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Analysis of the communication process in KFC

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I was formed to make a document and analyze the communication process in one of the worlds successful and largest fast food chain, towards the achievement of business goal. The group chooses the KFC situated in OTAHUHU.

Primary data was collected by interviewing the Branch Manager, preparation of questionnaire for the entire team member to fulfill through actual on site view. After the primary research, all the relevant findings were analyzed and evaluated based on the communication theories learned from secondary sources through our textbook, lecturer handouts, online resources and the organization’s information resources.

The research draws attention to the importance of these findings on how effective, efficient, accurate and up-to-date these communication processes that shoe great impact on the three levels of communication in the main team namely:

Team Communication

Interpersonal Communication

Organization Communication

Findings showed some communication barriers on each level that hinder the affectivity and efficiency of the communication processes towards the achievement of their Team goals affecting the organizational goal’s is well











1.1 Objectives

To complete a portfolio of information processing in a business organization towards the achievement of its goals or objectives.

To determine and make an analysis of the three level of communication that show great impact on the information process of this organization in achieving its goals .These three levels are 1.interpersonal communication. 2.team communication 3.oraganisation communication

To make exact recommendation on current issue is communication process ,if any with literature support and reference.


Kfc is the one of the most leading restaurant chain in the world. It touching the lives of the people everyday. They improved their quality of products and services with the time First kfc was born in 1952 in salt lake city in USA. In past there is no drive thru service in KFC. Its starts in 1987.


2.1 Data collection

I collect this data by using data collection techniques .Its includes primary and secondary data collection .Some data is collecting by communicating with the manager of KFC.

It is a technique or method which we can use to collect the relavant information

There are two type from which I can collect information, these are :-

Primary data collection.

Secondary data collection.

PRIMARY DATA COLLECTION. Primary data is original information that has been collected at first hand for the purpose of this particular research study. Primary data collection is necessary when a researcher cannot find the data needed in secondary sources.

We will do interview and questionnaires for their manager and crews, and do survey with customers.

SECONDARY DATA COLLECTION:- The secondary data will be collected from formal articles, internet, books, sales records etc; all the sources will be shown the reference.

2.1Limitation of the study

In starting I had to face lot of problems to collect the relevant information related to KFC Research. I face many problems to make appointment with the Duty Manager of KFC but He refuse to talk with me after that I make a new appointment with him then i discuss and collect the data from the Manager.


Interpersonal communication is usually defined by communication scholars in numerous ways, usually describing participants who are dependent upon one another and have a shared history. Communication channels, the conceptualization of media that carry messages from sender to receiver, take two distinct forms: direct and indirect. In the interpersonal communication I research on communication between manager and staff member and also research the communication between staff and customers

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(1).communication between manager and staff members. When I research in kFc I found that all the restaurant employees were from the different countries with different backgrounds there are some drawbacks in communication between manager and the staff members the main drawback is rhe language barrier because most of the employees have come from different countries so there languages are different

(2) .communication between customers and staff members. In this KFC mostly women are in the front and attend the customers the ff members behavior of crew members are very friendly and has good communication all staff member are well trained to communicate effective with the customer. The crew members give customer satisfaction through good customer service.there is some barriers in customers and employees.


Status is a barrier in motivation in the organization .some employees does not talk with each other because of their status.


Power becomes barrier in control and motivation when we communicate there is some elements of power and control being expressed by one person to the other or by both if the ue of power is more then the communication is frustrating.


It becomes a barrier in communication when non verbal communication not match with verbal messages .

Organization communication. in the interview with the manager we ask some general questions about the KFC he gave some knowledge

To me about the organization. Communiaction is divided into two major parts 1.internal Organization communication 2. External organization communication.

Internal organization communication .

Organizational goals. The basic goal of KFC on the basis of yearly and they mainly careful about the customer service it also includes the waste of KFC They also want to gave fast service to customer and they also want to decrease there waste as mush they can so.

Information flow within the Organization . In this Organization information flow from higher level to lower level .every information for instense a launch of new product or changing into firstly come to Area manager and then information goes to restaurent manager and reataurent manager called to shift manager and shift manager pass this information to crew members


Dealing with customers . this is the main part of communication in KFC which is used nearly 14 hours perday it sed to handle the problems of the customers as well this part of comminication is used to deal with every customer and this follow method is use to deal with customer.

Firstly smile and greet the customer .

Take the order corrctly by reapeating the order.

At last say enjoy your meal and goodbye.

Team communication:-

In KFC the communication process are set in a pattern that the information goes through higher level to lower level.firstly the information comes to the branch manager then pass to restaurent manager , restaurent manager to shift manager and shift manager to crew members.the role of team members is to contribute towards the goal of Organization they just need to follow the orders and if they have any suggestion they can give in the meetings organised by the team leaders or by the head manager



Interpersonal communication;_

a) Communication between staff and customers

Communication between staff and customers is main part there. In restaurent mostly women attend the customers. The staff is well trainded and experienced. If the staff members are happy with there work enviornment then they can serve the customer well. Manager should also encourage members to deal with customers to aviod any gender basic. The communication becomes better by creating a positive climate. The employes should try to understand the problems of customers. New emplo yees also try to learn from old employees.

b) communication between managers and staff members;

This communcation can be better if the meetings are held at once in a week

Organization communication

Organization communication is vast area where everyone has to be including to targeting the aim and achieving that aim. In the Organization communication the important aspect is the Organization goals and the goals can only be achieved if the staff understand it and communicate about the goal by each other.

In the Organization every individual employee has to contribute to the main Organization goal. Manger should do proper meeting with crew members to overcome communication gap in the Organization. They must take opinions of crew before implementing a new rule in the Organization so they can work as a team all the crew members must speak English with each other apart from any other languages.


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