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Advantages And Disadvantages Of ISO 9000 Information Technology Essay

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BS5750 is the British standard on Quality systems. It is equivalent to European standards EN29000 and to the international standards organization ISO9000. In this standard, formalized procedures and required documents are described but do not ipso lead to the quality assurance. The standards are result of Japanese post war total quality management strategy. The total quality management is a strategy to provide high quality and high standard products and services. However, there is criticism that there will not be quality improvement only by adopting the BS5750. A radical rethinking, real adopting and application of philosophy behind BS5750 will ensure the outcome of high standard and quality. For example UK manufacturing industry may want quality system based on BS5750 but may not put proper effort to implement philosophy by developing the managerial capability of their managers. The managers and other employees from quality departments do not consider quality as an important component of the product. It has been proved in research that manufacturing staff have attitude to ignore quality of product. The BS5750 are the series of the national standards which impose UK suppliers and purchasers to act according to ISO 9000 series of international standards for quality systems. The BS5750 guides suppliers and purchasers what is required of a quality oriented systems. The standards are not limited to certain industries and manufacturers but these are universal and can be adopted by all industries to create a quality system. The principles of BS5750 are applicable on either size of industry ranging from two employees to thousands of employee. The standard identifies the basic disciplines and specifies the procedures and criteria to ensure that products and services meet the customer’s satisfaction. The benefits of applying BS5750 includes money saving, consumer satisfaction and high quality product.

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BS EN ISO 9002, Model for quality assurance in production

The ISO 900 standards is an important quality related standard by International standards organization. The ISO 900 quality system is developed to achieve quality standards for management, manufacturing, customer satisfaction and product quality with maximum cost effectiveness. The standards are internationally agreed standards. These consist on series of ISO 9000. 9001, 9002, 9003, 9004. The standards provide international guidance on quality management model. However, the selection of quality management model depends upon the type, nature, process and scale of production. There are certain benefits of ISO 9000 systems. These provide quality systems, inspire confidence, achieve consumer satisfaction and provide cost effective techniques. The standards enable manufacturers to identify, plan and implement tasks with maximum performance method to gain quality product. It provides means to identify resolve and prevent problems and thus improving performance. It enable staff to control own operations and help to create quality awareness, job satisfaction and motivation among them. It also provides procedures to companies to record experience and improves performance by looking back on previous experience. The standard generates data which can be used as an indicator of company’s performance level. The standard provides evidence about quality of the product . It aso indicate the effectiveness of the system so as to build confidence level among consumers. The ISO 9000 quality system aim at preventing and detecting any uncertainty during production, installation and implementation of the means to prevent the occurance of the non conformity. ISO certification 9002 certification has improved the institutional goodwill by analyzing its performance and authority.

Advantages of ISO 9000

There are many advantages associated with adaptation of ISO 9000 certification system. Both business analysts and investors can benefit by implementation of ISO 9000 system. The benefits range from minor staff issues to the operational strategies and impact production and quality of the production. Implementation and adaptation of ISO 9000 systems includes following advantages.

Increased marketability; Companies with ISO 9000 systems provide evidence that company is capable of providing quality product to its customers. The benefit results in enhanced sale and retention of existing customers.

Reduced operational expenditures; The registration process with ISO 9000 system indicates any weaknesses in operational and management area. Thus company is able to improve these operational and management areas before getting registration with ISO 9000 system. Other advantages include saving in both money and timing by saving on the wastage of scrap, return, rework and staff timing to reproduce the product. Improved management control; ISO 9000 registration process is quite complex and need much documentation and assessments. Most of the companies found that registration process itself is a way of gaining guidance and direction through registration process. Increased customer’s satisfaction; The ISO 9000 registration reveal the weaknesses area in which final product quality can be improved.

Improved internal communiaction; The ISO 9000 certification process focus more on self analysis and operations management.

Improved customer service

Reduction of product liability risks

Attractiveness to investors

Disadvantages of ISO 9000

There are certain disadvantages of ISO 9000 but these disadvantages can be removed by staff and management training. Some of the disadvantages are listed below.

Owners and managers donot have an adequate understanding of ISO 9000.

Most of companies have less funding available, therefore companies are finding difficulties to adopt ISO system.

ISO 9000 registration need heavy document workload.

ISO 9000 registration process require long time.

BS 5760-Part 10; Guide to reliability testing

Reliability is the ability of a product to perform its actual function (Armor 1974). Mathematically speaking, it is an assumption of time in which an item performs its actual function (Bonett et al 2002). In other words, reliability can be defined as the probability or chances that an item will continue to perform its actual function without failure for a specified period of time under certain conditions (Graham et al 2006). Reliability is important because a company’s reputation depends upon reliability of its production. Company will have more goodwill if company product is more reliable. Customer satisfaction is directly dependent on product reliability (Muchinsky 1996). An unreliable product destroy customer’s satisfaction index. Thus high reliability is necessary for customer satisfaction (Raykov et al 1997). Many companies advertise their predicted reliability attract customers by comparing their products with competitors who do not advertise their reliability. The reliability of a product or system can be analyzed by different methods (Walter et al 1998). By using reliability analysis, it is possible to improve design and arrangement of a system. Various methods of reliability analyses examine product or system reliability in different perspectives. BS 5760-Part 10 describes the procedures for reliability test. It is an important standard because reliability is an important feature for equipment.

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BS 5750; part 8, 1991 Guide to quality management and quality systems element for services

The management at work is important issue for workers. Sense of insecurity creates distress among workers. The main aim of BS 5750; part 8 is very important. The responsibilities are made more obvious. Research points out that there is a clear statistical correlation between management commitment to quality and standard of a product. The things which were implicit in BS 5750; part 8 are made explicit and obvious. Regulations of BS 5750; part 8 are combined with other British standards to apply simultaneously on all manufacturing management. Research has indicated the need of increased management involvement in quality service in industry. Availability, reliability and maintainability are important features in most product development. Many product need formal reliability programmed to be carried out and that reliability should be considered equal to performance.

BS 6548; Maintainability of equipment

Early diagnosis of problem and immediate detection of faults is need of today in engineering field. A close observation and monitoring system comprising of fibro optic and video surveillance is emerging as a better way of continuous monitoring. Both maintenance and re-designing issues should be addressed while solving the problem. A maintenance schedule should be planned in addition to continuous monitoring. BS 6548 is an important standard as it provides policies, procedures and principles for the maintenance of equipment.

BS 7000; Part 4; 1996 Guide to managing design in construction

Construction industry is one of the most dangerous industries in world and has killed many workers in last decade. The situation is not different in UK as well. There was a need to develop regulations for safety of construction workers in UK. There are various factors affecting the safety of construction workers at work. It is true that identical safety factors cannot apply to all organizations but some general safety climate factors can be the foundation of safety regulation. The BS 7000; Part 4 first time identified the need to reduce risk factors by better coordination, planning, designing, management and cooperation. With the enforcement of BS 7000; Part 4, construction industry started implementation of H&S in different ways. The responsibilities of clients and designers were made obvious and descriptive first time ever in regulation. BS 7000; Part 4 is more comprehensive in defining design in construction. Focus on paper work and documentation has been decreased in BS 7000; Part 4 and main aim is to ensure the implementation of correct construction project.


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