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Gout Symptoms, Causes and Treatments

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Definition of Gout

Gout is most common in man. It is burning, stiffing and suddenly swelling in the joints usually a big toe. These attacks can over and over unless gout is treaty with all it remedies. It is a kind of arthritis, arthritis is better defined as the inflammation in joints the symptoms are including limitation of movement, pain, swelling, warmth, and stiffing. There are more than 100 types of arthritis however it is Gouty arthritis (gout) which is of the major types (Wang, et, all 2010).

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Gout is basically defined as it is an inflammatory disease that causes acute pain and swelling in joints of human being. When uric acid crystals develop in and around the joints, commonly affecting the big toe joint. This is a symptom also known as the podagra (Hirsch, et, all, 2010). It basically hit the joints through which patient feels the pain and swelling and hard to move those joints. As it especially hits the joint of bigger toe so its hard to walk in this condition.

Reasons of Occurrence of this Disease

The excess amount of Uric Acid in blood causes the Gout. The high amount of Uric Acid most of the time is not so much painful and not having any kind of harm to humans (Hutton, Gamble, Gow, & Dalbeth, 2009). But if the amount increase too much so the uric acid forms hard crystal across the joints which cause gout and ultimately result of pain and inflammation.

The risk to fall in this disease is much when one is overweight, using too much alcohol, excess amount of meat and fish also cause this disease because these items are high in chemicals (purines). Some medicines such as water pills also cause gout (Wang, et, all 2010)..

Deposition of needle like urate crystal due to high amount of Uric Acid in blood cause gout, there are also reason in increasing of uric acid in the body, whether it has increase by intake substance or whether the kidney cannot effectively remove it (Burns, & Wortmann, 2011).

The increased uric acid level in blood may also leads the deposits of urate crystal that embraced the joints. These crystals also damaged the white blood cell along with the causing of kidney stones. The Uric acid increased with foods such as, (Yang, et, all 2010).

  • Red meat and shell fishes intake excessively.
  • Alcoholic brands intake excessively.
  • Highly sugary beverages
  • Some medications are also the basic and fundamental cause in increasing uric acid that’s ultimately results in gout. For an instance low-dose aspirin, certain diuretics (water pills) and using in organ transplantation such ascyclosporine.

Symptoms of Gout

The commonly observed symptom of gout is swelling, redness and sharp pain in big toe especially at night. It does not mean that only toe is affected in this disease but the entire joint might be under panic like joints of foot,ankle, or knees, or other joints. Those attacks can adhere for few days or many weeks, another attack may not happen for many years (Hirsch, et, all, 2010).

The inflammation and much pain in joint with weakness is the symptoms of gout. The symptoms are that patient hardly move physically or move those joint which get affected. Another symptom of gout is increasing the uric acid level in blood that makes uratic crystals across the joints. Doctor prescribed to take some sample of fluids from your joint through syringe and check the presence of uratic crystal if it found then it means that gout is symptoms. Feeling of pain in joints and muscles/ tissues across it is the major symptom of gout.

Doctors are also prescribed for having blood test to check the uric level in blood (Brook, Forsythe, Smeeding, & Lawrence, 2010). If the uric acid level is much increased in blood it means that patients are in gout.


  1. To not take high amount of food having more uric acid that causes the gout. People must have to do regular exercise and physical workout. The taking of high rate of medicines are also causing in increasing of uric acid and results in gout.
  2. Do not take the food in excess which has more uric acid. Because uric acid is the major cause which leads towards the gout. The food like fishes, red meat etc should be avoided to use. The limitation of these sorts of foods having much amount of chemicals must be lessening down to minimize the risk.
  3. People do not use the alcoholic beverages and other high sugary brands of drinks.
  4. People must not take too much medicine especially which is aforementioned defined.
  5. People must do exercise and engage in physical activities in order to jettison this problem.
  6. People must avoid leading a lower life style and should change it.
  7. People must drink the level of water which is necessary to be drunk.
  8. Must take fresh air at morning to remove the uric acid and other chemical gases in blood (McADAMS, et, all, 2011).


Doctor having getting the exact symptoms of gout it prescribed corticosteroids or daily dose of one or more medicines in order to get it treated. It is sure that as much as symptoms get away the doses will get smaller. Within 24 hours when you get started your pills the relief from attack would be started (Filippucci, et, all, 2009).

In order to ease the pain during a gout attack rest of the joints that hurts can be well through the ibuprofen or any other anti-inflammatory medicine can also aids you. But to take aspirin is much harmful in condition of gout that it makes it worst as it is before due to raising the uric acid in the blood (McADAMS, et, all, 2011).

To pay the attention on what you eat helps you to manage your gout efficiently. Eat moderate and intake healthy mix of foods in order to control the weight and intake all healthy nutrients, essential minerals and vitamins to get away from gout. Limit the daily intake of meat, seafood, and alcoholic and sugary beverages (Filippucci, et, all, 2009). Drink water and other fresh fluids as much as you can. The exercise and other physical activities can also be the major cure of this disease.


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