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History Of The Client Server Architecture

Paper Type: Free Essay Subject: Information Technology
Wordcount: 3437 words Published: 8th May 2017

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Hures was using mainframe computer system which was having too many disadvantages and running cost. Because of this reason we decided to propose Client server Architecture which is widely used in the global environment.

The client server computing model is used most of the business frame. This technology was integrated with those particular companies. It will provide the multi services and huge storage capacity of data base. These systems also handle the difficult GUI progress tools.

Hence client server Architecture having disadvantages too. Client Server mainly depends on the network design. If they don’t have the proper network design network traffic would make serious problem in the production environment.

Therefore i suggest client server architecture is the best way to make the business development to the particular Hures Company.


This assignment will cover the main areas of the computer architecture. I will analysis and compare those system for present technology. How this technologies used to developed the hures company and there services. Normally I identified the two major system used by hures. Those are mainframe computer and client/server system.

Mainframe computer, this type of computer how to help the particular company , what is the main usage of this structure, how it will affect the system compare to the new system and disadvantage of that architecture. Then the client server architecture is most famous method for the large companies. How easier and more efficient to manage inventory and track the software. Analysis the advantage and disadvantage and implement the new architecture for cover the current client server system.

Hures will suggest using the intranet technology. I will analysis that technology how to help the particular system and how that will effect the system. Also how the intranet software affect the client server system. I identify the problems and I will propose the new architecture instant of client server structure.

1.0. Problem identification

There are no unique behaviors to this specific problem because the Hures Company was run past twenty years. Now also it is running but the system is same what ever they have used before like mainframe computer and client server system. The new technology is introducing time to time but that particular company was not change according to that advanced of technology. According to their customer amount there service want be increase but Hures used the old same server system that will get outdated and those are not reorganized and improved with the time period of technology. Here some problem to using main frame computer.

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2.0. Main Frame Computer

This type of computer normally used by large organizations for there business purpose. Mainframe computer have the capability to run the several operating systems that’s mean central processing units performing instruction at the same time this called parallel processing. There are very high volumes of input and output and emphasize throughput to hold the mainframe computers. Also mainframe has carrying out reliability for fault tolerant.

2.1. Classifies of main frame computer

system having 1 to 16 CPU’S

the lie RAM memory range is 128Mb to 8Gb

processing power range is 80Mips to 550Mips

it contain different types of cabinets such as Storage, input/output and random access memory

It has different process for different program such as task supervision, plan management, entertainment in installments, index, and inter address break and statements.

2.2. Advantage of the Mainframe computer

the biggest information processing system

critical or difficult applications because of multi users

its stored enormous amount of data that’s mean very big capacity

high speed data processing Ex-1GOPS (giga operation per second)

this is a characteristic operating system and technology distribution time

It will do millions of data and concurrent communication

serving thousand of simultaneous users

this system normally based on UNIX and Linux operating system

2.3. Disadvantage of main frame computers

The whole system needs a large space for the storage capacity and large cabinets that addressed the central processing unit that’s mean cryptographic maintain, I/O handling, Memory handling and supervising.

The market prize is very expensive compare than other systems.

the users using the interface is still text

it will work extraordinarily extensive

the power utilization is very huge

There for hures company faced the problem with main computer because that are very large and it need very big space. Also the maintenance cost is very high and it will generate the lots of heat then the property will getting damaged.

3.0. Client Server System

This is sharing application design. This sharing is taking placed between the servers and client that’s mean service providers and service requesters. Those are separate hardware rather than computer network. Server is a high routine host and it will run one or more programs in a particular machine, share the resources with clients. But client not share any resources with server but it can be request the resource form sever.

“Systems are created by assembling independent components, each of which contributes unique, specialized functions to the system as a whole. In the simplest arrangement, client components interact with users and with servers that manage various computing resources. In more sophisticated arrangements, some servers can also be clients of other servers. Clients and servers can use hardware and software uniquely suited to the required functions. In particular, front-end and back-end systems normally require computing resources that differ in type and power. Database management systems can employ hardware specifically designed for queries, while graphics functions can employ memory and computing resources that can generate and display intricate diagrams.” [John Dryden, 1998]

According to the above statement it said the client sent request the service to the server and server will accept and sent the service response to the client. This processing method is called client server system.

