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Soliel Panel Distribution

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Soliel Panel Distribution

  1. Use of IS in achieving operational efficiency

Information system offers a range of benefits which enables an organization to achieve operational efficiency. Leveraging an IS system would help eliminate errors and maximize workflow. There are many possible ways to leverage an IS system, such as programming the system to efficiently manage drivers, optimizing inventory management to maximize profitability, track or measure metrics efficiently, and give employees the right tools necessary to do their job more efficiently. Without that knowledge, workflow will be less efficient.

The leverage of an IS by Soliel would achieve smooth facilitation in its key organization aspects which include but not limited to; record-keeping, communication, decision making, and data analysis in a bid to attain higher performance.

How BPM can help the IT department in the development of SolDistHR

During the development of the system, BPM can enable the IT development to achieve high efficiency and productivity. BPM automates repetitive workflows thus removing the bottlenecks and redundant steps in the development process. BPM could provide clear visibility of the process as it facilitates monitoring and control of activities thus enabling the IT department to identify and overcome challenges so involved. Finally, it would allow the department to complete the project in time by allocating employees time and effort in more productive activities (Trkman, 2010).

Application of the five steps of change to the project

1)     The first and foremost step is acknowledging the need for change. From there, it’s easy to try and fix the changes, but the first step is acknowledgement. With a clear head and understanding of the issues at hand, there would be room to grow and change accordingly.

2)     Now, the company would need support from senior management (CEO, COO, CIO) to move forward with any upgrades and new developments once buy-in from stakeholders is acquired. They need to want to change and fix the issues before any plans could be implemented.

3)     The Sol DistHR project management team could very easily explore the situation at hand to fully understand the changes that need to take place. Once the data is gathered, they would be able to communicate to their senior management for further instructions.

4)     The higher ups are now more aware of the problem, which is that Sol DistHR just can not keep up with demand for a product, and thus a detailed report will be discussed for the change. With the exact numbers and figures acquired, a plan of action could be acquired and then rolled out.

5)     The final step is to keep all the changes in place. Management will need to reinforce all the changes made to make sure everything is working as intended. Continuous training would be needed for pushing out HR related projects. It’s important to ensure high quality control of the information as it comes in.

Individual responsibilities of critical contributors that would be involved in the project

1)     Employees – their responsibility include gathering information regarding user needs in various locations as well as offering soft skills to facilitate the progress of the project.

2)     Management – involves administrators who are responsible for financing the project, such as the COO (Chief Operations Officer) and the CIO (Chief Information Officers). The COO’s priority would be to make sure that the project is on time and within budget, and the CIO’s priority would be that they are responsible for communicating to their team just how the project is supposed to be done and managed.

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3)     System developers – they comprise of skilled employees responsible for translating the requirements into the code to deliver the so required system. More specifically, the IT department would help in building, maintaining, and rolling out the new HR system. That specific department would be held responsible in making sure that there is proper training on the new system, as well as provide backend support whenever needed.

4)     HR Department – The HR team will start to take over once that project is set in and built. In this scenario, they would be known as the customer, and they will be responsible for various updates, training, and very important quality control.

B.  Select one system development method to be used in the implementation of SolDistHR and do the following:

An appropriate system development method would be a waterfall model

Justification, strengths, and weaknesses of the model

Waterfall model offers a range of advantages which makes it a more appropriate development method for the system. First, the model involves easy and straightforward to understand approach for the development of comprehensive systems with a requirement to properly document the process and results. More so, it is easy to manage the development process as it offers a rigid model which requires one to proceed with the next phase only after completing of the previous. However, it involves high levels of uncertainty and risk, inability to progress within the stages, and failure to accommodate changes during the development (Bassil, 2012).

Execution of the milestones of the project about the waterfall model

The requirement analysis will capture the system’s specifications, and requirement specification documentation developed. The requirements from the first stage will get studied and a system design prepared in the system design stage. The next milestone involves implementation where the outputs from the second stage will get developed into units which will then get tested for their functionalities. Integration and testing milestone will put units so developed and tested together, and a test is done to identify any failure and faults. System deployment milestone will involve the release of the product to the market and its users. Finally, maintenance of the system will follow to accommodate any issues expressed by its users (Bassil, 2012).

  1. Potential internal and external threats to the SolDistHR system

The SolDistHR faces a range of possible internal and external threats which include but not limited to frauds, information misuse, corrupting information, denial of use, service denial, elevation of privileges, and destruction of data (Vacca, 2012).

  1. Ways to protect the SolDistHR system from digital and physical threats

There are various ways to secure SolDistHR from physical and digital threats. Some of the solutions include proper system configuration, administration of security policies. For example, use of strong passwords and regular update and change of the same. More so, access and downloads restrictions would minimize digital attack on the system. The installation of biometric access authentication systems and surveillance cameras at sensitive areas would reduce physical threats such as theft and damage of hardware (Vacca, 2012).

  1. Troubleshooting and restoring the system after a failure

The approach to use in troubleshooting for the system failure would include identification, causes isolation, taking action, evaluating the solution, and finally solving the problem. More so, the implementation of a backup plan involving cloud computing would provide an excellent way for recovering from a system failure.

  1. Importance and function of problem management after implementation of SolDistHR

The purpose of problem management after the execution of SolDistHR is to ensure that customers and employees remain happy and loyal. Therefore, problem management is essential as it enables resolving of errors before they can cause trouble. More so, it improves service quality and increases operation knowledge of the system (Egan, 2013).

There are two types of project management: reactive and proactive problem management. Reactive problem management generally refers to a situation where one does not plan for problems or opportunities. Instead, that person decides to respond to a situation as the problem is going on, which makes everything a lot more stressful than necessary (2017). Generally, that is a plan of action that is frowned upon, but that’s exactly what SolDistHR’s IT department is for. They’re used to tackle problems head on as they happen, thus aiming to solve the problem as quickly as possible before the situation escalates.

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Proactive problem management occurs when management is aware of the problems at hand and take quick, decisive action to fix them with an assembled task force fit just for that problem. A proper example of that would be testing various system updates on a lab computer and then troubleshooting all errors that occur before the system is released to the company.

  1. Application of incident management steps in addressing and mitigating SolDistHR issues

First and foremost, incident management is an IT service management process area. The main goal of this process is to restore a normal service operation as quickly as possible whilst also minimizing the impact on business operations.

The first step I would do to address issues and help mitigate future issues to SolDistHR would be to create a ticketing system that will track and organize all of the submitted incidents. The managers in each department would be allowed to submit tickets as issues arise. Whenever a customer calls, the agent needs to record the incident by capturing customer identification, the problem, and how it occurred. Then the agent will categorize the event and identify its type. Then, a check will get done to detect the existence of the problem in the database. If the item does not exist, the attendant will try to resolve it and pass it on to the next support level if he fails. The customer should get updates about the progress until the last step where the incident will get closed by Soliel after documenting the issue and ways of mitigation and solving (Tondel, Line & Jaatun, 2014).


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