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Human Trafficking

Paper Type: Free Essay Subject: Human Rights
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Human Trafficking



 This article will discuss the issue and introduce the human trafficking around the world. It will also discuss in detail three main human trafficking issues.


As society progresses, people are paying more and more attention to the equality of people. What is human trafficking? I believe everyone knows. Above all, it is an illegal act that refers to the purpose of exploitation by using violent means or by force, fraud, gaining control over another person, causing the victim to perform forced labor or services, slavery, and may result in the victim losing Organs. In short, that is very cruel, and the issue of human trafficking is one of the fastest growing activities of transnational criminal organizations. I hope this article will attract the attention of India’s GOVT and the Ministry of Women and Child Development. Whereas, human trafficking is very serious in Southeast Asia (Modern slavery, 2017). Many people are persecuted by human trafficking, and cruelty is unthinkable. I hope that the government and people can solve this problem effectively. We are fighting for freedom tomorrow.

From the article we can find some important questions that can help us understand and analyze slavery. At the same time, we can help people live in an equal environment by finding solutions to these problems.


 Forced labor

All work is done under the threat of punishment

 threat or actual physical injury

 Restrict movement or limit

Their human rights cannot be guaranteed

 Detained wages or excessive pay cuts

They have no fixed salary

 Child abuse

I think the most important thing is that

Human rights are also a question of fixed salary, because if wages are not guaranteed, then there will be problems in their lives. The second is about child abuse. We should pay more attention to children, because children is the future of a country. Independent supervision can stop offenders, such as the government’s attention to these regulators and the Ministry of Women and Child Development.


As an individual, I firmly oppose human trafficking. In my opinion, I believe that human transactions are a retrogression of human nature and even the extinction of human nature. According to a survey and research conducted by the Anti-Slavery International Group in Punjab in northern India (Indian slavery, 2017) approximately 10 million workers work in high temperature and heavily polluted environments. When anti-slavery organizations help, they mean they work for their employers without pay. Information on the webpage (The horror of modern-day slavery in India’s brick kilns, 2017): Tens of thousands of bonded laborers in Indian brick kilns must work at high temperatures to pay off their debts. They are often defrauded by employers, even with only five pounds a month. Therefore, based on these circumstances, I believe that the government has not fulfilled its due responsibilities. The government needs to help these victims, they are vulnerable groups in this society. First, the government needs to ensure that they are safe with their families and provide some basic living facilities to ensure that they can get rid of the persecution of others and provide education to transform people’s ideas and live in an equal environment. The 2015 Modern Slavery law (Slavery law, 2015) can be used to improve slavery. So that more and more people will be released and have an equal right.

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Children are vital to every country. According to the report: At least 8,200 children are raped every year in India, and 76% of injured children will not tell their parents or even more. what does this mean? Criminals will not be subject to legal sanctions (Sexual abuse of children, 2017). We can even understand that this is a zero-risk crime. This kind of problem is very common, then we must pay more attention to it and we need to say no to these behaviors. In my opinion, relevant departments such as the Children and Women’s Association should play an important role in this situation, such as strengthening education, and social organizations should work together with the government to strengthen supervision and enter a comprehensive investigation of society, parents should also value and protect their children. There is a bill to protect victims “protecting children from sexual behavior.” Therefore, the government and social organizations should work together to make this law play its due role.

(Agnihotri, 2017)

(Yuang chang, 2017)


In short, many of the problems that need to be faced are improved. However, to achieve a better future, we need to do everything we can to solve all problems related to human trafficking. I hope that different organizations should strengthen management and do their part. The government needs to improve the law. Of course, parents who are the first teachers of the children should not be taken lightly and should let the children know how to protect themselves. On the other hand, social organizations also need to pay more attention to investigation and evidence collection and reporting. There are problems such as human trafficking around the world. As ordinary people, we can pay attention to these things in our daily life. Some of our small behaviors may help many people. As time goes by, I believe that slavery will be wiped out. We are fighting for freedom tomorrow.




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