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Function Of Print Media

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Media refers to the groups that communicate information and news to all people. Media have divided into three types that are included print media, broadcast media and internet. Print media is the oldest media such as newspaper, magazines, journals, and other printed material. The printing media is responsible to reporting the latest and accurate news and information. Few type newspapers such as New Straight Times and The Star. After that, many types of magazine such as business, education, entertainment, travel, cate and fashion magazines. For example, Galaxie is an entertainment magazine and SME & Entrepreneurship is a business magazine. They will have regular readers of print media. Broadcast media is the news is broadcast at radio and television. The main broadcast networks in Malaysia are RTM1, RTM2, RTM3, NTV7 and 8TV. Local news stations have large amount of audience because radio channel will report the local weather, traffic and events. Many people will listen to the radio channel especially during morning and evening. Nowadays, the internet is the fastest transforming the news because every people know how to online and they will post the latest and updated news on the internet such as Facebook. Internet is a quickly way to transmission the news and information so internet will provide advantages toward various industries to promote their business. Besides that, weblogs also is a ways to transmitting the information through internet. Media is an important communication channel to disseminated education, business, news, entertainment, data and promotional message.

1.1 Function of print media

1.1.1 Education Industries

Text book is a type of print media that is transmits the information to all students. Print media can help the intellectual and professional person to transmission their knowledge and experience to readers. Newspapers have provides the practice section for primary and secondary school students to do their revision such as News Straight Times. For example, tuition Centre is a type of education firm. Print media such as the newspaper and magazine have a loyal readership. This function can be very useful for advertisers and promote the courses of tuition centre. If you are targeting a specific geographical area, so you can advertiser the new tuition centre through print media. Magazine can promote the tuition centre through colourful pages and can show the beautiful picture of the tuition centre. Besides that, you also can control and plan the budget of the advertisement. For example, you can choose the size of advertisement space and choose the colour or black and white advertisement. In additional, flyer also can help promote the tuition centre. Flyer will cheaper than advertise through broadcast media because flyer will give to the target audience directly. If the information of flyer is detail so can prove to be a proper option.

1.1.2 Business Industries

Newspapers contain a few of sections such as business section. In the business section will have some article are written by the people are successful in business. They can share their experience and knowledge to all readers. Besides that, print media can help the boutique or shopping complex to promote their products and inform the news of discount the price of their products to readers. Newspaper contains the job application section which will list the job specification and job description for job applicant. So the company can find the employees easily through newspaper. Magazines are a suitable option to promote the restaurant. For example, have some cate magazines that have shown to audience about the top ten cate in Ipoh. These will help the tourist easily to find the good restaurant and delicious foods at certain place. Readers will interest to the advertisement in magazine because of the better quality paper permits better colour reproduction. These will help the restaurant increase their amount of customer. In additional, contain some business magazine such as Fortune and SME & Entrepreneurship magazine. This magazine will mainly analysis on matters affecting the SMEs and Fortune magazine will covering local and international business in news, financial news, technology, companies, global economics and more. Print media will help to convey the useful and update business information to readers.

1.1.3 Entertainment Industries

Every newspaper contains the entertainment section to readers. Entertainment section will show the list and time table of different programs are broadcast in different channels. Besides that, the summary of certain program also will show at the entertainment section so readers can choose the movie that you feel interest. Therefore, readers can save their time and watching television program follow the time table are show on newspaper. Besides that, the latest news of the artist and singer will write on the newspaper. The supporter of the artist and singer can pay close attention to their idol. In additional, newspaper or magazine also will promote and advertise some new songs, movies and games. The new movies in the cinema will show on the newspaper and magazine. Again, the summary of the new movies also will write on the magazine so readers can briefly understand about the movie. Besides that, have some games guidelines magazine that is show the news games and will explain about the content of the game. New movie are update in every month also will show on the magazine or newspaper. For example, Gempak is a comics magazine these will show and promote the news comics for readers.

1.2 Function of internet

1.2.1 Education Industries

We can easily contact with friends or teachers through internet. Internet can help everyone to find out some information to solve their problem especially students. For example, college students can complete their college project easily through a small research on internet. Encyclopedia is the biggest source for searching information. The information in encyclopedia is the most effective information’s so students can get the accurate and update information to complete their projects. Besides that, we also can upgrade our knowledge through internet. In additional, there are lots of Online Learning Programs are available for people who are unable to attend classes or some courses. For example, e-learning has been carrying out at some college or school. College lectures can upload the new Moodle version on the internet and the students can download or view the latest Moodle version. E-learning will provide many advantages for student. Students can study at anywhere they have access to a computer and internet connection. Besides that, internet also can help the education industry such as college, university and tuition centre to promote their courses and show the success history of those industry through some colourful or sounding website or blog. These will help the education industry reduce their expenses to making flyer and can get a good effect through internet.

1.2.2 Business Industries

Nowadays, many people will do the online business. Online business means that the company are doing business and earning a profit through internet. Business people must have creativity to create an attractive website and find innovation ways to leverage the internet for business purpose. Business people can create the business website to promote their products or company with some colourful pictures. Therefore, the entrepreneurs will easy to advertise and show the features of their products to every people through internet. They can save time and money because create the business website is free and no need to do face to face presentation with customers. Besides that, the business website is potential for reaching a wider audience compared with print media. For example, a restaurant has created a business website on internet so will attract many customers because of the beautiful and attractive pictures. After that, the company also can update their information of the products or company easily. The consumer can get the latest information through internet. In additional, latest and accurate business information or video about business can be uploading on internet and can search by anyone. Entrepreneur can record a video to promote and introduce their products and upload it on internet. Business person also can have a meeting with the partner at foreign country through internet.

