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Communication Skills and Ethical Practice in IT Service

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Wordcount: 3745 words Published: 20th Sep 2017

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Harpreet Singh
  1. Definition of Intra and Interpersonal Communication.

It has taken place within a single person who observes the situation and creates ideas. For example, there is the ongoing case in a court two lawyer protect their clients by arguing with each other and the judge is the person who is observing the situation and take the decision. Interpersonal communication totally depends on some various aspects like self-concept, perception, and expectation.

  1. Self-concept This concept is totally an initial stage of intrapersonal communication, its depend on how a person behave while talking with other and his body language how he is using gestures also his attitude toward the person is he intend to listen to that person although the most import thing is value for the person to whom he is talking all these things define the person’s Internal understanding with himself there are lots of things that can affect self-concept.
  1. Perception Perception in the simple language what is you thinking about others it can be a person or anything.
  1. Expectation Expectation means you expecting something from another person in returns, for example, if you are giving a gift to your friend then you might expect something from him on your birthday.

Interpersonal communication is happening between or more two persons, it supposed to be Face to face communication it can be via video calling or interviewer interview candidate so he will ask questions direct away to the interviewee to make the conversation more clear and check that person’s IQ level or reaction how he reacts. This type of communication will create a long-term relation between two people because they are sharing their feelings or idea. Interpersonal communication can be done to motivate a person so he can elaborate his in front of public or anyplace it will boost the confidence of a person. This type of communication can be done verbally and non-verbally through messages or emails etc.

There are various aspects of Interpersonal communication skills.

  1. Interpersonal communication will increase organizational skills like face to face meeting, it can also enhance group communication skill so that a person can speak in the front of the group of people with the confidence. But this skill should be used in the organization. For instance handling an angry customer.
  2. It will also add up written communication skills like writing emails to clients in a formal way or writing messaging in daily life is the best example of informal written communication skills.
  3. Listening skills plays a vital role in interpersonal communication skills “a good communicator always a good listener” if a person is not listening other people then he does not have good communication skills.

(Faculty buffalostate)

  1. Verbal and Non-verbal communication.

There are many situations when you tried to explain something but you are not able to explain because of the different language or lack of listening skill or might be some other reason in the day to day life. For example when I came to Auckland I face many problems to adopting kiwi accent or the way they speak so my flight land to Auckland airport, no one is there to pick me up and I asked one of the kiwis in the airport how to reach city he replied me sorry because their accent is different from us then I tried to explain him via my gestures then he understand a bit but not exact what I am trying to tell him then he told me to ask someone who knows your local language by gesture as I am new here to its take too much time to understand their accent for me then as I wrote it down on the piece of paper and he wrote on that paper hire a cab ,then I understand what he is trying to say this the first incident happened with me. After that one day, I tried to identify the barriers like where I am lacking and why other people don’t understand my accent.

  1. Language Barriers: – In this as we interact with each other in the same language but speaker use some high vocabulary words that are not used in day to day tasks and the listener not able to understand the meaning of that certain words here the language barriers falls. Like when I came here in Auckland I don’t know much about kiwi’s accent and they use some high vocabulary words that I don’t even hear before.
  2. Psychological Barriers:- In my situation that kiwi guy might be angry on me but he didn’t react that way because he knows how to manage stress or anger in that situation so basically managing stress or anger and giving a feedback is all about overcoming psychological barriers.
  3. Cross-cultural barriers:- In this two person having different cultures and values like that kiwi having totally different culture as compare to me so this barrier might fall while I am trying to interact with him.
  1. Role of personality and self-management in the learning environment.

The role of personality – It plays a vital role in the learning environment because it shows the characteristics of a person like his style to speak with his collages and other people around him, behavior, attitude, and how he convey people with his sweetness, calmness and how he seeing the world is all about personality. If that person is not has attitude of learning new things then no one would take him seriously, so the personality in the learning environment is like how a person indulge in curriculum activities, research, active listening, attitude toward his teacher, study and putting question to gain some knowledge like if a person is not interested in a particular subject then he is lacking somewhere he had to show interest if he wants to build a good personality.

