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Impacts of Whakama and Implications on Hauora

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  • Davinder Singh Gill


Shame: The Maori client can feel shame when doctor ask them to take their clothes off. They can feel shamed when they taking their cloths in front of doctor especially the elderly people. Elderly people are bit uncomfortable to take their cloths in front of opposite sex doctors. In this situation it can effect on their health because they cannot respond to doctors question.

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Feeling Misunderstood: The clients can get easily misunderstood when they asked someone about the time or day. Sometimes they have lack of communication or hearing loss and they get misunderstood about the day or time. In this case when the client is misunderstood its effect in client hauora because they can take wrong medicine on wrong time or they might change the medicines because they are not sure about the time or date.

Self doubt: some clients have self doubt about something so they took it wrong way. Sometimes when everybody is doing activities or self independent and some clients they have doubt that they can do it or not. When the client have self doubt about something they dropped their confidence level and they done the activity or some work in different or wrong way.

SELF Abasement: Sometimes client cannot perform very well in activities or they have difficulties to their daily tasks so they may feel self abasement. Especially Maori clients they want to do their daily task independently and they want to participate in activities like they used to do but now they having difficulties to perform so they feel self abasement. They always want to live independently and want to do their ADLs.


1) One to one consultation with a health worker

The one to one consultation is very helpful with Maori client. Sometimes the client feel uncomfortable in front of everyone so they try to hide their problems until it get worse or serious so it can impact on their health. In one to one consultation client can express their feeling and if they having any sexual disease or problem so they can discuss easily with doctor, RN, or caregiver. The client always like the privacy and feeling very comfortable to discuss their problems in one to one consultation with Doctors or Health workers. In one to one consultation we can discuss about the problems and can sort the problems on time before it gets worse.

2) Group consultation with a health worker of a different gender

In group discussion with a health worker with different gender can be very hard and not easy to get on. Sometime clients feel very uncomfortable with different gender health worker. The clients feel very uncomfortable and cannot discuss their problem and cannot express their feelings. They feel very uncomfortable to discuss their disease and problems in the front of others or group member. The clients of different sex can hide their problems and don’t want to discuss with different gender health worker so it can put negative impact on the hauora of the clients.

3) One to one consultation with a health worker of a different gender

Usually one to one consultation is the better way to discuss the problems. But having one to one consultation with different gender health worker can be the opposite. The clients can feel very uncomfortable and hesitate to discuss their problems with different gender health worker. The women cannot express their feeling or genitals problems in front on the male health worker so they can hide their problems. Women’s clients always feel uncomfortable to tell their problems in front of male health workers so they try to hide the problems which can impact on their hauora.

4) Consumer survey

In consumer survey it can help to maintain the quality standards of the facility. In consumer survey we can find the problems and what problems clients facing and what changes we need to do in facility. In consumer survey we always get up to date about the problems and can change some ideas and help the clients to express their feelings.


Adverse socio-cultural factor one-

Maori clients are very traditional and they love their culture and tradition. In facility they got different culture clients and caregivers. Due to the different types of culture and caregiver they having problems to communicate and not able to tell their problems. The Maori clients can feel shame to express their feeling in front of others cultures caregivers. They can have the problems for communicate with different cultures clients and caregivers. They can face problems to get on and socialised because of different cultures and beliefs.

Adverse socio-cultural factor two

The Maori clients have their different living style due to their tradition and religion. The Maori clients respect their cultures and beliefs and they are very strict due to their religion. Maori client can be aggressive if we do not respect and treat them properly according to their culture and beliefs. Some Maori client doesn’t like doctors or caregivers to touch their head or other places because of their religion. So its important for health workers to respect their culture and maintain the dignity.

Adverse socio-economic factor one Employment-

The employment is another socio economic factor that can cause whakama for Maori people. At present Maori people feel shame due to the lack of jobs and not having good job. They can easily feel embarrassed and very bad in front of other peoples. The Maori people can have problems and can feel fell shame in their work place if they not are getting treating very well. Some of the Maori clients feel shame having problems to live their happy life due to the lack of job. Some Maori peoples cannot afford the good treatment and not getting treatment on time because they cannot afford to get treated in private hospitals. They have to wait for their turn in public hospitals and cannot go to the private hospitals because of the lack of employment.

Adverse socio-economic factor two :- Education-

Today’s date the education is another adverse socio economic factor which is growing rapidly among Maori peoples. Education is the most common problem that cause whakama and effect hauora of Maori Clients. Maori client are facing difficulties and feel inferior in front or other or in society due to the lack of education. They always feel scared in front of others and they have lack of confidence due to the lack of education. The education can cause problems in their hauora and affects mentally and physical. Due to the lack of education they can face the problems to take medications or they can take wrong medications on wrong time so it can put negative effect on their hauora. Due to lack of education they can face so many problems and having problems to prevent them from different kinds of disease.



Negative outcome one Education:

Education is the biggest problems in among Maori peoples. The maori facing the difficulties in their life due to lack of education and knowledge. They maori clients feel shame and due to lack of education and proper knowledge they facing so many difficulties. It can be very hard for them to prevent form disease and without having proper knowledge aboutn the disease it can affect on their hauora. They can face problems because due to lack of education they don’t have knowledge and don’t know the proper treatment and medications and can impact on their health.

Negative outcome two No access to treatment

There is a big negative affect on their life due to no access for the treatment. Most of the Maori clients do not have access or not proper medication and treatment. Some of the Maori client facing problems like this because lack of money for proper treatment. The Maori clients respect their culture and they some time they use traditional medicine that’s why they do not ask practitioner or doctors help. It can impact on their hauora because sometime they don’t have proper knowledge of disease and can’t treat it very well.

Negative outcome three Shame.

In this outcome it can put negative impact on their hauora due to the whakama. Sometime the Maori clients feel shy or shame when they see the opposite sex doctor or caregiver. They don’t respond very well and try to hide their problems and disease. They try to ignore the male caregiver to help them for toileting or don’t share the problem they facing. It can impact on their hauora and it can get worse or serious problems on their health


Positive outcome (1)

Maori Education

Education can play the main role in positive outcome in their hauora. Whānau always encourage their members to take parts and get proper education. With proper education they can have good knowledge about the disease and they can treat it very well. Education can lead them for the good living style in society and also help maintain their good health.

Positive outcome (2)

Development of NZ Maori health

In this outcome they promote the Maori service plan that value health and social service collaboration. They providing the Maori health research summer studentship. This is designed to introduce research for student who wants to study or who studying in health related courses. This is introduce to people who wants to study about the Maori health related or who wants to be involved in Maori health research. This studentship is worth $ 5000.00. This can put a good output in people’s life and it can help for positive hauora of the Maori clients.

Positive Outcome (3)

NZ strategy

In this outcome its really helps Maori client due to their health problems they facing. In today’s date they provide the books and health magazines in Maori language. It can put a good outcome because elderly people can read and understand properly the can help them to move on. The financial services are provided to poor people so they can live their life independently and they can enjoy the quality of life. Some clients who had the problems due to lack of money now can live their life freely and can face the society very well. The financial help is big help for the people who were suffering illness because of no or lack of money. They can get the proper treatment and medication. it can impact the positively on their hauora due to whakama.


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