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History and Development of White Hat Hackers

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Computer hackers, according to Blockmon are considered “online villains that use phishing scams, email, and fraudulent websites to send out dangerous malware to computers and compromise the computer security “(Blockmon, 2017). There are actually six types of hackers but we only hear about three of them. These three types of hackers are black, grey, and white hat hackers. Black hat hackers are considered the villain’s because they hack for malicious intent and without your permission. Grey hackers are considered neutral because they sell their skills for money. This paper will explore what’s a white hat hacker and if their work is safe to use. We will learn the history of hackers, what a white hat hacker is, and why experts say to use caution with white hat hackers. Blockmon states that “companies give white hat hackers permission to fight against black hat hackers to protect their computers and network access” (Blockmon, 2017).

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History of hackers

Many people have different opinions on when they think that hacking became a big deal in the world. According to Mr. Moules, in the early nineteen-nineties, the government cracked down on criminal computer crimes in a series of raids that were accused of doing credit card fraud and telephone code abuse. They think that young adults that were from the middle-class suburban homes were considered the people that were the ones up to no good. They supposedly had disposable incomes to acquire, that people at this time to consider cutting edge for the purpose of computing technology and had access to modems (Moules, 2017). Life-wire says that modem was a device that allows computers to send and receive data over telephone lines, cable, and satellite connection. The modem converts data between analog and digital formats in real time for two-way network communication (Mitchell & MIT, 2018) Moules also says that “Many hackers of the nineties are considered today’s security protectors. Newer generations of hackers are often cutting their teeth against hardened computer systems. The drivers for computer criminality now come more from the personal motivations of all people with access to technology. Less so than a hacker mindset, the drivers for computer criminality now come more from the personal motivations of all people with access to technology or revenge” (Moules,2017).

Why computer talents become hackers

The term hacker was meant to describe a creative person who could alter computer programs and systems to do things beyond their inherent or intended design. This article was very inserting to read because how the students were treated. They say that students with great academic potential tend to spend their time learning hacking skills instead of doing their schoolwork (XU, HU, and Zhang, 2013). Now, who have you met throughout your life that succeeds in school to become a hacker? Six students from a high were set out to demonstrate that with some fundamental understanding of computer programming from magazines and the Internet, they could penetrate almost any computer system. Evidence showed that the students were able to mend the relationship to avoid punishment after their hacking was exposed (XU, HU, and Zhang, 2013).

 Frank said, “When he was in college in 2006, he started a network security club consisting of only students, many of whom were victims of computer hacking. Some were just curious to see what they could do. Others were interested in knowing how to steal passwords so that they could get information to test and change grades if needed. Only a small number ever become hackers who commit crimes using their skills, in college or after graduation. Most will find jobs in top-tier IT companies and information-security firms (XU, HU, and Zhang, 2013). The evidence that was found that a perspective involving moral delinquency among young people does not adequately explain how our subjects became who they are today and why they do what they do. None were delinquent in many aspects of their adolescence nor did they appear to struggle with moral confusion. Since they were rarely caught and disciplined, they formed the moral value that as long as they do no harm to others, it is not wrong to benefit themselves (XU, HU, and Zhang, 2013).


White hat hackers

Author’s Hellard and Hopping of, what is ethical hacking? White hat hackers explained, states that “White hat hackers are people who actually aim to improve security by finding security holes and notifying the victim so they have an opportunity to fix it before a hacker exploits it. Grey hats sit somewhere between the two camps, often conducting slightly more morally questionable operations, such as hacking group that they are ideologically opposed to, or launching activist protests. White hat and grey hat hackers can both be defined as ‘ethical’ hackers (Hopping & Hellard, 1970)”. Ethical hacking refers to the act of locating weaknesses and vulnerabilities of computer and information systems by duplicating the intent and actions of malicious hackers. Ethical hacking is also known as penetration testing, intrusion testing, or red teaming.

Hellard and Hopping also say “The fact that they know how attackers operate, it often gives them valuable insight into how to prevent attacks. Most hackers are motivated by curiosity, and ethical hackers are no exception. They’re often motivated by a desire to see what makes things tick, poking around in security systems just for the challenge of finding a way around them. Responsibly reporting their findings is the best way to indulge this desire whilst also staying on the right side of the law (Hopping & Hellard, 1970)”.


 How to become a white hat hacker

Tittel from the article, How to Become a White Hat Hacker, said that it not hard to become a white hat hacker. “Any person who shows interest in working in InfoSec, along with the appropriate background and a certification should have few problems finding ethical hacking work right away. These hackers need to think like a black hat hacker, with all their wicked goals, shrewd skills, and behavior. Some of the top-rated white hat hackers happen to be former black hat hackers who got caught, and for various reasons decided to leave the life of crime behind and put their skills to work in a positive way (Tittel, 2018)”. A bachelor’s or master degree in computer science or even in mathematics because it will provide a strong foundation. White hat hacker also needs to stay on the legal side of hacking never engaging in unethical hacking activities. To make sure that this doesn’t happen to any white hat hackers they have to agree to the EC-councils code of ethics (Tittel, 2018).


 Use caution with white hackers

From the article, Experts: Use caution with white-hat hackers, said that security experts should be warning about these so-called ethical hackers, companies hire to search for vulnerabilities in their networks(Hancock, 1999). Who would think that ethical hackers, the people that you are so-called supposed to trust would pretend like they are going to help you? Mr. Conran explains why he believes that we should not hire ethical hackers by saying “White hat hackers use the same tools as black hat hackers, and have to keep their skills and knowledge up to date to make sure they understand the latest exploits. In other words, you’re entering the shady part of the underworld of hacking, that’s why he says to be careful when hiring a white hacker (Conran, 2018).

 A man named Steph Marr, form Hancock article, says “it’s almost impossible to make the necessary background checks since white hat applicants are sworn to secrecy by the organizations that have used their services and that’s the perfect cover for ‘wannabes’ who use it to hide their inexperience (Hancock,1999)”. Marr suggested “checking out the applicant’s certification to make sure credentials come from an established institution. It’s also important to find out what’s behind these certifications. CISSP, for instance, offers an ISC2 certification that requires a security professional to have worked in information security for a minimum of three years (Hancock, 1999)”.

Who are you going to trust when your business firmware gets attacked? I have informed you about the job of the white hat hackers and that they are the guys from out of the three hackers. Even though experts tell you to be careful of them because some of them can be frauds. Leave it in the hands of the white hat hackers to save your business.


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