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Designing A Online Book Shop System Information Technology Essay

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The Best Book Shop order to provide online services to improve profit and extend their marketing, they invite us to design one online bookshop system.

Internet shopping is a process to allow consumers to purchase goods or services directly from a seller in real time, without intermediary services on the Internet. If there is an intermediary service is called e-commerce. An online shop, eshop, e-store, internet shop, webshop, webstore, online store, or Virtual store evokes the physical simulation to purchase products or services in a brick and cement retailer or shopping mall. This process is known as business to consumer (B2C) online shopping. When companies buy other companies, is known as the Business to Business (B2B) online shopping. B2C and B2B both in the form of e-commerce online shopping.

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In order to design bookshop system, we will visit simple online bookshop for feasibily study. Create project planning to control work flow, design the program and related database system, we will provide installation guide and user guide as the same time. We will present our work with several documents, each document is dependent showing their individual information. There are feasibily report, project planning, program design, installation guide and user guide. Open those documents you can find what details we are working.

Feasibility study

Feasibility study is one important studying that to consider the project we go do or not. Feasibility study was to evaluate a proposal to determine the specific difficulties of the task. In general, the first feasibility studies and technology development projects. In other words, the feasibility study, evaluation or analysis of the potential impact of the proposed project.

In case of our feasibility studying, first we will visit one popular online bookshop to get more information about this bookshop system, and then we use the information we collected to analysis the feasibility to implement new online bookshop.

Amazon.com, Inc. is a US-based multinational e-commerce company. Headquartered in Seattle, Washington, which is the largest online retailer, has nearly three times the runner-up Internet sales, Staples Company, as of January 2010. Amazon.com, founded in 1994 and 1995 the company launched on the web. The company was originally called Cadabra company, but the name has changed, people found that people sometimes hear the name of “body.” Amazon.com also chose this name because the Amazon is the world’s largest river, so the name implies large size, but also in part because it ‘a’, so the letter will appear near the beginning of the list. Amazon.com started as an online bookstore but soon diversified, selling the DVD, CD, MP3 download, computer software, video games, electronics, clothing, furniture, food, toys and so on. Amazon has established separate websites in Canada, Britain, Germany, France, Japan and China. It also provides international shipping of some products in certain countries. 2009 survey found that Amazon is the UK’s favorite music and video retailers, retailers and third overall.

The company began as an online bookstore, and the largest brick and cement bookstores and mail order catalog of books may provide 20 million titles, one can provide more online bookstore. Bezos company named “Amazon”, the world’s largest river. Since 2000, Amazon’s identity is an arrow leading from A to Z, on behalf of customer satisfaction (because it forms a smile), one goal is to make each product in the alphabet.

Amazon was founded in 1994, in Washington State. July 1995, the company began to sell its services, and the first book in amazon.com – Douglas Hofstadter’s Fluid concepts and creative analogies: computer models of the basic mechanisms of Thinking. In 1996, it was reincorporated in Delaware. Amazon launched its IPO on May 15, 1997, trading companies Nasidake NYSE AMZN, in the initial public offering price of $ 18.00 per share, USD ($ 1.50 after stock split three in the late ’90s).

Amazon’s initial business plan was unusual: the company does not expect profit of 4 to 5 years. It’s “slow” growth caused complaints from shareholders, the company has not reached profitability fast enough. When the Internet bubble burst, many e-companies went out of business, Amazon persevered and finally turned its first profit in the fourth quarter of 2001: 500 million, or 1 cent per share, on revenues over one billion U.S. dollars, but modest It is important to the profits of the business model can prove to be profitable. In 1999, Time magazine named Bezos Person of the Year, recognizing the company’s successful promotion of online shopping.

Amazon’s product line includes books, music CD, video and DVD, software, consumer electronics, kitchen supplies, tools, lawn and garden supplies, toys and games, baby supplies, clothing, Tiyuyongpin, food, jewelry, clocks and watches, health and personal care products, beauty products, musical instruments, clothing, industrial, scientific supplies and groceries.

The company launched amazon.com auction, the auction Web service, in March 1999. However, it did not take the chip in the industry pioneer eBay’s large market share. amazon.com auction followed by the introduction of a fixed-price market operations, zShops, 1999 å¹´ 9 months, and the now defunct Sotheby’s / Amazon Cooperation as amazon.com November. Amazon Auctions and zShops evolved into the market in 2001, launched a service to allow customers to sell used books, CD, DVD and other products with new projects. Today, the market’s main rival Amazon, eBay’s Half.com service.

