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Development Of A Digital Diary Project

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Wordcount: 1186 words Published: 10th May 2017

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Maintaining information about the person has been troublesome business for mankind lately as he was being introduced to hundred of new persons in his day to day life. Compiling information about the students in a school and college might be really a rarely willing job. Our project aims to those jobs for maintaining information of the people so we named it as a Digital Diary project.

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As soon as the program is being executed user just need to follow the instruction and have the information entered to the software then software manage the information being entered and save them for the future reference of the user. Though lots of information management software is presently available in market, this is the initial step and would be updated in the days to come.


Computer is an advanced/modern electronic device, which takes raw data as input then processes these data as per given instruction then gives output (result) and store in for the future references. It is also a problem-solving machine, which can processes both numerical and non numerical information. It is a totally user dependent device. It has no its own brain. So it cannot think its own.

C is the general purpose, structured programming language of computer consisting of terms that resemble algebraic expressions. Designed as other high level structured programming languages such as Pascal and Fortran, C has got additional features that allows it to be used at a lower level computer languages. This flexibility let the C be featured as system programmer or applications programmer.

C is characterized by the ability to write very concise source programs which are virus free in nature so the programmed designed in C language has got purity and perfection. Though with the help of small instruction and extensive library functions enhance the basic instruction and encourage its user to write additional library function on their own.

Such A programming language code has been adapted for the effectual running of our program, Digital Diary. “Digital Diary” aims for the storage of the personnel details. This Diary helps as the remainder of person name his/her home address, phone number, email address etc. People gives propriety to looks now a days so a bit of graphics has been added to the content rather than making old fashioned black n’ white look. Every single effort has been done to add aura to the program and to attract lots of users as possible. As been discussed this program is being build in C laboratory or C program so it doesn’t consist of any viruses that may effect the computer but is 100% free from those harming worms and bugs. With the help of this program people can save all his/her friends group and contact for the future references.

Objectives and Scopes

The few objectives of this program are listed as follows:

Main objectives of this program is to aid users from memorizing all those names of own’s contact address. Users can easily add the contact detail in the program so have increase efficiency in the user working procedure.

To minimize the work loads of office personnel in school, colleges and offices by letting them get rid of the problem of memorizing the piles name of students or coustomers.

To convey message to software developing companies about the potential of software developers in Nepal.

As Loads of software are present currently for managing the database system but those software are bulky and occupies large amount of storage disk size and are tedious and need trained man power for effective use but the Digital Dairy designed by us is very much simple and cost low disk space and unskilled man power with nominal knowledge of English can accomplish thorough the program. So the office needing customized type software can easily have these software installed for their management.


Preliminarily we have done survey through out the Kathmandu valley to know about the colleges and schools who might required our software being installed and found lots of colleges having their own MS Access designed management software and for the database management. But some school near remote areas till this date have been using the old fashioned database management so we aim our project to those remote schools and have planned to develop this software.

Then we started making basic workflow plan for effective completion of the project. We made the system analysis and designed basic framework to aid in our work. We then started the job of coding of the program for overall management of database of persons which include name of the person, address of the person, his/her email id and telephone number, roll no or reference number. Options like searching the required database by strings were made into effect in the program for easy location of the database of the person. Option like adding and deleting record along with modification option were present in the program for effective availability.

Though the coding was done, there were lots of errors in the program, so for the tracking of the bugs in the program debugging were done and then tested for multiple times till the desired output is obtained. When testing and debugging were done the program was finally ready to be used or being distributed.

Task to be completed


System Analysis

2 days


1 week


1 week

Testing and Debugging

3 days

Expected Output

As for the title suggest, this Digital Diary supports for the proper maintaining of the database. It helps the user to have full record of the people he has been with along with their contact address, phone numbers, email id and reference number. This program also helps in inbuilt search for the required data base. The expected output here is being discussed along with some screenshots of the program.

Initially after the program is being executed it shows the name of the institution using it along with the address of the institution. Below the Name of the institution it publishes the name of the publishers followed by list of software developers.

When we enter any key the page would be executed to the second page where option are being given using switch system. Option for add remove, modify, search, list are being executed here.

The database management page would appear as follows. Here name, roll no, Faculty, telephone number, address email id would be printed. Through which we have to pass the value. Every time after adding contact the confirmation dialogue will be appeared asking for continuing or else.


This project is based upon C programming so we had add our best effort to implement all the knowledge we have gained so far in C programming. Working on this project had enhanced our knowledge and skills in C and will surely help us in future. Thus, we hope “Digital Diary” be a great success.


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