3.0.1. Sample Diagram Of client server system

Client server system has three type of model such as

3.0.2. Single /One tire architecture

This technology mean by the server will access by user at one time for some particular software application such as to use data, business logic and interface.

3.0.3. Double / Two tire architecture

The server will access by client with the help of two layer software application. It has two type application front end – this is work together with client, back end- functions are used to store data. The advantages are function development speed, it will well on work on standardize environment reasonably business law, and system security is very difficult on this model.

3.0.4. N/Multi/Three tire architecture

The server will access by client with the help of three layers software application such as front end, component, back end. In this model, between the client and server another tire is used its called middleware. This tire function is the transaction processing, massage or application servers also it will manage the queuing, application implementation and database performance.

3.1. Properties of Client Server System

Server made a decision what is the client need according to there request and where is stored.

independent stage for hardware and operating system

location of the server and client will see-through to he users

It will work interchange function such client become a server, server become the client.

this system has a scalability such as horizontally and vertically

3.2. Type of client server communications

socket is this fully support to the unix to unix communication

Remote produce cell is client will directly call the distance server

Massage oriented middleware

3.3. Advantage and disadvantage of client server system.

3.3.1. Advantage

Server is centralization like every thing control by server

Scalability, whatever customer need in future sever can upgrade that application.

Flexibility, upgrade the new technology

Interoperability, client, server and network are work together.

Accessibility, the remote and cross multiple access to the server

development is easy

low cost maintenance compare than mainframe

user friendly, every thing Is operate ever easy

3.3.2. Disadvantage

Dependability, the server wick damage or down the hole system will down.

Lack of mature tools , according to the change of new technology the tools also will change

lack of scalability, operating system of the network is not scalable.

higher projected cost

Network congestion due to the heavy loaded server by traffic.

According to the hures client server system there some problem, within the hures infrastructure the range of network and size are not enough to their better services. Also need some additional services such email server and multiple servers to multiple-le applications. Also change the server OS and improve the network connectivity, data transfers and general understanding of the both workstation system.

4.0. Alternative system for client server system

The best way is to be selecting the n tire system that is help to implement the hures service. In this manner the system will change their OS and increasing the services to client. Also develop to using peer to peer system to allow more users to share access to database application. This type of connection will improve the scalability of the network and improve the software development.

The N tire architecture is face for upgrading system without chaining the back end front end application. In this manner the new technology is introduce such as component based development. This system has some advantage such as according to the customer time to time requirements it is easy to upgrade, created one component will reused for similar application and the creator can using build in interfaces. According that the hures need more customers with better service then the hures server is going to be upgraded such as change the OS system and introduced the new network connection technology like WiMAX, high speed LAN.

Change of OS mean by called to reuse the components again with some standards such as

Common Object request Broker Architecture

Remote Method Invocation

The different programming languages are allowed to communicate the both CORBA and RMI standards.

4.1. CORBA

Any of the networks the computer application will communicate to work with independent. The standard protocol IIOP is used. This is an inbuilt functionality and fixed system. This will handle large number of clients and more reliability. Also this is real time system and used for large application. It is normally working in the three layers such as presentation, application and Data layers. corba using some protocol such as internet intra object request broker protocol, square socket layer inter object request broker protocol and hyper text intra object request broker protocol.

Benefits of CORBA are

Language liberty several languages like C++ and java.

Portable for any of the operating system such as java, linx, unix, mac, windows and sun.

Compatible for all new technology and liberty of data transfer, it will help to multi application process.

The architecture of the CORBA

Above the diagram describes the structure of CORBA. This is system will help to save the bandwidth and has a three interface such as operation, attribution and exception. There two new versions have been introduced in the market. Which are CORBA version 2.0 and CORBA version 3.

Therefore the proposed system was very helpful to improve hures business such a way of improve the technology, quality and supply the multiple services.

5.0. Internet web technology

This the internal network of the particular company. This is a protected logons to access information. Many companies like hures, only the employees and management to operate the company essential information using protected site. It was designed a simple programming like HTML, java and cascading style sheet. In this manner inside the company network severs will provided array type of connection to the different saved database. This technology is very helpful for the business development because low cost and saved time.

