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A Internship Report Of Ict Professionals Information Technology Essay

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Finding work can be a real challenge when we do not have any work experience. Well to get the experience we need a job and that is the one could be hard but internship is the good way of doing it. It provides work experience to recent graduates, university students while studying and people who are deeming career change. Employers are always willing to hire interns with little or no experience. The main aspects of the internship are it gains confidence, increase network opportunities, transition into a job, provides valuable work experience, opportunity to apply classroom knowledge, market and business environment and to decide the right career for every students. Internships also give a student the opportunity to gain some self-confidence. It is also a good time to identify our weak point so they can become stronger. If a colleges or universities are an amazing places to learn independence. An internship is a great place to use those qualities and make the way toward career goal. One most important thing can be consider here is it is a chance for the students to let their career begins at this point.

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The company I successfully finished the internship with was well known printing and logistics name SOS Print + Media Group located in Sydney. The company engaged with between 100 to 150 staff people. I really enjoyed working with this company and gained valuable work experience. Every organization faces numerous issues when they hire new employee and train them to understand culture, new environment rules and new skills about work. When I joined the organizations, both my mentor and I faced the adjustments issues with each other such as start and finish time, dressing professionally, thinking practically and logically while working, accomplishing given task in timely manner using specific skills, mentor’s expectation from new intern. Later I came to know how different department makes the organization and solves internal problems of adjustments issues. My orientation activities were including prevents misuse of company’s equipment, disclosing crucial information, relationship between employees and maintains health and safety. These policies were necessary for each employee to understand their roles and responsibility in order to make the organization problems free and create family kind environment.

Starting the work, firstly, some important attributes were motivation, leadership, oral communication skills, experience, and interpersonal skills. The sources of information that I used at work were divided into categories such as human, all types of problem solving including technical and repairing, help as soon as possible and project concentration. Humans that have provided useful information include members of the team, heads of various departments, and most of the individuals and director. Technical and repairing jobs include extensive use of the mainframe system, several accesses to databases, servers, backup solutions, and websites, creating new emails and caught up solutions, spreadsheets sorting and creating barcodes and all kind of technical repairing. One of the first things I learnt is how and where to get various types of information and find the appropriate solutions. Communication within the company leaves somewhat to be desired but does seem to work in most cases. The primary forms of communication were e-mail and phone. I have learned over time that certain people used to respond better or quicker to e-mail. With others it was better to call. And there were few people who, if you want an answer, you better just go visit their desk. One of the biggest problems was the tendency for people to forget decisions that have already been made. Out of these, interpersonal skills used and observed such as openness confidence, expressiveness and communication skills. One most important skill has been developed throughout the internship that solving the conflicts is always better which make relationships better than creating them and blaming others. Straightforward and not overcomplicated messages have made our internal communication very efficient.

Workplace environment is a key determinant of their level of productivity. The differences in various employees and the ways that they respond to these differences have led to several humorous situations. For instance, ask for help without noticing the computer is even on or not, without checking the papers in the printers. Staff from every department in the company stayed always interactive to help whenever someone required. Every department in our company was trying to make friendly environment in order to help members coming from other department. After all every employees spends more time on the workplace than they do with their families.

Self motivating personality with required private time to recharge battery and sometime prefer one to one communication. I always like to use common sense to sense the work in order to act and accomplishing. I preferred to work in the team as well as individual targeting the work to finish on time and stood up the impression and like to plan in advance before moving into action which I attained from internship. My attitude at work was primarily positive but somewhat reserved. I have to make mindful effort to come out of my shell and talk to people as people instead of just as sources of information. My workplace always demanded active listening and communication skills. I really enjoyed talking to people and solving their problem and qualified as a people person. Try to keep myself busy and show interest in doing some extra work helped me to learn more in less time.

