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Acme Is A Large Pharmaceutical Company Information Technology Essay

Paper Type: Free Essay Subject: Information Technology
Wordcount: 3733 words Published: 1st Jan 2015

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ACME is a large pharmaceutical company in Bangladesh. In all districts, it opened branches. So that why, they need communication technology, which way they can get all information about their product and that why they need a website.

In Bangladesh the pharmaceutical sector is one of the most developed hi-tech sectors which is contributing in the country's economy. After the promulgation of Drug Control Ordinance - 1982, the development of this sector was accelerated. The ACME Laboratories Ltd, the pharmaceutical major and the flagship Company of the ACME Group, is a Manufacturer and Global exporter of Human, Herbal and Veterinary Pharmaceutical products. Since its inception in 1954,

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Chapter 2

Initial Study

2.1. Introduction:

In Bangladesh the pharmaceutical sector is one of the most developed hi-tech sectors which is contributing in the country's economy. After the promulgation of Drug Control Ordinance - 1982, the development of this sector was accelerated. The ACME Laboratories Ltd, the pharmaceutical major and the flagship Company of the ACME Group, is a Manufacturer and Global exporter of Human, Herbal and Veterinary Pharmaceutical products. Since its inception in 1954, The ACME Laboratories Ltd, has been working relentlessly with a vision to ensure health, vigour and happiness for all and is on a perpetual quest for excellence.

2.2. Company Background:

ACME Group is one of the leading and diversified global conglomerates in Bangladesh, with offices in all major cities, employing over 3000+ employees and dedicated to bringing the highest quality products and services to our customers. They have an annual turnover of US $60 million with diversified interests in Pharmaceuticals, FMCG, Information Technology Services, Aviation Services, Printing & Packaging Services, Trading Services, C & F Services, Apparels and more. The ACME Laboratories Ltd, the pharmaceutical major and the flagship Company of the ACME Group. The history of The ACME Laboratories Ltd. dates back to 1954 when a proprietorship firm was founded to manufacture ethical drugs. It started with the modest introduction of a few oral liquid products. The late Hamidur Rahman Sinha was the founder of the firm and was the main visionary of the organization until his sad demise in 1994. The firm was converted into a private Limited company in the year 1976. Commercial operation at the modernized plant equipped with sophisticated and advanced facilities began toward the end of 1983. The Company has adopted the ISO-9001-2008 and WHO CGMP (Current Good Manufacturing Practice) standards. All employees must adhere to the documented procedures and SOPs (Standard Operating Procedure).Many challenges were overcome successfully to transform the company from a small unit to what it is today. Out of about 300 pharmaceutical companies in the country, The ACME Labs is one of the top four.

2.3. Description of current system:

The ACME Laboratories Ltd. Has invested in state of the art formulation plants aligned to regulated market standards. Four plants based on the Dhaka site can produce pharmaceutical products to the highest GMP specifications. These plants have been designed by internationally recognized firms and equipped with the best machines that can currently be found on the European and US markets. The ACME Laboratories Ltd. normally based on a current local system, for what, it has a local larger marketing side all over in Bangladesh. Their total selling systems depend on marketing system. More than 1200 Medical Representatives of human sector, around 300 Medical Representatives of veterinary sector are the current worker of the marketing side of The ACME Laboratories Ltd. The MR is responsible to communicate with the customers. There are two kind of MR. One is called Buffer. Their duty is to stay in hospital and collect all prescription. And another Mr.'s duty is to communicate with the doctor and chemist and motivate them for the products and take orders. The Area manager is always responsible for the Medical Representatives. Their duties are to observe t the proper communication between MR and The ACME Laboratories Ltd. The Customer, If any problem occurs, he will report to Regional Sales Manager who is responsible for fulfill the requirements of MR and customers. His duty is also to replace and rearrange MR for all area zone and also concern for the delivery of product on time. The Assistant sales manager is one of the head of marketing side, who is direct communicating with the management. His duty is to inspect all marketing area and be aware about their service. He takes all responsibilities to build up their marketing proposal comparing with other competitors. So their total marketing system is based on door to door.

2.4. Problem with the current system:

If the current system of The ACME Laboratories Ltd. Is analyzed, then it shows some lacks of current system such as communication gap, mistiming, over cost. Like the total selling system is based on door to door. So sometimes the MR fails to meet with the customer. Though they can meet, they don't get enough time to promote their product. Even sometimes the customer feels disturb for them. So this is a big weak point for the current system. Another weak point is timing. When an order has been taken, it was taken in paper. There are lots of order has been taken in a time. So it may be happened to lose one order or forget to rearrange on time. Today in every business sector, there are lots of competitions. So to buildup the business, it needs to be careful about the price. As there is communication gap between the MR and the management, they don't get the right track for the product cost comparing with the competitors. So some products carry high value which is not affordable for our people. So the current marketing system of The ACME Laboratories Ltd is not a proper system for the business.

