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Components of Information Technology

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1. Information System: Information systems0 are0 utilized by organisation 0to 0gather, keep, 0 procedure, arrange, analyse and distribute0 information that may be used0 by distinctive branches to0 get information on0 positive matters. 0 The motive of data system is0 to create the unprepared facts0 into valuable figures for0 commercial enterprise0 settings that may be used for selection0 making procedure. 0Therefore, all business depend on statistics systems0 to use their special0 operations, compete in the0 market and to co-operate0 with0 suppliers and0 customers. (Zwass, n.d.)

There are six 0types0 of components of information 0technology. This0 all six components are 0working together.

Hardware/Software: Hardware is0 a part of physical components of 0technology such as monitor, keyboard, disk0 drive and some other tools. For the0 small scale business man0 store their all data only one or two0 computers because0 one or two computer0 are enough ton small 0scale business. Mostly large0 scale business man0 store their data0 survey computers because0 one and two0 computers are0 not collect to much data. (Hope, 2019)

Software: Software is 0a set of packages or instructions that0 supply commands to computer0 to do certain duties. Computer0 software program can be0 divided into categories- device0 software and application 0software. System0 software manage with the0 hardware, statistics files and0 simplifies programming. (Rouse, 2019)

Data/database: Data0 is very powerful (valuable) device0 for any organization and it’s also0 intangible like software. This0 collected data can help0 firms to make choices0 and these selections0 may be analysed to0 display organisations effectiveness and0 upgrades (Rouse, 2017). Therefore, 0 amassed facts0 needs to be0 correct as viable as0 saved in logical approach0 due to the fact0 that statistics will0 help to create0 records that will be0 utilized by specific functional0 branches of the0 enterprise. Data0 can be in distinctive0 paperwork along0 with text, graphic, 0 audio, video 0and so forth. (Rouse, database (DB), 2019) 0

Procedures/Policies: Procedures 0are techniques0, plan, techniques0 and tips0 for retaining and 0operating an information0 gadget. In example, 0 methods should0 be well established 0to run an employee’s database0 involving of whose0 lawful (authorized) man or0 woman to0 run it. (Henshall, 2017)  (KENTON, 2019)

People: Procedures are schemes0, plan, guidelines, 0 and suggestions 0for conserving0 and working a data0 system. In instance, methods0 should be0 well set up to run a0 employees program0 inclusive of who is lawful0 (authorized) person to run it, 0 what time to0 run it and who0 have practice 0to the 0output.

Purpose: The purpose of 0information0 system to generate0 the raw 0material. Which0 can used to0 easily use to decision making. Furthermore, 0there are huge amount0 of information0 is planned to support 0a specific0 procedure.

  • TPS: The 0Pass management0 has taken away0 prison repute0 for masses0 of thousands 0of migrants, most0 of whom have0 lived inside0 the United 0States for0 more than0 fifteen0 years. (Felter, 2018)
  • DSS: A decision 0support system (DSS) 0is a computer program 0used to support 0definitions, judgments0 and actions in an0 organization or company. DSS analyses 0and analyses huge0 amounts0 of data, collecting0 complete information 0that can be used0 to solve 0problems and make 0decisions. (SEGAL, 2019)
  • MIS: The 0MIS facilitates 0the middle control0 in brief 0time period 0planning, target0 putting and0 controlling the0 business features. 0 It is supported through 0using the management0 equipment of planning0 and 0control.


 Functions: The features 0of figures instrument play 0a very vital0 role in supporting0 company to enhance0 overall performance. 0Organisations use different0 0functions of statistics system0 gain their commercial enterprise0 goals and to compete with their competitors. 0 Therefore, Sunrise flower Company can use0 several features0 of information0 gadget for increase 0of their0 enterprise.

