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A Diagram Of A Internet Cafe Information Technology Essay

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The project is based on the setup of the internet café which is based on three floors near university of East London campus. The important part of this project is working and setup of LAN within internet café and usage of different hardware and software. Minimum requirement was to setup 75 computers and to have secure and authentic network with correct hardware and software’s used. Network diagram has been given to clarify the usage and working of network. The implementation of the network is a logic base and the stages have been discussed properly. The OSI model is an important part of the network which has been discussed at different stages of the network.

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Network Structure:

This would be the structure of our network and it will work same as it will be described. The distribution of the network is on three floors. The router is being given single registered IP and it will distribute further IP’s on network division. We have connected 40 computers on first floor and 35 computers on second floors. Third floor provides servers which are file server, FTP server and web server. This is a secure and authentic network. This connection uses the router which has single registered IP and it provides distributions of IP to other computers on the network.

Implementation of Network:

The implementation of this project includes the detailed notes of things which we need to apply for setup of different system.

We need 75 Computers atleast on this network. Router is needed, 3 Switches, Data cables and Server computers.

The minimum requirement of this project is 75 Computers which we have to use at least. This café is based on three floors. We will be setting up 35 computers on first floor and 40 computers on second floor. Third floor will be for admin and server purpose which will be used as IT department or Administration department. We will setup 3 computers as server purpose. We connect computers with switch first and then we make its connection with router. In total, we will be using 3 switches, and one router. Router is provided with single registered IP which is ISP and then it is further divided on the distribution of the network. The most important part of the network setup is to have exact connections. We make these connections using LAN cable. LAN cables are most commonly used and this cable is normally used in LAN networks, it has RJ-45 connectors and it transmits heavy data and connection. We can also connect printers on 3 floors to make sure they are completely used by customers and they have a network over all. We connect these all computers and printers with Switch. Switch is also used for same purpose as HUB but it is more intelligent and fast device. Its biggest benefit is that each port has its own collision domain. It operates at data link later of OSI model.

OSI model is helpful in implementing the system of network at different layer style and shows the exact layer at which data and network operates. There are seven layers of OSI model. OSI stands for Open System Interconnection.

Physical Layer

Data Link Layer

Network Layer

Transport Layer

Session Layer

Presentation Layer

Application Layer

All the physical connection and parts come in Physical layer of OSI model. Connection between different computers and Switch, network layer are physical layer. It relates to electrical, mechanical and functional interaction.

Data Link Layer includes connection of computers with switch. It sends data frames from network to others computers.

Network Layer shows the connection of router. Router has been given with single registered IP address, and each computer has been given different IP address. It is responsible for putting data segments into packets.

Transport layer is responsible for segmenting data. Data to be delivered free of errors and debugging system is responsibility of Transport layer.

Networking software which is normally used is TCP/IP protocol, IPv4 etc, this concept of network setup protocols involves Session Layer. It establishes connection through application running on two different computers.

Presentation layer and application layer are responsible for software activities going on within computers. Presentation later determines the format of exchanging the data flow among the network. Application layer handles network access. It recovers errors.

Use of Protocols:

Protocols are the addressing schemes used to implement a network. Each computer on the network is identified as unique and is allocated different IP address. The most important protocol which is used to make a network is TCP/IP. Protocols are important part of the network. Protocols are transmitted in packets. There are different protocols which could be installed from Network properties depending on the requirements of the user if he needs to install other network technology. Internet protocols are very sensitive and could be affected by hackers and different viruses which could result in loss of data or unauthorized access of the computer. It should be important that a network should have FTP (File Transfer Protocol) server which could implement security shield on the network to make it more secure and prevent it from unauthorized access.

TCP/IP is known as transmission control protocol/Internet protocol. It is a technology that is used to manage the transmission of data by breaking it into packets. They travel through router. TCP/IP option is in the properties of the network. It is also used for sharing of computers over the network.

Apart from TCP/IP, we also used IPv4 which is internet protocol version 4. It is an addressing scheme which is really essential part of the network.