2.5. Boundary of the project:

As ACME is a group of companies, here we are only working for ACME Laboratories Ltd. And we only concern to improved the marketing system and introduce the products to customer. So, as we concern only for product, our aim is only to improve website system better than previous website.

2.6. Aims of the project:

If the company needs to fulfill their requirements and update their current system , it is suggested that they should have a software which one can communicate directly between the customers and the employees of The ACME Laboratories Ltd. This software can be web based, where the employees and the customers inform their requirement and the problem to the management. Even the company can promote their all new or old products in that software and the customer will get the information about their requirements and directly can order from this software. So it will save time and money.

2.7. Summary:

Though The ACME Laboratories Ltd is a leading Pharmaceutical company in Bangladesh but it has lots of competitors. So to continue with a good future, it should be upgrade it's whole system .So for the marketing side, if they are able to get a software, which can be fulfill their requirements, They will get a standard feedback from this side. May be this will be a great step to lead in Pharmaceutical business.

Chapter 3

Feasibility study

3.1 Introduction:

In order to make wise investments in a marketplace experiencing increasing levels of risk, companies are turning to feasibility studies to determine, if they should offer new products, services or undertake a new business endeavor. The purpose of a feasibility study is to determine if a business opportunity is possible, practical and viable. So, when there'll be a proposal for the improvement of The ACME Laboratories, firstly this should be need to know that are they alright or do they agree with the conditions of the proposal system?

3.2 Alternate solutions:

The current system of ACME Laboratories is totally manual. It totally depends on the marketing employee. So the management is always moving their decision according to employees report. For that reason some times they facing commutation problem and misguided. To solve this problem, they need a proper solution which may be based on computer program system such as may be a software or website.

3.3 The proposed system:

There may be a proposal, which we suggest and decided by the management of ACME Laboratories, to make a website, which can be solve the current problems and guide the company for making the system easier.

Advantages: (of the web site):

If the company accept the proposal of website, they will be benefited in sever always. Like, it'll solve the communicate problem between the employees and the management. Company can save the cost, what they spend for the knocking to the customer and also they can save their time as well to take appointments and order from the customers. So, this website can bring a new system for the company, which will lead the company to the go further.

Disadvantage: (of the web site):

There'll be some disadvantages for this proposal. First they need setup everything for use a website. It'll take some cost. And some of employees are not familiar with the internet and website. So it will face problem to operate it. Even the company will always need the internet connection.If they face any problem for connection,may be it'll stop the whole system and make it delay to process.

3.4 Feasibility consideration

3.4.1 Technical feasibility:

When, there'll be a proposal for a company, Firstly it needs to know ,the system of the proposal are suitable for the system. Like, for the website, first, it should be notice about the technical feasibility of the company. Because ,they have to have computers for every sectors, where there need to be communicate. And also need to be noticed about the flexibility of connection. If, there is a positive result about the technical feasibility, then the proposal can be proceed further.

3.4.2 Economical feasibility:

For the proposal, it need to be ensure about the economical feasibility. Because for the web application they need some computers .So it'll take some cost. Also they have to pay the internet bill and a charge for the Domain and hosting charge per year. So, if the company accepts the budget for the proposal, then it'll be carry on.

3.4.3 Operational feasibility:

When there will be a technical proposal, it should be notice about the operational feasibility. Because, they need to operate the system and update all new information. So they must need to know about the operational knowledge about the website. Maybe, some employee needs to be trained up. So, if they are able to do it, then the proposal can be proceed on.

3.5 Summary:

This feasibility consideration is helping the developer to understand if the company has the ability to use this website. Developer can also understand the range of the company which can help him to develop the website.

Chapter 4

Requirement analysis & specification

4.1 Introduction:

ACME is a large pharmaceutical company in Bangladesh. In all districts, it opened branches. So that why, they need communication technology, which way they can get all information about their product and that why they need a website, which can fulfill these requirements. To get information about their requirement, we took an interview so that the website, which we are going to make fulfill their needs.

4.2 Interview record:

As, we are going to make a website for ACME Laboratories, at first, we need to know their requirements. For that reason, we took an appointment with the company Assistant Sales Manager Mr. Jafarullah. Interview was arranged on 23rd May, 2010 at 11:00am. On that day, we met with Mr. Jafarullah and gathered the requirements and record all details. This interview helped us a lot to get an idea about the website.

