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Advantages and Disadvantages of SharePoint

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This report provides a detailed description of SharePoint. This report also targets, tasks, attributes, advantages and disadvantages of SharePoint. The SharePoint collaboration program provides a comprehensive enterprise capable enterprise to meet key business needs such as asset management and business processes, which facilitate how people communicate and interact in communication and information solutions. With SharePoint including Microsoft SharePoint 2010 and Microsoft SharePoint Server 2010, as well as offering and customizing the capabilities of Microsoft SharePoint Designer 2010, organizations can allow users to create, manage, and create.

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SharePoint is a cloud-based service that helps companies share and collaborate with their partners and users. With SharePoint, we have access to websites, files, and more from anywhere, at home or from mobile devices. SharePoint is a collaborative networking system that uses database programs and other web features and security features to help businesses work together. SharePoint also provides platforms for companies that are able to monitor access to information and automate workflow across businesses. Microsoft Cloud SharePoint, SharePoint Online can be integrated with other cloud applications. It is also compatible with many Microsoft Office licensed packages licensed for Office 365 or Microsoft 365.

(https://www.avepoint.com/blog/wp-content/uploads/2018/10/share.png, n.d.)


SharePoint has been working for many years, starting from its first day to a simple server management tool that now serves as a manageable and shared file complex. For many years, SharePoint has companies to increase production, create incredible websites and more. It grows with the internet and has more time-varying effects on the internet. Even better is that SharePoint Prospects are extremely futuristic with incredible innovations that are on the path to next generation users. (portalfronthosting, n.d.)

What is SharePoint?

SharePoint is a network-based collaborative system that uses workflow, database, and other features and other security features that allow business owners to work together. SharePoint also provides companies with platforms to use the ability to monitor access to information and automate workflows in all business units.

Microsoft SharePoint Cloud, SharePoint Online has a great mix of cloud computing capabilities. Its functionality is related to many Microsoft package packages licensed by Office 365 or Microsoft 365.

Why we need it


Ensure a simple, familiar and consistent user experience

SharePoint is fully integrated with the consumer electronics, browser and browser software to provide a legitimate user experience that makes it easy for people to interact with running content and business data. This intangible integration, together with a robust “external box” box, helps users to access their own services and easily access products.

Perform daily business activities

Take advantage of the Assistant Wizard, Start, Track, and Report Business Activities, such as reviewing documents and approving issues promoting and collecting registrations. You can complete these actions without encoding. Integration, integrated with customized client apps, email and browser gives you a simple and persistent experience.

Help to meet regulatory requirements

By defining security settings, security policies, audiovisual media policies and complementing standardized business records, you can ensure that sensitive business information is effectively managed. And you can reduce your business risk for your business.

Manage and change content effectively

Customers and content authors can create and submit content for approval and planning on websites or websites. Multilingual content management is simple with a new document demo model designed to link original versions to other translations.

Easy access to business data

Give users access to corporate data found in common business systems, such as Microsoft CRM in SharePoint. Users can also create custom views and interact with the trading system with measurable browsers. Backup File Administration Help The Agency Save and Organize Business Listings in a Central Location.

Connect staff with information and experts

Searching for business includes conversion data, as well as information on human files and websites for accurate and relevant results. Functions such as festivals, justifications, and warnings enhance the importance of results, making it easy to find what you need.

Accelerate shared business processes

Without personal encryption, you can use a smart electronic form to collect important business information from your customers, partners, and businesses through your web browser. Standard Data Standard rules help you provide accurate information that can be inserted directly into the system to avoid disturbances and errors caused by the Data Guide.

 Share without sharing information

Give employees a real Microsoft Office Excel Office site with an Excel service running in SharePoint. Use this sheet to block and share modern and occasional publications that keep personal information with documents such as financial models.

Help workers get better information

SharePoint allows you to set up a mobile website (Indonesia) that meets important businesses from a wide variety of sources, such as online backgammon, online maps, punctuation, key performance, and daily connectivity. The information center will provide users with a unique place to search for news, magazines or performance indicators.

Ensure a single integrated platform

SharePoint is based on an open architecture that supports Web services and interactive standards, including XML and SOAP. This service includes the API and the event display list. These features integrate with existing systems and provide the flexibility to integrate new IT investments. (Solution, 2017)


Some disadvantages

Complex arrangement and maintenance

I pointed this out, but let’s talk about it in detail. Many people think they can buy SharePoint, make some arrangements and get started.

Unfortunately, this is a rarity.

SharePoint has some features outside the box. And you can create something useful with these features only. But if you want to have the features that suit your needs, you will need to work with the developers. This is the weakness of SharePoint.

