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Management Information Systems

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Wordcount: 1514 words Published: 23rd Sep 2019

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Individual Assignment #1

Reginald Leonard Dix Jr.

Florida State College At Jacksonville

Spring 2019-ISM4011-Introduction to Management Information Systems-04706

In today world everything revolves around technology. Technology is what makes our generation so much more effective than the generations in the past. Business practically uses some sort of technology in every aspect on the daily basis. Today I would like to discuss how cloud computing has increased effectiveness by created new products, services business models as well as improved decision making for managers and employs, likewise how they ensure survival throughout business evolution, as well as increasing competitive advantages and raising revenue while lowering cost by increasing customer and supplier intimacy.

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Cloud computing was revolutionary to the business world allowing access to content anywhere from any device at any time. So what is cloud computing, cloud computing “is a model of computing in which computer processing, storage, software, and other services are provided as a pool of virtualized resources over a network, primarily the internet. (Laudon & Laudon, p. 158) There are two main types of clouds, public clouds which are available to the general public and private clouds which is solely operated by the organization. Private clouds offer security to protect important information and software. Business tends to use both types of clouds some have even combined the two to make what is called a hybrid cloud. Cloud computing has excelled to make companies global being able to use the same infrastructure in any place in the world has been pivotal.

So how has cloud computing made the business world more effective? Well, lets first start off with the ease of access to information. For instances, business is running a project that includes several entities, in the old fashion world one would have to contact the project manager to obtain information when needed, but with cloud computing, all one would have to do would access the cloud with his or her devices and access the information this would be collaboration efficiency (“Benefits of cloud computing”, 2019). Another way cloud computing has increased business efficiency it helps elevate the need for high-end computers with super processors and etc. Take for instance a manager needs to complete a complex calculation in the old world this situation could have been limited due to physical performance of his or her computer, now no need to worry the cloud can handle it because sever network is strong enough to compute those calculations. When using the cloud a corporation is able to store files and software virtually which leads to not needing massive data centers. Lastly, cooperations can buy software license that is for the cloud computing, take for instance office 365, instead of purchasing multiple licenses which can be very expensive now can purchase just one and everyone with access to the cloud can access it, these types of services are referred to as software as a service or “SaaS”.

Cloud computing has also served as a platform for innovation. With the invention of smartphones came with the revolution of ways a business can outsource information to employees, clients, and customers revolution would be called apps. In today’s world, everyone uses apps for just about everything they do throughout the day. These apps are web based though cloud computing. Let’s use Firestone, for example, each store manager is given an iPad, on this iPad is an app made for business production, financial spreadsheets projection as well as voice playback of all the phone calls with customers to improve the quality of communication with every customer. There are over 800,000 thousand apps for Apple products and another 700,000 for android products (Laudon & Laudon, p. 170).

Cloud computing has increased the effectiveness of business modeling while lowering cost through linear cloud computing chain. Because of the much lower cost, for using a professional IT infrastructure in the cloud has given rise in a large number of small, innovative enterprises to compete with the mid-tier and upper tier enterprises creating

A cloud computing ecosystem of IT services, the success of this has created a model that is flexible enough to be accessible to every business, small or big therefor bringing a balance of access.  Cloud computing business modeling includes variants of Software as a Service (SaaS), Platform as a Service (PaaS), Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) (Teixeira, 2013).

 Since cloud computing has become the hub for software storage, it is essential for decision making for the manager. Software such as DSS or decision support system, The data that DSS uses comes from a variety of resources that have formal data and informal data. In addition, to its own data which is also quite massive.  An effective DSS will explain how a decision-making process is formulated. It is necessary to understand the process that made the decision and the variables that affected it. There are three basic facets in a DSS: a database, a model base, and a user interface. the DBMS or database management system consists of real-life information, which can be thought of as the foundation of DSS. The model base (MBMS), contains models of what the system will perform for analysis. These qurys of information and data can prove to be quite massive and had for most computers to handle, but with the revolution of cloud computing, this system is now easily obtainable for companies to use for decision making (Jun & Jun, 2011).

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 Cloud computing is ensuring survival throughout business evolution by giving the business unlimited space for opportunity. Cloud computing and business is in comparison to the universe to galaxies and solar systems. Cloud computing can obtain as much information and data space as you can through at it. Thus giving the business world and unmatched void for opportunity through the amount of storage that is available as well as the ease of access giving it a sense of service resiliency. As well as being the main interface of communication between all parties. People like to work smarter not harder, likewise be as productive as they can and cloud computing offers that in many different ways.

 Cloud computing offers to increase competitive advantages and raising revenue while lowering cost by increasing customer and supplier intimacy. Cloud computing offers direct communication with employees, clients, and customers. Smartphones and tablets are not just simple technology gadgets. They represent a new age of platforms for information, as time goes by business computing continues to move away from conventional computers. We are continuing to see more and more managers communicating and doing work from these more portable devices. Thus the increase in SaaS systems, which are web-based cloud computing software. Allowing managers to work on the move as well as multitask while achieving something else. The competitive advantages of cloud computing are simple it is being able to achieve more with less time which in-turn increase revenue. The ability to let the customers and clients have access to information at the palms of there hands allows intimacy, trust, and reliability. 

 Furthermore, cloud computing has increased effectiveness with the ease of access to information. creating new products, services business models such as Software as a Service (SaaS), Platform as a Service (PaaS), Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) (Teixeira, 2013). As well as improved decision making for managers and employees through access to decision-making software available on the cloud such as DSS. Likewise, cloud computing ensures survival throughout business evolution by supplying unlimited space for opportunity. Lastly, increasing competitive advantages and raising revenue while lowering cost by increasing customer and supplier intimacy by allowing managers to save time and effort by multitasking on the move with access to information at the palm of their hands.


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