4.3 DFD of existing system:

Require Products

Process product


Sales representative



Product info

Confirm availability

Product Order

Process Order


Sales representative


Confirm order


Order info

Response pay

Figure: DFD diagram for current system

4.4 Requirements catalogue:

Requirement ID


Requirement name

Products Info

Business activity

Marketing Products





Functional requirement

Input products info


To introduce current product to customer


Entry products list

Requirement ID


Requirement name

Update Info

Business activity

Marketing for new products




Company employee



Functional requirement

Add new products info


Introduce the new products to customer


Add / Delete products list

4.5 DFD of proposed system:


Product info

Process Products



Enter data


Select products for order

Saves quantity information



View product



Product info

Figure: DFD diagram for proposed system

4.6 Elementary process description:


Process name



Information collection

Collected information from Assistant sales manager of ACME Laboratories Ltd.


Products list

They provide a book, from where we got the product name and details.


Make a proposal for a website

We submitted a proposal for a website and they approved it.


The required of website

Required a website where they can update or delete information by themselves.


Type of website

This will be a dynamic website, what we are going to make.


Overall progress

We showed a demo to the assistant sales manager and he was impressed.

4.7 Entity relationship diagram:



Sales Representative

4.8 Entity description:

In the DFD diagram of the existing system, name of some entities have been mentioned. Description of these entities is given below.

Entity name


Customer Name

Responsible for bye product.


Responsible for Data store.

Sales Representative

Responsible for Order product.

4.9 Data catalog:

Data item


Database Process


Input all data of the current product



Manufacturing Date


Update new product

If any new product is made, that would be updated.


Delete product

If they want to remove product from database, they can delete it


4.10 Summary:

At the end of this stage, requirement analysis and specification helped us to gather all information and idea of our proposed website.

Chapter 5

System deign

5.1. Introduction:

Based on the user requirements and the detailed analysis of a new system, the new system must be designed. This is the phase of system designing. It is a most crucial phase in the development of a system. Normally, the design proceeds in stages

5.2. Logical design and description:

ACME Laboratories Ltd



Latest News

Welcome to ACME

Copyright © 2010. DIIT

5.3. Sitemap:

About ACME







Add Products

5.4. Summary:

ACME website Sample has been designed. There sketches will be used to design. There are some logical diagram have been added on this document.

Chapter 6


6.1. Home page:

Welcome to ACME

if( $_GET){

if( file_exists( 'includes/pages/'.$_GET['page'].'.php'))

include( 'includes/pages/'.$_GET['page'].'.php' );

else include( 'includes/pages/default.php' );

}else include( 'includes/pages/default.php' );


Chapter 7


7.1. Introduction:

Testing a product seems very simple. It involves ensuring the product works as intended and does not fail. This is what we strive to achieve when testing program code. When some one read text books on testing there he/she will find that verification and validation is the name given to the checking and analysis processes that ensure the software conforms to its specification and meets the needs requirements of the customer.

7.2. Unit test:


Value entered

Expected result

Runtime result


Add Product





Add Product

HP (Herbal)




Add Product

AP (Herbal)




7.3. Link test:



Expected result

Runtime result



























7.4. Summary:

The documentation of testing is critically important and we descried a scheme that provides both good documentation and a framework for test management. I gave some guidelines for test design, but recognized that this is a difficult problem which cannot be automated.

Chapter 8


8.1. Introduction:

The implementation phase is typically terminated b a formal acceptance process, when the business manager declares that she/he is satisfied that the system meets its objectives and sign off takes place.

New Computer equipment needed.

Users need to be trained.

Data transferred from an old web system.

New data entered.

8.2. Maintenance plan:

The maintenance stage begins once the implementation is complete. This is typical of many medium size organizations. In larger companies, a full-time maintenance team may carry out all this work. Maintenance includes error fixing, updates and modifications which are necessary because requirements are incorrectly understood or specified, requirements analysis is not complete in time, and the needs of the business have changed.

8.3. Summary:

Implementation and maintenance is most important part of the project. The ACME must use a responsible person to take responsibility.

Chapter 9

Limitations and future plan

9.1. Limitations:

9.1.1. This site is not fully dynamic (Only products page is dynamic)

9.1.2. Contacts page is not work.

9.1.3. Menu cannot add because there have a flash.

9.2. Future plan:

9.2.1. This site will be a fully dynamic.

9.2.2. Contacts page will be work when page is hosting a web.

9.2.3. Admin will be added new menu.

Chapter 10


All work successfully completed. Now the website is ready for use. During implementation careful steps had to be taken so that it can get desired environment as needed. Limitations and future plan will be helpful for developing a more efficient website next time.


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