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Healthcare in the United States

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Healthcare is vitally important for everyone. It is crucial because people get sick, have emergency situations, have accidents, and they have to go to the hospital to treat and diagnose various forms of disease. Indeed, the problem of healthcare is the most common issue in the American Dream.  While many countries have free health care, the government in the United States does not offer the medical services free for their citizens. One way to solve the problem of barring access to healthcare is being the cost-free by the government. 
 In the United States, healthcare is hard to access for many Americans. This situation is difficult for two reasons. First, the cost of healthcare is expensive, and the government thinks that people are able to afford medical care. However, not everybody can afford the cost of health care, and some people may find it challenging to find treatment. Poor people, who have a lower income or have debt, are not able to pay off healthcare. According to Kahler (2018), the average of Americans spend more than $10,348 a year on health care in the United States, and the cost is the highest in the world. That means that annually, normal Americans spend $10,348 on medical care, so the cost in the United States is expensive and higher than any country. People in the United States find it so difficult to pay their healthcare bills. Even though some countries offer free health care, in the United States it is hard to get medical care. This issue is increasing the burden on citizens because not everyone is able to bear the costly health care bills.

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Second, companies are not giving insurance for pre-existing conditions, so it causes them to face some trouble to get access to complete healthcare. Even though health insurance coverage can help people obtain some medical services, people with pre-existing conditions may not be able to get health insurance.  It is very dangerous for people who have pre-existing health problems may face the probability of losing their job and become uninsured for health care. Also, Health insurance companies may not accept them because treating these patients may cost them a lot more then what they may gain from the patients. Thus, these patients may not be able to afford the price of the insurance. The inability to get health insurance can be detrimental to people’s lives. If they get treatment and get health care for their illnesses, they will face the burdens of large medical bills which they are unable to pay off.  Thus, it is a big problem in the United States when companies are not providing insurance for pre-existing conditions.
 When people are not capable of getting access to healthcare, it will have an adverse effect on their life, so this problem needs to be solved for two reasons. First of all, when people cannot afford the cost of health care, they will find it difficult to find treatment.  In this case, people’s deaths would be increasingly caused by the lack of healthcare. There will be a decrease in the population as the people may die and others may immigrate to another country due to the higher price of health care. Poor people may not go to the hospital because they cannot afford the charges. Moreover, people, who have an advance disease they are forced to stay at home and suffer until it may be too late and there will be no way to protect them. Because of the higher costs of treatment, patients have advanced diseases which lead to their death such as cancer (Hildreth, 2009, p.1752). As an illustration, people may be forced to lose their life due to the cost of treatment.  They are forced to stay at home and suffer until it may be too late and there may be no way to protect them. In brief, being unable to access medical care will mean more deaths in the United States.

The second reason why the government should provide health care free is that the higher price of health care could affect negatively on relationships between governments and citizens. People may not be able to work jointly with the government due to the deficiency of services. Gefen, Pavlou, Warkentin, and Rose (2002) emphasize that if the government gives decreasing costs and improving services, citizens will trust the government. That means a trusting relationship between governments and citizens will be increased if the government tries to provide beneficial services. The high cost can impact people’s relations and lose their interest in growing society. People may not work effectively in that environment because of bad relationships. For this reason, the relationship between people and government is essential to make people satisfied and engage in a good community. In short, the problem of health care must be solved to save people’s lives and keep strong relationships between people and the government which may lead to a prosperous community.

