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Changes Brought By It Information Technology Essay

Paper Type: Free Essay Subject: Information Technology
Wordcount: 3376 words Published: 1st Jan 2015

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What is Information Technology. Information Technology is the using of computer and software to manage information Laura Schneider, About.com. Information Technology have four developing periods, which are Premechanical (3000 B.C-1450 B.C), Mechanical (1450-1840), Electromechanical (1840-1940) and Electronic (1940- Present). The characteristic of Information Technology (IT) uses to solve the input, processing, output and communication issues.

However, with the development of the society, Information Technology (IT) plays more important role; it has special charm to effect mankind’s life within Arts, Sciences, Education, Commerce and Medical. In fact, Information Technology (IT) has complex functions because of development. The Modern Information Technology Department included Computers, Servers, Database Management Systems, and Cryptography (Laura Schneider, About.com). The department would set up of several system administrators, database administrators.

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On the other hand, what is interpersonal communication? The Interpersonal Communication (IC) is an extraordinary form that happens when 2 or more people work together with another person and reciprocally influence for each other (Fallkowski, 2002). Contemporary their action denotes that the communication associates are having the same information at the same time. Besides, the reciprocally influence means, which affected by the interaction such as thoughts, feelings, and interpretation.

Essentially, Interpersonal Communication is kept and maintained relationships by the human. Moreover, it plays more importance of roles that include People, Messages, Channels, Noises, and Feedbacks. Generally speaking, Interpersonal Communication (IC) can improve people with the education needed for entrance kinds of Careers Company. They will face the challenges of effective communication.

2.0 Changes Brought by IT

In the modern of society, Information Technology (IT) always have a lot of advantages and disadvantages to human; it is an important topic that people can recognize what Information Technology is exactly or mistakenly, and why it also plays the most important role in our daily life. In fact, the world has altered due to assist of Information Technology. The significance of IT can be discovered from the true things that consist of personal PCs, Hand Phones, Fax Machines, Email, and Internet.


With the development of the technology, communication has also become that are cheaper, quicker, and more effectiveness. People communicate with anyone around the globe by simply text messaging them or sending them and email for an almost instantaneous response. The internet has also opened up face to face direct communication from diverse parts of the world. The number of websites start to support that user can download different software, songs, movies, and games at anywhere and anytime. Microsoft Network (MSN) is free software of communication that creates E-Mail, Sending Message and Sharing Space. It also builds own personal place (Blogging) on the website (REDMOND, Wash 2004). In fact, people can use internet that understand different news such as business news, political news, educational news, and others in the world. Besides, more and more colleges and companies are beginning to build virtual office telecommuting systems, which are providing working rates. Students can also study their subjects and managers can increase rate of management.

Changes In the Way We Learn

The rapid development of economy, IT also improves people’s living qualities. When you watched TV or played game, you would think about Information Technology (IT) because many movies and Pc-games were designed by the computer. Actually, Computer and Internet are the best certification, more and more companies pay attention to how to use Information Technology (IT) to manage their company. MAAKL Home Office (MHO) is an unusual software of investment (Personal Money, June 2009), which can be accessed via multi-channels such as a Desktop Computer, Network or Windows Mobile Personal Digital Assistant. Next, Science and Medicine are changed by computer such as Pool Knowledge, Track Complex Behaviors, and Simulate Complex Systems, Patient Care, Research, Special Needs, and Sports Medicine (Roberta Baber, 1997). Moreover, Information Technology (IT) teaches young children how to learn knowledge. In high schools and colleges students can benefit from computer-based learning experience. In addition, education does not stop in the classroom; there are much software that students can choose to learning such as Online Dictionary, History, Geography, and Biology. On the other hand, some scientists use Information Technology (IT) to solve transportation problem, which are consisting of Smart Cars, Air Traffic Control, Airline Reservation Systems, Airports, Logistics, Trains, and Travel Guides and Toward the Future (Roberta Baber, 1997). According to the above examples, we can see that the government agencies, education institution, and industrial do not leave Information Technology (IT).

Time Efficiency

IT has created that it possible for business to be untied all over the globe. This means that a business can open anytime and anywhere, making purchases from different countries easier and more suitable. It also means that you can contain your goods delivered right to your doorstep with having to mover a single muscle. Today the number of people utilize that information can be shared by voice mail, and recorded telephone message can sent from anywhere in the world. Scanners can build a lot of pictures, which change documents. Via fax modems can send documents to a fax machine or photo in other places such as office, building, state, and country. Besides, e-mail has provided the best service to every computer user in daily living (Human Relations, 2006). As a result, we can observe that Information Technology (IT) not only save times and improve working rates, but it also solves barriers of linguistic and geographic boundaries.

