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Key Terms in Refugees and Human Rights

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Civil society: Civil society is an organization for the human’s right and to fulfill their wishes even the organizations are creating awareness in different countries. There is dissimilarity of groups, where the public fits in represented and protest their groups for the country’s benefits. Civil society is also considered as a separate sector other than government and business. Goals, relationships, contextual experiences, values, informal and formal structures associated with these context qualities of civil society. (VanDyuk par. 4). This means that civil society raises their voice for their willingness in order to communicate with the province and make changes earlier as possible before any unwanted things happen. Civil society doesn’t margin their own profits, but what they do is a protest for their country if there is anything wrong.

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The country has been shaped with the help of civil society. However, there is an advantage that through the funds have been lend towards the civil society. During the political era, civil society has a real effect on the government to decide for the country. The civil society’s role is for the public services and goods that will continue to influence the government for future challenges and opportunities. Also, the nations have more trust in civil society than the government.

Civil society works for a non-profit organization where public participation matters. The reason why it matters is that civil society has managed the economy of the country in the beneficial service system, like health, education and penalty plan. Civil society is an impact on the market and government that interact in a democratic society. Civil society has simply found a new way of directing funding toward CSOs rather than government agencies, as many donors have been less explicit about how they define the term. (Clayton, Oakley and Taylor p.3). For example, climate action is a huge problem around the world. So there is much civil society who are creating awareness to the public to use more renewable sources than the electricity for a more healthy environment. This explains the civil society assist the province and reveal the truth of the country.

Refugees: Refugees mean the nation of that particular country is been forcefully send to another place or to cross the nearest international boundaries, where the countries are safe. Refugees are most likely to send away from their home country due to an unsolved problem like war, political issue, and violence. The refugees are migrating from different countries due to the conflict in their own countries and settling down to Canada. While refugees can be a threat or strength for Canada, this could be an identity base on the economic growth of the country. Refugees can increase the population of the country since there is less next generation. Whereas, Canada has a majority of the population of an immigrant so it could be that Canada has more people working and paying taxes. On the other hand, Refugees can harm the economy of Canada, since Canada is providing too many facilities for them. Such as housing, monthly income and all. This can create an unequal financial for the country. These refugees are stealing all our money since we are paying our taxes with honestly and refugees just get the money.  

The refugees are been assist through camps who are struggling due to war or send abroad. The end of the Cold War has forced migration including asylum seekers, refugees flow and internal displacement has increased in volume and political significance. (Castles p.1). Refugees could be the world responsibilities since there is a lot of war conflict going on around. It could be possible that Refugees challenges unexpected circumstances which indirectly affect them. Such as, while going to bed and you don’t know whether or not you will survive for the next day. There are so many challenges that refugees overcome and which affects their health. This is could cause a serious problem to the nation where the families fall apart.

For example, Syrian refugees are sent to the nearest countries to Turkey and Lebanon. Also, a lot of Syrians refugees has fly abroad. Thanks to our donors, USA for UNHCR in 2018 they opened their hearts to those in greatest need. UNHCR, the UN Refugee Agency, providing protection and assistance, including emergency shelter, food, water and healthcare, they were on the ground wherever refugees needed help. (Example of how UNHCR helped refugees in 2018 par. 2).

However, we can’t provide a house, but all we can do as humanity for those refugees is that donate some money, organization a camp where refugees can get all basic needs and supply them so that they don’t live as a miserable life. Also, helping refugees, they can feel safe from the war conflicts and make them stronger for the better. This example applies all around the world where there is war instead of peace.


Ethnic Economy: Ethnic Economy is the relationship between the immigrants and the ethnicity that creates the economic. It is more base of the ethnicity that creates their own community and feels family around the area. The ethnic economy has often been conceptualized and ethnic nature of immigrants’ business activities which that several factors now for re-assessing. (Pecoud par.1). The ethnic economy is that a group of entrepreneurs that works with the co-ethnics and divers in the sector. However, the ethnic economy has given a lot of opportunities to work with the multiculturalism community. Canada could be one of the best examples of the ethnic economy of the world. The group generates demand for specialized goods and services ethnic economies usually come into that are not available from other sources. (Collier par. 2). The ethnic economy is that the immigrants create the job for the country and ultimate benefits through taxes. As the immigrants migrate to Canada some entrepreneurs open a store and create many jobs for the workers this could benefit the country by paying the tax. Also, immigrants who work in a company, majorly they tend to push their own race or cultural people.

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The ethnic economy is seen in the enormous cities like Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver, and Calgary. In Canada, where there is a diversity cultural. In Canada, jobs are created through the immigrants’ entrepreneurs which mainly work in the environment of their familiarization due to multiculturalism entrepreneurs. Immigrants have increased the job which in the market provides success and Canada benefits the taxes. Networks of social and economic relations intersect each other that understand the ethnic economy. Moreover, the ethnic economy is more base in social networks, the social space of the ethnic economy can provide a more explanation to its physical location. (Greve and Salaff par.1). For example, a person is more base on their skin color, which affects their own personal income. Such as, if you are Chinese where some jobs area has fixes particular for Chinese people which they hired only them and if you’re black then the position will automatic gets full. Mostly the company tries to hired of their own cultural group to push in their own racial, whereas for others they struggle for placement and the economic effects both ways the country and the person. This could be possible for those who immigrate to Canada and join of their own ethnic group. Or it could be that the ethnic economy is opposite than their own cultural. Whereas Indian workers are working in a Chinese restaurant, Africans workers are working in American hotels. This ethnic economy has created a lot of space for other culture.



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