1.2.3 Entertainment Industries

Playing online games are become a habit of mostly teenagers. Internet have many online games to entertain all people especially teenagers and kids. Besides that, songs and movies also can search on internet. We can free to download the song or movie through internet. Next, supporter of the artists or singer also can get the latest news of their idol. The latest news of the artists or singer can be uploading on the internet. Artists also can share their happiness or experience with their fans through internet. MV of the songs also can be post on certain website such as Youtube. Therefore, singers or artists can promote their songs and movies through internet. In additional, new movies are broadcast on cinema also can upload some trailors to advertise the movies. Therefore, moviegoers can understand the content of movies before watching at cinema.

1.3 Conclusion

Media is a good ways to transmission the news and information. Functions of print media are transmission information, entertainment, doing advertising and persuasive. Nowadays, internet has become a basic need for mostly people. During technology changing day by day, we are not only collecting data from internet, we also shopping through internet. Internet was provide many advantages towards varies industry. I seem that print media is suitable for education and the internet is suitable for business and entertainment to transmit information.

2.0 Introduction of traffic congestion

Traffic congestion means that a situation in which a place is crowded with vehicles. The vehicles were difficult to move around. The numbers of cars on the road are likely to increase so will worsening the problem of traffic congestion. Problem of traffic jams were always occurs especially on the expressways are a common sight. Nowadays, most families have at least two cars. Problem of traffic congestion was causes by government and driver. Besides that, traffic incidents, work zones, bad weather and special events also were cause the traffic congestion. According to the Department of Transportation, incidents account for 25% of traffic congestion, bad weather accounts for 15%, work zones account for 10% and special events is 5%. These is called non-recurring congestion. According to the DOT, 45% of traffic congestion is caused by recurring traffic issues. Recurring traffic congestion included insufficient capacity, unrestrained demand, and ineffective management of capacity.

2.1 The first view

Problem of traffic congestion should by handle by government. Government should act to reduce the number of cars on the road. Government should set up some public transport for all people. Public transport should be developed such as bus, taxi, trains, LRT (Light Rail Transit), monorail and railway. Therefore, the number of private cars will be reducing because we can take the LRT when we needs going to somewhere. Government should set up some talks to all people. These talks are about the advantages of taking the public transport. Besides that, government also can encourage citizens reduce using the private cars because it should be more expensive and inconvenient to take a car out on the road. For example, road tax of the private cars will be expiring after one year. Government can upgrade the quality of the public transport and make its comfortable, affordable and safe to take. Therefore, many people will choose taking the public transport more than using private cars especially students and workers. If the people will more likely to taking the public transport then the road capacity will increase and the problem of traffic congestion will be handling. For worker, use car pools are a good ways to reduce the traffic congestion at the office hours. Government can make some poster or advertisement talk about the advantages of car pools. Besides that, government can convince the citizens try to use car pools with colleagues or taking public transport. In additional, bad weather is cannot prevented by government but government can try to adjust the design and structure of the roads. Government can implement a plan to manage the roads and provide alternate routes can help the situation. Besides that, the government should increase the taxes of sale of vehicles and petrol. For example, some workers cannot afford to buy the vehicle of expensive so can reduce the amount of cars. After that, the government also can set the high-priced parking in city area and increase the toll fees. Improve the technology of traffic road also can reduce the traffic congestion. For example, government can set the time-based and sensor-based traffic light control system at four-way intersection. Besides that, government can use the advanced signals, traveler information and updates in real time and emergency evacuation management. Rather than waiting until there is an incident, government should improve technology to more proactive when it comes to traffic congestion.

2.2 The second view

The second view of other people say that it is the responsibility of individuals to use cars less and public transport more to reduce the problem of traffic congestion. As a citizens, we must support and cooperation with the government. Commuters must be willing to change our behavior related to reduce using the private cars. Therefore, we should support the government policies and follow the new policies to use more public transport. If can reduce the number of private cars so can increase the road capacity. We can use the public transport such as bus and LRT to substitute for the private cars. For example, students can use car pool and going to shopping or tuition together. We should follow the policies and decision is making by government. Using public transport can help us to reduce the expenses of petrol, toll fees, parking fees, air pollution and can reduce the problem of traffic congestion. Therefore, it is essential that individual accept responsibility help government to reduce traffic congestion and support government initiatives. Besides that, the people also can ride bicycle to go to school or work. These also are an action to reduce the traffic congestion and air pollution. In additional, citizens also can walk to somewhere near the house. For example, we can walk to food market if the food market is near by our house. Therefore, we are no need to drive a car and can increase the road capacity.

2.3 My opinion

Traffic congestion was affects every people at same point, it will caused us to be late for work or school. In conclusion, I seem that government is an important role to reduce the traffic congestion. Government should take action to reduce traffic congestion in large cities. Government should encourage all citizens to use the public transport more than private cars. Besides that, all the citizens also need to support the policies and decision are making by government. All people should take their responsible and cooperation with government to reduce the traffic congestion. Finally, government and all citizens should take action to reduce the problem of traffic congestion together.

2.4 Conclusion

Traffic congestion means that the cities are crowded by the cars or transport. This problem are always occurs in large cities. Government should provide more public transport for citizens to reduce the number of private cars. Government can encourage all the citizens use the public transport and improve the quality of public transport to attract citizens use the public transport. This action can help to reduce the traffic congestion in large cities. Government also can set some campaigns to talk and explain about the advantages of reduce the traffic congestion and increase the road capacity. Besides that, other person will say that reduce the traffic congestion are the responsibility of individuals. As a citizen, we must cooperation with the government. We should support the policies are set up by government. The responsible of the people is use the public transport and reduces using the private cars to reduce the traffic congestion. After that, we also can walk or ride a bicycle go to somewhere are near our house.


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