August 2005, Amazon began selling its products in its own brand “, flat cases,” said the trademark application, the label will be used for textiles, kitchen utensils, household goods. In March 2007 the company expanded to cover more trademark applications for diverse list of goods and register a new design consisting of “letters to form words Hiramatsu letter O and space gaps appear in the” one o’clock “position.”. Reported by the trademark grew to include items such as paint, carpet, wallpaper, hair accessories, clothing, footwear, headgear, cleaning products and jewelry. September 2008, Amazon filed under famous. United States Patent and Trademark Office has completed the review of the application, but Amazon has not yet received official registered name.

Amazon MP3, its own online music store, launched in the United States September 25, 2007, sales of MP3 format, download no digital rights management. This is the first available online DRM – free music of all four major record companies.

The domain amazon.com attracts tourists, at least 615 million U.S. dollars, double the 2008 number of walmart.com. Amazon attracts approximately 65 million customers to its site each month in the United States.

Amazon allows users to submit comments to the page of each product. Reviewers rate the products, must be in a rating scale from one to five stars. Amazon provides an optional comment badge options that the real name of the reviewer (based on confirmed credit card account) or that Reviewer is a review by popularity.

Amazon.com customer reviews are monitored obscene, but allow negative comments. Specter, the book on amazon.com, describes how “when publishers and authors asked Bezos why the negative comments will be published amazon.com, defended his approach, claiming that amazon.com is’ taking a different way … We hope to enable each book – good, bad, ugly truth … let loose ‘”(Sipeikete 132). Allegations have been made, Amazon has a negative evaluation of the selective deletion of related projects, despite the views of Scientology compliance with the guidelines.

“Book Search” is a feature that allows customers to search for keywords in the text in many books directory. The function started with 120,000 titles (or 33 million pages of text) October 23, 2003. Currently about 25 million books in the program. Amazon has about 130 publishers and allows the user to perform these searches.

In order to avoid copyright infringement, amazon.com does not return a machine-readable text book. Instead, it returns pages that match a picture to prohibit printing, and proposed to limit the number of pages in a single user can access. In addition, customers can purchase online access to some of the same book through the “Amazon Upgrade” program.

About forty percent from sales of the Amazon Amazon associate and affiliate marketing so-called third-party sellers who sell their products in Amazon [citation needed]. Customers associate commission referred to the Amazon Amazon link placed on its Web site, the results of the sale if the referral. In Shijiefanwei, the Amazon has “over 900,000 members” in its affiliate program. Amazon reported over 1.3 million sellers sold products through Amazon’s Web site in 2007. Unlike eBay, Amazon sellers do not have to maintain separate payment accounts, payment processing of all the Amazon.

Employees can directly access the catalog on its Web site using Amazon Amazon Web Services (AWS) of the XML service. A new subsidiary products, aStore, the association is embedded in a subset of Amazon products, or link to another site. June 2010, Amazon launched product recommendations seller (said to be internally referred to as “Genesis Project”) to provide more transparency, vendor-specific products recommended for sale to a third party Amazon seller. Product recommendations are based on customer’s browsing history.

January 2010 survey found that third-party vendors Auctionbytes.com, Amazon fourth. amazon.com second “profit.” The lowest rating, but still above average, in the “ease of use.” Amazon seller that clearly defined rules, provides a steady stream of traffic list, with a focus on reducing part of the community. amazon.com came in second place in the sales recommendation category.

Focus on amazon.com bookshop system, there has several important features that we need to know, first is clearly item catalog system, Amazon have many items are selling on their web site, such as books, digital devices, shoes, clothes, Toys, etc. although there are too much items on bookshop system, it is very clearly and easy to find, as the same time, Amazon provide a powerful item search engine for user to search their favorite products. It is one feature that Amazon to attract users visits them and purchase items.

Another important point is shopping cart system and member system. Amazon provides are powerful member system that every customer need create one member account on Amazon.com for purchase items and transfer payment. Looking for Amazon’s member system, it must have enterprise level database server to support large size transfer and member record.

Shopping cart is one system on Amazon that we need to pay attention to. When user browsing and shopping on Amazon.com, if they have some favor item they want to buy, they can put it into shopping cart. Finally, they may go to shopping cart page to check what they had bought, if user accept to buy all items, they may direct transfer payment. If user’s order has any change, they can remove any item from shopping cart, that will not to pay extra charge and the total amount will real time change.

After studding Amazon.com, we are summary that online bookshop system is one good idea to develop. We are focus on marketing and technical.