It is most widely organized internet layer protocol. It is a connectionless protocol used for packet switching link layer. IPv4 can establish more than 256 connections. Its range starts from 0 – 255. We can use up go 255 bits. IPv4 can be defined manually as well which can be allocated. Manual configuration can change IP of the system for some purposes as well. This process is normally done for the hacking process as it changes the identity of the user. Also there are three main classes which are used in it as Subnetting.

The most common IP have four classes which range from:

Class A: 0-127

Class B: 128-191

Class C: 192-223

Class D: 224-239

Subnetting is a part of the network establishment connection which gives the detail of network division among the computers. Dividing networks in smaller parts are called Subnetting. It proves logical division of an IP address. . Subnetting an IP can be done for the various reasons which generally include different physical media, address space, security, control network traffic etc. Format of Subnetting mask is There are four classes which are normally used for Subnetting. Subnetting classes are normally divided into 3 categories. Class A provides syntax like, Class B and Class C Class C syntax is normally used over the network for personal and official use.

We have used IP address for this project. This address has been borrowed from ISP and it is further divided by Subnetting process. Our default subnet mask address is

We have to divide the network to three sub networks. There will be difference in IP of 64 bits. Our new IP address range for the three networks would be – – –

This will be our new IP range for our network. Range can be set manually as well through the properties of network. This network is shared and be used over FTP server.

Cost of setup:

Cost of the network would an estimated price because different retailers offer different prices on different products used. The project cost has been take individual and has been take an idea from different electronic retailers like Curry’s, PC world and other retailers. The ideal things we have to use are to have at least normal specification system which could work ideally on network. This system normally cost about 200 – 250 pounds. This specification normally doesn’t include mouse and keyboard of the system. They can be bought separately and some of the sets come with the whole pack. This kind of system normally works efficiently on the server network and new and update software’s can be installed easily. It is requirement by day to day computers to update the software’s and some internet café also use heavy software’s for networking technology.

We also need router with good network connectivity and range. Network router which should have at least 5 ports is ideal. Normally router range starts from £30. Netgear routers are normally recommended by electronic retailers and network engineers as well.

Switches are important part of network. We will be using 3 switches on this network. Each switch cost about £100. Recommended switches are CICSO and NETGEAR. They are used widely over the networks and are more reliable.

Local area network cables are important. They have to be in bunch and of different lengths depending upon the setup of the network area. £2 is a cost of normal RJ – 45 cables which is of short length.

We can use Printer, scanner on the network as well. This is not required but it could be used depending upon the need of the network. If printers are used on network, then all in one Printer are more reliable as they have all the facilities all in one. We can have scanner, printer and copier in it.

This cost is the estimated for this project, prices of the products differs in the market day by day. There are some other peripherals as well that we can use over the network like USB cables, extension cables etc depending on the need.

Search and Analysis:

This research has been taken personally from the existing local internet café. Café exists in Newham County. They have used the method of setting up the internet. Internet café used 2 switches for their network purpose and they have 30 computers. 2 servers were used by them and rest the same. Research about LAN has been taken out from Internet, and the calculation based that how it works from the class lectures. Latest technology has been used over the setup of the internet café. Also the idea has been taken to setup internet café in LAN from the internet which gives further description of the initiative setup by different hardware and software used among the network. College network has been taken in mind as well to find out the research and correct equipment and devices used for this purpose. Survey has also been taken from local office which is situated on two floors and it used the same procedure to implement the network. This result in the exact structure and was working up to date. Other ideas have also been taken from WIKIPEDIA which gives the further investigations on LAN network and it is more easy to find the exact setup.

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It has been concluded from different sources of the setup which is kept in mind to find out the correct investigation on this network that it is secure and reliable network with no faults in it. This setup can prove the best use of the internet café and is also concluded the setup has been properly managed and is used by the exact procedure. 75 computers have been properly managed and are connected equally with switches, and then connected with router. The network has been managed properly and uses the latest technology server computers to maintain the network with authentication and authorized access.


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