The role of self-management – Self-management refers to how a person manages himself and managing his time, setting aims, self-motivation, building patience, avoid stress, assessing yourself and solving your problem. If you have this kind of skills so your learning will never bother you and it will become a fun activity which helps you to grab more opportunities in your life. Some strategies that will definitely help you in learning environments are:-

  1. Time Management Strategies – Time management is managing your time whole performing day to day activities. In this, you set your priority like which work is more important for you, how you make a plan to do that tasks and you should utilize that given time period as you can. For example if you are working on a project in the corporate sector then there are certain deadline set by them so its depend upon you how complete that project by making some plan and splitting the work among employees, make a commitment like if there is deadline given by company then you set your deadline before company deadline so the project has to be done between that time period and you achieve your goal.
  1. Attitude Strategies – Set an attitude because once you set it then other people around you will never judge you like don’t make excuses other people around you can take your excuse as their advantage.
  1. Concentration – Focus on your works don’t let other people distract your concentration be an active listener, make a list of task in your mind that you have to perform, try to make busy yourself so you can avoid stress and achieve your goals.

(student-learning.tcd.ie, n.d.)

Task (2)

  1. Example of Intercultural miss-communication.

First of all “what is culture” A culture everything you learn about how to speak, how to behave, how to think about of the things like how you think about another person, these things you will be learned by talking with you neighborhoods, parents, teachers and most important is how you observe them by listening actively. Like Your neighborhood can be a Sikh they go to the Gurudwara’s on Sunday and you are following them very steadily here culture falls it is totally your observation towards the world. Now Intercultural communication is two people following different culture their language is diff their dresses sense is diff they hardly talk with each other this is intercultural comm. For example a person working in a company he might be a Christian and there is lots of Hindu working the way that Christian talks are totally different his Facial expression, eye contact, gesture, behavior will create miss-communication between that Hindu worker because they are comfortable to talk to their mother language and another person might have diff mother language so here intercultural miss-communication lies.

  1. Case Study:
  1. Selena should not have burst out without knowing what’s that gesture means for them. It was rude of her to have shouted such words on George.

George disrespectfully calling someone for help. As if they have hired you.

  1. A communication breakdown happens when two parties cannot understand each other language or gesture. In this case, Selena belonging to the South Asian culture misunderstood what raising a hand and snapping figure could mean in Auckland. Mr. George had snapped his fingers in the air to aware Selena that he needs help. However, in South Asian culture snapping fingers to get someone’s attention is considered very disrespectful and that you are being dominated by other person. The same gesture having different meanings in different cultures led to a communication breakdown in this case.
  1. No, nothing was unreasonable or inconsiderate their behaviors. Both of them were unaware of the different meaning of the gesture and so their reactions were justified. However, since Selena is new to the country she should have learnt some of the kiwi gestures and phrases commonly used. Before bursting out on George she could have asked him what that means or told him it’s a disrespectful gesture in her culture.

Task (3)

  1. Advantages and Disadvantages of working in a team


1 Work has been divided equally – A leader having a certain work pressure on him to control this pressure he divides the work to among employee in his team and he makes sure there will be no partiality of workload everyone will put equal effort to complete that work before the deadline.

2 More people more ideas – If there is more member in the team then there will be more ideas and creativity in the work it will take your team to another level of the working environment.

3 Enhance leadership skills- Working in a team will always open up your fear of public speaking, it will improve your communication skill and how you present yourself also your initiative in the team you have to put your legs in the hot water. It motivates you lot by sharing your ideas, views etc.

4 Responsibilities have been shared- As I told earlier if the work is divided equally then the responsibilities has also been shared because someone is perfect is some task so the leader should decide which task is given to the which person who can utilize it properly.

5 Relationship – Working in the team environment will always build up the good relationship with among team members see the ups and down will happen but at the end, if the work is done effectively and the result is above expectation then it will always create better understanding and a good relation.


1 If something went wrong everyone in the team should be blamed.- When you are performing a team work then you always ensure that is everything thing should be going smoothly if one of the team members did mistake then remember everyone in the team will be blamed.

2 Misunderstanding- Misunderstanding happens when there is miscommunication between all team member like there is a team of 5 members and the leader is giving different tasks to each member and when the team member talk with each other they come to know something else like he has been given the same task to all team member it will create confusions and misunderstanding between him and among team members.

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3 Partiality of work- A leader is doing work to overcome from his work pressure when he is giving work to the member of his team who capable more than that limited work other will think this is partiality, they will think he might be his very good friend that’s why he is giving him a simple task so the partiality of the work is always there if your leader is doesn’t having that observing skill he should know the capability of a person and utilize him as per his capacity.

4 less flexibility – Less flexibility leads to late submissions of projects because if the team members are not flexible with each other and they might have to do their own tasks not talking with other might have some ego it will destroy many things.

5 Ideas Collisions – Most important thing while performing in the team more people more ideas different people different thinking so there might be confusion for selecting ideas for a leader he has to think of all team members.

  1. Factors that affect team performance.


In this task 4 team member required equal power, coordination, motivation and timing. I will explain each factor required to lifting a car.