Cost Effectiveness

Information Technology (IT) has helped to computerize the business process therefore streamlining businesses to make them extremely cost effective money making machines. This in turn increases productivity which ultimately gives rise to profits that means better pay and less strenuous working conditions. Nowadays, in high-tech communication environment (Human Relations, 2006), which are more and more companies keep virtual offices and networks of workers are connecting technology. No mater they are at outside, airplane, a motel room and communicate with visa e-mail, cellular phone, and fax modern. Moreover, telecommuting is an arrangement that employee can work in their homes, and people scattered in the world to work as one office employees. According to the above event, it is always elucidation that Information Technology (IT) can bring more benefits to commerce.

Junk Mail

Junk mail is email that a personality did not ask for, Unsolicited, funny photographs, advertisement, and junk. There is existing many individual personal’s e-mails, which are including Types of Unsolicited email, Harassing Mail, Chain Mail, Virus Hoaxes, Viruses and Email, and Collateral Spam(Human Relations, 2006). In fact, when someone views the contents, there are many attachments that can shut down an entire operating system. Therefore, the number of jobs will be affected by junk mail. In contrast, some people may accept a little risk because they often use e-mail to contact their friends or relatives. Moreover, almost companies have feedback center, they often use e-mail to solve customer’s problems. When customers check their e-mail, they may receive virus’s mails and junk mails. Thus junk mail also threatens safeties of the computers.

Privacy Problem

It is commonly believe that Information Technology (IT) is communication quicker, convenient, and easier. However, it has some privacy problems in our daily life. For example, when you are using your call phone or computer, you may face that your private information will be obstructed by other people. Therefore, people are beginning anxious about their individual living changing public news. Hackers will use malicious software that sets up Trojan virus on the website such as Google, Yahoo, or MSN to Troll the Web, the companies retain IP Addresses, Search Content, Browser, and User Locations. People often can hear or look about star’s Nude Picture Scandal case. Hong Kong singer and actor Edison Chen happened nude photo scandal on February 21, 2008. (Source China Daily February21, 2008)) As a result, we can observe that Information Technology also has lack of secure guardianship.

Lack of Job Security

Some experts consider that Information Technology (IT) has made job security this problem, which are keeping updating each day. Generally speaking, many IT people are lack of job securities. In the economy downturn period, there are many IT films that face pressure of finance. Therefore, IT workers have more ideas. Some people think that they hard work each day, but the boss does not pay attention to their efforts. Other people feel that they can not only promote, but they also get fewer salaries. However, some people change new jobs, but they cannot adapt new environments because of subject problem. Moreover, some companies will have mergers, buyouts, downsizings, business closings, and bankrupts. In addition to IT is a bubble economy that has more competitive wars. Finally, IT worker’s minds become other ideas.

Dominant Culture

Information Technology (IT) may bring many benefits to human, which are changing communication methods, improving work rate, increasing new opportunity of job, and saving time. However, some people may not suppose that Information Technology (IT) will corrode dominant culture. This means that Information Technologies (IT) have made the world a global village. Human’s communication is changed by IT. We can distinguish that many young teenagers all over the world now act, dress and behave. Famous brands involve Lee, KFC, Pizza Hut, and Hollywood Movies. In contrast, languages also have become overshadowed English the first communication skill. There are 20 hundred million people speaking English in the world. Yet, other unusual languages will be disappeared by the English. For the above reasons explain that Information Technology (IT) not only bring a lot of delightful surprises, but it also changes mankind’s living.

3.0 Effective Communication Using IT

The human race has entered a completely new stage in its history. With the increasingly rapid economic globalization and urbanization, more problems are brought to our attention. How can improve to use Information Technology in communication?

Effective Search Engine

Along with the development of the society more and more problems are brought to our attention, one of which is how to effectively improve development of Information Technology (IT) that becomes a big issue. When data or information grows that many companies are using effective search engine that find variety of information of businesses. Some computer engineers create that engines can be developed for particular organization as well as available tools can be used. For instance, Google is the biggest search engine company in the world. It has collected 20 hundred million information Websites. No mater you are staying anywhere or anytime, you can Google to find information. In contrast, Google also continuously develop new Web Search technology into other search services such as Image Search, Google News, Google Product Search, Google Groups, and Google Maps. For the above example, we can get a result that effective search engine of creation may improve to use Information Technology

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Software Updates

Many experts think that software skills have the largest space of development. Examples involve Operating Systems, Database Management Systems, Network Operating Systems, Data Communication Software, and Compilers. For example, Microsoft still develops new operating systems that include Windows95, Windows98, Windows2000, Windows XP, and Windows Vista. On the other hand, Apple is not only manufacturing computer’s company, it also has new personalized operating systems. Examples include iTunes 9, Safari 4, QuickTime 7, and iWork’09 (Top Apple Downloads (2009). In addition, there are almost call phones that have 3G, GPS, and variety of software. For all the events, we can see that those companies have a common new goal. They prefer to develop quicker software skill because of the biggest commercial opportunity. Thus, development of software skill have belonged how to advance Information Technology.