In recent years, online shopping has become popular, but it still caters to upper middle class. For online shopping, must be able to have access to a computer, bank accounts and debit cards. Shopping has evolved with the growth of technology. It is found that e-commerce in the diary, if we focus on the demographic characteristics of shoppers in the family, in general, the higher the education level, income, occupation of head of household, a more favorable perception of non-store shopping. An influential factor in consumer attitudes of non-store shopping is exposure to technology, because it has been demonstrated to increase the probability of exposure to technology development to increase the favorable attitude of the new shopping channel.

Expanded the target audience online shopping men and women of the middle class. Initially, the main users of online shopping is young men, high income level and university education. This profile is changing. For example, the early years of the Internet in the United States there are very few women users, but to women in 2001 were 52.8% of the online population.

Focus on technical of bookshop system, nowadays, hardware and software develop maturity for use to design powerful web programming and database system, we have a lot of choice to implement bookshop system, such as Windows server, Linux, Solaris, UNIX and AIX system for operating system. Database systems have MYSQL, MSSQL and Oracle. CGI Programming had PHP, Perl, C++ and Framework .Net. We are most likely to choice open source resources. They are Linux, Apache, MYSQL and PHP. The advantage of open source resources are low cost for develop. It is very suitable for us that we without too much develop capital.

Context diagram of the online book shop system

A context diagram is a data flow diagram, with only one massive central process that subsumes everything inside the scope of the system. It shows how the system will receive and send data flows to the external entities involved. The online book shop system including three functions: customer, Supplier, and The best book shop. Clients apply for membership and can buy book online. The member function is mainly for purchasing book online. When guest be a member of online book shop, they can purchase view the book detail and purchase it online though credit card. The supplier will provide book’s information to the best book shop, after that, their book will be a product of online book shop; they will return profit and book selling status. The best book shop mainly provides the online platform and maintain for it.


The aim of the research program is to develop an online book shop .The intention is to understanding of the modeling and installation of a data-driven system, information systems planning, project management, rapid application development and end-user systems development.


To develop a user-friendly e-commerce website.

To provide different books for customer to choose

To develop a web interface for administrator access to update book store

To provide information of book

To setup the book price and purchase online

Dataflow of customer

The first step in the process of buying the product is to apply for membership. After registered, user’s data will store in database and only registered member can see book detail and purchase. Then, customer will choose their wish list and add in the cart, after that, the data will store in database. While client click go to payment, it will redirect to payment gateway to process it. Whatever the payment is success or not, the payment gateway will return. If payment success, book shop will prepare the delivery.

Dataflow of supplier

The online book shop will provide login and password to supplier. When supplier login into the system, they can update their book information and add some new book into the system. While submitted the data, the online book shop will approve or reject the product. If approved the product, the book will display on the book store.

Dataflow of the best book shop

The best book shop is the administrator of the website; they provide maintain and update product information. After administrator login into system, they will update the website data, approve the product provide from supplier or download sales report, purchase report else.

A picture below show an Entity Life History for a member:

The Figure shows the entity life history for a member. A member begins its life by a New member”, and ends it by a “Close”. When a member join the membership and confirmed, it will start the member lift cycle ( purchase book the website).


Kent (1978) explained that database is a model of some aspect of the reality of and organization. A data model allows us to treat a database as an abstract machine. In other words, we can concentrate on the principles of design divorced from an immediate concern with implementation.

There have three database packages suitable for their website, relational database, object -oriented database and Object-relational database. The basic data structure of the relational model is the table, thus all relations (tables) in a relational database have to adhere to some basic rules to qualify as relations. An object- oriented database can be said to provide a middle ground between relational database and object-oriented database, which means it included with a programming API for storing and retrieving objects, and little or no specific support for querying. An Object-relational database is a database management system (DBMS) similar to a relational database, but with an object-oriented database model: objects, classes and inheritance are directly supported in database schemas and in the query language.

Three database packages would be suitable for the setup business directory.

Relational Database

Edgar F. Codd (1970) invented the relational database in 1970, relational database are based on relational set theory which is the structure of a database. A database is simply a collection of one or more relations or tables with columns and rows. Because of serials relations of tables, Normalization is a vital component of relational model of database. Normalization was an integral part of the relational model which increases complexity and processing.