1 Equal power: The first most important factor in this all the member in the team should be physically fit and able to put equal power to lift the car. if one of the team members is not fit then it will trouble a lot, the car might be fallen down on his hand.

2 Co-ordination: If you don’t coordinate with all team member and you have a plan to pull the car then how can you lift it so make a plan and explain to each teaches member how its work.

3 Motivation: Motivation is the requirement to force him-self, yes you can do it so can do attitude will boast your motivation and you will be indulging in all activities automatically that are performing by your all team members.

4 Timing: If you have all those 3 factors in your team then this will lead you to lift the car by setting a time on that all the team member pull the car together and it will lift easily.


To climbing the Everest a team leader must be an experienced one, he should also listen to all the team member because this task requires lots of force one step wrong it will lead to death. In this, each member has to perform an individual task but they have shared their knowledge with each other , also the leader should guide them properly basically the coordination in this task must require. A further thing is motivation willing power are the factor if a person has this quality then he must climbing to Everest.



1 Presenting Yourself – When we talk about effective customer service the factor is how you present yourself in the front of the customer talk politely listen to them and keep smiling while communicating with them.

2 Show Care For Them – Try to involve with customer as much you can while tell them if you are in that situation what you can do give some solution, and guide them in the right way they will be impressed automatically, giving good services is always a benefit to satisfy customer and try to create good relationship with them so that they can trust you easily.

3 Convincing Power: If you build trust then convince them is more easily but some customer won’t convince because their expectation became more from a service representative so you always try to update them by promoting you new products and give them some extra benefits if they will buy they will refer more customer.

  1. The main barriers to customer service in IT business.
  1. Failure to solve complaints quickly

With today’s smart generation, people only reach out to customer care Centre’s of companies only when the problem is real complex. Customer service fails if one isn’t able to serve the complex complaint in the first instinct or immediately direct them to the right person to help them out.

(Real Business, n.d.)

  1. Inability to provide easy access to customers

It should be easy for people to contact the companies to get their issues resolved. Their websites or customer care centers should be easily accessible to all. Failure to provide this a big barrier to customer service.

(Real Business, n.d.)

  1. Not using customer feedbacks

Customer feedbacks satisfy the customers as well as help organizations to improve their customer services in the future. They also help the businesses to know areas where they are lacking and can improve.

(Real Business, n.d.)

  1. Overworked Staff

Having less staff or giving a few people lots of tasks can exhaust them which in turn will lead to loss of interest in working properly. No client will be given importance. The employee will just want finish off the tasks and go home. This will result in dissatisfied customers and hence poor customer service.

(Entre Propel, n.d.)

  1. Underworked Staff

Having all the more staff is a barrier too. Underworked staff might feel they have no importance and that they are not challenged or are not appreciated for their work. This in turn can again have a similar effect as the overworked staff has. Employees might take too long to solve issues since they have plenty of time hence delaying the service and dissatisfying customers.

(Entre Propel, n.d.)

  1. Non-Caring Culture

If the environment of the place where you work is not positive and the staff is careless about their work, a good customer service is not given. Customers are not given importance and the result is unhappy customers.

(Entre Propel, n.d.)

  1. Insufficient Systems

Lack of proper technology when dealing with the customer can lead to the slow and poor performance of the staff. Systems with insufficient data about the customer’s history or any data related to the client act as a barrier to good customer service.

(Entre Propel, n.d.)

  1. Lack of Incentive

Lack of incentives to the staff gives them no reason to perform better customer service. They ll be bored and work just fine without appreciation. Any incentive, monetary or non-monetary, can improve an employee’s customer service.

(Entre Propel, n.d.)

  1. Scripted communication

Clients prefer communication customized for them, not a scripted service. Even though a scripted communication might be easier for the employees but a little personal touch for every customer makes them feel important and hence a great customer service.

(Provide Support, n.d.)

  1. Delayed response

The most common reason for complaints and dissatisfied customers is that they were put on hold for a very long time. A swift response to their queries is the most important part of an excellent customer service. Waiting customers result in poor customer service.

(Provide Support, n.d.)

  1. Not valuing the customers

Staff should know how to value customers otherwise they will not treat the customers as they are supposed to. Mistreating them leads to poor customer service.

(Entre Propel, n.d.)

  1. Poor accountability

The staff should be held accountable for customer service they provide. Otherwise, they will not try to perform better, they will never be blamed for an unhappy customer and so they won’t be willing to improve. Recording and tracking their conversations will result in better customer service.

(Entre Propel, n.d.)


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