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Issues in Legislation Preventing Human Trafficking

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                                Trade of innocents




This report discusses about human trafficking in India, china and all over the world and briefs the major issues in trafficking and related laws.



Human trafficking is present-day slavery and engages the use of power and violence to provide access to labor and sex to few people. Trafficking is a dark crime as victims just come ahead with no help because of native-language barriers. The most common forms of human trafficking are forced labour and sexual exploitation. Human trafficking is the major problem in India. Young girls and women taken from their homes and sold away from different areas and states for sexual exploitation as they committed to their parents for better life and good money for them (My India, 2016). Trafficking is the international problem in China. In China the range of human trafficking is forced marriage, forced labor and trafficking in children. Thousand of women, children’s and men around the world become target of human trafficking every year (Human trafficking search, 2014). The reports say that there are 24.9 millions people stuck in human trafficking worldwide. There are two types of audience in the report these are the government of India and the ministry of women and child development and the two main targets are women and children’s women faces sex trafficking while children’s do labor work.

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The purpose of the report is to evaluate the bills issues and solutions and find probable issues & solutions related to human trafficking in India and how to stop & decrease the level of human trafficking India. The following finding from the bill has some solutions and recommendation is to give more protection to victims also treat victims with fairness, respect them. Furthermore, that persons who ate affected by human trafficking will join NGO.



There are 5 main general issues discussed in the article.

  • Be clear that the bill 2016 covers victims of trafficking for labour exploitation: Bill covers all mode of human trafficking including forced and bonded labour which will affects millions of adult and children in India.
  • Clarify how bill operates with existing legislation: The draft has some other legislation, which related to trafficking with ITPA Act. Furthermore, the relation to children, they have juvenile justice act.
  • Rights and protections of victims and witnesses from rescue through to rehabilitation: Make some special arrangements for protection, respect them give them fair chance and also treat them equally and fairness.
  • Victim compensation: The bill recommend of a new era of chapter that confirms the victim compensation scheme and also under the different legislation is independent now that available for trafficking.
  • Independent oversight: The government and agencies will implement the legislation this is to hear the appeals and fair decisions of district anti-trafficking committees.

There are some figures of human trafficking victims shows in different states in India

Source: NCRB 2016



There are 3 main issues in the bill

  • Bill covers should be clear of victims of trafficking

It is clear that the Bill include all modes of human trafficking which add forced of trafficking labour work, also affects million of adult and children’s in India. Support for victims for forced labour trafficking in India will not be mostly tackled.

  • How Bill manages with current act

Some of cases are not clear how draft law manages with some other government laws which is relates to trafficking like the ITPA act. If the bill disallows the ITPA, then it remains expressly state. Furthermore, the law of the children which is juvenile justice act, adding the new 2015 reform, onwards with others laws which is including protection of children from sexual offence act, also should be followed by expressly stated.

  • Self-standing oversight

We faith that, in any case government gadgets and work environments that understand the Legislation, an independent body should be directed to deal with the execution of Legislation, and to hear offers about the decision of District Anti – Trafficking Committees and settle on confining decisions. It may be that this body can be the Special Court developed in this Act-assuming this is the case, this should be illuminated in the refreshed interpretation of the Bill. General measures propose self-ruling oversight of Anti-Trafficking acts and plans.


In the end, Human-deal is a standout amongst the most dangerous awful criminal improvements that have accelerated its infections on the planet. This is one of the detestable displays that have made the lives of a great many individuals as horrible as the fire of hellfire. This kind of slave exchange has brought mankind among the general population who are being gotten. Moral attributes, morals, and the feeling of effect as an individual having a place with a similar race were controlled by individual intrigue and joy. The mistreatment of poor people and feeble masses has kept a vital separation from humankind and trivialized them. Their advantages and their entrance to values have no importance and are not justified, despite any potential benefits. The procedure, the conclusions, the techniques, and the connection rate increment day by day in this poor conduct since there are no advantages, the most amazing excitement for the market exists, couple of choices remuneration and a lumbering legitimate clock framework.


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