If you are a large company, you may have a home developer to take care of it (requires ASP.NET skills, which is not unusual). But to get the most out of your money, you must have someone with a clear understanding of how to develop SharePoint. And that’s a rarity. It is also more expensive than we will soon discuss.

This complication is no more than that when you customize your SharePoint. It’s turned on because you have to save and update it now. If you want to install a new plug-in, you may need to re-enter the programmer.

Updating can also damage your settings. So you will need more development to do the job again.

And then there is the whole system. You should keep track of who you are using. How to organize your resources. And make sure your company uses SharePoint effectively. It takes a lot of time.

There is no reason to bring in at least one employee whose work focuses on SharePoint. As you can imagine, it adds significant costs.

Fees for licenses and machines

Yes, we’ve found that SharePoint can be expensive to create and save. But this is not the only cost you’re watching. One of the disadvantages of SharePoint is its licensing structure.

Here’s a quick breakdown:

•         SharePoint Online: 1 $ 5 / user / month

•         Office 365 Business Essentials: $ 5 per user / month

•         SharePoint Online 2: $ 10 / user / month

•         365 Premium Office: $ 12,50 / user / month

•         E3 Enterprise Office: $ 20 / user / month

•         SharePoint Server 2016 (for use in place): $ 2,500 + *

* Succeeds in finding any information about how much it costs to run Share Point. In the study of this article I have seen references to $ 2,845, $ 7,000, and $ 9,000 for server fees. It can count on the number of users that you will be running through this server.

How do you choose between these subscription levels? Your assumption is as good as mine. Some include storage, other includes standard office access (or no office software), you can receive an email or not. Choosing the option is like finding a way out of the south.

Once you find the plan you need, you can read all the pros and cons of SharePoint that you can find. Or create another system.

Staff training is required

Even experienced IT professionals may need training to take the most out of SharePoint traffic. Especially if you’ve made a lot of settings.

Many companies offer SharePoint training, which generally should tell you that SharePoint is not easy to use. If you have more than a few employees, this training will be expensive.

And beyond spending, it will take a lot of time. It may take years to get your full copy of SharePoint. The training of all your staff will be added up until the time the company uses it.

Bad search ability

This may not be like the big deals. What if the feature is not perfect? If everyone uses SharePoint as it should, you will not need advanced search results. You will be able to find something.

That’s how it begins. And you can continue to think a little bit.

But things cannot be controlled quickly (as we will discuss at one point). That means the lease requirement is a big deal. If you search online to discuss SharePoint disadvantages, you’ll find that it’s often mentioned.

This is one of the biggest limitations of SharePoint and is worth considering.

SharePoint is always messy

If you used to work with SharePoint in the past, you’ve seen this happen. You will find files for a few months or a year ago. It is not where it should be. A file that says it should be wrong. Find out who used this last one. Then find out that they have left the company.

This file is missing and you have lost several hours when you can create the file instead.

Large amounts of customizable features, and a wide variety of applications in the company, mean everything is fast and complicated.

Inexpensive SharePoint Best Practices and Job Flows are Spoofing. People begin to cross the corner. The file is forgotten and unnecessary. And within a few years, you have a big mess on your hands. For the long term, it will not affect your employees’ day job.

But after a certain point, SharePoint becomes a barrier rather than a device. (So ​​SharePoint has such bad reputation that many people see this.)

If you use it for short document storage, this is not a big problem. But if you want to create a SharePoint Knowledgebase that boosts your productivity. You may not necessarily be needed.

SharePoint is slow to adapt

SharePoint is like a cruise ship. It’s enormous. No one knows the whole part of it, but it cannot be denied that there is a strong bond. But trying to reverse less than an hour is almost impossible.

Microsoft is a creative company. But introducing new innovations to their products is a big deal. This also includes SharePoint. If you expect frequent updates with new features that will make your company more productive, you will be disappointed.

Small competitors provide a flexible experience. Do you want a new feature? Send an email to the developer and you can get it.

If you want your organization to move and adapt to a new problem quickly, you need a tool that works the same way. SharePoint is not a tool. (ALbright, 2018)


SharePoint allows multiple people to add metadata methods to files for sorting, organizing, and monitoring of content owned businesses. More importantly, a forum SharePoint can force tagging to content, as users enter the business, store them space for collaboration. They can also cause the end user to provide file metadata as part of this process.

Once the content and metadata is in the platform, SharePoint empowers organizations with workflow tools to automate:

  • Works based on information provided by the end user
  • A content cycle tool to open a folder
  • Suspend information based on business policies

Most Fortune 500 companies have been relied on for more than a decade with SharePoint and ecosystems with billions of dollars. With the new capabilities of SharePoint Online as part of the 365 Office / Microsoft 365 Office Administration area, as well as links to services such as Flow, Office 365 Groups and Groups, SharePoint and SharePoint based services, there is more than enough in all industry verticals.


