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Diversity commitment at Toyota

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Toyota commitment to diversity is built into every area of their business. Everything what they have done was rooted into two fundamental principles “Respect for people and continuous improvement”. This belief has been supported by work from the United Nations, which explains diversity efforts in the workplace facilitate the exchange of new perspectives, improve problem-solving by inviting different ideas and create a respectful, accepting work environment, all of which make good business sense (Reichenberg 2001).

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Taken together, the achievements and pledges summarized under the following key business areas represent Toyota 21st Century Diversity Strategy, a ten-year, multi-billion dollar sustainable commitment to minority participation in the Toyota of today and tomorrow. Diversity can be expressed in different ways, such as nationalities, worldviews, gender and minorities, cultures, skills and life styles. In general, studies tell us that no matter how diversity is expressed, it benefits with societies that foster it (Cf. for example, Florida, 2002). Toyota was named to DiversityInc.’s 2006 Top 50 Companies for Diversity list in recognition of its commitment to diversity and to fostering an inclusive corporate culture. In its first time competing for this recognition, Toyota ranked 29th on the list. The DiversityInc top-50 list is considered to be the most in-depth analysis of U.S. corporate diversity management and leadership. Toyota was also named to Black Enterprise’s 2006 Best Companies for Diversity list in celebration of exemplifying the best practices in diversity across North America.


Over the next 10 years, Toyota will invest a multibillion dollar in diversity and align diversity with its mission to provide equal opportunity. Toyota way, the diversity strategy represents a fundamental sea change in the way Toyota do business and think about doing business. For Toyota, diversity is an opportunity to continuous improvement in every aspect of business and to show their respect for people.


After issue about Jesse L. Jackson Toyota announced a $7.8 billion 10 year diversity program for its U.S. operations. Partnered with INROADS to provide internships to talented minority youth interested in becoming Toyota team members after graduating from college established an automotive training centre in Los Angeles, which has trained more than 1,400 minority candidates for careers as automotive service technicians.


Hired Asian, Hispanic and African-American advertising agencies to help ensure we are reaching our multiple diverse audiences effectively.


In 2002, Toyota spends $700 million with minority owned businesses. Toyota seeks long term quality relationships with its business partners and suppliers. Partners and suppliers are considered part of the Toyota family and are an integral part of the legendary Toyota supply chain management network.

Source: http://www.toyota.com/about/diversity/21stcenturyplan.pdf

Dealer Representation

When it comes to Toyota dealerships, their aim is clear to have the best dealers in the industry selling the best products in the world. This philosophy extends to Toyota’s minority dealership program and is the reason Toyota’s dealer diversity program is one of the most successful in the industry.

Retail Diversity Initiatives

Toyota is committed to helping talented minorities prepare themselves for leadership positions within the retail automotive sector. Toyota pledges $1 million to partner with Toyota Lexus dealers to help recruit, train, and develop minority employees for dealership management and technical position.

Automotive Training Centres

In 1993, Toyota created the Los Angeles Urban League Automotive Training Centre (ATC). This joint venture with the Los Angeles Urban League provides no cost job training and placement for unemployed and underemployed urban residents in the automotive industry. The program has graduated 850 trainees who have gone on to secure entry level jobs. The economic impact of this program has exceeded $20 million to date. Starting in 2002, Toyota will replicate the success of the Los Angeles ATC by opening a similar training facility in the eastern United States. Over the years, it too will have a significant economic impact of hundreds of millions of dollars.

Community Involvement

One of the most significant aspects of Toyota’s diversity activities is its support of minority organizations. Among these are United Negro College Fund, Hispanic Scholarship Fund and our trademark Toyota Community Scholars program. Toyota also provides funding and volunteers to the 100 Black Men Young Black Scholars program.

Conclusion and recommendation

Toyota sees diversity as a pathway to create a better Toyota. Success in diversity gives Toyota access to the best and the brightest. It creates opportunities for new partnerships. Diversity allows Toyota the ability to fully participate in today’s changing marketplace. Diversity gives Toyota additional ways to make a difference and to earn the respect of all of their communities. In short, it provides Toyota with a new way to fulfil its mission to become the most successful and respected car company in America. On a negative side, according to Jobvent.com, a website which rates employers, Toyota is believed to pay well but its workers find it difficult to maintain a good work-life balance. Despite good pay and benefits, the employees also feel a strong lack of respect for them as no one speak to them and they don’t feel acknowledged unless they are managers and have to work a minimum 9-10 hours a day being a Japanese company


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