know what is the purpose of a html and the role that a web page cheeks used in web programming. In HTML I get more knowledge about that, so I also understand the creations of html when used for the web page.Furtermore, in this assignment I know the method of html what is the radio button, text box, email by url.

On the other hand, my second question is I study and understand about the how to display the table and from this question i search some web to helpful my question to create this diagram to show the output of the diagram in web page other than that my lecture also help and guide me in this assignment. In additional get more knowledge idea to create this assignment. As a result we need to upgrade the html time to time to make sure our work will be done successful without any problem.Finally, in this assignment makes me clearness more detail about html and web.



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