Benefits of relational database are that the system is simple, flexible, and productive. Because the tables are simple, data is easier to understand and communicate with others. Relational database are flexible because users do not have to use predefined keys to input information. Also, relational database are more productive because SQL is an easy and human-readable language. SQL instructions are in the form of plain instructions, which can be put to the database for implementation. This allows users to spend more time inputting instead of learning. The other important advantages of relational database include their performance, power, and support to new hardware technologies as also flexibility and a capacity to meet all types of data needs. More importantly, relational database biggest advantage is the ease with which users can create and access data and extend it if needed

But there are limitations to the relational database management system. First, relational database do not have enough storage area to handle data such as images, digital and audio/video. The system was originally created to handle the integration of media, traditional fielded data, and templates. Another limitation of the relational database is its inadequacy to operate with languages outside of SQL. After its original development, languages such as C++ and JavaScript were formed. However, relational database do not work efficiently with these languages. A third limitation is the requirement that information must be in tables where relationships between entities are defined by values.

The three fundamentals of a relational database are that all information must be held in the form of a table, where all data are described using data values. The second fundamental is that each value found in the table columns does not repeat. The final fundamental is the use of Standard Query Language (SQL), such as MYSQL or Microsoft’s Access.

MYSQL Available from: http://www.mysql.com/ [Accessed 23 January, 2009]

Microsoft’s Access Available from: http://office.microsoft.com/en-us/access/default.aspx [Accessed 23 January, 2009]

Object- oriented database

To combat the limitations of relational database and meet the challenge of the increasing rise of the Internet and the Web, object-oriented database developed in the 1980s. The most important characteristic for object-oriented database is the joining of object-oriented programming with database technology, which provides an integrated application development system.

The object-oriented database has many advantages and benefits. First, object-oriented is a more natural way of thinking. Second, the defined operations of these types of systems are not dependent on the particular database application running at a given moment. Third, users are allowed to define their own methods of access to data and how it will be represented. It can store more types of data, and access this data, and much faster than relational database. Another benefit of object-oriented database is that relationships are represented explicitly, it support large number of relationships between the objects.

However, object-oriented database also has disadvantages or limitations. One disadvantage of relational database is that it lacks a common data model. There is also no current standard, since it is still considered to be in the development stages. Also there are unavailability of object-oriented CASE tools and confusion with too many different object-oriented development methods.

Object-oriented database use a query language called object query language (OQL) to manipulate and retrieve data. object query language supports object referencing within tables. Objects can be nested within objects. Python is an example of Object-oriented database.

Python Available from: http://python.org/ [Accessed 23 January, 2009]

Object- relational database

Object-relational database management systems grew out of research that occurred in the early 1990s. It can handle new types of data such as audio, video, and image files that relational database were not equipped to handle. In addition, its development was the result of increased usage of object-oriented and a large mismatch between these and the DBMS software. Object-relational database are systems that “attempt to extend relational database systems with the functionality necessary to support a broader class of applications and, in many ways, provide a bridge between the relational and object-oriented paradigms.”

One advantage of ORDBMS is that it allows organizations to continue using their existing systems, without having to make major changes. This can be referred to as reuse. It gives rise to increased productivity both for developer and end-user A second advantage is that it allows users and programmers to start using object-oriented systems in parallel. Also, it able to handle and query large and complex applications.

Though Object- relational database have some advantages by the way of using object oriented features, it is also not fully solving the problems. Object-oriented database have some disadvantages like Complexity and SQL is now extremely complex thus query is hard to optimization.

Many SQL object- relational database are extensible with user-defined types and custom-written functions, such as Oracle.

Deploy a database on the Internet

To deploy a database on the internet, we need serial process to do it. The client side can use browser as tool to access the database. The server side has to setup a web server. Client sent the request to the server though browser. When database saved the record and it send back response though browser. Browser process all the database action. We can build/design the web site by using dreamweaver.

Window platform

We can install IIS as our web server in window platform.IIS support Active Server Pages (ASP) which is a technology that enables you to make dynamic and interactive web pages. ASP pages have the extension .asp instead of .htm, when a page with the extension .asp is requested by a browser the web server knows to interpret any ASP contained within the web page before sending the HTML produced to the browser. This way all the ASP is run on the web server and no ASP will ever be passed to the web browser. Access or SQL server can be use for database.

Linux platform

Linux is a perfect platform for setup web server. We can install Fedora as our OS package. Apache would be the best web server. The program side we can use PHP which is a freeware for build up web page. The database can use MYSQL as database server, it’s a relational database.

An Entity Relationship Diagram of the online book shop

Entity Description

Entity Name: publisher

Descriptions: The storage of the publisher details.