Improvement of IT Personnel’s Ability

During the financial downturn, the numbers of IT companies also are attention how to improve information technology personnel’s workability. Because they can change company’s survive or perish. In China, Information Technology (IT) is becoming chief trend; there are a lot of college’s students in which learn Information Technology programs. They realize that China is developing the third economic country in the world. When those students graduate, they will have strong professional knowledge that employs all kinds of Information Technology jobs. On the other words, there are many well-know Information Technology (IT) companies in China such as Sina, Netease, BaiDu, Alibaba, and Eachnet. They build up special HR department that train their IT employees. This method can help to establish a good team, which complete company’s task. Moreover, they have one main goal that utilizes the best method in which quickly expand and effectively operate Information Technology (IT) at during short time.


Nowadays, we are entering a brand new era full of opportunities and innovations, and great changes have take place in people’s attitude towards some traditional practices. Information Technology (IT) change a lot of people’s living communication methods. In 1960s, banks began to use computer and magnetic ink recognition to automate check processing. In the 1970s and 1980s, business extended their computer based electronic data interchange (Baldauf & Ralph Stair). Nowadays, E-Commerce is becoming the type of electronic trading, which is using online transaction of business, featuring linked computer systems of the vendor, host and buyer. Examples include Taobao, Travelocity, Hotels, Amazon, Llbean and CompUSA. These websites also offer the best service to their customer, and they always keep updating their information systems and service skills.

IT Products

In fact, more and more Information Technology (IT) products are entering into human’s living. Examples involve Digital Camera, Business Hand Phone, Mp3, Mp4, and Electronic Dictionary etc. we can see that a lot of companies continuously produce new products, which are satisfying customer’s requirement. Some companies develop new environmental IT products. This means that use recycling materials and improve product energy efficiency. Besides, IT product proves that people’s living always develop each day. People use IT product records many wonderful events such as birthday party, students meeting, and wedding ceremony. It cannot be denied that there still exist some advantages of Information Technology products. From what has been discussed above, we may draw the effect that Information Technology product can be effective used by people.

Electronic Library

Electronic Library is devoted to the functions and implications of new technology, digitization, the Internet, user interfaces, automation, and networks in the libraries. Electronic Library has to offer and save function of information that consist of newspaper, books, scientific dissertation, meeting paper, implant case, and work statement. All the above materials will become digital Information Technology. Besides, Electronic Library has a special navigation that help user to find information. Finally, Electronic Library also improves information service, the number of user can easily check, read, and download the best information. All the above suggestions that we can come to the simple conclusion that more and more people are paying attention to how to develop Electronic Library.


Digitization encompasses digital technology of all kinds that serve and support Digital Music, Video, and Graphics. Digitization consists of perception, presentation, display, storage, and transmission. The electronic conversion is accomplished through imaging a process whereby a document is scanned and an electronic representation of the original. With the development of the internet, people begin to use digital media to communicate for each other. In China, there are a lot of businesses of opportunities because digital media is a beginner. More and more films are trying to research and develop digital media in their business. Examples include IPTV, Mobile Telephone (2.5G/3G), and GPS. Besides, Digital Media also affect young person’s ideas such as modish dress, songs, and movies. Based on the above discussion and analysis, we can see that Digital Media is becoming a major trend.


As one of the most important inventions at the twenty-first century, Facebook has a wide application in all aspects of our lives. It plays such an important role that it undeniably becomes the biggest concern of the world. Facebook is a social networking website that develops human’s communication. Some people think that Facebook can construct new communication channels. Users can add friends and send them messages, and update their personal information. Beside, user can join networks organized by workplace, school, and region. Users can use hotmail to find their friends, which are extending their societal opportunities, and they can show their photo, video, daily, and game with their families and friends. User can also set their profiles on public. This allows close friends to send messages and add the user as a friend. Microsoft is Facebook’s partner for serving banner advertising; as such Facebook only serves advertisements that exist in Microsoft’s advertisement inventory. Finally, Facebook has different language systems, which bring a lot of conveniences to human.

4.0 Conclusion

Information Technology (IT) has successful changed human’s life styles and it able to create new IT skills though numerous imaginations. IT has proved that it can provide brilliant services to people’s appetence. As a result, those efforts pay off and Information Technology has achieved this difficult mission. Besides, Information Technology (IT) always summarizes its disadvantages and continuously updates date system that does not wash out people’s view line.

With the great success, Information Technology (IT) is finding new goal, which is combining with communication. Thus, more and more Information Technology products are coming into families. People also adieux strange living and increase person relationship.

However, during the economy downturn in 2008/2009, the number of people are facing unemployed crisis, they lessen a lot of consumption ways. Information also affect so that each IT company may decrease funs to develop new Information Technology skills.

In contrast, Information Technology (IT) has shown that there all advantages service to human’s communication and it has much potential for development in our daily life. These factors are Effective Search Engine, Software Updates, and Improvement of IT Personnel’s Ability, E-Commerce, IT Products, Bluetooth, Digitization, and Networking. Each of them has their potentials in giving services to mankind.


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