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How Does Pdf Manage Bitmap Images Information Technology Essay

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Primary storage is the main area in a computer in which data is stored for quick access, Primary memory storages are also temporary, were as secondary storage is permanent. For example RAM (Random Access Memory) is primary storage so when the computer is switched off or restarted the data that is being stored is wiped from the memory. Retrieved from the Computer Hope Web site: http://www.computerhope.com/jargon/p/primstor.htm. Secondary storage on the other hand has data written to it so the data is permanently stored there. Primary storage is closer to the CPU and is mostly integrated onto the motherboard there it is faster when performing tasks, compared to secondary which is connected through cables. Primary storage is the cache and random access memory is as it is part of the central processing unit, this is the only memory that is directly accessible to the central processing unit. Instructions are stored in the primary storage in which the CPU continuously reads and executes when required. Any data that is actively operated on is also stored in the primary storage in a uniform manner. Secondary storage differs from primary storage as it is not directly accessible by the CPU. Secondary storage is the hard drive of a computer in which all the information that needs to be saved is stored there. Retrieved from the Computer Hope Web site: http://www.computerhope.com/jargon/s/secostor.htm.

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In “the architecture of computer hardware, systems software & networking, 4th edition, 2010” there are 2 definitions of what virtualization is. These are; “existing or resulting in essence or effect though not in actual fact, form or name” and ” created, simulated, or carried on by means of a computer or computer network”. (Englander, I. (2010). The Architecture of Computer Hardware, Systems Software & Networking. Pg 20.) These two explanations mean that virtualization is when you create something on a computer and simulate it. An example of this is virtual pc which is used on windows 7, this allows a person to simulate running an operating system and it will behave exactly as it would if it was a computer’s own operating system. This virtualization allows people to test programs on virtual versions of operating systems but within another operating system, this allows people to test programs to be able to make sure that their current programs are compatible. Another example of this would also be when using servers. Virtualization allows a server to make virtual servers that run independently so there could be 20 servers but they are all virtual therefore they would only have to be on one or two real servers. This is used to cut costs and to make it easier to manage a server as it is entirely virtual therefore it does not cost anything to run can reach at its potential efficiency. Englander, I. (2010). The Architecture of Computer Hardware, Systems Software & Networking (4th ed.).** London, United Kingdom: London University Press.**

The inputs to the home cinema system would be the cables that power the system. An input to the television and home cinema system would be the DVD player as that is sending data to the television to show the film on the DVD. Other inputs in the system would be the input from the reliever to the television. This is used so the television receives a signal to provide a picture on the television. The remote also provides and output into which the DVD player and TV would receive an input from the remote to control the components. The user can then decide what they want to happen on the DVD player and the TV for example what channel is on the television or the volume or navigating through a menu on the DVD player. The plug socket is an output which it inputs power to the TV and cinema system. The Television itself would be an output as it is providing the visual part of the system, whilst the speaker components are outputs as they provide the audio.


Cloud computing is the method of which data and applications are stored and accessed over the World Wide Web. Cloud Computing Defined. (2010). Cloud Computing Defined. Retrieved from the Cloud Computing Defined site: http://www.cloudcomputingdefined.com/. The idea behind cloud computing is that your data is stored and backed up on a computer somewhere in the world that can be accessed at any time. But you will not know where your data is being stored. This means that the users are unaware and do not know of any of the details of the applications use, for example where the hardware that is being used to store it is located.

A PDF is treated as a file format so with the right software any person can look at the file. PDF also contains its own bitmap formats, object image formats and text formats which are all optimized for creating and presenting pages quickly. So because a PDF has its own formats so when a program opens it will display the file in the way that any monitor can view it, including printers as a PDF is a standard therefore each printer and operating system must be accustomed to that standard therefore allowing it to be seen consistently.

Describe the format for storing, laying out, and managing the objects on a page. Explain the advantages to the use of this format over other formats, such as that used by HTML.

The advantage of using PDF format over other formats such as HTML for storing, laying out and managing objects on a page would be that there are many algorithms which are used for compression which enable a faster and smoother file transfer, Therefore the application is much more flexible

The advantage of using the PDF format over other formats for storing, laying out and managing objects on a page would be that they have many algorithms for compression which enables smooth file transfer. The application therefore is more flexible. Due to the compression techniques it is also more portable due to the smaller sizes that PDF’s can have compared with something like HTML. Jenny Hamper. (2010). Difference Between PDF Vs HTML Retrieved from ezinearticles site: http://ezinearticles.com/?Difference-Between-PDF-Vs-HTML&id=3972193

A font in PDF is a description of a digital typeface which is a set of one or more fonts,. These descriptions can describe the characteristics of a typeface, but can also include an embedded font file. Font files that are embedded are based on commonly used digital font formats. A PDF will use character codes that are within text strings to map the current font using an encoding. There are predefined encodings that exist in a PDF which are universal and will work on any platform. A PDF can specify a predefined encoding to use which can be the fonts built in encoding. Any file which contains fonts are also collected when a document is saved as a PDF so all of the available fonts the user has are stored on a PDF which makes it easy for a PDF to show that particular font or show a font that is in the same family so there is some resemblance to the original font.

How does PDF manage bitmap images? Object images?

Describe at least three major limitations that PDF places on the end-user of a PDF document.

One major limitation of PDF is that it cannot be edited once a file has been converted into a PDF then it cannot be edited as it is an image of a document.

What are the criteria that define a Von Neumann architecture? How does the example of entering and adding two numbers illustrate each of the criteria?

If the memory register for a computer is 32 bits wide then this computer can support 4gb of memory. This is because the memory can access 32 locations and each location has either a 0 or a 1 stored meaning there are 2 states at which the 32 bits can be accessed. Therefore 232 = (4 294 967 296) meaning that there are 4.3GB of memory available as there are that many different combinations. This means that a system with a 32 bit wide system can only have a maximum of 4GB as there is only a maximum of 4 294 967 296 different memory combinations.

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Volatile memory is computer memory that can only maintain memory if it is being powered by the computer. Non-volatile memory is the opposite of volatile memory in which it is computer memory that can retain information when it is not being powered. RAM would be an example of volatile memory because when a computer is turned off any information that hasn’t been saved and is on the RAM is deleted. A hard drive (ROM) is non-volatile memory because when there is no power to the ROM the data that is being stored is kept even when there is no power as the data is written onto the OM so it is kept.

Draw a flow diagram that shows step by step the process for converting a mixed number in a base other than 10 to decimal.


Deadline for submission is Thursday 16th December 2010 before 1200 noon.

Submit via the Assessment Submission facility of IBIS. The title that you give to the submission should be CO4023 followed by your student id (If you need to resubmit, append A, B, etc. to the submission title make clear which is the latest version).


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