Team work

Teamwork is a general practice of grouping to end up with the most capable ones. There are two types of teams – another official team – unofficial. The official team is organized and eligible. Informal groups are not structured or have and have the same function. They really cannot join. They grow primarily as unprivileged and limited with locations and jobs. An informal group is big enough to support the formal meeting. (businessdictionary, n.d.)

Leader of the group

Group leaders or group leaders are the leaders, leaders, leaders, and authority to meet with different people to achieve key results or respond to corrected outcomes. Leaders talk about managers (manage some teams). Supervisors will report the quantities and outputs to be answered. Leaders often work in groups with similar parts, however, more “leadership” conditions – instead of regular large-scale administration of different and different activities. All members of the team work effectively, group leaders must take advantage of their understanding and ability to meet the common goals. When group leaders are set up in a group, a person can work in the target layout. “Team Leader” is the same as those who can withdraw their performance at a personal meeting. Team leaders use their ability to associate and their impact to identify living groups.

The role of the leader

The role of the team leader is to manage and lead the team. The group’s most powerful leader. The leader has his own wealth to deal with. Henri Fayol has the 5th Framework to keep running right. Preparation, preparation, storage, coordination and management. There are two directors of dictators and democracy leaders. The authorizing officer has full rights and needs all options without the cooperation or advice of different workers. On the contrary, democratic leaders are in contrast to authoritarian leaders who demand the leader to give the opportunity to a representative who has the same interest or power. (study.com, n.d.)

Three methods for decision-making

Directive – This important style, the name coming from, is very clear in the future with a solution and offers specific answers and solutions. So it’s the fastest style among all the other types of decision-making. The style of the leader will rarely consider the possibility when you decide that he wants to. Besides, to understand the situation, a small connection of the type.

Analytic – The style of analysis is flexible because it can work with ambiguity. This line seems to feature in a method whereby the fundamentals of management reflect all possible alternatives and understand the situation.

Conceptual – The style of early decision making of the creativity reflects carefully before deciding. So the long-term effects of their decisions are taken into account when it comes to making the right decisions, it can be the most effective style, but this is the most time consuming because it looks like everyone else. An Analysis Style. (study.com, n.d.)

Advantages and Disadvantages

Directive – The benefits of using this method lead to quick decisions that the manager is personally responsible. In an emergency, the autocratic style is the best choice. It may be less than the effort needed. If an employee or a member of a group is affected by the decision, but not participate in the decision-making process, it may affect the code of ethics. If the outcome of the decision is not positive, the members of the group may feel disturbed and believe they can improve. This can lead to losing confidence.

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Analytic – The benefits of this style, such as team engagement and decision-making by the Alliance, require leaders to be good communicators and listeners. This gives the driver a better understanding of the situation and gives him the opportunity to make better decisions. The disadvantage of a collective decision is that it can be a slow process of decision making and provide little protection because of the number of participants in the process.

Conceptual – The advantage of this approach is that this type of band connectivity plays a role in the success of all solutions. The full participation of this decision style is highly successful, but it is very slow and it can be difficult for the team to work together in this way. This is an important style of decision-making for a long-term team that will enable members to build long and lasting business relationships. (bizfluent, n.d.)

Business Relationship Management

Relationship management is a strategy in which the organization always communicates with the target group. This management can be between company and client or between company and other company The purpose of communication management is to create a partnership between its organization and its readers instead of looking at relationships as an agreement or customer or business. Relationship Management uses any process or strategy that is used to support and promote brand loyalty to their businesses and their suggestions. Often the relationship is established at customer level, but it is also valuable at enterprise level. While a company can hire affiliate managers to fulfil these tasks, it can also include these responsibilities with other responsibilities such as marketing or HR management. Customers who believe their business meets their needs are more likely to continue using their products and services. In addition, levels are maintained. When communicating with a user, the company may find potential problems before proceeding.


Customer service is one way of ensuring the integrity of users with particles or administration. Customer control often occurs when you are changing customers, for example by making an agreement or finding something. Client management can appear as a personal connection, telephone call, self-management, or by different methods.

Customer service is an important part of maintaining uninterrupted communication with customers, which is important to grow with revenue. That’s why many organizations are trying to establish a level of user loyalty. Although many people can upload cameras to the organization, it is essentially a college that is directly linked to a customer that organizes the interests of the whole organization. (salesforce, n.d.)

Example 1: John is a loyal customer. He always advises his friend to come to my shop to buy things. In front of the customer, I have to give him a discount or give some gifts when he buys something. It is best to be friendly with him. We also need to summarize the experiment to make it easier to communicate with other customers.


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