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Creating A Hotel Room Reservation System

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The Hotel Management System is a hotel room reservation system and management control system. The purpose of developed this hotel Management System is to assist the management and also the receptionist staff to have a better and more efficient way of performing booking tasks towards the customer.

It is very important for hotel to own an efficient system. A hotel business will be affected by how they manage the hotel’s and room booking process, as because normally customer will dislike to wait for a long time for the booking process to get their room, so the hotel should own a better managerial system and also a more efficient room management system. Booking a room considered is an easy task because the customer just need to walk to the receptionist counter and give them necessary particular and information. If the customer need to make advanced booking, the just needs to contact our hotel receptionist, and give them information and when they need the room to the receptionist staff. And also the customer booking room when the buy flight ticket by online booking.

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This system also help to reduce the time take to search customer information and room information, because with this new implement system the receptionist staffs just need to input the customer IC / Passport number to get the customer’s information if they are repeated customer. Compare to the paper work will consume a long time to search customer information and the paper work information may lose and torn due to keep for a long period.

By having an efficient room reservation system, the time take to check-in and check-out time will reduce and the customer will get their room faster compare to paper work based. This system helps the management to manage their room rates due to different season. The room rates are fall into 3 categories which are low, peak and super peak. The management can change the rates anytime through the database.

The management has the privilege to add, edit, or remove staff login, the management also has the privilege to change their password anytime. The receptionist staffs, able to perform task which reserve room for their customer, check in and check out for the customer, the staff also able to edit the customer information. The hotel reservation system gives and helps the management and receptionist staff by reducing their workload.

2.1.1 Problem face by the Current System

Receptionist staffs need to do a lot of paper work to record the data.

It takes a long time to search for the customer detail and room information.

Sometime, their past customer’s details were loss, especially for those who return to stay in the resort after a long period. It also slows down the registration process when using the old manual way

The costs for the room are difficult to calculate, especially in different season due to hotel having different type of room.

Many customers in the resort were frustrated about having to switch rooms because of room allocation problems.

2.1.2 Scope Management

Project scope management includes the processes involved in defining and controlling what is or is not included in a project. In ensures that the project team and stakeholders have the same understanding of what products will be produced as a result of the project and what processes will be used in producing them.

The main processes involved in project scope management include:-

Scope Initiation – beginning a project or continuing to the next phase.

Scope planning – developing documents to provide the basis for future project decisions.

Scope definition – subdividing the major project deliverables into smaller, more manageable components.

Scope verification – formalizing acceptance of the project scope.

Scope change control – controlling changes to project scope.


2.2.1 Scope of Work

For this project, the team will perform various activities to complete the proposed system. Firstly, the team will conduct a background study on the problem that occurs in that organization. To complete this stage, various methods to collect information will be performed, such as questionnaire, interviews, and observation. The information collected from these ways will help the team to accumulate as much information as needed for them to come to a solution.

Once the team has reached to a final word on the suitable system, it is the next task to study an existing system which would reflect to the new system to be developed. By studying the similar system, the team would get an idea on how the new system should behave.

Next, based on the information gathered, a database will be designed to integrate all the necessary details collected previously from the study and comparison conducted. Along with it, a prototype of the system to be developed is designed and shown to the client for approval. Once it has been approves, then the most suitable development tools will be finalized. The following development tools are required for the system:

i) Hardware ii) Software

Intel Pentium IV 2.0GHz Processor Visual Basic 2008

256 MB RAM MS SQL Server 2005

CD ROM Drive

Video Adapter Card

VGA Monitor

80 GB Hard disk

Keyboard and Mouse

The development will commence once the prototype has been approved. Later, the system will have to be tested using various test plans and finally it will be implemented once it is free from errors and satisfies the requirements.

2.2.2 Location of Work

The work shall be performed at the residence of each team members .Meetings are carried out at Side Café or Class room at a time agreed by every member.

2.2.3 Applicable Standards

The applicable standard is the ISO, which the widespread adoption of International Standards means that suppliers can base the development of their products and services on specifications that have wide acceptance in their sectors.

ISO 9000 is concerned with “quality management.” This means what the organization does to enhance customer satisfaction by meeting customer and applicable regulatory requirements and continually to improve its performance in this regard. ISO 14000 is primarily concerned with “environmental management.” This means what the organization does to minimize harmful effects on the environment caused by its activities, and continually to improve its environmental performance. These two standards are important and need to be implemented.

2.2.4 Acceptance Criteria

The acceptance criteria for this system would be

Accuracy – Deliverables shall be accurate in presentation, technical content

Clarity – Deliverables shall be clear and concise, computing terms shall be used, as appropriate. All diagrams shall be easy to understand and relevant to the supporting description.

Timeliness – Deliverables shall be submitted on or before the due date

specified in the Schedule of Deliverables


Pangkor Island Beach Resort


User requirement analysis

System Requirement Analysis

Identify project limitations and constraints


2.1 User Interface

2.2 Database


3.1 Evaluate the design of interface and database

3.2 Investigate the design of interface and database

3.3 Confirm the design of interface and database


4.1 Coding of the system

4.2 Implement coding


5.1 Preparation of test plans

5.2 Perform testing

5.3 Stub Test

5.4 Integration Test








Herma wati




Kajen ,herma

Herma wati


Hubert Tan

Herma wati





Project Manager








Scope Management



Scheduling Management




Staff Management



Cost Management



Risk Management



Communication Management


X – Person in charge

H – Helpers


Setting up the resort reservation system







Fax Machine

Personal Computer



System Analyst

Project Manager


System Tester

Setting-up Expenses

Programming Software

Telephone Line


Software and Hardware


Electricity Bill

Telephone Bill


As a conclusion we have learnt quite a lot of new thing which we need to do before we start our project. This part is consider the most important part because this part is the planning part, without a proper planning, our project will face high failure rates.

In this chapter, we have to plan the statement of work, work breakdown structure, cost breakdown structure and also the strategic importance of the proposed system. We need proper planning for the three parts in this chapter.

In this chapter, we have learned how to break the work package to include the person responsible for the package. We also set the start and finished dates and the relation of other tasks as well. We have also estimated the cost which needs to build up the system.


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