Data Element Content:






Entity Name: book

Descriptions: The storage of publisher’s book.

Data Element Content:










Entity Name: book_price

Descriptions: The storage of book’s price.

Data Element Content:





Entity Name: member

Descriptions: The storage of member data

Data Element Content:









Entity Name: member_order

Descriptions: The storage of member’s order on website.

Data Element Content:





Entity Name: member_order_detail

Descriptions: The storage of order’s detail

Data Element Content:





The following tables are in 1NF:

The following tables are in 2NF:

The following tables are in 3NF:

Relationship Description between Entities

member & member_order & member_order_detail

The relationship between three databases are one to many, that means one member will have more than one member_order record, but one member_order record will have one member record only. Also, one member_order will have more than one member_order_detail, but one member_order_detail relate to one member_order only.

Publisher & book & book picture

The relationship between three databases are one to many, that means one publish will have one or many book records, but one book will have only one publisher. And each book may have more than one picture.

Member_order_detail & book

The relationship between two databases are one to many, one and only one book record will in each member_orde_detail, but only one book will have more than one member_order_detail records.

Screen shot:

Home page

Book detail

Add to cart:

A Login Page:

Member registration:

Search book:

Training Plan:


Time/Training Materials

I. Review (all together)

A. [Training goal] Describe the online book system.

10 minutes

Whiteboard (as needed)

II. Overview (all together)

A. [Overview] Go through the system step-by-step.

B. [Training objectives] Describe the function of the system.

C. [Importance] Review the interface of the system.

30 minutes


III. Presentation (all together)

A. [Concepts] Plan using by using mnemonic acronym

B. [Steps] Review each function and the emphasis it covers

C. [Demonstrate] Q & A about what each step means

D. [Examples] Outline for Presenting Class

2-3 hours


IV. Exercise (small group)

A. [Applications] Practice in group

1-2 hours

Group discussion

V. Summarize

A. [Q & A] Ask for any improvement.

30 minutes

Whiteboard (as needed)

Installation Guide – Install MYSQL Database Server

Once implement bookshop system, we need create related database for record information that create by bookshop system or input from users. Bookshop system is using MYSQL for backend database system, please visit http://www.mysql.com for more information and download MYSQL DBMS software.

Fist visit http://www.mysql.com , you will see “download (GA)” on the top of the web page, click this button and the page of body will change to download information, scroll down the web page, you can find MYSQL Community Server, it will show a short description and version no of this DBMS. Click “download” button (with red circle remark on figure) to enter download MYSQL DBMS.

After enter download page, you will see different package of database system, you need to choice which operating system for your database server. For example, if you are using windows server, please choice Microsoft Windows, and there have 32bits and 64bits version for user install. We recommend download package that with installation execute.

Directly double click the file you download from mysql.com for MYSQL server installation, setup program will ask you question step by step to help you install MYSQL DBMS in to windows system, such as where you want to install MYSQL DBMS, and which component you want to install. We recommend you setup MYSQL on the root of the server that such as “C:MYSQL” on windows system. It is because it let user easier to operate and manage data on database system. And we recommend user use “complete” method to setup MYSQL, it make setup program install all of MYSQL DBMS component into the windows server, it reduce the problem that we may need reinstall some components when MYSQL system report something missing when system running. Please follow below pictures to setup MYSQL DBMS.

Double click “mysql-essential-ver-win32.msi” that you downloaded from mysql.com

Straight forward to DBMS

Click “Next”

We recommend choice “Complete” to let setup program to install all MYSQL components into windows system.

Click “Install” to start installation.

Waiting setup software copy file.

Install procedure competed, and program will ask you to configure MYSQL server, we recommend configure it as the same time.

After setup procedure, now we are going to MYSQL database server configure wizard, it is one important procedure that it may affect database server performance. The method of database setting is as same as installation procedure that setting database step by step. Please follow below step to configure database server for bookshop.

The first question asking by configuration wizard is detailed configuration or standard configuration, standard configuration is one simply configuration way that configuration wizard will set all setting with default setting, but this setting cannot satisfy heave work loading of bookshop system, so, please choice detailed configuration, detailed configuration requires users to configure database server step by step, there are server type, database usage, data file location, users connection number, service port, character set, services install and root account setup. Follow below step to modify setting for suitable with bookshop system.

Server type have three options, they are developer machine, server machine, dedicated MYSQL server machine. Developer machine is one setting environment that provides for programmer to develop program and database, under this setting, MYSQL server will not use all o


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