In order to solve this problem, healthcare should be free by the government, and it will be the best solution for three reasons. First of all, it helps improve people’s health.  When the population gets healthcare for free, it leads to a decrease in the number of sick people. Hence, being health care free can create numerous healthy people. If people can acquire treatment for free without worrying about the payment, it will help them to find treatment quickly and prevent the transmissible diseases. People who get health care easily will be healthier, have more productive lives, and they may contribute positively to the community (Mozaffarian, Rogoff, Ludwig, 2014). In other words, free healthcare for people helps to avoid common ailments.  Furthermore, it helps them to live longer and achieve a healthy life with more productivity. With this solution, people will not be afraid of affording healthcare with common diseases.
  Furthermore, the government should create equality between people. All inhabitants have the right to receive health care because all of the citizens make an essential role in society. Despite social status, poor people could obtain the same kind of health care that will be provided to wealthy people.  This way will provide primary services for all people without any discrimination between them. Some studies show that poor people are “more likely to experience difficulties to access medical services.“ (Chernew, Baicker , & Hsu, 2010). This quote shows that poor people are faced with some hardness to access health care, so each member of the population has to get equal access to medical care to avoid the problem of cost. In brief, the solution will ensure everyone can be capable of accessing healthcare regardless of their social status.

Finally, it will help to improve the economy.  If people can access healthcare easily, that will help them to live without a loan.  Free healthcare may raise the standard of living and reduce poverty.  For example, there are many poor and homeless people, and they need to be capable of going to the hospital and not worrying about the cost. Spending money for health care is one of the primary contributors to increases in debt over a long time. (Chernew, Baicker, & Hsu, 2010). That means that people may have a loan just because they need to find treatment. Universal healthcare will raise the standard of living of everyone in society, which may they do not force to take the loan in their life. Hence, making health care available to everyone will lead to a healthier and wealthier nation.

However, as with all proposed solutions, there are two arguments against this solution.  First, many people believe that it is impossible because the government is more likely to increase taxes on people.  If healthcare is free, the government will increase taxes on every member, so it will be hard to get this solution. The taxes will increase to compensate for the cost of treatment for citizens. It will require people to pay the cost for something they do not need. For example, people who are healthy and wealthy will be forced to pay for poor and sick people.  Secondly, people have jobs, so they can afford health care by health insurance. If people are working hard, they can get health insurance. With medical insurance, people can take deductions on their health checks. They can save their money because of government affords health/medical insurance. Accordingly, raising the taxes and providing health insurance for people are arguments against providing health care for free.
 While the opponents of this solution have a different point, my solution is still the best for two reasons. To begin with, admittedly money is not more important and valuable than people’s life. Lower mortality will be of significant importance than higher taxes in the country.  Everyone just has one life, and nobody wants to lose their life, so the government should understand their situation. According to Hildreth (2009), some people are suffering from prolonged diseases, and they cannot handle the cost, so they may die in the end. Hence, many people die due to being unable to treat themselves. Consequently, if the taxes increase, there will be more government services which will provide a better quality of life. The government has the ability to cover the cost completely and save the lives of people by the taxes system. Indeed, if the healthcare is not free, people will end up poorer than before. It leads to a decrease in the country economy.

In addition, health insurance may be difficult to get, and the worst thing is that it does not cover all the cost. Some people are uninsured, and they will not be able to gain medical insurance due to the increasing prices of health insurance. People without insurance with kidney, lung, and heart diseases, die earlier because they are unable to cover the cost of treatment. (Tawk, Ali, Adunlin, Xiao, (2015). That means if someone has a chronic disease, the treatments will not cover the cost of health insurance.

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Furthermore, many people work hard but they still cannot endure healthcare or afford health insurance, they may work harder than affluent people. People will not be forced to stay in a career they do not want because they are afraid of losing healthcare insurance. Governments should implement health care benefits regardless of their career because Americans need to not worry about the price of healthcare if they may lose their job. In sum, this solution is easy to implement and is the best way to protect people health’s and promote public health.

In conclusion, health care is the main issue in the American dream. Many people think that providing health care free by the government leads to harming their lives. However, free health care is the best solution to improve public health, create equality between people, and develop the economy. The government should provide health care free for all people. Therefore, people will improve their health and treat themselves from common infectious diseases. Moreover, all people will have the right to access treatment despite the social state. Therefore, free health care is the best effective solution to obtain a rich country. A prosperous country requires the government to think how they will help their people and develop their health. If all people access free health care, they will obtain a higher level of life quality, which is the goal of any living environment.


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