Internship Proposal Objectives Demonstration

First two weeks were spent on developing network map of the entire company. Moreover, collecting model number of every computer, phones, printers and other devices to create an inventory in order to buy license, new software and some other devices. These details were collected to enforce the group policy and easy remote access to solve errors and program installation to any computer of the company from IT room. The next six weeks, I was assigned to the project in which we had to develop the payment gateway for all our clients to make their outstanding payments via credit cards which reduced our staff work and manually paper work. The project was developed where it used to store the data in database and create invoice for customer. While I was working on the project I was required to do the computer maintenance such as replacing old computer off the domain with new and installing required program for the person according to the requirements and restrictions and setting up the security permission accessing the information. All departments had certain security restrictions to access the information from the server in order to accomplish their task. For instance, other than IT staff no one could access the database, server, backup tapes and other important drives where the licensed software being kept. Setting up the security permission for different department was challenging job for me. Replacing server hard drives with more storage one which can store more data and help accessing the information faster than normal.

Last four weeks, after the successful meeting with supplier, we update all the windows with the latest version with little training session for all the staff explaining the features and how to use it. Finally we enforced network wise group policy for limited access of internet and other services. We also update the latest antivirus software and problem of external messaging. By the time, project was successfully finished, tested and was ready to implement to all our websites. The final report of the project was presented to the staff in boardroom to explain how it will work and help them reducing paper work and client interrogation. At the end of last four weeks session, I and my mentor attended the event of Citrix, one of the large companies in virtualization on 1st June 2010. This event was excellent opportunity for me to get knowledge of virtual power that how multiple operating system can be run in one computer and saves organization’s valuable time and money. For instance, virtualizing all the computers and handling them from one place saves time for network administrator to solve the problems and help organization saving money of internal phone calls and hiring extra employee for support. In this era, virtualization is the leading technology means so many different things to so many different people powered by one person from one place. Lately, almost all organizations and large industries are accepting this as a must have technology at this stage. I and my mentor were thinking to implement this technology but I had only one week left of internship.

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ICT Utilization and Roles of Professionals

The increasing use of technology in all aspects of society makes confident, imaginative and productive use of ICT an essential skill for life. ICT can be used to find, develop, examine and present information, as well as to model situations and solve problems. ICT enables fast access to ideas and experiences from a wide range of people, communities and cultures, and allows students to collaborate and exchange information on a large level. The company of my internship placement was based on printing services and it enclosed huge printing machines, book binding machines, digital and laser printers etc. Different department has different software in order to produce their work accordingly. The company has latest database, desktop publishing, graphics, accounting and CRM software and networked computers, printers, individual telephones for emergency contact, servers and backup devices. The company has Point to Point network which points to warehouse with high frequency at couple of kms away. On the administration side, much of the work is done through the networked PCs. A range of office, adobe and many other software programs were utilized for work to get done. On the production and warehouse side, much of the machinery were controlled and monitored through some form of computerized system. Whether it was a record of the stock coming into the factory or going out and the system to track that stock right the way through the supply chain, all was managed by computers. The company also had small machineries for table work, manual handling and sorting out. The most first I have experienced with was the smart board professional connected with acrobat and then to digital printers for fast access to large PDF files for editing, creating and managing to save time. The second I have experienced with was post man professional to create barcodes for mailing and distributing. We also had KVM switches which give access to multiple computers at the same time and allow fast programs installation.

ICT is a broader than that, surrounding information supervision and knowledge sharing, communication program and technology. Becoming an ICT professional is little difficult depending on the technical expertise, business and communication skills in any of the areas. Considering ICT professional roles, in the company the IT room enclosed with three developers, a network engineer (mentor) and me as an Intern. Developers were to look after all client websites and other coding related problems. I and network engineer for general network troubleshooting, meeting with supplier, server maintenance and backup solutions. Printing factory enclosed with four to five printing machine operators and the helpers for changing the colors in the digital machines and papers as needed. Art room was enclosed with five desktop publishers working on the design or our clients using the latest Adobe CS5 software and other design related programs.

To sum up, internship provided great insights to the organization culture and the skills necessary to excel in an organization. Internship helped in my communication, negotiation and analytical skills. It was a great way to improve confidence after a successful graduation to apply knowledge in the interesting field and to start the career as well. Networking was an added benefit of internship. It was an excellent opportunity to meet with the organization’s managers, executives and staff. The staff, mentor and director had been very helpful during the internship period and provided full level support in every difficulties. New skills developed during the internship such as active listening, improved communication and interpersonal skills, professional environment understanding, experience working with team and individual, technical and other problem solving skills and lastly networking opportunities.



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