Information0 technology system is used 0to allot of business0 purposes, like now with the help technology people can easily communicate with each other. In the present 0time, IT have great0 effected on all organisation0 with health, 0 education entertainment0 etc. This technology 0have many positive0 and negative0 effects as well. This 0are the advantages 0of IT

  • With the0 help of technology 0sunrise Flower0 Company can easily0 share the information0 with their0 employees.
  • Sunrise 0flower0 Company is a0 small scale company, 0so owner can 0easily handle0 accounting0 software and owner0 can easily save money0 because owner can easily0 operate yourself.
  • IT can easily create 0strong relationship0 with their customers0 and customer can easily 0check any deal.

There are 0also some drawbacks0 available as well.

  • Sometime0 it can be expensive0 for small companies and0 some small companies0 cannot afford.so this is the 0drawbacks
  • Some customers are0 uneducated so0 uneducated person0 don’t know how to use 0this types of software0 so those types of0 person face0 allots of problems0. (Ramey, 2012)
  • Educating and learning functions: Sunrise0 Flower Company provide0 the education for the uneducated0 employees and0 after having better0 good performance0 then sunrise companies give0 a proper performance 0for the skilled.
  • Strategy & Planning function: It is many activates whole with the aid of the control for the long time objectivies.so sunrise0 flower 0company can0 make the some0 plans to different0 strategies to run all0 operator smoothly. 

Structures: There0 are huge amount of0 business structures0 such as sole0 trade, partnership and cooperative etc. Solitary trade0 is very simple structure 0because in this0 structure only one individual0 who maintain and operate0 all the0 activities in this 0structure. This are divided into some different stages.


  • Management Support: All the0 manager 0and supervisor are0 working in the 0manager support. Mangers0 are only work on new 0plans, like how company 0can get more profit and0 they have plan about how to0 manage all the staff.
  • Operational support: An0 operations0 0support associate0 is a person who0 handles0 clerical responsibilities0 for an enterprise’s0 top0 executive. Operations0 support buddies work0 in a0 extensive range0 of industries and0 manage an array0 of obligations. They solution00 telephones, forward0 messages, fax documents, 0 respond to emails0 and0 greet customers0 and customers. These0 friend’s typically0 file totally to0 the individual0 in charge of0 the0 organisation.


Cultural context of business: Cultural0 context is very0 substantial in0 corporations 0as one of a kind humans 0paintings collectively0 with special0 cultures backgrounds, 0 languages, perception which0 can creates 0obstructions0 at place of business0 among all workers that can 0have an effect on0 the work atmosphere 0and business0 enterprise’s income. For example, with the help of IT, workers are easily communicate with each other’s and they have easily share their ideas and they can easily finish their work. Workers stress level has been be reduce.


We 0all know 0 that, Histories 0 drives the 0way to 0improvements. An 0innovation ends in 0enterprise fulfilment. No 0you may consider 0any enterprise 0without the invention 0of technology. Information 0technology has 0diverse influences 0on the unique 0factor of commercial enterprise

  • Automatic business processes: With 0the automation 0of commercial 0enterprise processes, the 0efficiency and productiveness 0of the business 0improves. The automation of 0processes in  0the agencies helps to lessen 0cost and save instances. This saved 0time may be used 0for other efficient 0operations. The automation is finished by 0using diverse software’s.
  • Cloud computing: the concept 0of cloud computing increasing 0day by day in every 0business. With the help 0of cloud computing 0people can easily 0grow their business. Cloud 0computing makes use of data 0generation to capitalize on its capability 0to offer progressed agility and 0time and resource 0control for groups.



4. Business Planning: Business0 Planning may be very critical0 element of any 0a successful business 0creativity’s management. It0 could be very essential0 for business 0owner to generate a0 proper making plans 0consisting of0 dreams, objectives, chance 0factors and effective0 advertising0 techniques. The commercial 0enterprise dreams0 and objectives should be0 SMART (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant and Time primarily based) because0 unique objectives honestly0 states what needs to acquire, while it’s miles0 to be completed 0and with0 the aid of whom. The measurable0 intention helps to understand0 that if the management is on0 proper track to acquire0 businesses objectives. Moreover, while0 setting commercial0 enterprise objective 0make sure that goal0 is manageable0 and commercial enterprise0 targets ought0 to be applicable0 to the tune along0 with increase sales, 0 boom product 0consciousness. In addition, 0 desires ought0 to be time0 based that could0 help to0 obtain enterprise 0goal on time and business0 desires to set a sensible0 closing date for completing0 extraordinary obligations to gain 0commercial enterprise goal