5.1. Planning and creation of intranet web technology

This is a strategic significance of the particular company success on development and achievement. Also hardware and software are help to improve the planning like

principle and objective of the intranet

the management and realization responsible for who what to make like person or division

data construction, role strategy and page layouts

Defining the intranet security

Controlled the input new data or update the exiting data

5.2. Characteristic of intranet technology

Intranet idea and technologies are same as internet. The protocols are same as internet protocols such as HTTP, SMTP and FTP. Main interfaces to inheritance data system hosting corporate information. Intranet has some characteristic

This is a better understood as a personal extension of the internet limited to a company

This also differenced with extranets. Because intranet only used for employees and customers in inside the company. But extranet may access with clients, contractors and other accepted party.

With the help of firewall intranet may provide the gateway to the internet on a network. After some user verification and encryption, the off-site employees can access the company information using virtual private network connectivity.

5.3. How it is use full for an organization

It is used as commercial civilization-transform platforms. Discus the key issues, idea about management, productivity, quality and all other issues to the large no employees of that particular company.

It is used to distribute the tools and application.

It is manage by human resources or CIO departments of the company.

It is very complex interface compare to the company public internet.

5.4. Benefits of intranet system

Labor force efficiency mean by user can find the information about their roles and duties.

Time mean by whatever employee will need they will put in the site.

Communication means by to communicate planned proposal that have a global reach throughout the company.

Business operation and management mean by developing and planning the application to carry the business.

Cost Effective mean by the reduced the coast rather than send the doc by post. Put all necessary documents on the intranet.

Promote common corporate culture mean by all clients can see same information.

Enhance team work.

Immediate updates.

5.6. Intranet strategies

The company objectives will achieve to help of hardware and software system. This is a same concept as internet to browse the web and severs and restricted for the particular company. To consult parties who going to be use the intranet system according to their budgeting. According the application it has four types of role.

5.6.1. The role of the intranet system

communication and teamwork mean by audio video conferencing, conversation and chat rooms and to operate the email transfers

web publishing mean by create the hyperlinked multimedia application and data documents to publish

business process and administration mean by processing, controlling and accessing

intranet portal management mean by control everything by particular administration

5.7. The pros and cons of the intranet system.

5.7.1. Pros

Reduce the cost in this manner company will inform the necessary thing to employees and other, upload in the portal rather than paper printing. Also reduce the sales and promotion, employee preparation and organization costs.

Simple to use

Economical to use.

Reasonable hardware and software system cost

The all protocol are support to operate because if internet like TCP/IP, HTML and FTP.

Easy to access the Communication and operating intranet system.

5.7.2. Cons

According to the rapid technology this not support to the upgrading software.

Insufficient security facilities

User support and system performance is very poor.

The scalability is not effectively.

Time consuming.

No PC compatibility for all employees

This not fully support to the developing organization.

6.0. Effect of intranet web technology over the client server system

Intranet technology is an open network system. There no good network security system mean by not protected your company network system. The monitoring and controlling is very difficult because of access on outside sources. Consider the intranet usage in a particular company, if there large number of employees are working in that time everybody to be operate the intranet system. In this time the system was faced some problem such as

If user using like that the particular server will get the heavy loaded because all user can request the service from server at the same time then server will able to answer the all request for certain time. Then it will overload. This happen will effect to outside service customer to that particular company.

The server must manage to handle that situation by expanding the sever capacity and upgrade the new technology. Like upgrade the OS system.

At the same time the server will take time to provide the service for those particular requests. It is normally called server response delay. This will affect the company services to outside.

When the server is loaded then the there is the change to hardware crash of that particular system. Such as the hard disk and RAM memory will failure.

User will plug their external interfaces to upload the threats/virus. Then is going to be shutdown your whole network system. It’s called server down.

When all users using at the same time that particular network will get the collision because of traffic. Then outside customer will get the service will receive in delay.

The solution of this problem is the company will make sure the monitoring and secure the system. Using CCTV in various places inside the company and monitoring the users and give the priority usage. Then they can maintain the reliability of the company network.

II. Conclusion

By doing this Assignment I came to understand the Client Server Architecture subject more clearly and got a good experience. I described the client server system to that operational specification, implementation and bad effects. I think those information are very help full for the basic understand of client server system. Also I suggest the alternative system and explain how it will help to work with older system. i thick the hures company will upgrade the system, network connection and turn-into new technology it is very help full for the feature business approach. They reach the more customers and get more profit.

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