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E Commerce Advantages and Disadvantages

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Electronic commerce comprises of the selling and buying of the items, products and services through internet or intranet medium. Internet is most helpful and reliable medium to generate revenue and to attract potential customers. E-Commerce is a greatest invention in the field of trade as it has made the trade easy and customer friendly. E-Commerce is mostly depends upon virtual items to access websites.

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A huge proportion of E-commerce is carry out totally automatically for virtual items such as admission to finest satisfied on a website, but the majority electronic commerce involves the carrying of substantial items in some means. Almost all large retailers have E-commerce occurrence on the website. Electronic business that is carried out among selling is referred to as business-to-business or B2B. B2B can be unlocked to all concerned parties (e.g. commodity exchange) or incomplete to exact, pre-determined contributors. Electronic trade that is conducted among trade and customers, on the other hand, is referred to as business-to-consumer or B2C. This kind of E-Commerce is carried out through internet and other electronic medium. Online shopping is a shape of electronic trade where the purchaser is straight online to the seller’s computer usually via the internet. E-Commerce is providing the business and the owners more benefits because it is the easiest and cheaper way to promote and boost up the products.




E-Commerce is the easiest and the quickest way to boost up the business. E-commerce is gratifying the just alternative and electronic mail is a computer application which transmits the messages to the email boxes of other people using data communication which is called as email. There are a lot of internet sites which provide free email services related to the E-Commerce and business to the internet users and the customers. Computer softwares are used to promote the Electronic business. The computer softwares refer to the collective set of instructions called programs that can be interpreted by the business computers and cannot be touched by the human’s The program causes the computer to perform desired functions such as flight simulation, the generation of business graphics or word processing. Following re the basic types of business software:

  • System Software
  • Application Software
  • Utility Programs

Whereas an operating system is an integrated set of programs that is used to manage the various resources and overall operations of a business. T s designed to support the activities of a computer installation. Its primary objective is to improve the performance and efficiency of a computer system and increase facility and ease with a system can be used. It also makes computer system user friendly. Business operating systems are used by many of business computers at this era. Operating systems include the disk operating system, windows, macintosh system from apple computer and Warp of IBM, and UNIX and Linux are using in the Electronic Business now a days. Business computer can only understand the machine or hardware language. It is necessary to convert the instructions of a program written in high level language to machine instructions before the program can be executed by the computer. A complier carries out this business job. Thus a complier is a translating program that translates the instructions of a high level language into machine language. A complier is called as business complier because the complier a set of business activities for every program instruction of a high level instruction. Complier can translate only those sources program which have been written in the language for which the computer is meant. For example, FORTAN complier is only capable of translating source programs which have been written in FORTAN, and therefore each requires a separate complier for each high level language. While interpreter is another type of business high level languages into machine codes. It takes one statement of a high level language and translates it into a machine instruction which is a useful technique for the business.


E-Business is only dependent to the internet based advertisement and business which is a big drawback for the specific company in those cities where the people are not too much educated and then those people cannot access the internet and computer media. This factor can be a big loss for the company and its business. Some of the internet sites are charging too much from the customers and therefore customers and clients feel hesitation to go and view for those sites and this creates a major hindrance to enhance and boost up the business and the trade of the company. E-Business s not too much useful for the illiterate people and thus those people remain unaware by the policies and strategies of the big and well named companies. No doubt, E-Business has many advantages for the company and the trade for the company but we cannot neglect the disadvantages of the E-Business.



Authentication is a phenomenon to declare the surety and validity of the things to be occurred. Authentication is occurred due to the logon of the password. While that Knowledge of the code word or password describes the validity and authentication of the user. Every user has its own and unique password. It is essential that the user must know the previous password to create the new password. The flaw in this system for transactions that are important (such as the swap of cash) is so as to passwords can often be stolen, by chance exposed, or elapsed.


It I the scheme or system through which one can control and access the specific and desired task. Admittance systematize system, inside the pasture of the code word, is more often than not seen as the subsequently coat in the sanctuary of a bodily arrangement. Access control is a real and daily process and phenomenon. A bolt on a car access is really a form of access control. A PIN on an ATM scheme at a bank is another means of access control. Bouncers standing in front of a night club is perhaps a more primitive mode of access control (given the evident lack of information technology involved). The control of access manage is of major significance when persons seek to secure significant, confidential, or responsive in sequence and gear. Item manage or electronic key management is an area inside (and possibly integrated with) an access manage system which concerns the managing of control and position of small assets or bodily (mechanical) keys. (Sometimes known as Conditional Access System) A safety system assuring that only those who have paid for the services will get those services. The scheme is often made up of 3 parts: (1) signal scrambling, (2) encryption of electronic “keys” which the viewer will need, and (3) the Subscriber Management System.


Integrity, in terms of data and network security, is the assurance that information can only be accessed or modified by those authorized to do so. Measures taken to ensure integrity include controlling the physical environment of networked terminals and servers, restricting access to data, and maintaining rigorous authentication practices. Data integrity can also be threatened by environmental hazards, such as heat, dust, and electrical surges. Practices followed to protect data integrity in the physical environment include: making servers accessible only to network administrators, keeping transmission media (such as cables and connectors) covered and protected to ensure that they cannot be tapped, and protecting hardware and storage media from power surges, electrostatic discharges, and magnetism. Network administration measures to ensure data integrity include: maintaining current authorization levels for all users, documenting system administration procedures, parameters, and maintenance activities, and creating disaster recovery plans for occurrences such as power outages, server failure, and virus attacks.


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