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Organizational control: Organizational0 employ objectives0 is a technique0 of distributing, calculating0 and regulating 0assets (assets) to obtain0 enterprise desires. This commercial 0enterprise manipulate0 make plans greater0 powerful and it helps0 managers to make0 higher choice. Additionally, 0 manipulate0 make managers0 to aware approximately 0problems and deliver records this0 is crucial for0 making selection. Many people0 emphasise that0 because the 0nature of commercial0 enterprise has modified, so 0employer control0 should be there to0 control organisational0 distinct activities. New0 kinds of enterprise, which0 include Self‐organizing companies, self‐controlled groups, and community agencies, permit agencies to be more responsive and adaptable in facility days. 000

There are 0some major activities as0 well.

  • Establishing performance standards: In sunrise0 Flower Company supervisor wishes0 to analyse and measure the0 progress, offer feedback and give0 proper education to teams0 for attain enterprise0 goals.
  •  Reporting and monitoring performance: this is 0vital part of each investment 0technique it help0 to offer correct0 information0 to stake holders0.

(Beets, 2008) 


Economy of scales: Usually the economy of scale refers back to the reality that the single operation might be the highly-priced than the mixed of severe operations collectively. Management information gadget allows the Yellow Flower Company to work speedy as severe operation can be combined and the information or facts may be despatched from one branch to any other on very excessive velocity.(KENTON, 2019)







6. There are mostly0 six types of 0development of lifecycle (alwan, 2015) 0

Planning: planning plays a very0 important role in0this stage. Sunrise flower company’s managers0decided and discuss with each other what are the major problem and how this problem can be solved0and management0easily analyse how to make0new products and0how to improve old products etc.

Analysis: The second stage of the0survival cycle is the analysis, where0the Sunrise Flower Company operates0source their troubles. At this point, team’s0or management look at wishes of all the customer about the new product.

 (Swersky, 2018) 

Design: In this stage, software0and system design0from the0requirement condition. This stage is0very important stage because in this stage0staff members are0design their software0and in this stage staff have0set the suitable design0to any software.

Implementation: operation is the0one of the longest process0in all over the process. This process0is to long so that’s why0it’s divided into some0parts0and then that real testing0is started. This is implementation0process.

Testing: with the0help of this stage, it can0be done in all stages0of life0cycle to check the error (issue). In this0stage, staff can easily know0about the0customer satisfaction related to the new system. Now all business are connected with IT and staff can easily check their review on the internet 

Controlling/ Monitoring: In this stage0check the growth and0compare with sunrise flower0company plan. It can only allow those activities, should0be everybody can easily understand0and easily use this software.



 A migration data0system0 refers to the process of0transitioning from one application0to another Atmosphere for0another. Thus, changes in migration can greatly0affect the Sunrise flowers. The goal0of migration is to0increase the efficiency0of the business0and to transmit0all numbers. From0the old system to the0inventor (current). Since the0Sunrise Flower Company is0small in size

Developing0software transfer is a long0time process, so many people0are needed do these0different tasks like manufacturing, sales, IT and0accounting departments0Members help to gain0endless support for0various activities. In addition, it is0the innovative technology at0Sunrise Flower Company0will help them grow and grow Will0help them beat their rivals.

In addition, the use of new0technologies will help0promote the Sunrise0flower company new feature for the  0websites that are likely to0attract more users their business

(Vignesh, 2017) 








8. Information Management: Information0Management is the0system of gathering0and management of records from0one or greater sources0and allocate that records0from one to extra0viewers. The business0structure should be capable0to address this0information all0through data lifecycle0through the use of more than one0channels that can consist0of cell phone and0internet interfaces. Information0management is a commercial0enterprise duty which require to be0addressed and0tracked from better0degree of management0to the front line0employees.

 (O’NEAL, 2017) 


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